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on December 14, 2012

This is the second Asus laptop I purchased. My older G50VT is still running strong.
But with G55VW ROG, Asus has taking laptops to another level. the exterior of this
notebook, Wedge shape and black rubber finish. The matte finish screen very pleasant
to watch movie and videos. And the back lit keyboards is a plus. Since my purchase
in June. I have upgrade to 16GB of ram and rocking a 512GB SSD blazing fast.....
Intel I7 Processor 2.3 Ghz, nvidia 660M and Window 7 operating system that make this
unit a a complete package.

Con. Single band network card
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on August 19, 2012
This computer was honestly just what I wanted: a full performance gaming laptop who's aesthetics were as good as it's specs.

Now for my problem: I had the laptop running for 2 days (not 2 whole days, I had it 2 days and was using it on and off). Then, while playing Portal 2 on medium graphics and 1080p, I started to notice some new issues. I was playing co-op with my friend who has a baseline 2008 aluminum MacBook (way slower than this computer) and yet the animations weren't loading in the loading menus and the loading menus were freezing up. HE WAS WAITING ON ME! My computer had suddenly started to perform slower than a baseline 2008 macbook! While I was actually playing (not in the loading screen) it seemed that all was well, but then the 3rd or 4th loading screen, the game crashed and when I tried ctrl+alt+del it said that the ctrlaltdel menu was not available, and that my only options were to try ESC to see if I could get out, or to forcefully shut down the computer. Of course, ESC didn't do anything, so I force shut down and start back up.

This is where the real problems start. It started up, windows boot logo and all. I give the computer a good 5 or 10 minutes to start up, and it remained at a black screen with the cursor visible, no login screen. Obviously something's up; it took hardly 45 seconds before. I had not experimented with the recovery tools before this point, and I also hadn't installed anything big but the games, so I was fine with doing the system restore to fix the problem. I did the restore. The problem did not stop: boots still took 5 minutes and the HDD was constantly trying to be read from for 15 minutes after booting. Any menu I tried to launch took a good 60 seconds to launch: stuff like right click menus took 30 seconds. And this was after 15 minutes of waiting for the HDD to stop being read from, something that used to take maybe 15 seconds.

What I feel the problem might have been: an update. Just before I had started playing Portal 2, I updated and restarted which appeared to work just fine. I don't believe it did. What does make me doubt this is that a system restore did not solve the problem; I would expect a Windows update to only be affecting the system data on the hard drive, which should have been solved by a system restore. It was not solved.

In my desperation, I reinstalled windows completely fresh. Wiped the HDD and reinstalled. Even this did nothing.

After all of this, I have decided to order a replacement. I only dropped one star for this issue and I truly hope it does not happen with the next one. It's a truly fantastic computer and I do recommend it to anyone looking; my problem is a very isolated one.

UPDATE: Got the new machine in, and it works flawlessly. I now understand that purchasing a "like new" computer from Amazon Warehouse Deals (which I have had good results with in the past) is not a good idea. I got the replacement new from Amazon and everything is fine, nothing seems out of place as many things did with the used one. I'm a happy customer!
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on June 11, 2013
This is my first G55 series laptop. Looks like the promo says a "stealth laptop design". Remember, its a gaming laptop, and its not a daily-carry-on laptop. I use it on my desktop when I'm at home or when I'm on "vacations, for playing online, watching movies. The audio (speakers) really bow out. The touch pad is kinda sensible, but no problems found. The keyboard is "engineerly distributed", the space between each key is well distributed and the illumination is a great plus when gaming in the dark. The only issue found is that the battery doesn't charge to 100%. It stays on 99% even with a complete discharge cycle and charge up. Iǘe tried different setting's and hasn't solved it. I'll be searching the net for answers. The backpack is the same that came with my asus G1S (green and black) I thought the would have change it like the asus rog shuttle backpack, but really doesn't matter ;) as I'm not planning on carrying it with me "all the time". The screen has no defects at all, and is bright enough for some of the games I'm playing. No irregular reflects found when working. My product came with no mouse, I don't know if its normal, but since I already have my G700. The AC adapter es way big, almost two times the size of the old asus g1s. In resume, its the a great laptop.
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on December 21, 2012
I was expecting a faster boot mainly because this is a beast of a machine. But it failed me there.
Yet to try out any GPU/CPU/Memory intensive tasks.
Planning to upgrade to Windows 8 & do a fresh install to check if that makes it faster.

I was unable to reach the BIOS menu. Tried the default keys F10 F12 ESC etc. nothing seems to take me to a BIOS menu.
Makes me wonder if one is actually available.
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on September 2, 2012
Received the laptop overnight using Amazon Prime and $9 :) Hard to beat that. Packaging from Asus is first rate and very sturdy. Thanks to Amazon for the cover box that hid what the order was.

First, this is a big computer, both in size and weight. I wanted the gaming ROG version mostly due to the keyboard layout and GPU, so the size and weight go along. But, this isn't something I'm going to be carrying around, so if you're looking for an excellent portable laptop, I'd consider something lighter. OS is Win7 Home Premium 64 bit which is a little cranky and intrusive, but where the world is now. Getting it to talk to my XP desktop has been eventful, to say the least.

Speed is amazing, with the exception of the Blu-ray/DVD drive which appears to be fairly slow and why I dropped a star, along with all the junk that was installed to "help you". I'm still working my way around all the junk Asus put on this thing, but installing a program from the optical drive is slow. I thought Office 2010 Pro Plus was going to be an overnighter for awhile, despite having 12GB of ram! Once programs are installed speed is excellent, with exceptions here and there that I haven't pinned down yet. I've removed quite a few of the fluff programs but am going slow there due to difficulty with backups. My favorite backup program, Macrium Reflect, cannot see the two partitions on the harddisk, although it sees them as destinations. Backing up using DVDs is exceeding slow, and impractical anyway.

Asus has an excellent support network evidently, there were a number of included software utilities (useful vs the other crap) that were updated shortly after I got an internet connection going.

Also included in the box, but absent from the description, was a very nice Asus ROG branded laptop backpack and a ROG premium gaming corded mouse. Had to download the software for the mouse from their website, but that's a no bother.

Bottom line; exceptionally attractive, very fast, big and heavy powerhouse. If you don't mind all the intrusive Microsoft programs and just want to either play games or have a powerful media computer, you could do much worse.
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on August 10, 2012
The G55VW is a great 15-inch laptop. Received on 7 August, 2012.

After arrival, I unboxed it and set up was relatively painless. This specific package ships with a nice-ish green colored backpack, supplying ample padding in the case of computer transport. The power-brick was a small surprise, being almost twice as large/heavy as my brother's Alienware M14X's 'brick. The computer itself is slick and a little more mature looking than an Alienware, without all of the premium lighting options. The computer's matte finish and matte 1920x1080 display really come together well.

I proceeded to load up the G55 with Adobe CS6, and Steam (with a large complement of games). Photoshop runs well, and I have to be actually trying in order to make it think a bit on the filter processing and amount of layers I have up. With Steam, I loaded up Crysis 2, Red Faction: Armageddon and Tribes: Ascend to test out overall graphics processing, physics-handling and reaction speed of the computer, respectively. In all three aspects, the 2.0 GB graphics card held up well, allowing me to run the games in full 1080p with high quality settings and the AA turned off. Turning AA on was a bit of a different story, so don't expect to be able to crank out the smooth pixels on this baby. Don't even worry about noise or heat with this thing, they're almost no factor at all.

After 2 solid days of use, I can say that none of the bundled software (except of course the McAfee antivirus) made me want to remove it, and seems to function well with the computer. The exception to this rule is that I needed an update for the audio drivers in order to make the on-screen-display (OSD) function correctly. Other than that, it's been smooth sailing.

Buy with confidence and know that if anything goes wrong, I'll be back to update my review.
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on September 26, 2012
I have had this laptop a few weeks now and it delivers as promised. Some people have complained about the volume being too loud. I agree, but I was able to change the settings to move the volume to a desired setting.

I play the latest games on this laptop and there have been no issues with performance.

Cheers to Asus!!
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on August 3, 2012
This laptop is incredible. I haven't found one thing wrong with it other than the sound. The sub woofer is very loud, but if you just turn it down in the settings, the sound is fine. The battery life is adequate and it's actually pretty good considering it's a gaming computer. It's very fast and it never heats up because of the cooling system. The mouse and the backpack that come with it are nice.
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on March 5, 2015
two and a half years after buying this, best decision ever. bit heavy, but I carried it to uni everyday. the speed, power and build is fantastic. battery has just died recently so replacing with a new one costing me 90 GBP, but that's expected with most laptops.
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on November 24, 2012
Overall the computer works great with almost anything ranging from MMOs to playing movies. I can now play some games such as Starcraft II with full graphics on and not get lag. However, there are times that it suddenly.. goes slow for no apparent reason, and right now as I'm typing this review, the USB ports seem to not work for mice. I'm still trying to figure out what's wrong so I didn't give the computer a 5 star.
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