Customer Reviews: GROSCHE LISBON French press coffee and tea press, 350 ml 11.8 oz fl. oz capacity, Glass body with SS filter press, removable silicone grip base, and included spoon
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on December 4, 2011
I recently bought a Grosche Lisbon (small) and a Rome (large) french presses.
I would say, from experience, that they are both 'nicer' than the Bodum products.
FOr one thing, the lids/covers have a flat top that allows them to be set down
so that they don't roll around.
The Lisbon is great for my morning coffee, and the Rome for when my wife eats breakfast
with me. The Rome is also great for making Ginger tea (about 1 to 1-1/2oz of grated
ginger rood in a Rome full of boiling water - let sit for about 20min. Add
1/4cup +/- of sugar and enough water to make about 1/2ga. Great!)
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on December 6, 2011
Great looking french press that works perfectly. I was surprised at the size (thought it would look bigger), but it is 11.8oz or 350mL. The materials are seem good quality and I would not hesitate to order another one or to get some as gifts.

As far as function is concerned: the handle does not get hot (one of my concerns). The lid does get hot.
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on January 15, 2012
I read tons of reviews and relied in part on them for my purchase as I had never seen a french press before and am a cautious shopper with limited funds. I absolutely love this press and where I found the only complaint from others seemed to be the thin handle that might break I am careful of it but see no weakness in the particular design. It works wonderfully and I am very happy with my purchase and introduction to french presses. Next I will purchase the 51oz model I saw available as a gift for one of my sons who I think will appreciate the glass quality and ability to make teas with it.
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on December 11, 2011
Love this coffee maker! The silicone base removes all danger of accidental slippage, while it is removable for ease of washing. I love the attached glass handle and the ease of cleaning. French press coffee is the best! The only thing I would add is a little mark on the lid to show which direction to face the lid to pour - but this is a very minor detail and easily outweighed by the positive points. I would buy this again.
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on December 20, 2011
Great value for French press. Very sleek with glass handle. Rubber base is removable for cleaning. Press seems to be snug when plunged. Great buy!!!
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on July 3, 2012
I've never had coffee prepared this way before, it was recommended to me by a friend. Compared to brewed coffee, I would describe the taste as slightly stronger without any bitterness, a much smoother cup of coffee.

As for the unit, the once piece glass body is large enough for me to easily get my hand inside and clean it. The press itself is all metal, with the exception of the lid. It disassembles easily for cleanup. I am using pre-ground Starbucks coffee and have yet to have even a single granule escape the press into my coffee. I can't imagine what would constitute a "better" french press, aside from more robust materials. I highly recommend this press.
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on August 30, 2012
As a college student, the main reason I bought this french press was to brew oolong tea with leaves and occasionally coffee for late-night studying as buying starbucks every time can add up pretty quickly. The strainer strains well and the plunger has a solid feel to it. The metal cap is a bit thinner than I thought but it is perfectly fine. As for the handle, I thought that it was more fragile from the picture and from other reviews, but to my satisfaction, is wider so handling is much more accommodating.

Now for some cons; the issues I have are really small and may not be an issue for others. First is the rubber stand at the bottom. It comes off which is fine (it is made that way), but the thing is, it will sometimes suction to your counter or table. So when you use it, just keep in mind that you might want to hold the beaker a bit more firmly so that if the rubber part does suction onto the surface, you won't spill your beverage everywhere. The other small thing is, it doesn't have a line showing where you should not fill more than. This is more of a safety precaution as it's possible that adding too much hot water and then putting the lid on it will make the hot beverage overflow. However, this can be easily fixed. From my experiences with the french press, don't pour past the top of the handle and everything should be perfectly fine. EDIT: After using the french press a bit more, I found out that there was no need for a maximum capacity line since you can fill near the top and still be alright. However, when using, do not overfill and be careful of the placement of your hands, just to be on the safe side of things.

All in all, this french press does a fantastic job and for the price, is pretty hard to beat. However, keep in mind, this french press is for those that do not want to make a lot at a time. It makes about 1.5 cups so, if you want to drink more than that in one steep, you would be better off with another french press. Another thing to keep in mind is, although this is made of tempered glass, don't pour piping hot liquids when the beaker is still cold. To prevent this, swirl warm to hot tap water before use to warm up the beaker (and to rinse) and then go ahead and pour your hot liquid in. Keep these small things in mind and this french press will serve quality beverages for your enjoyment every time.

UPDATE: I tried brewing tea with the bits from tea bags (cut open the bags and poured the bits in) just to see how well it works and found out that what one of the reviewers said was true. Although it works, some bits still don't strained out. Actually, what I said is not exactly true. Thing is, inside of the beaker where the bottom part of the handle connects, there is a dip into the interior surface. Everything goes well as you strain up to that point but as you push the plunger past that point, because of the dip in the surface of the glass, some of the tea bits would actually rush around the strainer, "contaminating" the filtered tea. Of course, there is a second strainer in the lid, but it still may not catch the tea bits. Of course, you can strain to the half way point so you won't encounter the dip thus preventing bits from bypassing the filter, but in general, try not to brew tea bits as the bits may also get stuck in unwanted places in the strainer itself. So some final thoughts are that if you are to brew some tea, I would highly suggest using whole tea leaves instead of anything the size of that inside tea bags.
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on February 1, 2012
I decided it was time for a new coffeemaker, so I checked reviews on here. I wanted one not made with mostly plastic and also nothing made in China. Impossible to find... And all during the reading of reviews I kept seeing suggestions that a French press was the way to go. So, I tried this one as my first, and it is a little beauty. Never had homemade coffee taste so good! This thing makes exactly one mug of coffee, so there isn't any coffee sitting on a hot plate getting stale and bitter. If you want to make your own wonderful coffee, get you one of these and a burr grinder. I picked up this Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder at the same time, also a wonderful product. How can you go wrong? Wonderful tasting coffee, no electricity required (I can enjoy my coffee even if the power goes out!), and both for under $50 total! Next I will be purchasing a larger press for when I have company.

Came back to add to this review: I realized that I was mostly commenting on using a french press in general and not so much info on this particular one. I have noticed that the glass beaker is pretty thin glass, you have to be extra careful with it. Also, if you do break it (I already broke mine when I accidentally knocked it off the counter), it doesn't appear that a replacement beaker is available, so I may have to purchase a whole press again. That said, I was impressed with the quality of the plunger/screen, nice build quality there and I have not seen one speck of grounds in my coffee.
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on November 19, 2011
This item was a gift and the recipient was thrilled with the product. Coffee was great and clean up a breeze
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on February 19, 2013
This french press is outstanding for the price! Out of the box we prepared a full pot of rich aromatic coffee with minimal effort. We topped seven scoops (eight recommended in the instructions) of coffee ground from bean the day before with 32 ounces of near boiling water and waited almost four minutes and were very pleasently rewarded with two large mugs of extremely rich, hot coffee. We would love to have our coffee this way every time but for economy's sake we will most likely reduce the amount of grounds by one third and still enjoy the result.

This is certainly not as easy as popping a plastic cup into the K machine the coffee is many times more enjoyable/economic and thereby worth the little extra effort.
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