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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 30, 2013
Future Diary follows behind a staggering wall of anime that promote the idea of a "real life game" where death awaits the loser. However, it hacks its way to the top of this genre with an axe. It succeeds on almost every level, even as a Harem (which I am not a particular fan of). Unoriginal ideas coated and executed with original twists make this an anime not to overlook. Let's get down to what makes this work.

The animation is top notch. Battles are fully animated with no short cuts or gimmicks used. CG is integrated very well and is not jarring. Animes are played out champions of violence yet the carnage in this show is fresh and personal enough to emerge as unique. The story line is derived from the same pool of video game obsessed shows like Gantz, Btooom!, Accel World, Sword Art Online, Angel Beats, etc, but the fact that each player has a way to see their future adds a much needed element and boost to separate it from the crowd.

The second piece of originality that propels this show far from boredom is the twist on the Harem genre. The guy gets the girl right away. There's no endless breast jiggling resulting in scarlet streamers spraying from the boys' nose. She's a stalker. She’s adorable, madly in love with the main character, and completely insane. There's a hint of Elfen Lied where the girl is cute and friendly one minute and a complete monster the next. Our main character is also not totally won over by her school-girl-skirt and pink hair. He clings to her out of necessity and survival for she is willing to kill anything in front of him (friend or foe).

All in all, Future Diary is told intelligently and is reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock story. The characters are solid and rise above anime stereotypes (not a lot, but enough). The action is ruthless and mind bending and the best areas of fan service are executed to perfection instead of being out of place and forced in your face. I’m heading on to part 2 with anticipation. If this show can stay solid and finish itself without a dues ex machina ending makes no sense and removes the creators from complication, than I will return to up the stars to 5.

They’ve created an awesome platform so far and have an opportunity to deliver astonishing revelations about altering the future and exploring the dramatic questions faced when loving insanity. Whether they reach their full potential or not, this is a solid 4 stars. Enjoy the wicked ride.
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on January 12, 2014
I have to start off by saying that this is one of my all-time favorite animes! With that said the part one and part two sets are nicely presented, with each one containing an omake and a select episode commentary. There were the standard, text less credits, promotional videos and trailers as well. My one complaint with this entire set is that it does not contain the redial ova, leaving you begging for more. As for the anime itself I absolutely loved it: a mixture of disturbed, tragic, heartwarming and just plain funny moments befalls the entire cast throughout an emotional story that pulls you in and keeps you on your toes. I couldn’t help but feel for a character even as I rooted for my favorite to kill them at that same moment. It should go without saying that this may not be a show for all audiences, wearing its TV-MA rating well from time to time. This show contains a fair amount of blood, violence, sex and fan service, though it wasn’t to me in any way over the top and fits the show’s feel well. A few other good marks I must say are that the animation is great. The soundtrack is filled with emotion and always fits the moment. All of this is paired with spot-on voice acting. All things considered this anime has a great re-watch value!
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on July 14, 2014
I love this series so much!! Heres my reasons why!

Plot and Characters: (minor spoilers only) The story beings with a 14 year old boy named Yukiteru Amano aka Yuki. Yuiki is a loner who writes in his cell phone diary about his day and what goes on around him. His parents are mostly never around so hes alone most of the time. When hes alone at home he goes into his own little world in his head to talk to his imaginary friend Deus (full name Deus Ex Machina). The next day when he wakes up he finds his phone already having been written in it about the future, as he does his normal stuff he finds out that everything written in his diary comes true. When he is leaving school he is followed by a girl named Yuno Gasai whos phone also tells the future. After an insident with Yuki and Yuno, they both get transported into Deus's world where Yuki finds out that his Imaginary friend is'nt really imaginary at all, that is because Deus is really god/the creator/the bender of time, space and reality/the one who can do anything and no one can oppose him. Along with Yuki and Yuno, 10 other people appear in Deus's world and are all told that they are in a last man standing death match where 12 people go in and 1 comes out alive, the winner takes over Deus's spot as god and can do anything their heart desires.

Pros: The story is so amazing!! I was sucked into it at minuet 1 because it keeps you guessing what happens next and never ever ever gets boring. All the characters are very well made up, the voice actors are amazing and they put their souls into making it amazing! The comedy hits at the right moments to really make you LOL.

Pros part 2: What I love about the Limted Edition here is that it comes with a hardcase box to put the dvds in. It comes with 2 valentines day cards to send to your lover.

Cons: The only thing I do NOT like about the limited edition here is that theres only 2 cards that takes up half the box.

Side note: I'm just warning you that this series is quite bloody, people are dieing in many ways and blood gets spilt everywhere, if you are NOT a blood fan than this series may not be for you.

Overall: I LOVE THIS SERIES!! Out of all the anime I watched this year I would give this show Anime of the year award because its so amazing!! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!!!! Get this series and say "shut up and take my money!"
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on June 28, 2014
On its own and without any context, this anime is enjoyable: It is engaging; the characters are dark, yet likeable; and the entire situation is well-plotted, if a bit depraved and, eventually, a bit complex.

Still, what makes this anime five-star enjoyable for me is its interpretation of a very anime (and difficult to translate) trope: The Yandere. Yuno Gasai -- the true protagonist of this series -- has been dubbed the "Yandere Queen" by otaku culture. This is a compliment to the writer of this story and the director of this series: The Yandere is a very limiting character, almost by definition. What I mean by that is that the Yandere is, in fact, a very strictly defined character type: An obsessive character willing to go to any (usually violent, brutal, and sadistic) means for the object of his or her obsession. Consequently, the Yandere, when used, tends to be a supporting character, or a character who suddenly takes on the yandere violence-cum-obsession behavior (think "Shuffle!" or "School Days"). The point is, it is very difficult to create an entire story with the Yandere character being the star.

And sure enough, Future Diary is just such a story. Yuno Gasai is so well-written and so well-acted (both in Japanese and in English), that one can't help being utterly fascinated with this "Yandere Queen" all the way to the end of the series. Further, the plot of this anime makes this limiting Yandere character type believable. Granted, if one can suspend disbelief that it is, in fact, "nurture" that overwhelmingly shapes behavior, then all of the characters are believable and (to varying degrees) likeable.

Future Diary is a classic to me: It is novel; it is engrossing; it is good storytelling.

One final caveat (and spoiler?), however: If you can find the OVA for this series ("Redial"), do so. It makes the original ending to this anime better, in my opinion.
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on December 4, 2014
I was recommended this series as a way of waiting for the new season Attack On Titan and I figured the product of such an outlandish premise would turn out disastrous and boy was I wrong.

The story is about a young middle schooler named Yuki who is suddenly given a gift of a cell phone that tells him the future in text messages. Soon after, he discovers he is not the only one with this gift and this gift comes with a dangerous game that involves a few other players in a race against time to be the last man standing to become the God of Space and Time. Fortunately for his shy, timid demeanor and cowardice, there's Yuno Gasai; a fellow classmate that's hell-bent on making sure Yuki is the new God, as well as a borderline stalker. Ok I'll be honest, she's a stalker.

I've bought Part One and Part Two and this anime honestly sits really high on my list of favorite anime. The anime was nowhere near predictable nor boring since the anime combines multiple genres such as comedy and drama but primarily graphic, bloody horror. Not for kids in any sense due to strong language and graphic violence as well as nudity and strong thematic/sexually suggestive imagery.

If you're even THINKING about giving it a try, watch the first episode out on YouTube if it's available and see if it's your type of anime. If not, you're gonna miss out. If it is something that sparks your interest, you will not be disappointed. Especially not with Yuno Gasai in the mix.
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on November 11, 2013
This was a beautiful series. As with most anime, it is or can be highly controversial, and receives reviews from the most radical of sides. As with a lot of series these days, the story could use some improvement, as could the protagonist, but this will still be a name to remember for anime. Great yandera romance, some violence, and a pretty original idea that will keep you begging for more.

On a side note - be a little more clearer with your advertising, Amazon. This is ONLY part one in a box that will hold part two. Not a complaint, because I figured this, but it's nice to not have to stop and hover over something to figure out what it truly entails.
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on November 23, 2016
Love the show......hate the fact that even though I knew there was only the first 13 episodes in this set, the freakin' box even says,
"CONTAINS EPISODES 1-13 and EPISODES 14-26"..........I mean, did they makes these boxes with the intention of ever actually having the second half in them?.... or did they just remove the second set and replace them with cards (crap) because there was no $$ to be made giving us a complete set for $40 and change?
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on August 29, 2014
As an avid fan and collector of anime, I tend to be kind of picky about which series I'm willing to buy. After watching the first few episodes of Future Diary, I was hooked. I scoured the internet looking for the best prices and stumbled upon this limited edition box set. (Amazon had the best deal). Like many others, I thought that this box set contained the complete series. It does not. This limited edition box set comes with the first 13 episodes of the series and a white box containing two Future Diary valentines cards. If you don't plan on buying the second season DVD set to accompany this one, you're better off buying the standard edition. But if you're like me and you love collecting anime, the limited edition box set is the way to go.
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on March 23, 2016
The series is very good the show and is worth 5 stars! but, the DVD limited edition is only one half of the series and it costs more than the complete series on BlueRay and is cheaper, I don't have a BlueRay player, I clicked DVD format (to go from the BlueRay complete season ) I expected the full season. I think a lot of people have made the mistake.! PS, a God gives there Diary app a update, and they can see what they would have written in the future. 5 stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 if it had been a the full season.
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The series is a nice mix of Death Note/Battle Royale and Fatal Attraction thrown into a blender but very hard to follow to as a result. Just expect to see an entertaining series which can be very dark in some areas of the series, the animation and voice cast for the subbed and dubbed were great and fans of any genre will get their taste of what they like.
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