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on December 15, 2014
Ended up sending it back for a trade in second board the issue is not the board but Etron 3.0 USB drivers, if you are running wnidows 7 64 bit there not asinged drivers so windows 7 64 bit will not let you run them or install them. they install but you will get error that there no singed drivers and that windows does not recognize them I tried it with a 32 bit version and it works fine but not with 64 bit - I have been in contact with gigabyte its a known issue but issue is with the Etron company so you have to take it up with them because there one who made the drivers yes your USB 3.0 ports will work but they will run at 2.0 speeds not 3.0 do to the drivers not working.

I have done alot of research with Etron seems they make really garbage quailty controllers and drivers.

it is not just issue with this motherboard or this brand any brand or motherboard Etron has there hands in ends up like this with just ether driver issues or blue screens.

best recommendation i can give any one is if you seen a etron controller on the motherboard stay away from it.

better let do you own research on etron controller driver issues so forth.

if it was not for this and lack of driver support - I would have gave a good recommendation for this board.
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on January 12, 2015
After a bit of looking around for a decent motherboard for my build, I decided on this offering from Gigabyte. I recieved a revision 3.0 "Ultra Durable 4" version of this board, which i believe addressed some minor complaints of the previous versions. So far everything has worked like a charm! I've paired this with an FX 8350 CPU, 2x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866 MHz RAM, a GTX 970 GPU, and a Rosewill Capstone 1000W modular power supply. Everything is running smooth as silk at stock frequencies, but know that XMP needs to be enabled on the BIOS to get the memory to run at full clock speed. I plan on doing a mild over clock on the CPU once I get the water cooling setup installed. I've read that it may be a bit of a chore with this board, as it is not as friendly to modifying frequencies as others, but I'm not trying for anything over the top with it.
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on November 18, 2016
The board itself is okay. Its finicky with Linux (it has serious network issues.) Did a lot of bug reports / bisecting of the kernel to track the issue, was never able to. The problem I assumed was limited to Linux so never contacted Gigabyte about it. Later I had a need for windows (short term) and the network issue was still there. Leads me to think its the board now. Its still fully usable (just one out of every two boots, the network will not connect, and the OS cannot find the network adapter., A hard reboot usually solves it).

The BIG problem came when I bought a 32 GB kit of RAM. Initially I was running only 16GB. Once I installed the four new sticks, It would not boot. After mass amounts of troubleshooting, I determined that the 3rd DIMM slot is faulty and will not work. This prompted me to contact Gigabyte. About a week goes by with one email a day from tech support and they agree to "test" the board on my dime. This was an issue as I need the board for my daily job, I cannot simply give up my board (that they agreed was still in warranty, and still is today) for a few weeks, so Ill just have to live with it until I can save up enough and get an MSI, ASUS, AS Rock, etc. Board.

Morale of the story, Gigabyte themselves are not all that helpful, so check your board for ANY defects / issues including all systems before your return ability with amazon expires.
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on April 9, 2014
-Capable of 3-way SLI (or crossfire)
-8 SATA3 ports, with the ability to run multiple RAID arrays
-Fully loaded back panel

-Northbridge heatsink obstructs top PCI-E x1 slot; cards that extend past the slot itself will probably not fit
-If you use 3-way graphics, and your bottom-most card is double-wide, it will obstruct the headers (USB, front audio, etc) on the bottom, although I'm not sure this is avoidable

My experience:
Motherboard was DOA, but Amazon was super-fast with my replacement, sent it out within a couple hours of filing a claim. 2nd one worked fine, but I had some issues getting W7 Ultimate 64-bit to install, here's what I learned:
-First, you must change the boot priority in the BIOS so that the drive you're trying to install on is listed first
-When W7 is unable to find the drive, you must put in the mobo CD, you might have to try multiple drivers before you find one that works
-After the driver has been located, be sure to swap CDs back to W7
After a successful installation, I kept having issues where when the system would try to shut down (or go to sleep), I would get a blue-screen with the error originating from "applecharger.sys". You can Google that if you want to know more about it, but to remove the issue, go to Device Manager>Uninstall a program, and remove "On/Off" by Gigabyte (I think that's what it's called).

I used 2 SATA3 SSDs in a RAID-0 array because I was trying to get super-fast boot-up times. Well 2 issues with that. First of all, only 6 of the SATA ports on this board are connected to the southbridge, the other 2 (the gray ones) are connected to a Marvell controller that's on the PCI bus (it also controls the 2 eSATA ports on the back). Although these ports work perfectly fine, it didn't seem that they were quite as fast as the other connectors. I'd recommend using those ports for your optical drives. Secondly, the BIOS on this board takes quite a while to boot (~45 seconds).

Other than these issues, which are really only pertinent to my situation, this is a great board. I can't believe that Gigabyte could make a blunder like blocking the top PCI port like that, but now you know (I ended up adding a USB 3.0 expansion card in my system).
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on September 12, 2015
Bought this board to build a PC for my friend. Everything was fine. Built the PC, installed Windows 10, activated it and all. It downloaded some updates and restarted. After, it's been stuck on the BIOS splash screen and won't go past that. My wireless keyboard and mouse don't establish a connection so I can't enter BIOS setup by pressing the delete key. I even tried a wired keyboard from my PC which I know works and it still didn't. I tried removing 3/4 sticks of RAM from the system. Attempted troubleshooting by swapping around the remaining stick of RAM in each slot, then switching the stick with another one from the 4 I bought. I removed and reseated the video card, checked the SATA ports, cables and the devices connected by them, even tried the clear CMOS jumper to see if resetting the BIOS settings would work there. Nope. Removed the battery on the board for about an hour (all with the power supply turned off and unplugged from the back, of course) and popped it back in, plugged the power supply back up, switched it on then tried switching on the computer. Same thing.

It also seems as the Dual BIOS function doesn't kick in. I read in the manual that once the main BIOS is corrupted, the data on the backup BIOS is copied and written over to the main BIOS, and that the backup BIOS cannot be updated manually and all that. I assumed that the backup BIOS would've rewritten the main BIOS after the first failed boot and I would've had no further problems. I was wrong. Nothing of any sort has happened. I only wish this board has physical switches for the BIOSes like my GA-Z97X-UD7 TH. Then I could've easily determined whether the backup BIOS may have also been compromised.

I know that it's definitely a Windows 10 issue and not necessarily Gigabyte's fault, as I did research regarding this issue and it seems many people who installed Windows 10 on vastly different hardware with different boards even have this issue. I have personally installed Windows 10 on two other machines I built (on my mother's PC and on my personal editing rig) and never encountered issues on those. My personal rig also includes a Gigabyte board. They're definitely a brand I can stand by, but just be wary when attempting to install Windows 10 with this board. If you built a system with this board and are planning on installing or upgrading to Windows 10, make sure your BIOS is updated and be certain that the board supports Windows 10 on Gigabyte's forums. I've actually not been able to find any search results for issues related to this board and Windows 10 installations specifically.
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on July 29, 2015
I ordered this motherboard to replace one damaged by a voltage surge. Installation was reasonably easy since it was the same size and layout as the original MB. But problems began immediately: first the order of the disk drives was changed in spite of my trying to keep the SATA cable connections the same. Windows was already on my SSD but the system assigned the wrong drive letter and would not boot from the SSD. I finally had to use Win 7 recovery disk to book and use DISKPART to reassign proper drive letters. Then the USB ports would not work. I finally discovered that all USB devices except the keyboard/mouse had to be unplugged, while the USB ports in position 1 had to be used for those. Finally the USB 3 ports were dead and could not be reactivated. Finally the MB froze this AM on booting. Obviously this MB is defective.
Be careful if you buy from an Amazon affiliate that does not accept returns, and also buy the warranty with any MB to protect yourself. Galactics will not accept refunds, and Gigabyte will not answer tech tickets (so far).
I don't know if I will buy any more Gigabyte boards in view of their poor support.
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on July 17, 2015
Couple of things. The board that I purchased is a replacement for the identical board that literally came apart when I removed my video card. I wasn't expecting that. My choppy video was probably the original motherboard all along and it wasn't until I received the new video card and attempted the removal of the old one where I found the motherboard was most likely the issue all along because of it's very poor assembly . The reason for purchasing the identical board was that I didn't want to have to do a lot of wire reconfiguration and I wanted to have a simple install.

Here is the second thing: I ordered this new board on a Wednesday night. I paid for expedited shipping. Just so everyone knows, as far as UPS is concerned, that is 3 day shipping. I really expected to get this board on a Saturday so that I would have the weekend to install it and the new video card, but it looks like the motherboard won't arrive until Monday. Just a cautionary warning. I will be taking a good look at the new board when it arrives to make sure that everything is mounted on the board properly.
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on October 9, 2015
I bought this because I thought my motherboard was bad, but it turned out it was the PSU. Ended up keeping it because I really like the look of it as well as the plugin locations for my custom mod project (PCI slot, USB3.0 and USB plugs, etc.) I previously had a Sabertooth 990FX Gen3/Rev 2 which I'd gotten for its heat resistance and [supposed] higher quality, but I've not had any troubles with the Gigabyte one at all. The BIOS is a bit less "pretty," or perhaps more old fashioned is a better term, but it has all the settings I need to fiddle with for OC'ing so I don't mind one bit.
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on December 19, 2014
After procrastinating for a year or more, I built a new box, and this is the core I settled on. Paired with a FX-series Vishera 8-core Black Edition, this board is simply sick. I do a lot of virtualized work, some coding and a bit of gaming, and this thing just eats it up and comes back for more. My previous box was good - and built on a Gigabyte board as well - but this thing is just outrageous.

Standard Gigabyte board, very meaty and solid. Excellent heat management and layout. It ended up in a mid-tower ATX case I had in the parts closet (Rosewill Blackbone), paired to an FX-8350 chip, 16GB kit of 1866 RAM (G.Skill Aeries DDR3/1866), twin SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD drives in RAID 0 array, Sapphire Radeon R9 280X video card and Windows 7 Pro x64 for an OS. The PSU ended up being a FirePower 650W ATX deal, with the ODD and the rest being spare-parts units.

As I enter the third month with this system in full deployment, I expect another several years of trouble-free use from this new rig.
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on June 3, 2013
So i do video editing and composites which is a high end gaming rig for the most part and well i decided to go with this motherboard but its so hard to find good info and well video sure speaks for itself when buying. So this is a un-boxing video and i also did a install video for the fx-8350 black edition with this motherboard and ddr3 ram along with video card and the actual motherboard install into a Cooler Master 431. So as of right now im pretty impressed , videos that took my old computer 2 hours to render im doing them in 15 mins and others that took a hour and 30 mins im doing those in 6 to 8 mins. Now a few things to know, a 64 bit os works best, also i chose 875 watt psu to make sure plenty of power , ram works great if say you want 16gb go with 4 sticks of 4gb does wonders and is stable, plenty of slots for sli or crossfire. New boards are starting to be pci express 3.0 but not everything is up to that yet so don't worry this board is sweet. Gigabyte ive talked to several times on the phone for the build so customer service was helpful.
If the un-boxing video link don't show up just goto youtube and search rumrunner439 or 1159 videos there is plenty of videos showing this motherboard. Not only does it work great it looks impressive as well. Plenty of room to add to this board as in slots, ram, sata plugs, it has firewire and so much more. Hope the videos help just don't forget to hit like or subscribe
Later Cody of 1159 Videos
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