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on November 25, 2016
I'm not a typical reviewer of products. I've probably written 2 product reviews in the past 5 years and this is one of the 2. The instructions are thorough enough. Not great and poorly translated, but you can figure out what they are saying. The product itself seems well constructed, I have some company vehicles that hadn't been driven in a while and I knew they would require a jump start to get them going. This gave me the opportunity to try the product the first day I received it. Out of the box it had 90% charge, however, I still charged the item to 100% prior to using it. It took approximately a half hour to charge from 90% to 100%. After charging fully I went to the shop parking lot with 2 sets of keys to vehicles I knew hadn't been started for some time. To verify they required jump starting I attempted to start both (both were F-250's with V8) and as I suspected they both required a jump. One had no response at all and one clicked. Slightly skeptical about whether the product would be successful jumping these I hooked it up to the first vehicle and despite my skepticism it cranked and started right up. With a little less skepticism and then connected it to the second vehicle and again, the second vehicle started right up. After disconnecting the unit from the second vehicle I checked the charge and the display still showed a 100% charge. According to the instructions the unit only needs charging every two to three months, I feel good enough about this product after this first experience that I will be ordering one to keep with each of my company vehicles. In addition to the unit also has an LED flashlight, strobe light, and SOS light. It also has ports for charging phones, laptops, etc.. and comes with all the connectors needed. All this is packaged in a small pouch with room for all cables and charging and is compact enough to put in the glove box or console.
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on May 24, 2016
Convenient case, good selection of accessories, pump works well and no messing with long cigar lighter cables. The battery has already proved its worth; it got me home after an alternator failure and flat battery. I was able to clip it on and still close the bonnet. Bought another one already.
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on June 15, 2016
So I've owned this jump start for about two months, but only need it to use it for the first time today on a friends car, it is fantastic. It took all of 5 seconds and the car was up and running. My friend has asked my to order him one today. Plus it has a nice case to keep it all in.
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on February 20, 2017
This is an update on my last review of the Gooloo 700 a jump starter. As I stated in my first review the clamp handle broke the first day I used the jumpstarter. I contacted Gooloo excellent customer service through email. They responded by immediately sending me a new clamp cable and giving me a discount on my next order. The product is of good quality and works well. I really like the percentage of charge display. I highly recommend this product from this company with excellent customer service.
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on July 8, 2017
Almost gave it 4 stars, but as it worked, and I mean worked immediately, along with the nice case that was provided, I went with 5.

Liked the case that it came with, as it keeps all of the cables, the wall charger, the instructions, and the battery together.

Here's the nits that I didn't like:
1) I "thought"t that the little display was scratched, but it was a little plastic film covering the display that was scratched, and is meant to
peel off. There "should" be a little tab letting you know that there's a film covering on the display to peel off.
Otherwise, it's hard to tell.

2) Press "ON" button? Press "BOOST" button?
Here's the "note:" part of the instructions:
4. If it displays "JUMP START READY", indicates everything is correct and the boost operation can be started.
5. When it displays "PRESS BOOST BUTTON", Pls press the BOOST button to complete the boost operation withing 30S.

I pressed on, and connected the cables.
The "Press boost button" display never displayed.
Then what???
I pressed the boost button anyway, and started the car. And that was it. Car started (the interior lights came on when I opened the door,
which gave me a good feeling that it was going to work.)

The instructions could be a little better on that.
Such as, no need to press "on", or no need to press "boost" unless the display says to do so.

Last nit, which is no fault of the manufacturer.
The shipping box has a "lithium ion battery" decal on it.
Is that code for "hey, this is an electronic. Go ahead and steal it?"
When I ordered it, it was never delivered. The tracking showed that it was delivered but it wasn't.
Amazon was good about it, and refunded the price. But, ordering the second one took a few more days for it to be delivered.

I've had 2 packages now that weren't delivered from Amazon over the last few years. And both of them had
"lithium ion battery" decals on the packages. Hmmm.

Summary: Would I buy it again? Yeap. in a second. It works!
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on March 10, 2017
This was initially purchased as a back up for our car batteries. It has been used to jump off people that we have run across stranded in parking lots and works as advertised. The funny part is that is has found another use in the "down time". This works GREAT as a back up battery charger for our phones and tablets while in the car. While I have a multi charger in the front of the car, the kids use it in the back and are able to maintain a full charge. Wonderful purchase!
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on February 23, 2017
We bough this thinking we were probably only going to use it when we go camping to charge our phones,
quickly we realized that it is such powerful jump starter as we have had to use it on both of our vehicles since we purchased it.
I like how sturdy it is and the black rubber makes it easier to handle. It has a digital screen that tells you what percentage of battery it has.
It comes with many different plug accessories and a hard and durable case with different pockets for the cords and such.
I highly recommend you buy this product, it is an excellent back up for those days when your car doesn't want to start or you left your charger at home.
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on November 3, 2016
Yesterday I used it in anger to jump start a neighbours car instead of getting out my jump leads - very impressed that it was able to start a 2.5litre diesel from cold given how small it is and how dead the car was.
Feels really well made and I really like the LCD readout which gives a real time indication of power remaining.
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on May 29, 2017
Bought this in November. It works great for multiple things. Flashlight, phone charger, jump starter etc. Small light size. The issue I have is that when its fully fresh and charged it doesnt seem to hold the charge for 30 days like it states in the manual. Whenever I use it I charge it to make sure it isnt dead. Was dead on me once when I needed it.

Update: customer service reached out to me and corrected the issue. The new unit lasts and works great!
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on May 18, 2017
I previously used lead acid jumper batteries. This is much lighter, smaller and more convenient to drag around.
The main drawback is that ic can not output enough current to directly start a car or truck. It needs to be attached to a functioning battery, wait a minute for some power to transfer, then crank using the combination of the partly charged car battery and GOOLOO. For most other 12V devices, this is plenty of power and capacity to run independently. Good selection of attachment connectors/functions. Lithium ion batteries have excellent shelf life meaning that if you store it charged and get it out months later, you can be sure it will still have the power when you need it.
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