Customer Reviews: Gamo Air Gun Pellets Combo Pack 1000 Assorted .177 Cal.
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on August 4, 2011
I have the 1300 FPS Gamo Silence Stalker Whisper .177 air rifle, and tested target shooting at 15 yards, and here are the results:

1. Match pellets can group inside 1"
2. Hunter pellets can also group inside 1"
3. Master Point and Magnum for some reasons flying alot, and can only group (15 yards) around 3-4"

Master Point and Magnum caused me so much trouble and time as I was trying to zero in my scope with them and they flew in random patterns and that caused me to think that my scope was bad. I only figured that out after went back to Match pellets and shoot again, my scope is now stay zero, and I can send pellets to touch previous holds inside .7 inch group.

So don't try too many type of pellets while trying to zero in your scope, my experience also good with the dome type pellets as they are normally the best on accuracy, energy and penatration, so try to stay with one or two kinds of dome pellets. Now I have been using only the Match pellet for paper target, and dome pellet for hunting, don't need anything else. Match and Domed are normally in better price than other fancy pellets that only sound good on marketting.

On a side note, I hope to save people (whom are new to air rifle) some time about air rifle, scope and pellets:

I have also tested Gamo Pro Magnum and Tomahawk (750-box for $9.95, very good price) they are as accurate as Match pellet.
I have also tested Crosman Match and Crosman Premier Domed 7.9gr and 10.5gr they are very good pellets, I noted that the Crosman Match pellets group better than gamo match, and in general I think the crosman pellets are in better machine quality and accuracy.

One of the most important things about Air Rifle if you don't mind. I have done lots of research and target shooting at the range near by, and tried 20, 50, and 100 yards paper target shooting and found that beyon 35 yards is a challenge for .177 pellet air rifle. I went on and downloaded the Hawke ChairGun Pro software to study bullet valocity and travel path and found that due to the size and light weight of the pellet, they are phisycally can not stay in accuracy path beyon 50 yards, I know 50 yards is possible for some skill people, but even most skill people will miss a lot at 50 and longer on a bird size target, this has to do with the limitation of the pellet and the environment where we are shooting. From an indoor range, with no wind, and best quality Air Rile, you might be able to do well at 50 yards and beyon.

Few words on scopes if you will. I have also spend some stupid money on good expensive scopes ($180 or more) with expectation that I can go out and zero my air rifle at 100 yards, but later on found out that there is no way I can zero-in my shots in a small group (my expectation was to zero at 2" group/100 Yards), I was so fustrated and noticed that the wind alone sent my pellets spaying around 10" group beyon 50 to 100yards.
Why is it hard beyon 50 to 100 Yards? it is because as soon as the pellet leave the barrel it will start dropping, and at 100 Yards the Point of impact is 14 inches below the scope level, now if you factor in the wind, then pellet will travel left or right and mostly downward. The best POI range for most pellet is 20 - 50 yards.

There are some scopes that help calculate arming point for long range shooting, but that is for real hunting rifle or long range rifle that shoot bullets size atleast .223 and larger at 1550 FPS to 3550 FPS. So don't miss understand and use those fancy scopes for Air Rifle.

My friend's AR15 223 firearm can groups 1" at 50 yards and 1.5" - 2" group at 100 yards, but that is because the weight and power of the bullet is physically capable of. Going through so much time, trial and errors made me now understood that air gun pellet can't go too far and stay in accuracy. There are so many video and writting online that show people shooting bird at 60, 70, 80 or 100 Yards, please don't trust those people as I found them fake and advertizing videos. So that is why I think any scope come with the gun is more than good, to me any scope around $40.00 is good enought for Air Rifle.
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on November 6, 2011
Great package for starting out with a new air rifle. Each air rifle shoots differently based on the choice of pellets. This variety pack is a great and cost effective way to figure out which pellets are best for your air rifle. I have a Daisy Winchester 1028WS 1,000 fps scoped rifle. I shot all these pellets at a range of about 30 ft. In fact the Amazon recommended Daisy "Max Precision" Pointed pellets performed worse than every pellet in this pack.

Magnum - These pellets are heavier than the rest; designed for maximum impact force and penetration. These are ideal for rifles that normally break the sound barrier. The extra mass causes the pellet to come out of the rifle slower. Note: Pellets are less accurate when they break the speed of sound.

Master Point - Basically the simplest pellet. The pointed top is for maximum penetration. Unlike the Daisy pointed pellets Gamo ones are well made so they fit more snugly in the barrel giving much better accuracy.

Match - The pellets are specifically for shooting targets. They are very accurate at 30ft. and make a nice big hole in the target paper that is easier to see from distance. These flat headed pellets are also called wad cutters because of the wads of paper they tear up as they hit the bull's eye.

Hunter - By far my favorite in the bunch. Domed pellets, like these, are considered by many to be the best overall pellet. I found the accuracy of these in my rifle equal to if not better than the match pellets. The punch of these things is incredible. They blasted right through my 4 inch cardboard backstop and hit the bricks behind it. This happens with all the pellets but the Hunters are the only ones that really keep any kind of shape after hitting the bricks. Maximum accuracy coupled with great penetration make this pellet the best of the bunch.
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on August 5, 2010
Each air rifle or air pistol fires different brands (and types of pellets within brands) differently, having specific pellets that it shoot most accurately. Gamo's assortment pack gives you the opportunity to try several types of Gamo pellets without a big investment in the "losing" pellets. In my Gamo CFX, the most accurate was the "Hunter" (NOT the Match pellet - surprisingly), but everyone needs to try their airgun with several types to see what works best for them.
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on July 6, 2011
These are great for both rifles and pistols. I have a P99 replica and one of the pellet types are not recommended for repeating rifles or pistols (magnum), but I will still try them regardless. So, I thought I would share that. Otherwise, a great buy. So far I see no imperfections in them, and they shoot they should. If you use airguns often, this is an excellent buy for you, possibly the best for pellets on So, buy this, maybe even two packs, and keep stocked.

Pellet Statistics:

Magnum: greater expansion. the pointed tip and double ring design increases the mushroom effect for best results on small game. Not recommended for use in repeating rifles and pistols.

Master Point: maximum penetration. the aerodynamic design concentrates mass to give longer distances, the pointed tip increases the penetration for best results on small game.

Hunter: Due to heavier weight and dome configuration, this pellet performs with terrific impact, even when long distance is required.

Match: Extreme Accuracy. relativily light weight and flat head cuts targets cleanly. good for scoring.
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on March 19, 2010
All 4 types of ammo included in this package work great in my Beeman .177 air gun. And, you can't beat the price for 1000 pellets. I use them all for target shooting and not hunting. The match pellets have a flat nose and make huge holes that quickly tear up the paper targets that I use (I print the targets myself on 67 lb cover stock). The other three types of pellets seem much better for my targets since they have either pointed or rounded heads and make cleaner holes.

Overall, I like them and will definitely buy more of the same when my supply runs low.
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on July 28, 2013
This item is of bad quality.

I bought it because it has several options of pellets for me to try.

After trying them all and having a closer look, all of them were of low quality. All of the pellets have an extra protruding line of lead around them from the moulding process. This is, as you can imagine bad for accuracy. The pellets will hit somewhere in the vicinity of where you aim, but not really, and are not are not consistent. Over all, you will not hit where you aim, and you are not likely to hit in the same place twice. Bad quality overall.

I suggest going to another item like Crosman. They are affordable and of good quality.

I cannot recommend this Gamo product.
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on February 9, 2016
Just what my rifle needed. Having tried other weights these are best I have found so far. If you want consistent shots you need to weigh them, just like most brand there will be a little inconsistents in them all and all they are not bad. Get some if this is a weight your gun likes.
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on February 12, 2015
The hunter and the match pellets work great with my Ruger Blackhawk air rifle. Using a rest, I can manage under a 2" group at 40 yards. Unfortunately, the master point and the magnums have an unacceptable variation in group sizes (3-5") using the same rifle. So I know it's not my aim, or the rifle, just those pellets. Who knows, maybe they work better for other models of air rifles.
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on April 26, 2015
cheap price. cheaply made. and the birds still go "cheep" after you shoot at them with these pellets. this item gets two stars because it is 1000 pellets for 13 bucks. they all shoot well enough in my open sight pump guns and my umarex/walther cp99 pistol. however, i have a made-in-the-USA benjamin and a gamo hornet that i would push more to the precision side of the spectrum. at the distances where accuracy is more apparant (over 15 yds), these pellets are less than satisfactory. they do fly from the barrels of both, but are more like lightening in the fact that they never strike the same place twice. i got the same accuracy regardless of shape since they are all the same weight. also, it looks as tho gamo has paid all of its employees to write one to three word reviews in the five star section. this may work for others, but i have had less than stellar performace. good for just throwing lead wholesale from co2 pistols or kid's can shooting episodes, but a discount price on a discounted-quality pellet imo.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 19, 2014
Great for target practice. Bought these to go with my husbands new air rifle. No complaints so far! Allows him to practice and have some fun without the high cost of buying ammo or reloading that goes along with shooting his other rifles and handguns.
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