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on May 1, 2016
This was used for a Business Finance course and though it wasn't the most exciting read (I'd rather be reading fiction~ha!) it was written in a way that was easy to understand, even for beginners, and presented a thorough explanation of relevant finance topics in short chapters. There were also a number of "blurps" on the pages that gave experiences of real people and businesses, so you can get an idea of how topics are relevant in real world situations, often using major news stories in the last five-ten years that you've probably heard about.
Not the most thrilling topic in the world, and you're likely reading only because you were assigned to read it, but it's not the most terrible text book in the world to read. There were parts I actually really found interesting, (learning about Starbucks, Apple, etc) and the information was easy to understand when put into a real world context, which the authors did a wonderful job of.
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on February 4, 2014
Not my kinda textbook. In talking to my instructor, it seems that this book is the gold standard for intro finance texts, and if that's the case, it's too bad. I didn't feel I learned much from it. Almost zero worked problems within the chapters, yet they toss you into the deep end at the end of the chapter with the problem sets.
Personally, I learn a lot by studying and working through examples and seeing worked-problem solutions. They provide some example problems
here and there but they're usually on the order of "you should check our answers for practice." Well, what if your answers are wrong?! I should add, the supplemental materials of the text are not very helpful (powerpoint slides/lecture outlines.) Just read the text, work whatever assigned problems your instructor gives you, and hope for the best on the tests. Thankfully our professor just gave multiple choice open-book tests so everyone got an A or B on every test.

It is a pretty basic text. The authors explain things ok usually, but their writing style is borderline archaic and they often take the long route in explaining important concepts. Their discussion of bond pricing and TVM (time value of money) needs improvement. So does their discussion of present value of dividends, in which they take a very loopy numerical approach that is far too hard to understand - I got most of the test questions wrong on this topic. They also refer to Sarbanes-Oxley as "Sarbox" - nobody else calls it anything except SOX. I took Intermediate Accounting before I took Finance, and we used the Kieso, et al. textbook, which was pretty darned difficult but better than this text as far as explanations of TVM and other topics.

I am alarmed to see that a new copy of this book sold for over $200. It has over 20 chapters but they are all short and the information within this book is definitely not worth such a high pricetag. Actually, I rented this book for the course because the cost was far more than I was willing to pay.
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on January 11, 2014
The one star is for the rental experience. The book was to be delivered Tuesday 1/7 (Amazon Prime) but it didn't come. Gave it a few more days because the website reflected that the book had been shipped so I thought there was just a delay. When it hadn't shown by Friday 1/10, I went into the UPS website and saw that while a label had been printed with that tracking #, the package never entered the UPS system for shipment. When I was finally able to get in touch with someone at Amazon, I was advised that the only thing that could be done was the rental fee be refunded and for me to "try" and rent the item again. When I asked why couldn't it just be re-shipped (or shipped since it apparently hadn't been) I was advised that couldn't be done with rental orders. I wasn't surprised today when I to tried placing another rental order and found the item was no longer available, which was probably the case all along, only Amazon failed to tell me that and allowed me to believe a book was in route to me when it wasn't. The customer service rep knew this also, that's where the "try" to rent it again remark came from. With class starting Monday I have no choice now but to purchase the book from the school at whatever astronomical price they charge. Had Amazon provided good (any) customer service from the beginning, I would have rented the book from another site for about the same fee Amazon charged-which I will most likely do from now on. Surprisingly terrible customer service from Amazon.

*****Update- 1/17/14*******

I was contacted by Amazon customer service and told the book was still available to rent. Since class was starting a few days later, Amazon advised me to request overnight delivery and they would pay the additional cost. I clicked on the link supplied in their email and sure enough, the book was available. I did as instructed and received the book in time for the start of class. So far the book has been easy to follow, though it's still in the semester. I changed my rating to five stars because Amazon stepped up to the plate and handled this situation satisfactorily.
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on December 10, 2015
I've used this textbook twice so far, once as an undergraduate and now as a graduate student. The major problem I have with this text is the way the authors go about explaining how to solve financial problems by example. For example, in each chapter they may solve a specific type of problem one way but give you 7+ total possible ways of solving it. When it comes to the chapter review problems, forget it. Applying what examples they give you in each chapter is almost impossible because they want you to use the other 7 ways that they didn't explain in the chapter to solve each problem. A solutions manual is almost imperative in using this textbook efficiently. Subscribe to Chegg or ask your professor to give out the solutions. This is the only way to learn. Would not recommend this book for any finance class. There are much better ones out there.
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on December 29, 2012
If you want a basic intro to the subject this book provides it. The first two quarters of the textbook are very well written with very clear examples, summaries, and problems at the ends of the chapters. There is online content that is helpful too but use it only you have free access, otherwise it's an extra feature that's really not worth paying for. Key concepts, definitions and formulas are summarized in sidebars and graphic boxes throughout the chapters. How other reviewers can complain that the book isn't clear is mystifying. Use Amazon's feature of "Look Inside" for the standard edition and you'll see for yourself what I mean about how key things are summarized... it's only a couple clicks to judge for yourself. Personally I started to get bogged down a little bit in the third quarter because the examples became less clear. Other reviewers commented that there are different writing styles and this is somewhat true but I didn't find it to be a problem, and some people might not even notice.

Overall I liked the features of this textbook so much that I've decided not to sell back the textbook but instead to keep it as a reference book for my personal collection.

As to those who complain that it doesn't have good derivations... I personally hate being dragged through a math exercise just for the sake of deriving the equation when I'll never do the math in the real world. Whether it's statistics or finance or some engineering subjects, the old fashioned method of teaching was to derive the equation, do general examples, and then extend to specific examples. That method might be useful for physics and higher mathematics, but that can be an outdated method in the electronic age for applied subjects. For example, in finance when you *actually* need to calculate NPV or project paybacks, you're not going to re-derive the equations, you will use (i) a financial calculator and press a button after entering your numbers, (ii) use an app on your smartphone that does the desired function, (iii) use a spreadsheet template, or (iv) you will use a software package. The important thing is to know how to set up the problem and forcing me to derive things doesn't teach that, rather doing different permutations of related problems teaches me... and this book accomplished that in the problems at the end of each chapter. IF YOU DON'T WORK THROUGH THE PROBLEMS, YOU WON'T GET IT whether you "derived" the equations or not. If I can learn it well enough to avoid "garbage in, garbage out" then I appreciate a book that spares me the extra stuff I don't want or won't use. The simplicity and the graphic design of the book which highlights key concepts and equations are what drove me to use this as a reference for the future where I know where I can quickly find the information instead of browsing through Investopedia(dot)com.

If you want something more detailed, go elsewhere, but this is an intro-level book and that is what you get.
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on September 24, 2015
If I could give no stars, I would and so would almost everyone else in the class, including the teacher. This book is so difficult to read and understand. I am 4 weeks into the class and haven't read one page because it is all a jumble. I have only done 1 home lesson because the questions are so confusing. The teacher told me to try the home lessons and pass them in even if they are wrong. I thought this was going to be my easy class. Nope!! Can't wait to send this book back!!
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on February 9, 2016
best financing book around, you can probably get editions 4,5,6,7,8,9 for cheaper and they have the exact same materials so look for earlier editions if possible. financing has become a pretty static field of study, which is why the later editions are just as good as the newer editions.
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on April 18, 2013
This book is horrible. It killed my passion for Finance because the explanations are so dense that you lose any interest in trying to understand the material. After having used different books to study the material on my own, I can come back to this book and it makes sense, but this is supposed to be a text book for people who don't know the concepts yet. It is almost impossible to get a feel for the intuition behind many of the concepts because the book doesn't explain anything well or walk through any of the logic step by step. Training The Street course is good for understanding valuation concepts.

In short: horrible, stay away.
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on November 28, 2016
Book is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Like the fact that there are real world examples after important topics. The only downside is that there are only answers to part of the end of chapter questions at the end of the book. Would be more helpful if there were answers to all of the questions.
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on June 8, 2015
There is no perfect format for an e-book, but I'm really liking the direct-scan formats which preserve the layout of the original book. There was a limitation on how many devices on my account could access this book, but nothing I couldn't work around pretty easily. I bought this text for an MBA class, and enjoy the fact that I will always have it as a reference without having to take up space on a shelf or get hauled from home to home every time I move.
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