Customer Reviews: GE NIGHTHAWK PLATINUM 9006 Halogen Replacement Bulb, (Pack of 2)
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on January 10, 2010
I picked these up in Canada but it looks like they are now available in the US from Amazon. I was a bit skeptical because I have been trying to find a replacement bulb that replicates or comes close to HID Xenon for my '04 Touareg (I neglected to tick that option box when I bought it). Finally after trying three different brands and styles I have found the winner. I compared the HID lighting in my Audi to the Nighthawk Platinum and one would be hard pressed to tell the difference. It's also very noticeable in nighttime driving, I can see much better on the back country roads and it has given me more confidence when I do have to be out in the dark. A great product that's worth the $.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to halogen bulbs the brighter they are, the hotter they burn and the quicker they burn out. If you have daytime running lights that utilize your headlamps don't expect to get much more than a year out of these (or any similar product such as the Silverstar). If you're looking for longevity then stick with a much dimmer long life bulb.
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on October 25, 2010
OK, everybody with a car that takes 9004 headlights know how horrible the design is. The low-beam is only 45 watts, focused basically like a cheap flood light only worse. Finally, there is a good bulb in 9004: the GE Nighthawk Platinum. It is the only +90 sold in the US, and the only one for 9004. (It is also available in almost every bulb type except sealed beams). As the 9004 was US-only, most of the good European bulbs (Osram Silverstar and Nightbreaker, Philips Xtreme Power, etc) are not available in 9004.

No longer sold anywhere except Amazon (Wal-Mart used to sell them but they no longer carry this awesome bulb). The price is comparable to the Sylvania Silverstar, and cheaper than the Silverstar Ultra (which are both "faker" blue-tinted overpriced junk). Most "bright" and "white" bulbs cheat their way to white light by dipping their bulb in blue paint--it "looks" whiter but the blue filter really robs much of the light, and visibility is actually *decreased*. This tint also shortens the life of the bulb significantly. Blue light also scatters profusely in the rain and other bad weather. The Nighthawk Platinum only has a narrow band of blue tint near the end of the bulb, away from the filament, so its light-robbing effect is minimal if that. (the regular Nighthawk has no tint at all)

The GE Nighthawk Platinum is the only bulb I'll use as long as I own my car. (I'll make *sure* my next car doesn't use 9004).The first night I used them I noticed a marked improvement. The light is brighter and I can see farther, both in low-beam and high-beam. Field of vision also improved significantly over the Wagner bulbs previously in my car. I noticed more side-road visibility, particularly to the left.

The bulbs only look white when it is dark out. In the daytime, you can clearly see a blue spot in the center and that regular yellowish halogen color everywhere else. But from dusk to dawn, they are nice and white.

Amazon's service was good. I got them shipped free, and they arrived in only three days.

WARNING: Avoid the Nighthawk Sport--that one is a blue faker like the Silverstar.

There are three bulbs in the Nighthawk family: the regular Nighthawk, Nighthawk Platinum (subject of this review), and Nighthawk Sport. I have heard very good things about the regular Nighthawk. Whether the price difference between regular and Platinum is worth it will vary depending on the prices for each one, as well as which type bulb your car takes. But for 9004, the extra cost is *definitely* worth it. And, there is a $15 rebate on Nighthawk Platinum until the end of the year (2010), which eliminates the extra cost over the non-Platinum Nighthawk.

And as a final note, with ANY headlight bulb (except for sealed beams), DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS! Otherwise, the oil from your skin WILL create a "hot spot" when the lights are used and will severely shorten the life of the bulb. Consider wearing some kind of gloves.
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on February 21, 2011
lasted for ~3000 miles. I bought 2 bulbs and they failed within 2 weeks of each other. Not worth the price I paid for these.
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on September 11, 2012
Bought the item on 4/23/2012 and one of the lights' low beam went out on 9/9/2012. Looked on GE's website on this item and it only lasts 125 hours. If the life of the bulb (125 hours) was listed on Amazon's website, I would have stayed away. Who would buy a bulb for $20s and a couple of months later get another one? [...]
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VINE VOICEon March 14, 2010
Just replaced the high (9005) and low (9006) on my '03 4Runner. Installation took about 10 minutes. These lights are brighter than the OEM bulbs. The light is a bit whiter but not like the HID bulbs on my other car. If these bulbs weren't on sale, I probably would have gone with the HID upgrade for a few dollars more.

When you put these in make sure not to touch the glass part of the bulb. Other than that; installation is simple:
* Twist out the bulb assembly by turning 1/4
* Release the retaining latch to remove the bulb
* Replace the bulb
* Insert the bulb assembly and lock in place turning 1/4

If they don't last; I'll post an update.
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on July 12, 2011
I bought these to help compliment my HID's as I wanted a fast and rapid high beam flick when needed, however, they are not as white as they claim to be. I did a comparison between this and the stock and they look almost identical in color tones.. so are they really "Clean, white light..", I can say no.

I think i'm better off installing my HID 9005's even though they take a bit of time to warm up. (see my photos, definitely not white!)
review image review image review image
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on February 26, 2012
The bulbs "were" great, didn't have the overly blue color many of the high end bulbs do and were noticeably brighter than the bulbs they replaced. However 1 bulb died after less than 3 months (and no I did not touch the bulbs during installation). So in the end I give them an "A" for effort but the still get an "F" overall.
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on December 19, 2010
Purchased August 14, 2010 and had one bulb burn out around 3-months later. No warranty to speak of on the package or Amazon website. On 12/18/2010 went and purchased an $8 bulb from O'Reilly auto parts and cannot tell a bit of difference in the brightness. I am going to attempt to upload a picture I took so you too can see there appears to be no difference between the 2 bulbs. I will say that the GE bulb that didn't burn out was 90% brighter than the one that did burn out (LOL). Which leads me to to wonder, if the $8 is superior to the stock OEM bulbs, then why pay more for these over-priced GE bulbs? Hey, I'm 90% brighter now...
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on March 6, 2012
*Used on a '99 Acura Integra

+ Fantastic in both road illumination as well as reflectivity (signs, parked cars, etc).
+ Great road/light pattern (clean, but diffused centered beams from L and R headlights - ideal for center road focus by the driver).
+ Good range, definite improvement over OEM (stock Sylvania)
+ 51W (vs. 55W stock) - this is a definite pro, as it reduces the battery/alternator drain, while producing more light - genius!

- None

Other thoughts:
~ Great Amazon deal (buy one get one free) - I added highbeams to complete the upgrade
~ Headlight color is yellow-ish, NOT completely white, DEFINITELY NOT blue; I had the white/off-blue colored headlights prior to this (Vision X) and while they had a nice and clean color to them, visibility with all "white/blue" color advertised lights are terrible for visibility and road illumination - I tend to avoid potholes whenever I can, and yellow/stock color is the way to go for greatest pavement contrast. If you also have this habit (of saving your suspension and wheels), then don't give into the vanity of white/blue lights, and either stick with OEM colors, or go HID.
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on June 23, 2012
These 9006 Low Beam headlite bulbs were not much brighter overall than the OEM bulbs, but they were definitely brighter in the center portion of the beam. Low-beam penetration is improved over the OEM bulbs.

++ Note that the Nighthawk 9006 Lo-Beam bulbs are the standard Fifty-One (51) Watts -- These are NOT high-performance, higher-Wattage bulbs !!

++ Note that the Nighthawk 9005 Hi-Beam bulbs are the standard Sixty (60) Watts -- These are NOT high-performance, higher-Wattage bulbs !!

The 9005 Hi-Beam bulbs were only slightly better than the OEM bulbs they replaced. 90 per cent brighter !?? I don't think so. Night vision IS improved on both HIGH and LOW beams, but "90% brighter" is crazy talk !!

The Manufacturer's advertised price of $40.00 per 2-bulb card for these bulbs is outrageous when compared to the visibility improvement that is actually realized.

However, Amazon's low price ($19.99 per card) made it a fair deal. If the current price is over $20.00 per card, FORGET IT !!

Take a tip -- Keep your old bulbs handy in case one of these burns out -- their life expectancy is shorter than OEM bulbs.
Good Luck !!
UPDATE: 30 January, 2014 -- Both HIGH and LOW beam bulbs are still going strong -- with a uniform beam pattern and fair long-range visibility.
As a former professional driver, I developed the habit of driving with "Headlights On For Safety" -- which caused headlight bulbs to burn out faster. This problem has been solved by installing a set of HELLA Dayline 15 Daytime Running Lights -- they're more visible than the headlight bulbs, and they're wired so that they're only ON when the engine is running and the headlights are OFF.

UPDATE: 1 October, 2014 -- Replaced both sets of GE Nighthawks with NAPA 9006 55-Watt Lo-Beam bulbs (4 more Watts per bulb) -- and NAPA 9005 65-Watt Hi-Beam bulbs (5 more Watts per bulb) for a total increase of 18 Watts for the 4-bulb set -- and an overall total of 440 Candlepower @ 5,532 Lumens. Visibility is MUCH better, even in the rain.
The NAPA "Performer" Series = Part# AVB 9006 for the Lo-Beams, and part # AVB 9005 for the Hi-Beams @ about $5.50 per bulb.

UPDATE: 24 October, 2015
The NAPA 9006 (LO), and 9005 (HI) beam bulbs are still going strong, with better-than-OEM lighting under all conditions
I gave away the Nighthawksto a friend that doesn't drive at night.
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