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on December 3, 2016
The collar works - no doubt about that. That's why I gave it 5 stars. However, if I was rating it on safety, it would be 0 stars. The collar is dangerous. I read all the reviews about it getting caught in the cat's jaw, but I stupidly figured it was "user error," and bought one anyway.

It's not user error. It's a careless, negligent manufacturing flaw that should have been fixed long ago. It's stiff, with a horrible buckle, and extremely difficult to adjust after you put it on. It also stretches out pretty quickly.

Your cat WILL get its mouth caught in it eventually. All they have to do is bend their neck down to clean themselves, eat, whatever, and they're caught like a horse with a bit in its mouth.

Once that happens, you're dealing with a panicked, fighting cat. She'll run, and she'll hide, and trying to catch her becomes a battle. Once you catch her, it gets worse.

You probably know what it's like to try and hold a cat just to clip its nails. Add her sheer panic and pain, and then YOUR own panic (and then pain) as you try to pull this stiff, non-breaking collar over her head, or away from her neck long enough to cut it. Done it. Twice. Not fun. And she didn't get over it for days.

I tried a dozen different ways to make it safer - adding elastic, tying the ends to breakaway buckles scrounged from an old collar, but she still got caught. Nothing worked.

But then I finally figured it out.

All you need is a regular safety (breakaway) cat collar, three very thin zip ties, and a pair of scissors.

1) Cut the calming collar's ridiculous buckle off and curse it as you send it to Hades. Take the rest of the calming collar and cut it in half (or thirds if you have a small cat) - all you need is enough to go around the front of the cat's neck.

2) Use tiny zip ties to bind the calming collar to the OUTSIDE of the regular collar in at least three places - the middle and at both ends (pictures attached) and with the nubs facing away from her neck so they don't poke her.

3) Cut off the rest of the zip ties as close as you can. I usually file or sand the little nubs left if they're sharp.

4) Put the collar on your cat and fit it correctly - you shouldn't be able to get more than two fingers between the cat's neck and the collar.

This fix solves both major problems with the calming collar, a) the danger of it getting caught in her mouth, since it now fits correctly and has a true breakaway buckle, and b) the loss of fur and/or irritation of the skin, because there's very little contact with the cat's neck.

On top of all that, you'll save a lot of money because you're able to make at least two collars out of one, since you're cutting it in half or smaller. I actually get six, because my cat is so tiny I had to cut the collar in half lengthwise too to fit the regular collar (see pics). Just keep the extra pieces in a sandwich baggie till you need them so the pheromones stay active.

Hope this helps, because the collar really does work. But I think someone should sue the crap out of Sentry because this collar is so dangerous and they know it. I'm surprised there hasn't been a class action against them considering the number of cats hurt.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Good luck!
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on June 22, 2015
We just got the Sentry Calming Collars a few days ago, so the jury is still out exactly how well they work, but I wanted to share how I adapted them for my own use in case it will help someone else.

Background: We have two 12 yr old altered littermates, one male and one female. No real issues with either one, except occasional peeing and pooping outside the litterbox. About 2 weeks ago we added a third kitty, a 3 month old neutered male. The 12 yr olds hate him and are quite stressed out, even with a gradual introduction of the new kitten. In researching strategies for adding a new member to a cat family, I came across calming collars, Feliway diffusers and calming chews.

First tried the Feliway, but because of so many negative reviews regarding it being a fire hazard, I used one reviewer's tip of putting reed fragrance diffuser sticks into the refill bottle and just letting it sit out, rather than using it in the plug-in diffuser. Because it is fragrance free, I have no idea if the cats are aware of it and didn’t really notice any difference. I was hoping for instant success, which didn’t happen. Almost immediately, I decided to order the Sentry Calming Collars. Again, because of so many negative reviews mainly because cats are getting injured while getting their bottom jaw caught on them, I was really interested in the suggestions some of the other reviewers gave on how they adapted the collars to make them safely useable. I do want to note that several years ago one of our cats got her bottom jaw caught on a standard breakaway collar and the same thing happened, it did not break open and she panicked and could have easily been badly hurt if I hadn’t been home at the time to rescue her. I will never again make the mistake of having the collar too loose, thinking one finger width is just too tight. Cats do not really like wearing collars and will do whatever they can to get them off, and they can wriggle those tiny jaws in the smallest gap.

Since the cats now have “bikini” collars – they are a lot like friendship bracelets with a breakaway feature, which I ordered on Amazon - I had to think of an option that would work with these type of thin collars. Here is what I did: I cut a scrap of polyester knit fabric (for strong wear) 4 ½” by 2 3/8”, and made them based on the same method as you’d make an “envelope” pillow cover (you can Google it for step by step). I then hand sewed two snaps on the long open edge, and hand sewed ½” plastic carbone rings on the short ends. The rings may not be necessary, but I already had them on hand and was hoping they would prevent the pouch from twisting. Next I cut a section of the Sentry Calming Collar to fit into the pouch (I can cut 4 equal length sections from one collar), snapped it closed, and then I slid the rings onto the ends of the collar (see pic). I then put the collars on the cats and readjusted the size so they wouldn’t be too tight with the added bulk of the pouch. When I was satisfied with the sizing, I took the collars back off the cats and hand stitched (whip stitch) the pouch to the collar. The breakaway feature is not affected at all, the pouch can easily be unsnapped to replace the section of Sentry Calming Collar and they are nice and soft and don’t irritate the cat as much as a hard collar would. You can see in the pic the collars do get scratched at and a bit snagged, so I will probably have to restitch the pouch to the collar at some of the point - didn't have the right color of an upholstery thread on hand.

But do they work to calm the cats? The first day, after all that work to make two little pouches, they didn’t seem to make one bit of difference. I wasn’t sure if they were just not going to work for my cats or if the fabric acted as a barrier, or if it will just take a while to see any results. The second day they did seem to be slightly more tolerant of the kitten, and today seems to be even a little better. So, no instant change, but I am happy with a little better each day.

As far as the scent, it is very pleasant and not overwhelming at all. Not sure if we got lucky or if other reviewers are super sensitive, but nothing offensive about the smell at all.

Fingers crossed that it just keeps getting better. I also ordered the calming chews, but haven’t gotten them yet. I don’t want to take any chances any one of the cats will become stressed to the point of marking/spraying all over the house.

Update 7-3-2015: I believe the collars are helping relieve the stress of the new kitten in the household. No instant bonding, but a definite differance in the older cats' tolerance toward the kitten, snd no litterbox problems. They will play with him some, I've seen some nose rubbing, and they'll now allow him to eat in his own dish right next to them -- far cry from the pre-collar days. Also, the little pouches I made are working out well and don't seem to bother the cats at all. We did order the calming treats, but they won't eat them (they are very picky about treats). So yes, I would definitely recommend the calming collars with sone type of safety modification -- there are a few besides my own that you can find within the reviews of this product.
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on January 18, 2016
I really wanted to like this product, but I must warn other pet owners to STAY AWAY from these calming collars!

I own 3 cats and they have been a little stressed out because my wife and I have been out of town a bit more than usual over the holidays. At a friend's recommendation, we decided to try these calming collars prior to taking yet another short trip out of town. They seemed to be working well at first and all 3 cats did seem calmer and more their normal selves for the first few days.

However, after barely a week, I discovered that one of my cats was having some sort of intense skin reaction to the collar! She developed a large, scabbing, oozing ring around her neck exactly where the collar sat.

We had ensured that the fit was correct on all 3 cats. In fact, we kept the collars fairly loose for comfort, but something in the collar left her with a nasty skin infection around the collar site.

The other 2 cats didn't show any visible signs of sensitivity to the collars, but we discontinued using them regardless as the small calming benefit was simply not worth the risk of potentially having 3 sick cats.

Additionally, these are dense plastic collars with a slide-through buckle that is difficult to adjust and they have absolutely no "break-away" feature. This significantly increases the risk of injury or death if the collar gets snagged or caught.


Also, owners need to be VERY careful not to adjust these too tight. They will not stretch or give like regular collars and a snug fit can be very uncomfortable or even dangerous for your cat.

Simply put, it's best to avoid the Sentry brand of calming collars. Don't take risks with your cat's health!
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on October 28, 2012
I am really sad to have to write this negative review for two reasons...

One, my poor foster cat. See photo. Collar got caught in her mouth and she panicked, tore up her mouth, face and paws trying to get it off, then vomited... I found her a sad bloody mess a few hours later! Vet cleaned her wounds, gave her pain meds and antiobiotics, and over a hundred dollars later she's back to her purring loving self. But I will never leave one of those collars on a cat again -- what if she'd choked on her vomit and suffocated? BREAKAWAY buckle did NOT work.

Two, this is the fourth foster cat I've used these collars on. Before this they worked brilliantly at soothing their anxieties at being in a new home, going to the vet, or to an adoption event.... But most of all, they also were a huge help for cats that were not getting along well to co-exist peacefully. They worked better for me than the plugins, the sprays, everything else I'd tried previously.

Please Sentry, redesign the collar to include elastic at the buckle connection, to make them safe!
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on November 13, 2016
NO ONE SHOULD BUY THIS PRODUCT ! It needs to be recalled by the company and redesigned so that when a cat tried to pull it off, it can easily be removed without injury. Several reviewers have made their own repairs.

My cat almost DIED last night because when I left the house, she tried to pull the collar off and it stuck around her jaw; almost strangling her. It does NOT breakaway. So, she ripped her face, eyes and cheeks trying to remove this collar. I came home and found blood every where along with feces and urine due to shock. The ER Vet recommended I contact the company.

I have reached out to Amazon to have this item reviewed with the manufacturer.

My vet saw the collar and noted that the indentations do NOT extend to the edges as the ones they sell in their office. There is NO way this collar could break away when the collar is caught on furniture or some outdoor object. Future cats will be injured or hang and die.

There is also NO lot number on the box. So, ALL these products MUST be recalled. I am now working with Sentry to get this done.
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on September 22, 2016
I wanted to give this a while to see how well it worked and I have to say, I just love it. I see your reviews about the break away not working and just decided not to chance it. I used this brands flea and tick collar with no issues but again, this is my baby were talking about here. Upon receiving the product which was expediently, I noticed it was quite large anyhow and with the size of her current collar I didn't really need to use the entirety of the calming collar. The smell of this is delightful, sweetly and soothing even for me! Though I know she can smell the pheromones.

I went to the store and got a pack of 150 of these zip ties that are small and cut the collar to match up the inside of my cats pretty purple one and zip tied the collar in three places. It doesn't look on bad and the 3 pack then becomes a 6 pack as I take the other part of the collar and place it in a plastic sealed Baggie. The flakes do come off but I've noticed them mainly in her bed and only after the collar comes fresh from the box.

Now as for the calming abilities: I have an anxious skiddish jerk of a feline. She will claw the crap out of you and flee in any direction at the shuffle of a slipper. It was getting out of hand and she also transitioned from outside to inside and we moved 600 miles away. A ton of change and a ditz of a cat? I figured this stuff was worth a shot. I put it on her and while it made no immediate change over the next week she become a TOTALLY different cat. She didn't act like you were going to punch her in the face when you simply stood up from the sofa (she has never in any way ever been abused) and you can hold her and my boyfriend can walk into the room (or most anyone for that matter) and she doesn't claw your chest up running for her life (for what friggen reason I never knew) and she plays like a normal cat. She actually plays and naps and doesn't hide under the sofa all day.. I mean, I've never seen this side of her. She was an extremely anxious cat from the time we took her in from being a stray born in the neighbors trashed out car and had been for 8 years and then.. This. I just watched my roommate walk across the apartment and she hasn't startled into a frenzy and I never thought it would happen. I also had an occasional issue with her peeing on clothes or rugs and I have not had that issue since this collar and that is just more than amazing.

I took her collar off to rub her neck and get the good scratches one day and forgot to put it back on and within four or five days she started to get anxious again, and so back to the collar it was, within a day she was totally fine again and all was well in paradise.

If you do the collar cutting thing please cut the zip ties close to the start as possible and check for sharp edges. I use finger nail clippers to take them off and trim them up and they do well but a nail file isn't a bad option to keep away the sharps.
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on March 8, 2016
I came home from work today and found our cat with this collar around the back of her neck and lodged in her throat. I don't know what she did to get it in such a position but there is blood all over my house. I had to cut it off her. These are not break away!! Almost killed my poor cat. Thank God I didn't get stuck overnight at work. She even tore a claw out trying to free herself. I'm going to remove these from my other 2 cars now. NEVER AGAIN!! please look at the pictures of my poor Lily. I feel so horrible for buying these. I wish I had googled these before I bought them. This is a common occurrence!!
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on July 24, 2015
I came into my bedroom with my cat literally choking on her collar losing consciousness. The product was just delivered yesterday. I had to rush her to the vet to triage her wounds. THIS IS NOT A SAFE BREAKAWAY COLLAR!!! I had to cut it off my cat after being unable to get it off with my hands. I took another one (from the three pack) pulled as hard as I could and it wouldn't detach!!! Safety first... I'll be contacting the company today. They need to make this a true break away collar or inform owners of the innate danger from a latching collar, like theirs.
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on May 6, 2015
Not sure if this worked by itself as I used it with other cat hormone products but after a week I took it off to give my cat some relief and found that underneath the collar my cats fur had been falling out! Immediately it went into the trash and will not buy anymore of these for my cat
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on January 24, 2016
This item claims to be breakaway but my brother walked in to our male choking to death because it got caught in his mouth. He also broke a few teeth from this collar. The safety release DOES NOT WORK. My brother had to cut the collar off of him and got his hand mauled because of my cat freaking out. The cat is okay, but he is definitely freaked out from the whole experience. I would not buy this again. (Especially since it didn't fix the problem my cat has been having.)

This seems to be a common occurrence, so fix your collar so nobody's cat actually dies because of this!
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