Customer Reviews: GE WR30X10093 Refrigerator Icemaker Kit
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on June 27, 2011
I ordered this for my side-by-side GE refrigerator with upper, rear wall mounted ice maker. I read some other reviews and was worried about this product not being a direct replacement for the ice maker that came new with the refrigerator. NOT THE CASE!!! This is an OEM ice maker (regardless of another review I read) which is made in Indonesia just like the ice maker that comes with the refrigerator when it is new. It comes in a GE box with GE instructions. The cable length, mounting brackets and other critical items are all identical. The only difference is that the original ice maker had an on/off switch with an LED indicator. This has a slide switch which holds the ice arm in the full or retracted position. It installed in minutes and works perfectly.
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on November 28, 2011
One thing I discovered is this part is listed under at least one other model number depending on where you look for it (in my case, a GE part lookup site, where this part number was in the URL but a different one was displayed on-page). That said it seems to be a pretty much universal icemaker for GE refrigerators, and in my case the Amazon price was well below what the refrigerator repair company quoted, and when accounting for the labor cost they would have charged, I saved upwards of $250 this way.

The only part of the installation that was confounding was that for my type of refrigerator, the instructions state to remove the plastic bar that runs across the tray and replace it with the one from the old (broken) icemaker. Problem was, that old one didn't quite fit this one was too big, causing it to buckle slightly. I had to cut down the edge of the inner-most tooth to get a clean fit. No big deal, but a slight over-site by the manufacturer in assuming that the strip from the old icemaker would have the exact same dimensions. It's not a huge issue as this is not a moving simply needs to not block the rotating plastic pins in the tray. I'm guessing that most people don't even bother anyway, and just leave the default strip in there.

Other than this minor adjustment, it was a snap. It fit in my freezer right where the old one went perfectly. It came with a new water tube, but I didn't need it. It also came with the wrong water funnel (where the water falls into the device), but it also had the correct mount for me to place the one from my old icemaker in the correct position, so again, no problems.

All in all, a sort of one-size-fits all replacement that lives up to its billing 99% of the time, and the remaining 1% is easy enough to work around.

And as the heading says, DO NOT throw out your old icemaker. You may need to salvage a couple of rudimentary parts from it to make this one fully compatible with your fact, the instructions and design of this unit count on it.

EDIT: I just noticed that a lot of the rows of ice that came out of this icemaker were frozen together. This is typically a result of the tray water level being too high, but I could find no adjustment screw/dial for this. Turns out that it is under the plastic cover of the icemaker (there's just one screw to remove, hidden under a screw cover). Once off I found a screw with a "+/-" by it, which adjusts the water level. All is well now, but sure wish this had been in the instructions.
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on August 30, 2010
I ordered the icemaker replacement because the plastic ice cube guard/deflector (plastic part with plastic teeth) had broken on my old icemaker, and this $1.00 part cannot be purchased separately. The replacement came, and the instructions said "DO NOT use the plastic ice cube guard in this new icemaker, replace with the guard from your old icemaker before installing". WHAT? Needless to say, I have used the guard that the new icemaker came with, and it has worked fine so far.
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on February 1, 2011
I wanted everyone to know my situation thus far with this seller about the product I received. Please note that this is not a direct review of the product but more specific to the seller. Therefore, the information below - in its entirety - is a message I sent the seller ( The beginning is a message I first sent last night (as stated below) and the rest is what I sent this morning...

I sent a message last night containing the information below:

"I received my ice maker today. However, upon noticing it looks a bit different from my original, I also noticed that the part number that was shipped was actually "ERWR30X10093". I originally ordered "WR30X10093" (without the "ER" at the beginning) so I'm curious as to what the product that showed up actually is. My refrigerator model is PSS26MGPACC (GE Profile Side by Side). The original ice maker's part number that was installed in the refrigerator was WR30X10044. This has since been updated to the part number I attempted to order (WR30X10093) but instead I received an even different part number (ERWR30X10093)..."

(THIS MORNING...) Upon further review of the part number received (ERWR30X10093) I have discovered that this is not the genuine GE Part that ordered from Amazon (which list the part number WR30X10093 as a genuine GE Part). I must say I am slightly disappointed with the way this situation has turned out due to the assumption I was ordering an authentic GE part; which it is not.

I have contacted the maker of the part ( and have found out they are in the business of developing and manufacturing alternative replacement appliance parts for popular brand appliances (cutting high costs the manufacture would normally charge). As I understand they are in the business to provide quality products nonetheless. I actually spoke with one of the managers from the business who designed this after-market part and was well convinced that this product is worth keeping considering its American roots and its 1 year warranty (compared to the 90 day offered by the genuine GE product). This item is worth posting as an after-market item given its description and its warranty; even though it may operate a bit different than the genuine GE part. However, it is not the genuine GE part and should not be advertised as such; which still remains as a disappointment with me. Bottom line - you as the seller should not be selling an after-market product to Amazon customers purchasing from Amazon's genuine part number listing. I'm aware how this works and know that you have agreed to sell this listed part on Amazon's website which they have listed as the genuine GE part; but you aren't doing so.

I'm not sure where to go from here with the part considering the situation. I have a working ice maker in my freezer right now and I'm fine with keeping it if I had too. I do feel as though there should be some action taken on your part (" in order to reconcile the differences at this point. I'm aware that I've first contacted your business last night - however, I will expect to hear some sort of reply (preferably phone call) very soon to work this out.
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on August 14, 2010
The print for my refrigerator showed the part #WR30X0327 as the icemaker I needed. Apparently it's obsolete and this #WR30X10093 was supposed to be the direct replacement. The adapter cord made the complete cord assembly way too long so had to do some maneuvering to get all the cord placed in the back so it could be mounted. Then the basket would not slide back in as this model hangs to low.

Then I get on here and find I can't return it. Great system!!
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on November 7, 2012
This item came quickly and it says it it a genuine GE part. It contained instructions that are pretty confusing depending on the type of icemaker mount that you are replacing it with. So keep your old icemaker just in case as you may need a part off of it. (I did not)
Installation is easy but it would not make ice the first 24 hours. Then it started making ice but only a couple of deformed cubes at a time
I was going to send it back but thought why dont I try and reset the unit
Here is how you do it..these instructions are not in what was sent with the icemaker.

1. Turn the switch on the unit to OFF
2.Wait about 30 seconds
3. Then depress the paddle down gently 3 times
4. You will see the teeth moving and it will turn 360 degrees
5. It will start making ice in a couple of hours

Great replacement and great price!!
Just need to know how to get it to start up and get it rocking out the ice!!..
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on June 5, 2012
The ice maker I replaced was part number WR30X0318 this is listed as replacement but in the picture the connector is different than what is on my old ice maker. This comes with an adapter cable which allows it to work in my fridge. The adapter cable made the overall cable length longer than what it should have been so it made installation a little troublesome. It's only been installed for an hour but I have water in the tray freezing. If anything goes wrong I will come back and update.

Update on 6/8/2014
Still going strong and making ice.
review image
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on February 2, 2014
Very simple to install...takes no more than five minutes once you've made room to get at it. Just remove the old ice maker (two screws in most cases) and unplug its power cord, then install the replacement. You'll be back to having ice in no time. No CONS...just a very simple remove/replace operation in my two-door GE Profile unit.
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on January 13, 2013
This is a great product. It sure beats the original one. My fridge is an older GE side by side. It had three screws holding the original to the left wall of the compartment and the water entered from the back. The male electrical connector in the unit required me to use the complete length of the cord.
I read some people struggled with this..."the cords too long and hangs down". Well I just test-fitted it first (test fit: just drop it over the two retaining screws manipulated the cord the way you want it: not hanging and with the cord connector in correct alignment with the one in the wall of the unit, then remove the unit). Make sure the switch on the new unit is OFF when doing this. You'll find out whay later.
After doing this I heated the cord with a heat gun on LOW, this softened the sheating up and allowed me to squash cord into kind of a long-flat-s shape. Then let it cool in that shape, You get the idea.
As I said, my water source it from the rear and there was no water cup/trough on the old icemaker, water just came out of the tube into the ice tray. Well ,in this kit there is a water cup/though that just snaps into the rear of the new ice maker (THIS IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE INSTRUCTION BOOK). That's cool, but wait the tube in the back of the ice compartment is TOO SHORT!
DON'T try to pull the old one out of the unit. The one in the kit is designed to slip right over the existing one. No clamps needed. So, if your original one is too short, cut the new one to the correct length and just slide it over the original tube. Don't worry about being too precise with the length you can slide it back and forth with little effort if it doen't fit quite right into the cup/trough. This is another test-fit that should be done before the next step. Once you have the right location leave it in that position.
Almost there. Make sure the switch is in the OFF position on the new unit. If not OFF chances are the water solenoid is going to energize when you plug in the electrical connector and dispense water into the freezer compartment.
Now you are ready to just slip the new unit over the two screws while slipping water hose into the cup/trough, plug in the electrical connector and then tighten the two screws.
Put the ice catcher and whatever else you removed to gain acces to the ice maker back in position.
Turn the switch to ON. The water solenoid should have turned on and filled the tray as soon as you put it in the ON position.
Don't worry if it did not. If you are sure that the connector is properly seated and the water source to the ice maker is okay. Just close the door and walk away. The tray has to get to the right temperature before it can start dispensing cubes.
Within 24 hours you will have 400 ice cubes.
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on May 25, 2016
I bought this to replace the original ice maker that was in my GE profile fridge. It produces ice just fine but unfortunately the shut off paddle doesn't always get pushed back when the ice maker is full (never had this problem with the original) As a result, Ice can overflow all over the freezer. I just shut it off (manually) when I notice it is full but this is a bit annoying. I kept the old ice maker. I may see if the old paddle is different and it it can be switched in for the new one.
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