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on January 26, 2016
I've wanted a keyboard cover for my 13-inch Late 2011 Macbook Pro for a few years after seeing someone with one while I was away for college and after having this keyboard cover on my wish list for all that time, I finally ordered it just before the new year.

The keyboard cover gets the job done and fits perfectly over the keyboard keys and doesn't block the backlight like the description said, but the edges are wavy on the bottom of the keyboard so it's not laying all the way flat. One thing I didn't expect was that the silicone makes it feel like it's harder to type and you have to press the keys a little harder. Maybe it takes some time to get used to and it's not bad for the price I paid but it's less than what I expected when I ordered this.
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on March 11, 2017
I only sort of liked this before it started peeling to pieces because it wouldn't stay in one place, it would constantly move around while I was typing but I felt like I needed more protection for my keyboard from spills. Then it started peeling and separating in pieces so I had to throw it away. I didn't actually spill anything on my keyboard to know how well it works for that but I guess it would prevent dust and crumbs or other debris from getting under the keyboard.
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on June 29, 2012
This is a plastic cover for your keyboard. Few things that you need to realize.

First, it feels way different to type with it. It is more difficult, for sure. Recognize that the easiness and effortlessness of typing on a Macbook Pro is now gone.

Second, the positioning of the eject key is way off center. If that might bother you, just know about it ahead of time.

Third, the packaging looks like it was used on a terrible version of Google Translate. It's poorly written English, using at least 7 misspelled words, and it's clearly a product of China.

Finally, you can no longer see if your Caps Lock light is on. This is not a transparent sleeve. They imitate the font of the Apple Keyboard, but you can't see the green light.

There ya go!
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on March 11, 2012
I use a Macbook Air 13" and chose this over the usual clear silicone ones because it's the same colour as the original keyboard, so it's certainly more aesthetically pleasing than having a cloudy film over the keys. Having said that, the Macbook Air has an illuminated keyboard and this light is blocked because each printed key on the silicone is actually completely opaque, so it's not ideal for typing in the dark (or if you like the fact that the keyboard is prettier when illuminated). Also, good to note that for the Air, the top right key is the power button but the key printed on the silicone is the eject button (minor issue).

Fit-wise, as with all other silicone covers it does its job of being a protective film for the keyboard, prevents nail scratches, dust and water from entering etc. However, I find that it doesn't sit on the keys very well, probably due to the depth of the cover - the key punch-outs could be slightly shallower. While the clear base area sits well (doesn't move when you open and close the laptop flap), due to uneven depth the edges of the keys kinda puff out, such that only the middle portion of each key sits on the original key below when you type. Could just be the piece that I received, not too sure, but it makes typing slightly challenging compared to the original feel of the keyboard. You'll have to type a little harder in order to depress the keys below.

But as mentioned by another reviewer, I think this is as good as it gets for its price.
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on November 3, 2010
Clearly it was not designed for a Macbook with an illuminated keyboard, as the keys don't light up, nor does it have illumination symbols on the F4/F5 keys. Light does however emit from the sides of the keys. The fit is not as good as with the Moshi ClearGuard, but then again it costs much less than the Moshi.

On a white Macbook the black keys accent the look really well. With a black keyboard, this cover blends in nicely.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money get this product. But if you want a perfect fit, spend the extra money and get the Moshi instead.
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on February 21, 2017
This cover worked pretty well. However, the heat from my laptop made it crumple a lot. Therefore, it was always a little bit wavy. Still, it did the job of protecting my keyboard.
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on June 6, 2012
This cover is great

1) I have been eating and + macbook-ing for months and it has been protecting my macbook from getting all the remnants, dirts and I am really happy :)

2) IT NEVER SLIPS like other reviews mentioned. I have to write a lot of essays for my assignments and the cover NEVER SLIPS.

3) IT DOESNT GO OUT OF SHAPE even after three times wash.

4) it looks nice and perfect with my macbook. Like, it doesnt look too outstanding or odd. Simple and perfect for me :) So if you like simple and not causing too much attention, this keyboard cover is good.

5) THE PRICE! it is cheap compared to others!

What is not so great about it

1) I got it with few black marks near the fn button and control button. I might be the unlucky ones but being so perfectionist and wanting to further "beautify" my mac, I am actually upset about the markings. I thought it might be just few stain but I was wrong. Washed it the moment i got it but No, it wont disappear.

2) The black background behind the button A of the cover is fading away. It is obvious. :(

3) FAN NOISE. one night My macbook 2012 started making noises and I was so surprised because I wasnt really doing something heavy with my mac. I waited till the noise stopped and after reading other reviews, I realized it might be due to my keyboard cover... Sad :(

I give it a three star because it is cheap, fast delivery, durable but quality wise like the color fading off, getting black marks ... It is really just a three star product to me.
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on March 17, 2012
I am reviewing this product for the newest 13" Macbook Air (2011).

For you TL;DR people: the cover has some issues but none that are deal-breakers, so don't be a cheapass for a $1 cover that does its job fairly well.

It certainly does what it intends to, which is to protect the keyboard from our disgusting hands and "uh-oh I spilled my beer" moments. However, there are two major drawbacks to this keyboard cover:

1) The sound is blocked resulting in very muddled sound quality. I guess the spaces between the keys are one of the areas which the sound comes out of, so this cover traps the sound in, giving a muffled sound quality to whatever you're listening to.

2) Sections exposed to heat from the computer and excessive use begin to shrivel up. When I first received the cover, it lay perfectly flat on my keyboard. For what I believe to be the result of the two reasons listed above, there are certain sections that do not maintain the uniform flatness that the cover originally did (particularly around the option/command key area where my left palm middle-area rests).

Another very minor issue is that the top left key is labeled incorrectly as the 'disk eject' key whereas on the MBAs, it is the shut-off key.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this purchase given its low price point, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap, simple Macbook keyboard cover.
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on July 26, 2011
I just got this in the mail, and already I see the price has dropped a dollar. Crazy cheap!

This is a good product, but from all the glowing reviews, I guess I expected more quality. I have a 2011 15" Unibody MacBook Pro. The fit is okay. There are some air bubbles where the keys don't match up perfectly.

I have never owned a keyboard skin, so I have nothing to compare this to, but I do like the squishy feel. Makes the keys feel more cushioned, like on my old MacBook Pro with the pyramid keys.

This skin does stick up on one of the corners, so we will see how that wears. What concerns me most is the appearance. I'm not all that superficial, but let's face it, one of the reasons we buy Macs is for their looks, amiright? The "clear" part is actually sort of a dingy color. Not clear, but I suppose it would be impossible to get a perfect clear for less than $5.

Perhaps more obnoxious is the number of specks in the "clear" part. I keep thinking that there are particles on my keyboard (I purchased a skin in order to prevent particles from seeping into the keys). No, they are caught inside the silicone. My nice, clean computer will never look particle-free so long as I have this on. Also, I noticed that the black was already wearing as soon as I took this baby out of the plain envelope (they really go all out giving you "no-fuss" packaging. No big deal, though.) You can actually see through the black in places. It looks like someone took a paint brush to the silicone, after blowing dust into it whilst it solidified. I expect that the finish will wear out in a matter of weeks, especially if I keep my nails long.

As frugal and no-frills as I am, I wish I'd paid a couple dollars more to get a better skin. I'm sure I will in a month when this one is worn down.
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on December 9, 2013
I've had this for over a year now, and it's been holding up very well. The letters haven't faded from constant typing as much as I thought it would, which is actually quite impressive. It does attract lots of oil from the fingers, so after typing and closing the laptop, the screen accrues lots of oil marks and I have to constantly clean the screen. As long as you constantly clean the skin cover, it shouldn't get too bad.

The reason for my docking it down 2 stars, is because after a few months of having it, it doesn't lay quite flat with the keys. There's some areas where it bends upward making it look wavy. And since it is black, when typing in the dark and having the backlit keyboard on, you can't see the letters, but only the light around the keys. It won't light up on the letters like the physical keyboard.
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