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on June 18, 2011
---> All black interior
---> Amazing cable management for the price
---> Up to 7 typical HDD Drive Bays, 5 tool less.
---> CPU cut out
---> Power Supply Removable and Washable Dust Filter at the bottom.
---> Amazing airflow POTENTIAL:
----- x1 120mm front fan
----- x1 80/90/120mm back fan (comes with the case)
----- x2 120mm/140mm top case fan
----- x2 80/90/120mm side panel fan (1 side only)

---> Build quality could be a little bit more sturdier specially the side panels. It is very hard to complain about it because of the 36 USD MSRP.

--->Fits a 5870 2GB Video Card (more or less 11 inches). You won't be able to use the upper normal HDD drive bays BUT you still have complete access with

--->For 36 U$D MSRP you it is an AMAZING case as far as features go.
It is one of the better, if not the best, cases out there if you simply and quickly want to throw in PC components at an affordable price.
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on July 14, 2013
I haven't even gotten to building my PC yet (a couple of months away, I am buying the parts a few at a time). I took the case out of the box just to get a look at it. It's well designed, a bit on the flimsy side (as others have asked, what do you expect for $40?) but looks adequate for the job of my not-so budget PC build.

I took both side panels off and I had a devil of a time removing the thumb screws. When I did, the sides literally popped free. I went ahead and took stock of the case, all the parts were there and nothing had broken in shipping. When I tried to replace the side panels, they didn't go on easily and were canted about 10 degrees at the bottom. The case is not square. This means there was some stress on the chassis, either sitting in a warehouse somewhere or in shipping. No matter, I am giving NZXT and Amazon the benefit of the doubt and going for a replacement first. If I find the same defect, I will report again and try to exchange for a Cooler Master HAF of some kind.

UPDATE: First, let me say that Amazon was really terrific. I reported the problem with the case on Sunday (7/14/13) afternoon, they shipped Sunday night and it arrived today (7/16/13). I have checked, the case arrived in good condition and survived the acid test; I managed to pull off the sides and replace them with no issue. I am still not entirely satisfied with the build quality (again, you get you pay for) but for this price the case has some decent amenities. The only thing it doesn't have is USB 3.0 front ports, but the motherboard I'm getting (GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD5 AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard) has a header, so to alleviate that, I am getting the NZXT Aperture M Internal 5.25-Inch Mesh Card Reader with 2x USB 3.0 (8c-aper000-w0b). This is a multi card reader with 2 USB 3.0 ports and cabling to connect to the header on the mobo.

Some have said that the USB front panel that's included on the case is flimsy. Before I boxed it back up to await the build, I plugged and unplugged a flash stick and a standard cable several times and didn't notice any looseness at all. Hopefully, NZXT has addressed the front panel wiring issue as well and all front panel connectors are properly labeled. We will see. I am giving another star as I really do like the understated look of the case, its amenities and use of mesh panels for max air flow.

UPDATE: I've been concerned about the ability of this case to accommodate my Cooler Master heat sink Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus - CPU Cooler with 4 Direct Contact Heat Pipes (RR-B10-212P-G1) and I have managed to find a case from Cooler Master the Cooler Master HAF XM - Mid Tower Computer Case with USB 3.0 and 2 External Drive Docks which has better air flow and built in USB 3.0 ports in the front. It's more expensive, but I would like some future proofing and durability. I am going with the HAF XM. Sorry NZXT.
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on September 21, 2012
This is nice Mid-Tower, ATX case. The bottom placement of the Power Supply gives it stability, as well as unrestricted airflow out the top, but beware of your motherboard power supply cable placement. I was able to route the +12V without too much issue, but not much left-over length. That and the open sides of the front-bottom (I think they should be enclosed for a nice filter placement for the front input fan, but for $40, a non-issue), I really can't complain.

The top can take both 140 and 120mm fans. The front has holes for 120, 90, and 80mm fans. Don't really care to place fans on the case side. Has a nice Nzxt supplied fan (I think 140mm) on the back. I used 3 120mm Antec "quiet" fans to optimize the airflow.

One thing to consider, is to add your SATA cable to your motherboard, if horizontally oriented, while everything is open and clear, since it can get crowded between the motherboard and the drive support cages. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UDH3 motherboard, that has clearance towards the front, but will be interesting if you have to replace once mounted.

The screw-less hard drive mounting is fine if you don't plan on swapping out drives on a regular basis, but can see why some people might be concerned about their fragility.

As for the pretty blue LED's, I liked them while building the system, but really am indifferent, since this will sit on a shelf beneath my desk. YMMV.

Well worth the $40 spent.
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on December 17, 2012
After owning the NZXT M59 and having good luck with it, I decided to buy this budget case to move my old computer parts into it that would be making way in my M59 for my new build. This case has features you would expect from a higher-end case such as all black interior, tool-less hard drive bays, thumbscrews for the 5.25" bays, bottom-mounted PSU for added stability, PSU bottom air vent and filter, front mesh drive bay dust filters, and room for 6 fans (4x120mm fans + 2 top 120mm/140mm slots) Make sure you use the 4 included screws for installing a 120mm intake fan in the front of the case since they will be long enough, unlike the ones that may come with your fan.

Internally, this case is actually identical to the NZXT M59. The only real difference is that the NZXT M59 features a cool trapezoidal tinted side-panel window, and a different front facade.
The only real downside to this case is that there is not a whole lot of room behind the motherboard for cable management (just like with the M59). Some of the more expensive cases will be like a half-inch thicker, making it easier to slide the cover back on when you have all sorts of cables tucked behind it.

Also, if you decide to install 2 140mm fans in the top of the case, you will have to have your DVD drive in the second 5.25" bay since there won't be enough room for it in the top bay due to the fans.
The blue power LED strip on the front beneath the headphone and mic jacks and USB ports looks cool when it is lit up blue.
There really probably is not a better case on the market at this price range. If you are building your first computer and need a quality case with plenty of options and enough room for larger videocards, this case will serve you well.
The NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller also makes for a very nice addition to this case if you intend to use all of the fan slots. The case includes only 1 rear 120mm exhaust fan.
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on February 3, 2012
First of all, I knew I was ordering a very inexpensive PC case and I did not expect top quality. I was pleasantly surprised at the bang I got for my buck. The case is very roomy. Everything fit with plenty of room to store and dress all the cables. I added two 140 mm blue LED fans in the top, a blue LED 120 mm in the front and rear (took out the white-bladed fan) and two 120mm fans on the side panel. I had to not use the top 5 1/4 burner drive bay so I could add the fan in the top front. It was better down one anyway. The bay cover shines with a blue glow, now. ;) There was plenty of room to dress the power cables between the side cover and behind the motherboard tray (not removable). I kept redoing them as I thought of better ways to dress them. I'm happy with the final method. I like all the thumb screws and I especially like the hard drive rails. The front USB/ESATA/SOUND panel looks nice. All the buttons and jacks work. It is a bit flimsy, so be careful when you use it. I like that it tilts at an angle. I don't like the squeaky feet on the bottom of the case. I can live with that, though. When you slide it on a vinyl floor it squeaks. It will be fine on carpet. All the motherboard standoff holes were in the right places. I didn't have to drill any holes. The side panels were on tight. I had to gently pry them off after removing the thumb screws. They have loosed up a bit after removing and re-installing a few times. There was no motherboard mini speaker. It is supposed to come with the PC case, but there was none in the box. I borrowed one out of another PC and ordered a new speaker from Amazon. I would buy this case again. To all the people claiming it has thin metal, It is thicker than some cases I've owned. The edges are rolled where they need to be. The interior is also black. It just looks nice! It has great airflow, too.
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on January 3, 2012
I was a bit skeptical when I fist bought this case on sale for only $40 just around Christmas, but with the good return/RMA policies Amazon has, I figured it was worth the gamble. Once here delivered, it met and surpassed all my expectations for a normal good quality case, beyond what I had purchased as $100+ cases elsewhere.

The ONLY problem I personally had was a bit of a cramped area for the very top 1st mounted digital media optical drive being a bit long for placing two 120mm Blue LED fans atop inside the case.

I have always opted for bottom mount power supply architecture design in a case, and this is my second NZXT I have owned, as it keeps one of the major heat sources away from the processor chip (CPU). Get a good power supply though with an LED 120mm fan built in, and go to the trouble of making sure you look up details on the length of the cords for this one takes a bit more than the cheapie power supplies offer if you have a mind to decently wire your case, slipping cables behind and around to have them hidden from view and still reach all your drive and power fittings.

The case takes 5 x's 120mm LED fans for best appearance, but has large enough pepper box holes in the front panel to easily fit twin 140mm fans in there, on top too if you've the mind too. On top though, if you go with 140mm LED fans, be sure to not take the top front panel media optical drive cover off, as you have to more or less tear them out to put in drives.

This is the only design flaw I with give it a bad score for but its not worth really complaining about as the design DOES WORK, as they are not the easily clip-out/clip-in style front panel drive plates/bezels. The thin steel pepper box design is a bit flimsy but adequate, and on that top front fan, you will have to leave your first top media optical drive slot empty, taking advantage of the lower 3 slots for your DVD/CD/BR-D drives.

The inner design is immaculate, other than the easy clip mounts for the hard drive bays mount from back to front in that the drive's connectors for SATA and power are in the back, making any work you may do on the computer a bit more clumsy as you have to take off both front and back panels of the case to replace a hard drive.

Plenty of room in this case too, with no nail buster fights to get cables installed and parts placed in comfortably. I personally had a few problems with the length on my LED fans power cords, in trying to reach the motherboard's chassis fan connectors. I suppose if a person was made aware, they are better off to shop for fans that have the either/or connectors, 3 wire or 4 wire molex options. It is easier to use a 4 wire molex than the chassis fan unless you want rpm readings for a utility program for SYSTEM HEALTH. You'd want to stay with 3 wire and attach to the motherboard for that, so merely get an extender adapter for one or two fans.

If I could have, I would have bought two just to have another laying around as a great value buy in the future to use on another build for some friend or a desktop for the bedroom.
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on July 14, 2011
I have put together many, many computers using cases of all shapes, sizes and costs. Dollar for dollar this case is hands down the best value I've ever seen. As others have noted the materials are a bit flimsy but this is a computer case, not the frame for a tank. As long as it isn't abused it should last and give good service for years. And I like that is fairly light weight, many cases that are "sturdy" are also on the heavy side. By the time you have them loaded with a good power supply and several hard drives they begin to feel like a tank when you need to move them.

The cutouts and gaps to make routing cables easy are nice, they not only improve the appearance but also help air flow freely through the case. I was a little worried about sharp edges but have not found any, which is good because knowing me if there was even one I would have cut myself on it.

I read several reviews which mention the hard drive rails being difficult and backwards so I wasn't sure what to expect. At first I was a little confused about how the hard drives are meant to be installed but once I understood it, it makes perfect sense and is no problem to work with. If you have right angled power and data cable ends you can mount the drives facing left or right which might make things easier if you have several drives installed.

Another thing that both surprised and pleased me was when I was installing the power supply I noticed there were two extra holes which makes it possible to mount the ps either right side up or upside down. I am not a huge fan of bottom mount for power supplies and as others have said, it can cause problems if the leads for motherboard power are not long enough. Mine just barely reached to the cpu power connector after running it up the rear of the case, resting as it is on the motherboard and running under the video card. I have extensions on order though I'm sure I could get by for the life of the ps as it is now.

I like the long, thin blue light on the front for power on though the green light for hard drive activity is a bit hard to see. Most of all though, I love the paint. No more of that ugly, dingy looking gray metal with thoughts of how I want to paint it black. I am not an expert on such things but I believe the paint is baked on giving it a very nice texture and appearance.

This is a case I would not have been disappointed by if I had paid 60 dollars. Getting it from amazon for 36 with free prime shipping is one of the best deals I've ever found.

Three cheers to NZXT !!!

GAMMA Classic Series ATX Mid Tower Interior Steel Chassis (Black)
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VINE VOICEon May 23, 2011
I've been building PC's for roughly 12 years now, and the NZXT GAMMA is easily the best budget case that I've seen in quite some time. I just built a PC in one of these this past weekend, and it was a great experience from start to finish. The case feels very open, especially with the power supply at the bottom, and there's plenty of room for expansion (it has the most drive bays that I've ever seen in a mid-tower case (7 expansion slots, 4 5.25" bays and 7 3.5" bays) and six spots for 120mm cooling fans (comes with one). The layout is very nice and provides some nice ways to keep cables tucked away (I didn't think I'd like how the hard drives basically slide in backward, until I realized that you could tuck the SATA and power cables through a cut-out designed just for that purpose). There were no sharp edges and the included screws and drive sleds go where they're supposed to perfectly (without having to force them, which would be typical for a case in this price range).

If there's one weak point that needs to be pointed out, it's that the metal is pretty thin, and as such, this doesn't seem to be the kind of case that's going to take a huge physical beating (not that I'm planning on putting it through those kind of rounds), but someone who's planning on moving their desktop regularly might do well to look elsewhere. It's a minor gripe for most users, but one worth knowing before you make the decision to buy.

If you're building a PC on the cheap, this is probably the best case that you'll find for less than $40. There's literally a ton of space for expansion, plenty of room for even the largest CPU heatsink/fans (put a Ruby Orb in mine), all of the front panel options that you'll need (even eSATA) and plenty of spots for cooling fans (in a case that seems to be very-well designed as far as heat dissipation and air flow goes). I can't recommend the NZXT GAMMA enough and will definitely be using it in future builds.
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on October 27, 2011
Pros- many fan options, it's mind boggling. Imagine what you consider excessive and add 4 :D
Black inside and out which makes everything else look nicer and helps hide most of the ugly cabling.
Controls and front panel inputs are nice
Water cooling friendly

I have to really reach to find something to complain about. I mean I could complain that the motherboard mainpower plug was too far away from the length of the PSU cable but a different mother board PSU combo worked fine so is this the cases fault? I could complain that the orientation of the hard drives made cabling to the motherboard difficult but again, there are so many different positions for these things on the many different manufacturer's product lines....I don't see how any case manufacturer can accommodate every single combo perfectly. Now I think someone else complained about packaging. YES...the box this thing came in was engineered with a little hope and some pretty thin cardboard. Look it over while the delivery driver is there if possible. Trust me. Also note Amazon (who usually does much better) Plopped this thing in a huge box with a wad of paper on top of it. That looked like UPS dragged it to my house on a chain. It was just kinda flopping around in there. It was a miracle it was intact out of all the packaging.

Need a case, this one is a great one for the money. I can't really complain about anything except the packaging.
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on September 16, 2010
As title says, best case you could possible find under $50, hell is only $40, 6 fan slots, cable management, bottom mounted psu (helps keeping system cool) with an included fan grill for ur PSU fan, etc... Love It!

To the person who said:
'BUT... the front panel blocks access to the single external 3.5" bay. The internal 3.5 Bays face the wrong way, making wiring them a real pain. And the power supply position makes it a stretch for my micro ATX motherboard. In order to get this to work I had to get bunch of extra parts such as bay adapters and cable extenders. Not recommended.'

first: there is no 'external' 3.5" bay...
second: Internal 3.5" face the wrong bay..., the reason for that is so u can route your cables behind the motherboard tray hence creating a neat cable management to increase the airflow inside the case.
third: yeah it might be a problem but mostly with old PSUs, almost any decent-recent psu will have large enough cables for that, is getting pretty standard for cases to have bottom mounted PSU cos it helps increasing your system temperature, hot air moves up, so is better to have PSUs on the bottom and fans on top.

The only possible bad thing i can think off is that you should buy more fans, only 1 included, so there is room for 5 more, lets say u buy 2xCooler Master 120mm Silent Blue LED Case Fan 2-in-1 Value Pack - (R4-L2S-122B-GP) or 1xCooler Master 120mm Silent Case Fan 4-in-1 Value Pack - (R4-S2S-124K-GP) and any other 120mm fan to fill up, thats an extra $15 ~ $20, but i couldn't find a case for $60 that included 6 fans.
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