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on September 2, 2011
The Pot:
This pot takes care of two complaints I have read about other pots.
1. I chose the Munich pot because it doesn't have a long neck. Easier cleaning that way. (Some people have mentioned the long thin necks can be hard to clean)
2. Also, this pot can be used as a kettle with just the lid. OR as a teapot used with the basket. (On some pots you have to use the basket at all times for the lid to fit)
3. This pot can be used on the stove top.

The Tea:
The tea really tastes great. Watching it "bloom" in the pot is really neat. The family sat at the kitchen table watching this happen like we was watching a movie. (We need to get out more often, lol) We had never heard of blooming teas, so it was a nice surprise watching and drinking this tea.

The Packaging:
The tea is packed around the pot adding additional padding during shipping, lessening the chance of breakage.

This has been one of the nicest items we have purchased and would recommend this to anyone. Even if they aren't a tea lover. This may change their mind...

I make medicinal teas from herbs and I cant tell you how much easier it is to maintain a simmer on the stove vs trying to do it in the microwave. Still loving this pot!

A lot of people mention how thin these pots are. I really like that because it cools off so fast (Pyrex stays hot for a long time). I can clean this pot right after pouring the tea out of it. I can also pick the pot up by the handle right off the stove.
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on May 2, 2011
It's smaller than I was thinking, but it's still nice, especially since it's usually only me. As another reviewer said, it seems more fragile than it is. The infuser design surrised me, it simply has thin slits etched into it. I went beyond what it's designed for, and used it with Thai tea mix, which has a lot of fine particles in it, and should be brewed using a tea sock. I expected it to let a lot more particles trough than it did. Yes, a fair amount got through, but I'd also stirred the mix, which pushed more through. It did as well as the fine gold mesh tea infuser I have, I didn't expect it to do nearly that well. So the simple slits actually filter much beter than I imagined they would. I don't see there being any problems when using loose or flowering teas. I suppose the only thing i would change is to make the infuser sit lower in the pot for making a single cup of tea.

I didn't want a metal tea pot, and this works well for me, the fact that it comes with its own glass infuser is a nice bonus.
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on November 26, 2011
I bought my GROSCHE Munich Glass tea kettle 2 months ago as a house-warming gift for myself, and am more than pleased with it. I had previously had a very bad reaction to the plastic used on the inner part of an expensive stainless steel kettle, and so was looking for a high quality, plastic-free stainless, originally. However, I kept coming upon reviews from people who had experienced their stainless steel kettles rusting inside unless they were dried after each use (as if!), so I was getting pretty frustrated with my search. Then, I happened upon a number of glass kettles. Among the ones I looked at, these Grosche kettles had the most consistently positive reviews. Beyond that, the price was very reasonable. I was sorely tempted to get one of the "fancier" looking kettles in the line, but this size is perfect for me making a single cup of tea for myself and/or my husband. As it turns out, I'm liking this kettle with the clean, classic design that goes nicely with any décor.

Definite positives:

* I'm a dyed in the wool tea drinker, so this kettle gets used multiple times per day, and I haven't been disappointed with its performance.
* I use mine on a gas stovetop over medium flame. This has been fine, no issue.
* Handle never gets hot, in my experience.
* Being able to watch the water boil is actually surprisingly enjoyable!
* Very easy to clean, and very easy to see if it needs cleaning.
* No problem with it being too fragile, which was an initial concern. The glass appears quite thin, and it's easy to assume it's looking for an excuse to break, but this hasn't been my experience. I haven't hit it truly hard against anything, admittedly, but the lid has been dropped a handful of times, and the kettle itself has had a few solid taps against the hard sink, with no negative results. One thing I like is that if I do really wang it at some point, the price is reasonable enough that I won't cringe too badly about having to replace it!

Things I would love to see, but I don't consider major drawbacks:
* I would love to see a lid that did not easily fall off when the pouring the water. My solution is to use a teaspoon and cup the spoon over the lid knob as I pour. This works very nicely to keep the lid on, and my hand away from any stray steam.
* Is there a way to make a whistling glass tea kettle? That would be great for people like me who occasionally put the kettle on and forget it :-)
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on March 29, 2011
So far, I am enjoying this stove top glass kettle. I drink herbal brews that taste bitter if made in metal pots. This works great if you want to brew 2-3 cups of 8 oz. tea, but if you are planning to host more than 2-3 people, I recommend getting a larger kettle.

The glass appears thin, but is very sturdy. I am not the most careful person when washing dishes, so the things I wash tend to bump into nearby obstacles, and the borosilicate glass has held up very well so far. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase.
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on November 30, 2013
This review is based on having and using this pot for only a few runs. First, I am happy with the pot and infuser. I used it with one of my loose teas and the infuser worked very well to keep from having "floaties".

My rating is really more for the blooming teas. I have tried two, so far. First thing I noticed is the lack of aroma to the flowers. Second, I was not prepared for the large amount of loose/floating tea so I still needed to use something to strain the tea before pouring into cups. Next, I was disappointed with the flowers themselves. The color was very dull and the flowers, even floating in the water, seemed very limp/wilted looking. I am aware these are dried tea leaves/flowers, but I was expecting something closer to the pictures. The final disappointment was the flavor of the tea itself. I was very nondescript and bland. For me, this was probably due to the lack of aroma.
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...the glass infuser: it has only a few tiny slits which cause two problems.

1. When you put loose tea in it and put it inside the pot and pour boiling water into the infuser, it takes about 10-20 seconds for the water to seep out into the rest of the pot, which means standing there and waiting and then pouring more and then waiting more and then pouring more, the whole process adds about 3 minutes to your tea-making time. Not a big deal, but worth noting.

2. More annoying: because the slits are so tiny, small bits of your loose tea will get stuck in them, which means cleaning the infuser afterwards is a lot more of a chore...I end up having to rinse and empty the infuser 3-4 times and use a bottle brush to loosen the tiny fragments of tea leaves that get stuck in the slits.

I wish this teapot simply came with a stainless steel fine mesh infuser instead. I might end up just putting the infuser aside and spooning the loose tea directly into the pot, then using a wire strainer when pouring the tea into cups...kind of cumbersome though. Oh well, I imagine they chose this glass infuser as a sales/marketing gimmick, because the actual glass pitcher is probably not worth much more than ten or twelve bucks by itself.

That said, I love the 42oz's enough for about 4 mugs of tea, and because it's all glass, you can easily put the whole thing into the microwave if the last 1/3 or 1/2 has gone cold on you.

I use the same amount of loose tea as I would normally use for a single cup, but having the same amount spread out into 4 cups gives me better hydration---I like to drink at least 4 liters of water a day, and the extra water offsets the dehydrating effects of the caffeine in the tea. Plus during the colder months, having more warm liquids in the stomach is quite nice. The milder taste per cup due to the greater volume is not a big deal for me personally...some might differ on that, though.
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on February 4, 2013
Great gift set!

Teapot has 1250 ml capacity (4- 6 cups of tea), and is stove-top safe (electric, gas, ceramic) on low to medium heat. Product is made of lead free borosilicate thermal Glass.

Infuser is included to make loose leaf tea. Can be used without infuser.

Premium Green and White blooming teas are hand made and come packaged in a set of 12 (instructions are included).

Overall, it was a well a packaged gift set. The pot is fairly easy to clean, and cools off well. I've used it multiple times a day. Durable and really nice to see the blooming tea. Well worth the price!

Will update review if product warrants it.
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on May 15, 2015
Bought this ~ 2 months ago. My wife and I have used it, on average, at least once a day. We were worried that it was all glass, but reassured by the reviews explaining it's strength/durability/etc. We noticed a crack today, right where the top of the handle meets the body, so we're looking for a new teapot. It definitely won't be this brand or all glass.
review image
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on June 23, 2012
Despite the negative reviews, I decided to give this tea kettle a shot and I love it. Item arrived in excellent condition. No problems whatsoever. I use this kettle almost everyday. However, what others need to be mindful of is that it is a delicate kettle. The glass is made of glassware you would find in a general chemistry lab. It is not meant to be mishandled or banged around. I would not use it on high heat, but I have left it on medium heat for an extended amount of time and resulted in no cracks. The diffuser does have thin tiny slits, which can be an issue for certain kinds of loose tea; however, slits any larger would be an issue for loose tea such as roobios which would slip through. For loose teas such as chamomile with larger leaves, flowers and stems I found that while your preparing your tea simply mix it up with a spoon here and there and that solves the issue of it not diffusing well. Overall I think this is a wonderful kettle. I drink many cups of tea throughout the day and with this I can make my tea leave the kettle on the stove and come back to it and re-heat my tea as many times as possible. The most important part, and my reason for looking for a glass kettle is that there are no impurities from metals and I don't have to worry about the kettle rusting or tarnishing which is a plus.

Update! So I finally broke the infuser. I still love this teapot so it was rather a disappoint, therefore I contacted Amazon to see if I could simply order the piece instead of buying another teapot set. Amazon suggested I contact the seller on their website. Even though the Grosche website caters mostly to wholesale purchases they do have accessories for their teapots, one of which is the infuser for this tea pot and lid. I emailed them about the purchase and they sent me an infuser and lid set for free and all I had to do was write a positive review on amazon and cover the cost of shipping (which they said would be 8$, but it actually came out as 3.25$ on my credit card statement). Very pleased.
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on July 14, 2016
This is absolutely the best teapot out there. I use propane for cooking and I place it right on the burner (low to medium heat) and it works great! The lid and handle are cool to the touch but just remember to hold the lid when pouring. The only complaint is the glass tea holder inside the pot -- the tea gets clogged in the tiny slits so it is hard to even steep tea. If the slits were different lengths or circular on sides and bottom for the tea to steep correctly - this would be 10 stars in my opinion. I will recommend this purchase to serious tea drinkers and it holds tea for at least four 8 oz. Coffee mugs. You won't be sorry you got this and probably order another one.
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