Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG G750JS 17-Inch Gaming Laptop [OLD VERSION]
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on April 23, 2014
I purchased this laptop after careful research online. I was looking at an Alienware but there was no way I was going to get the specs this ASUS ROG has for anywhere near the price. I have been playing Guild Wars 2(GW2) on it and the ROG G750 screams; I was fighting a world boss and their were easily over 60 people fighting it, my game graphics were set to high setting and I experienced zero lag spikes (it could easily handle the ultra settings, but I just don't like to push my graphic cards more than I need to). On Warcraft I set my graphics to ultra to bring down the FPS some it was running on high setting with 170FPS. The ROG 750 runs super cool I have done some serious gaming and tried to push it to get it to heat up but the most I have been able to do is get the edge of the keyboard up by the monitor luke-warm and the exhaust about the same, the portion by the touch-pad where your palms rest stayed almost chilly ( I am running a laptop cooler under it but i'm not sure its needed). The only thing I didn't really like is the windows 8.1 OS, 8.1 is app based like a smartphone and made mostly for a touch screen. there is no traditional start button or menu like other Windows OS, this was easily fixed by downloading a program called "Classic-shell" it added a more traditional Windows start menu and start button, this made the 8.1 OS more tolerable. The ROG750 being a gaming laptop is larger and heavier than a regular laptop (which I don't mind because I love the 17.3-inch screen), the style is really nice the exterior seems to have a black rubberized Mat finish on it-Hurray for no fingerprints! the keyboard is led backlit it's only a white light but I really dont need all the colored lights it's competitors offer, it has a rather large touchpad with is kind of odd because most gamers I know would disable it and use a mouse (which I did). overall the 750 is fast, runs really cool, seems really durable and it's stylish. If you want a great gaming laptop at a fair price you might seriously consider the ROG 750JS.
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on April 16, 2014
This laptop boasts unrivaled performance, and at a price point this high it better be. ASUS 100% delivers on this and gives the user an amazing experience. The 3.4gHz Intel i7 and the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 870M provides absolutely stellar gaming performance. I've had zero problem running all my games (Team Fortress 2, Saints Row 4, Skyrim) on maximum settings. I've even been able to mod Skyrim to the point that it looks like this [...]
Thanks to the 16gb of memory, this machine also performs really well in editing programs, which are able to actually utilize the full 16gb of memory as opposed to most games

It is truly amazing what this machine is capable of.

* Stellar gaming performance on ULTRA settings
* Fast, and I mean FAST booting and program launching for anything installed on the 256gb SSD
* Mass storage (on a still fast) 1TB HDD
* Versatility in both gaming and editing
* Large HD, anti-glare screen

* HEAVY. This is a 10 lb laptop, while 10 lbs might not be the worst burden to bare, it will feel immensely heavy the first week or so you have it if you recently owned a laptop weighing 5 lbs or less
* Short battery life
* Uncomfortable at times (more on that later)

This laptop also comes with some very useful features, such as the Asus GPU Tweak program, offering an optional 5% GPU overclock when the laptop is plugged in.
**Note, In order to play a game like Skyrim modded as heavily as mine and have a decent fps, you 100% MUST have the laptop plugged in with GPU Tweak activated**

The GeForce Experience program also makes optimizing your games a flash as Nvidia automatically can apply the best settings for you, as well as offering features such as ShadowPlay and live streaming straight to, making recording and streaming games incredibly easy.

As for the uncomfortablility of the product, you will most likely only experience this if you use a laptop, well, on your lap. For me at least, the edge of the laptop pushes a bit into my left wrist while I have my hands on the keyboard, which is tolerable but a bit annoying. A tiny padding there resolves the issue. Another uncomfortablility factor, heat. If you're running an intensive game and have this on your lap, the area near the back vents get VERY HOT and can be quite uncomfortable. However for the most part this cooling solution is incredibly efficient and keeps you and your delicate components cool.

This laptop will provide excellent gaming/editing performance, as would be expected for a laptop this price. One thing to note, this laptop might not be for you. In fact, a laptop at all might not be the solution for you. If you do not plan on taking your computer anywhere that often then you absolutely, ABSOLUTELY build your own computer. I can 100% guarantee you can build a better gaming computer yourself for $2000. HOWEVER, if portability and an ultimate gaming experience is a must for you, then I have no higher recommendation than this laptop
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on April 14, 2014
Main usage of this product:
Animating/rendering in Maya 2014. Video editing. Gaming.

1) Performance - With a nice sized SSD, dedicated GTX 870M with overclocking, seperate CPU and GPU dual rear-vented fans, and the i7 with plenty of memory, this machine is a beast. I've used it to animate and render in Autodesk Maya 2014 with no overheating or performance problems. Same goes for gaming. It runs any game in high/ultra setting that I throw at it with ease (ie, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Farcry 3, just to name a few).
2) Cooling - This computer has the absolute best cooling I've ever seen in a laptop. The CPU and GPU have their own rear-blowing fan that does a great job at keeping it cool. It will get slightly warm after a few hours of use, but only if you're really testing out the hardware (ie, rendering in Maya, running Skyrim with mods in the highest possible setting), even then, it's the most heat efficient laptop I've used.
3) The list of pros could go on and on and on. Pretty much every aspect of this laptop feels great for a Game developer/video editor/gamer like myself.

1) Battery Life - Let's admit it, you won't be buying this laptop for the battery efficiency.
2) Heavy - at 9.9 pounds, it's one hefty mobile computer.
3) Finding a backpack/computer case that fits it - At first, I bought a 17.3 inch case that didn't quite fit the dimensions. Make sure you find one that fits. (Dimensions ((WxHxD)) - 16.1 x 2.0 x 12.5" / 40.9 x 5.1 x 31.8 cm)
4) Windows 8.1 - Though I recently read that Microsoft is planning on releasing a patch in the future that will make this OS feel a bit more like Windows 7. This is good since the computer doesn't have a touch screen, and Windows 8.1 is pretty annoying.

Overall, I'd recommend this product to anyone that's looking for a powerful laptop that can easily support the high-spec demands of gamers, gaming development, and video editing professionals alike.
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on July 19, 2014
I have the previous version of this laptop. Identical to this model with the exception of the graphics card, mine has the older 770M.

1. Reliability
I have had this laptop almost a year now. I travel with it often. It gets yanked out of bags at airports, bounced into baskets and dropped back in the bag on the other side of the scanner. It gets plugged into all sorts of projectors and screens. I try to avoid thrashing it but when you travel, things get bounced around and plugged in and out a lot. 100,000 miles later it is still running strong and without a hiccup. It has hung on resume once or twice after being left on for a month or two straight (suspending over and over, every time I close it up for the day) but I think both times were related to Microsoft's infernal update service, which now demands you reboot after 24 hours of clicking "not now!". Another time it would not turn on but after pulling the battery and unplugging, holding the power switch for 60 seconds to discharge everything and re-installing the battery all was well (common prob with any laptop). To summarize, in a fairly rough setting, this laptop just works. No problems with the screen, keyboard, disks, ports, wifi or anything else, it just works.

I know some folks here report DOA and bad cust svc. I have not used cust svc (I'm sure it is wretched) and have had perfect luck after a year of daily use. New buyers should consider the fact that I am one among many, perhaps I was lucky, but scanning the reviews here the odds seem good that new buyers will get a working machine.

[02-25-2015 Update] I have had this laptop for a year and a half now and it has been flawless. My experience with this laptop caused me to give away my old desktop and to use laptops only (for space, portability, convenience and lower power consumption) in the future. I always keep at lest two machines around for business continuity however and just ordered a second ROG (G751JY-DH72X) on the strength of this one.

2. Graphics
I use the VGA and HDMI ports to drive two Samsung flat panels when at home (3 screens if you count the laptop panel). It works great. I also do a fair number of presentations and it is nice to have the VGA port for older projectors. All of the Blizzard games run great on it and so do some of the oldies, like Rise of Nations and Doom. I have not tried the Thuderbolt port.

[02-25-2015 Update] I recently purchased an LG 34UC97-S 34" Thuderbolt monitor. The laptop works great with Thunderbolt (glad to be rid of the many connections I used before).

3. Storage
The 256GB SSD is plenty fast and has been large enough to house the OS (as installed) and most of the applications I use. I keep music and other stuff on the 1 TB HDD. The HDD is not the fastest but it is reasonable for a laptop. If you have a lot of things running and accessing the disk you might get a drop out while playing mp3s now and again but all in all I am pretty happy with the balance of space and performance. I don't use the DVD much but I have used it to burn some things and have not had any problems with it. Though I have never needed it, I always thought this grade of laptop should have at least a Bluray reader (which it doesn't).

This machine is an i7-4700HQ with 16GB of RAM. I needed the ram to be able to run multiple VMs concurrently for development purposes. I frequently run 2-4 server type VMs each with 4GB and have no problems, everything is fast.

5. Networking
I use the modular jack and the WiFi, switching back and forth, and the system performs great. The speed is good but more importantly the networking is reliable and switching between wireless and wired is easy and solid. When attached to an 802.11ac network the WiFi provides amazing througput (I have seen 120-150Mb/sec with a home Xfinity cable modem).

6. Keyboard and Mouse Pad
The keyboard is great, love the separate 10 key and the back light is great on planes. Have had no problem with the keyboard but I usually use a bluetooth mouse and kb, which works great. The pad is large and works great. The multitouch is good. I particularly like the fact that you can easily disable the pad from the keyboard.

7 Audio
The built in speakers are ok. Laptops are never going to sound that good I suppose. That said the headphone output sounds great. The integrated mic works great and so does the mic port. I use skype all the time while sharing screens with TeamViewer, Citrix, etc.

8 Ports
I use everything but the Thunderbolt port. Everything works great. The USB3 (there are 4 of them! 2 on each side) is radically fast when used with an external USB3 disk. One of the USB ports is a charging port and this charges my Samsung cell phone rapidly when I'm traveling. For whatever reason my iPad does not charge well on this port (or any of the other USB ports).

9 Heat
There is none. This laptop has the most amazing cooling system. It is quiet and the vents in the back really direct the warm air away from you when you are in lap mode.

10 Size and Weight
If you whine when having to carry a 6 pound laptop stay far away from this 10 pound beast (and that doesn't count the giant power brick). It is definitely a luggable. It barely fits in my brief case. I hate carrying it until I get where I'm going, then I love it, it is better than most desktops. The 17" screen is hard to work with in coach on a plane but a real pleasure in a hotel.

11 Battery Life
The battery lasts a surprising amount of time, maybe 4-5 hours if you're not gaming. It also charges pretty fast.

This is a gaming laptop that will certainly do the job famously. However it is also a great laptop for super geeks who need to run a cloud on their laptop with multiple VMs and development tools. For me it has been rugged and reliable and after 6 months of ownership I switched from my hotrod i7 desktop at the office to this because I couldn't tell the difference and got tired of syncing them all the time.
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on May 11, 2014
I ordered mine on Saturday, May 3, 2014 and received it Wednesday, May 7, 2014 via Amazon Prime. I've found little that is not to like. I'm in agreement with all the praise in many other reviews. Finding it featured recently by "Maximum PC" magazine helped my buy decision.

Five comments so far:

1) Having to buy a Windows 8.1 laptop without a touch screen is a major disappointment for me. I haven't been able to find any 17.3" laptop with a touch screen. I'd rate this machine 6 out of 5 if it had a touch screen.
2) My wrist hairs are getting caught in the joint where the top meets the base/sides. I've had many laptops and this is the first one with that problem.
3) I've got a Solid State Drive on my desktop and I am totally hooked on SSDs. This machine reboots and loads programs FAST.
4) The touch pad is the best I've used. It has a good control panel with lots of configuribility. You can have it optionally disable when a mouse is attached.
5) ASUS has not installed a bunch of junkware that I had to uninstall. Thank you ASUS. I've got four ASUS HD monitors, a router and now this laptop. All seem to be of top rate quality and have had no problems so far. Thank you again ASUS.

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on May 31, 2014
I had read the questions and answers regarding this laptop prior to purchasing it. With the OS on the SSD, it boots in less than 5 seconds and will do a complete restart in less than 8 seconds.

I just upgraded the memory to 32GB, and it only took me about 45 seconds to insert the 2 additional 8 GB memory modules. There are 2 dimms available for adding additional memory directly under the back cover. Remove one screw and take the back off and it takes about 30 seconds to insert the 2 additional memory modules. I used Patriot Viper for an additional 16GB. It cost me about $180.00 at Amazon or Fry's Electronics.

I purchased this laptop to replace an ASUS G73JH laptop I purchased several years ago and I couldn't be happier!! This laptop screams with speed and it didn't really need the additional 16GB of memory, I just thought I'd put it out there in the event I needed it at some point.

Great laptop and I couldn't be happier with it. This is undoubtedly the best laptop I've ever owned and it has functioned flawlessly since I purchased it last week. I highly recommend the G750JS since it has the 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM and the 256GB SSD. I had $600 in credits from my Chase Sapphire card and it dropped the price down to just over $1400 with a Square Trade 4 year extended warranty.

The NVidia GTX870M Graphics card is incredible and I have already tried out the Thunderbolt connections, external Blu-Ray writer (ASUS) connected via the USB3.0 (4 ports), the speed is incredible. ASUS really improved this laptop over the GS73 I had previously and I find it hard to find anything on this G750JS to complain about. Kudos ASUS!!!!!
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on May 4, 2014
Love this computer. I use it for video editing and so far it's been awesome. I plan on maxing out the RAM to 32g soon. Love the idea of having something I can keep updating for years to come. For video editing I needed a few things which this computer came with: i7 processor, 7200 RPM Hard Drive, at least a TB, at least 2g graphic card and at least 16g of RAM. This had it all with extras. Again I can add larger hard drives over time which I'll eventually replace the spinning drives with TB's SSD's. Waiting on the price to go down some more. Having the Thunderbolt and all 3.0 USB's was huge. I transfer a lot of data at times and this has made my life so much nicer. The price was a little stiff but for what you get and being able to keep updating for years to come was worth it. I haven't ran into an issue other than having to order a large carrying bag for this. It's impossible to locate one locally so you probably will have to order one and make sure it's for a 18" because of the thickness this one will not fit 17" ones.
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on June 19, 2014
Once you get used to the Windows8 layout you are up and running.
Rome II: Total War looks and plays smoothly.
Start-up/Boot/Reboot times are wicked fast.
Fans are very quiet and efficient. Laptop stays cool even under load.
I recommend this laptop; however, make sure you do your homework/due diligence...
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on June 16, 2014
* Stellar gaming performance on ULTRA settings
* Fast, and I mean FAST booting and program launching for anything installed on the 256gb SSD
* Mass storage (on a still fast) 1TB HDD
* Versatility in both gaming and editing
* Large HD, anti-glare screen
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on July 28, 2014
In short, very pleased, it is extremely fast. Have had good service from ASUS motherboards since the 386 days. Wasn't afraid to try a new ASUS system. My primary purpose is graphics/video editing and the SSD hard drive, i7, 16g memory all come together to make a fast system.

The initial setup of the drives was a bit strange but easily rectified. The 7200 drive was in two 456g partitions. The 256g SSD was in two usable partitions, something like a 96mb OS and another 1xx for data (?). Fixed easily enough by partitioning the storage 1g into a single partition and the 256 SSD into a single partition for the OS and graphics programs (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc). The OS was already installed on the SSD so gravy there.

3g video is fast, fast and the screen resolution looks great.

Did I mention its fast?
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