Customer Reviews: GOgroove BlueSYNC SRC Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Receiver w/ Rechargeable Battery, Hands-free Calling, and Playback Controls for Phones, Tablets, MP3 Players, & Laptops
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on February 24, 2013
I love this product. Bought it to replace another type that was broken. There is nothing that I don't like about the product. I wish the storage bag was a bit larger to carry the accessories, but that doesn't detract from the item.

It sounds great. Also easy to pair. Very attractive and the shape is easy to grasp and hold in the hand without dropping.

The LED indicator colors are as follows:
slow red = ON
rapid red = Pairing mode
blue = charging

Can be used while charging.

You won't be sorry with this product.
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on February 3, 2013
It fits pretty much wherever you'd want it, small but not too small, seems to have good battery life (only one day of use so far, but good for now) and definitely puts out nice sounds. I'm not an audiophile, so I'm not talking about technically perfect sound, just about sound that makes my ears happy. It won't make enough noise to disturb your neighbors, but it definitely is a LOT better than what comes out of my phone or tablet.

Pairing up is easy enough, after you figure it out. (user guide is good for identifying which buttons are which - that's all). It's a normal setup - charge the batteries first, to be sure. Then be sure BT is on in your phone or tablet, press and hold the pairing button on top for about 3 or 4 seconds and then select it on the phone or tablet when it shows up. The name "Bluesync SRC" showed up on my devices. It reconnects easily after everything has been turned off and then back on. As long as you don't have your device "forget" the speakers, it reconnected just like you'd expect for BT.

The reason for only 4 instead of 5 stars:
The buttons on top each serve dual purposes - or even 3 in one case. I'm not a fan of multipurpose buttons, especially when they're small and have colors that a large part of the population can't easily see (red on black background). It's surprising that designers don't pay attention to color blindness - maybe a lot of them don't notice because you have to have good vision to get into most design work, but there you go. Some estimates are as high as 1 in 10.

The color looks really nice and the red accent is sharp. Makes it look elegant. But, the functionality and usabiltiy of the buttons is really lacking. If there were some kind of standard button assignment among all devices, I guess I'd get used to the multi-function things, but so far it's just an inconvenience. When the power is on, there is illumination under the button panel that indicates the different operational states, but I'm not sure yet what they mean. I didnt' find anything in the user guide that explained what the different colors/combos mean. Plus, the text in the guide is pretty small.

Still though, this little thing is great. I can use it to wirelessly pipe tunes from my phone or tablet across the room or to the other side of the (small) house, if I connect the Aux out to my stereo. Or, I can use the speakers themselves in the car, at a picnic or pretty much wherever. This comes with a nice carry bag that will keep the smooth textured surfaces from getting too marred up while travelling, and since the bag is made of a double-walled mesh, it can presumably keep some of the elements out of the speakers if I'm using it at that picnic I mentioned. Also, there's a 3.5mm Aux input in case you have a device that doesn't have Bluetooth.

All in all, I'm very happy with it and can comfortably recommend it to my friends and family - or anybody else who's interested. It's got a lot of nice features, and the few drawbacks really amount to nothing much at all.

edit: 4/20/13 - I thought I'd revisit my review. Still very happy with it - I use this speaker every day now, for about an hour or so before leaving for work. The battery life is better than expected. With about 60 to 90 minutes per day, I get just about two weeks of battery life. It has a nice little indicator in the sound when the battery needs to be recharged. The first time I heard it, I had no idea what the odd sound was, but guessed correctly that it needed a charge.
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on March 20, 2013
I tried the Ecoxgear, The Monster Clarity HD, Jensen and GoGroove SRC. The EcoXBT was almost a keeper as not only was it waterproof but it was the loudest of the bunch although the Monster was just about as loud and defintely cleaner sounding and half the size. The dealbreaker was the lack of avrcp so to be able to play, pause skip etc you have to use your phone. The GoGroove wasnt the loudest but the sound was well balanced and not muddy. not as loud as the Eco and not as rich as the Monster, but it was close enough and half the price in a very nicely designed and compact unit.

For me the killer feature is the fact that the rechargeable battery is removable and is a Lipoly Nokia phone battery that you can get for around $5 or so. While the opther units are nicer and might possibly be worth twice the price their useful life is shortened dramatically by nonremovable LiIon batteries. Under normal use you might get 2 years of use if you dont mess up the battery prematurely by full discharging or other bad battery habits. I havent had a full runtime yet on the Gogroove but even if the battery only runs for 2 hours instead of the 6 or 10 the others claim. You dont need to worry about ruining the battery or wearing it out because you can just pop in another new one. They are so small you could carry a few for a extended camping trip where the nonremovables would be done in a day. A big reason why I left the iPhone because battery management was a PITA. So the only other factor to decide would be how the unit holds up to use. So I'll check back in a few months with an update.
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on March 26, 2013
bought this at the low price of $34.99 ship inc. wasn't expecting much. i've owned and returned a lot of bluetooth speakers. both low end and high end. i own a pair of nokia play 360 speakers. i really enjoy them but they are expensive! i was looking to get a "kick around" STEREO speaker to save from taking the nokias out too much. i found it!!!! this little unit can reach a respectable volume level (not like that of the big jambox). it is not too boomy, so don't expect great bass. it does have a good sound though. it also doesn't distort at big volume levels like so many other small speakers. seems to fill a medium sized room. battery life is at least 6-8 hrs. with a REPLACEABLE nokia type battery (same as the nokia play 360 uses-easy to find and cheap to replace if needed). charging is normal-about 2-3 hrs (and it will play while charging). it looks like an oversized cigar or hoagie bun. kind of ugly actually, but good sound. coated in a rubber like material-no finger print issues here!!! it also has the pause, skip fw/back buttons and functions as a speaker phone. this is something the nokia play 360 doesn't have-at about a $100 more. it is nice to not have to have your device handy to skip tracks etc. the bluetooth seems to be about your average 30ft with an occasional drop, but very good. it comes with a fish net like carry bag, wall wart usb, detachable usb cable (so you can charge it through your computer or other usb chargers) and a 3.5 mm patch cable for both audio in from you device and out to your receiver etc. ****most bluetooth speakers do not have the audio out****. this is a huge bonus for hooking it into your home streo, car stereo, boombox, etc. again, most bluetooth speakers have only an input, no output jack.

why 4 stars??? well, the instructions are limited. you hold the power button to pair. the light flashes red/blue until it finds it. simple. the unit itself has a small flashing red light under the controls-kind of built into the cutout under these controls. it may annoy some. only battery decline indicator is a loud beep when it needs charging. the manual really doesn't cover this well, if at all.

IT REALLY IS A 4.5 STAR DEVICE. while i would never pay the retail on this ($99.99) i think it was a steal at $34.95 delivered. i would probably pay up to $60 del for one. PLUS IT HAS A 3 YR WARRANTY!!!! no one offers a 3 yr warranty on this type product that im aware of.

all in all it seems to be a solid performer. 3yr warranty, function buttons on the unit, both input and oputput, solid bluetooth, a low cost easily replaceable battery and very good sound. i may have not bought the nokias had i found this first. ****highly recommended**** by a consumer who has tried a lot of bluetooth speakers. try it, i don't think you'll be disappointed.
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on July 1, 2013
I have to admit this was kind of a last minute impulse buy for my wife. I became tired of hearing the terrible sound of her ipod turned up all the way. She loves it and I have been pleasantly surprised. I am a bit of a sound freak. If I were to buy a bluetooth speaker for me I would purchase the jambox. My sweet wife however is not so picky. For her this is fine. As for the sound, it doesn't have the rich mid levels, and the bass leaves much to be desired but for $40 what do you expect. She can set her ipod in our room and walk across the house to the kitchen to where the speaker is and still get good connection. So as for the connectivity of the device to the speakers, pretty darn good. The instructions are a joke. If you have any brains you can figure them out, but some detailed specifics on how long to charge the battery for initial use, and stuff like that it would be nice to have. Overall I would buy this again for someone who isn't picky (like me) about their sound quality.
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on June 3, 2014
I bought this small speaker based on research I did on-line. The writer was comparing much larger sound systems and more recognizable names [Bose, etc.] that were more powerful and more expensive. They were better than this one, but according to the reviewer, this one was comparable in sound quality, just much lower power output. He said if your budget wouldn't support paying hundreds of dollars, consider the GOgroove BlueSYNC. So I did! I'm not disappointed at all! Excellent sound reproduction and plenty loud enough for a small space environment. I use it in my car sometimes. The real reason I bought it was it also is a Receiver. I wanted to use music on my smart phone and Bluetooth it to the GOgroove and then connect to an old Bose system via wire [RCA jacks, very old Bose!]. It works great! and now I can play all the music on my phone and tablet with the Bose system for larger gatherings. I would recommend it to anyone.
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on March 17, 2013
I am very pleased with my purchase of this GOgroove BlueSYNC portable speaker. I was strongly considering the Monster iClarity HD speaker, but at $79.95 I thought I'd give this a try. For $35 dollars, this little thing packs a punch, enough for my roommates to tell me to turn it down from across the house. I'll be using this at the pool, beach, and BBQs. Everyone who has seen it has commented on how loud the thing is for how small it is.

Are you going to get Bose quality sound? No.
Are you going to get volume levels equal to a boombox? No.
Are you going to get some great sound from a tiny speaker for $35? Yup.

Bluetooth pairing is easy, Every time I turn the speaker on it automatically syncs to my phone (HTC One X). Even figured out without the manual how to disconnect my phone and sync a friends phone (iPhone 4S) in about 1 minute.

Very happy with my purchase. I can't see how some speakers in the same ballpark go for twice the price.
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on April 10, 2013
I charged up the baby and paired it with my iPhone 5 right away with no problem. I really like the left and right speaker, which is the reason I chose this rather than OR3 (same $). I am not a picky person when come to sound, but I think this is performing well. I turned the speakers volume up and the sound came out of it was loud and quite clear! I didn't hear much distortion which is nice. I am using the AUX connection now and playing a podcast and it is working perfectly. It is a lot better and louder than the stupid speakers on the laptop and my old Sony battery power speakers. I went on youtube and played "A THX sound system test" and it sounded very good at high volume. The bass is okay for my purposes but I think I heard distortion at extremely heavy bass, which I don't care. I think the sound is excellent for the size and cost. I love it!
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on July 5, 2013
UPDATE 09/01/2013 I am dropping the review to 1 star from a previous 5 stars as the sound quality has degraded dramatically, as well as ( probably why ) 1 of the speakers no longer works. I have contacted the buyer and will se what the response is. But for a product that is only 2 months old and isnt used very hard, it doesnt bode well.

On taking the unti out of the box, I was a little shocked buy its quality of construction. I was definately expecting a little more lightweight materials and cheaper quality. The outside has a nice rubberized coating, that makes it pleasant to hold.

as for volume, It has that in spades for being a tiny 6 watt speaker, with a camera battery for power. the volume is suprisingly loud, enough to clearly hear my music choice easily over the nearby busy road. Depending on the surface, it seems to have more or less distortion, on my table, it sounded great, even at high volumes. and It gets loud enough to bother the neighbors at night for sure.

Using an iphone 5, I played with the EQ...
go to setings, scroll down to music, go to EQ and try different settings, personally i found "Lounge" to be the best balance.

It doesnt have dedicated woofers or tweeters, so I wouldnt expect "Bose" fidelity, but for sub $40 its a great deal!
People on here review it poorly because of the "hard to use" buttons. Once its powered on and lynced up, I dont really touch it! I keep the volume at max volume and adjust it with my iphone. easy enough. I havent tested it with Pandora yet, so I cant say if its going to work as of yet, but I will play with it more and report back.
Pros: Size Cost volume output. You cant beat it at this price, as an added bonus, it doubles a bluetooth dongle so now i can remotely control my music! Awesome! I can pick it up and carry it from the bathroom, to the kitchen and the patio. Sure I can wear headphones, but then my girlfriend cant hear it, and i cant hear extraneous noises as easily. plus, its great for the whole house!

Cons: none as of yet, of course I would like more and deeper bass and better highs, but for what it is and its price I couldnt be happier!

I will be looking inot more of their products if the rest are this good!
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on July 22, 2013
Great! I was impressed by the volume and the quality of the sound. Amazing how much volume this speaker can put out without distorting the sound.
Rather hard to turn on and turn off (having to hold down the button for four seconds...seems like much longer. Worked with Bluetooth to my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone with no problem and my laptop. Also, works great plugged directly in to the phone or computer hard wired. Comes with all cables and charger. Wish it way of telling you when it was needing to be recharged or if was getting low on battery charge.

Overall, great. I love it.
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