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on June 23, 2016
I got a GE fridge in 2013. Since then, all the replacement water filters have been bought from Amazon and I always bought genuine ones. The experience was pleasant until last time. I bought one in March 2016, which was contained in a plain white box. I didn't start to use it until June 6. The taste of the filtered water was weird, worse than the unfiltered water. I thought maybe the filter needed a little time to settle down. After ten days, I could no long tolerate the taste and rushed to a local Lowe's. The one I bought in Lowe's was in a printed box, as shown in the attached photo. I carefully compared the filter I got from Amazon and the one from Lowe's. They were almost identical, except that the printing color was slightly different. After the new filter was installed, the taste of the water was immediately right!

I have been a loyal customer of Amazon for years. This case really surprised me. I hope Amazon would investigate. If you receive a "genuine" GE MWF filter in a plain white box, dude, you may be in the same boat with me.
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on December 15, 2015
Six months ago I ordered one sold by Amazon and it worked great with my fridge.
A week ago I ordered another one and did not notice that is not sold by Amazon. At first I thought there is no big deal, it was prime eligible so it arrived on time.

I received the package and I noticed something is not right when I tried to replace it. The two filters do not look the same.
So I immediately went to Home Depot to buy another one to see which of them is bootleg.

I have three photos here:
Photo 1 - the boxes:
Left - from Appliance Cove, Right - from Home Depot.
Left one is a bit smaller. An extra label is there hiding the original barcode. The barcode on top does not match anything from Google search.
Right one is a bit bigger. Search the barcode on Google will return you it is GE MWF water filter.

Photo 2 - the filter:
From left to right: from Amazon, from Appliance Cove, from Home Depot.
You can notice that the print of the center one is worse than the others.

Photo 3 - the filter again:
From left to right: from Amazon, from Appliance Cove, from Home Depot.
Again the center one does not look same as the others. The align arrow does not align and it is shorter than the others.

Clearly the one from Appliance Cove is a bootleg product.
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on April 16, 2013

If you're looking at the reviews, you'll see many that hate this filter complain about slow water flow. Googling the issue with this filter you'll see it's really common on many other sites. After many years of dealing with this, GE has finally rolled out a newer design. Not sure when this happened, but Home Depot in the Chicago area started to carry the newer ones summer of 2014. I waited until my 2nd filter to now leave a review here (deleted my old review since I couldn't figure out how to add image while updating an old review).

Anyways, the new filter is GOOD with EXCELLENT water flow. Just like when fridge was new. I recommend you buy it in person at Home Depot so that you know you're buying the new design. How do you tell the difference, please see the images in this review. First, the box will look different. Box design has MWF in bold black print and "splash of water" in bottom right. The old packaging was green and blue. Second, to confirm the new design see the comparison image I added. Notice the new design has 2 tabs that protrude from what was the flat area of the old filter. This is consistent with an old hack for the filter (that worked for me) of cutting out a plastic "washer" that assisted in pushing in the pointed button where the filter connects to. You can see this "pointed button" when you take out the filter and look at the filter head. If you push that in, you'll see that is where all the water supply enters the filter. It was suspected the old design either did not depress that fully or the filter being flush just blocked the water supply some. If you're wondering why the fridge wasn't like that when you bought it, it's like it was using the even older design made by Culligan. You can google the info on that, but basic Culligan made the filters and there was a dispute between the 2 companies.

Anyways, I hope this helps clear up the mystery for some folks.
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on June 6, 2017
We have been using these filters for some time and always been pleased with the result, however this last order was clearly either defective or a knock off. The filter was
1) very difficult to mount
2) the water flow was very low
3) the water had a very astringent taste that didn't clear after running several glasses of water through it.

We decided to replace it and when I dumped water out of it to dispose of it, it dumped out a large clump of black (charcoal?) plus grit poured out.

I called GE about it, and they said that they don't guarantee products through Amazon since they don't necessarily source from GE and that they aren't protected from knockoffs.

This may have been a one time problem, but for now, I will go back to buying them from GE.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 22, 2017
We've owned our GE Side-by-side Refrigerator since 2008 and our family of six uses the water and ice dispenser A LOT. Whether it's for our morning coffee, filling up our kids' water jugs for sports, or getting ice for our evening drinks, we are constantly in need of good, clean water. I've tried the less expensive filters and for the most part they've worked fine and I didn't notice my water tasting any different among the filters. They all did a good job removing the chlorine taste we sometimes experience with Florida water. Recently, I started thinking, do I really know what these "knock-off" or "MWF-compatible" companies are actually using INSIDE the filters? Are the knock-offs actually getting tested? I may be unnecessarily concerned, but we drink A LOT of water, and I still think back to what happened in Florida between 2001-09 when over 100K homes were affected by the Chinese drywall disaster. As a result, I'm going to stick with the GE "Genuine" filters. Based on the price difference, I'm paying about $4/month more to use the GE Genuine filter versus a "compatible" filter, so that's my cost for peace of mind.

Like most Amazon shoppers, I count on honest, unbiased reviews. I hope you have found this review helpful in making your purchase decision.
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on July 26, 2016
receiced this yesterday and replaced my previous one.the left one shown in the picture is the new product. It did not have any instruction on how to replace. Where as the original one when I bought had instructions.
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on February 1, 2017
Why buy a GE branded filter when there are many 3rd party ones selling for 1/3 to 1/2 the price ?
But do the 3rd party filters perform the same as the GE ?

You decide, but here are my thoughts:

Previous GE MWF filters came with a California registration/certification; Calif has stringent standards. Interestingly, this version (2016) doesn't have the Calif document anymore.
-The GE branded filter is "Made in the US with globally sourced components." (Others are made in China.) It's clear GE is distributor but not manufacturer of the filter.
- It claims to filter out chlorine taste, odor, cysts, lead, mercury, asbestos, atrazine, benzene and lindane plus 5 pharmaceuticals (pharma end up in water when people flush expired or unused medicine).
- Box states filter is tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and Standard 53 for the claims specified. Some posters have written about these standards. I would suggest buyers compare these certified claims with those of 3rd party brands.
- Box says to change after 300 gallon or 6 months. Well, a gallon per day suggests once per year. Twice per year will break the bank.
- With reviews over 10 years and several design changes during the time, I would only read informed reviews from after 2015 or so; reviews from several years may be obsolete.
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on December 19, 2017
I ordered two of these GE MWF filters in May. The first one was fine. When it was time to replace it, I took the seal off the second one and found loose carbon material right under the seal. I installed it anyway, but the water from the refrigerator tasted awful. I called the 800 number on the filter, but GE won't do anything and tole me to contact Amazon. I contacted Amazon, and since the order is six months old, they won't replace it but told me to contact the manufacturer. I called the GE phone number that Amazon provided (only the last digit is different than the number on the filter), and was told to contact Amazon. The GE supervisor talked over me and released "Amazon" at least 10 times.

I am not happy.

Update 1/1/18: I am very pleased to report that even though they didn't have to, Amazon replaced the filter! They also wanted the old one shipped back so they could return it to the manufacturer. Thank you Amazon!
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on December 15, 2015
The water in our refridgerator started to have a funky taste to it and also was not coming out of the fridge very fast, so I ordered a new filter hoping that would help. IT DID!

We received this the other day and I put it in right away. I love how easy this is to install a simple twist in and all is ready to go. After installing the new filter, I did run about two pitchers full it through it first and dump it out. Of course while it filtered through it did gurgle and splunter working out all the air bubbles in the system.

Then I tested it by filling my glass up with water. The water tasted so good again! We also noticed that it comes out a lot faster now than it did before. After we did a water test to test the water compared to the water that comes out of the faucet. The water out of the fridge was much cleaner and didn't have any Iron like the water from our faucet did. We were so thrilled!

Our filter before hadn't been changed in over a year. So that explains why we were having problems. We do plan now to replace the filter every year. Get this filter! you won't be mad you did!
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on February 28, 2017
Expensive filter, but to save you trouble, potential flooding, poor water flow it's best to go with a name brand original equipment filter. Purchase it from a reputable company and you won't have any problems. 4 stars because of the price can and should be cheaper, are you listening GE?

I cut one open for fun and attached photos, not much in there for the money. I would guess there is great quality control for the name brand minimizing the chance of a nightmare leak.
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