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on August 28, 2014
There were several reasons I selected this French press. I broke my last one and notice this one was break resistant glass. The second reason was that I read all the positive reviews about this item, as well as reviewed other brands and their customer reviews. This item was noted by most people to be superior due to the two filters, the 'press' filter and the lid filter, which leaves few grounds in your coffee, and keeps coffee hot longer.

Prior to purchasing this item, I also asked other customers to find out if anyone had trouble with the handle breaking due to the weight of the coffee, since this handle is only attached from the top, not at the bottom . This hasn't been a problem.

Now, the MAIN reason that I bought this model over others: Simply put: I LOVE this design more than all the other designs.. This design is a 'work of art' visually. Since I use this 'utilitarian' object every morning, I wanted this to also be beautiful as well as functional. (I have also enjoyed ceremonial green I've learned the value of having both vessels and ingredients that you use on a daily basis to be both practically useful to bring a warming, awakening beverage as well as being a form of visual meditation on beauty!

When I first wake up, I turn on my tea kettle, put my coffee grinds in this lovely vessel and pour my hot water the mixture a gentle stir, then put the lid on to 'steep' the coffee for a few minutes while I shower...Coming out to a 'ready' cup of coffee, poured from this press, just makes my day better right from the start. When friends come over, they too get to enjoy not only fabulous tasting organic, shade grown Guatemalan coffee, but have the pleasure of this being poured from this elegant, A+ designed coffee press!

For hot summer days, here is my 'healthy' homemade version of an expensive booth-bought 'mocha frappacino.'

I let the coffee cool. Sometimes I put coffee in an ice cube tray. I use 8 large coffee ice cubes per serving. Sometimes I use 8 plain ice cubes and unfrozen, cooled coffee. I personally like organic whole milk in my I put first about 1 cup of milk, add organic agave nectar to my preference of sweetness (2 teaspoons), then add a pinch of allspice, cinnamon and my very favorite spice for coffee, cardoman, then a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and you can add this or nor...a tablespoon of organic unsweetened cacao powder. Blend it up and add plain ice as needed to make it thicker. If you use shade grown organic, fair trade coffee you are being good to birds, those who grow, harvest and process & sell the coffee as well as giving yourself a lovely treat! Enjoy!
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on June 12, 2013
I wanted a larger French press than the one I'd been using. It's hard to find a big French press, but this one, although it's not quite the largest-capacity one you'll find, works extremely well. It is not only stylish, but also ergonomically well designed. Purists, take note: the only plastic part is the black band in the lid, which features a section of handy cut-outs for an extra degree of straining. French press coffee takes a couple extra steps more than an automatic coffee maker -- and of course, it doesn't allow you to have your coffee ready to pour when you first get up. But the flavor one can get from the press process is superior to that afforded by reasonably-priced automatic machines, and once you have ground your beans and boiled your water, brew time is just four minutes. (I recommend using an electric kettle -- a great time-saver.) And there are no fancy electronics to break! yes, the carafe on all French press machines is somewhat more fragile than you'll find on a Mr. Coffee -- and replacement parts may be more difficult to obtain (I haven't needed any in 6 months of use -- but it's not like you can waltz into a Target, say, and find parts for this appliance.) The Grosche Madrid can be completely disassembled, a plus for cleaning. I brew my coffee very strong, so there are a lot of grounds to press down; I get two large, very full mugs from it. When I got this, I accidentally ordered two and decided to keep the second one. Now I find myself using it for ice tea, because it allows me to easily use loose tea for a higher-end brew.
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on December 8, 2012
This is the simplest and most delicious way I've made coffee. I highly recommend using freshly ground beans (preferably from a hand grinder - the antique European lap mills or old cast iron burr grinders are my favorites), and 200 degree water, and the resulting coffee is unbeatable. There is a lot of sediment compared to a coffeemaker with a finer filter, but the taste is amazing. Not bitter and very rich and full of flavor. I also appreciate that no plastic parts come in contact with our java - this one is glass and stainless steel only.

With normal usage after several months, no issues with broken glass. Although it's somewhat fragile, it's tougher than any other brands I've had in the past. This size makes 3-4 small cups of coffee or approx 2 large mugs at a time.

Love the fact that even if the power goes out, or if I'm in the backwoods camping, I can still have gourmet coffee!
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on September 11, 2015
I have owned this product for over a year and use it a few times per week. On the plus side, this press makes a lot of coffee and it makes it well. I am pleased with its ability to do that. There are two critical design flaws, however, that leave me quite dissatisfied. First, filter screen doesn't have a grommet built into the center like other products on the market. Instead, this press uses a separate washer that is easy to lose and hard to keep track of when cleaning. The second key flaw is in the lid, which is comprised of two parts: a metal outer lid and a plastic inner lid held together by a bolt and nut. The problem here is that moisture gets between the two parts and causes significant rust to form on the metal lid. I would not purchase this product again due to the rust problem.
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on March 19, 2017
I've had this French press for going on 5 years and it's still going strong. I've dropped it in the sink while washing it a few times and it didn't break. The filter works well, as long as you don't press too hard. All in all, a great, long lasting product. I might consider getting the largest size, for when I don't want to have to brew a 2nd round.
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on March 29, 2015
The press mechanism is the same as any high quality french press. But what sets this one apart is the clean lines and modern design. Everything comes apart including the glass from the frame, that is not common among all brands.

I've now had this for tow years and it's held up perfectly. The mesh press part is finely needing to be replaced so I decided to order a new one and keep the class as a replacement if it ever breaks.
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on December 24, 2011
I used to have a Bodum French press, and even being careful, always managed to break the glass carafes. A clerk at a store that sells them even said she thought the company made them so thin on purpose - so that customers would have to keep buying replacements. I decided to research a new brand and ended up purchasing the Grosche Madrid. I love it! The glass seems to be thicker, and it is very well made and sturdy over all. I also think this design is a lot more attractive and certainly less common than the ones Bodum offers. The screen part that filters the grinds is very fine and fits perfectly. I am definitely a convert to Grosche.
And on another note, even though I chose standard shipping, I received this item the very next day after I placed the order - I don't even know how that's possible!
Great all around!
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on April 21, 2017
prettiest french press I've had to date. I've been looking for something thats not made in china, the glass is made in Germany and everything else was made in Taiwan i believe? Anyways, much sturdier than the bodum.
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on February 22, 2014
Just got it. It looks and feels pretty decent. So, I washed it and made my first cup of coffee in it and it tasted good. The process of making it was really something new to me and I enjoyed it. The filter in the lid does its job and there was no grounds in my coffee. Good purchase.
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on July 26, 2015
The Grosche , I thought is respectful company have a line of good quality products. Unfortunately I decided to replace my old one working good for years an it was unlucky desigion. The glass beaker cracked within one week of use,while poring hot water in all as usual routine ways. Glass cracked immediately and lackey journey was finished. It was sad as more as it happened during the family breakfast and every one was without coffee that morning.
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