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on June 16, 2013
I'm very happy with this case. Even though it isn't the one showed in the pictures, it was exactly what I needed. It doesn't come with the MicroSD hole and it is what I wanted. The card sometimes would pop out and I was afraid of loosing it because it is a 32gb card; with this case I won't have to worry about that anymore. Hopefully it will also help me keep the mp3 protected because every now and then it falls to the ground when I am getting out of my car.

BTW, I uploaded some pics of the actual case so you know what you will get.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 15, 2016
Nice little protective 'skin' for my Clip. Its not the prettiest thing in the world, but it does a pretty decent job of protecting the majority of my player from nicks and dings. All of the ports are easily accessible except for the MicroSD slot, which I actually like as I don't ever change out my card, and this prevents the card from accidentally being popped out. I wouldn't really call this a 'protective' case, definitely more so a 'scratch protector', as this little guy isn't going to do much in the case of a bad fall or a rampaging toddler with anger issues and a penchant for destroying her parent's things.

All and all, I'm happy with it. Easy to take on and off and does a pretty good job.
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on October 13, 2013
Shipped promptly. Arrived in 2 days.
The item that arrived is as pictured by the seller. This is specifically for the ClipPlus(+). SovietHusky user images aren't quite accurate. It does not cover the volume buttons, it does not cover the microSD slot. Other reviewers claim otherwise, very confusing. I'm happy with what I got, it's what I was hoping for. The volume buttons are hard enough to press without a rubber coating over them. I don't want to remove the cover every time I want to change the SD card or put it in a faster card reader. All of the covered buttons are marked and you can feel where they are in the dark still. This cover might help if you drop the player a little, but mostly it's going to keep it cleaner, prevent scratching....mostly. It also adds a bit of friction to the face of the player that wil keep it from sliding around on hard surfaces so easily. It also makes my mp3 player look tough like the road warrior.

Had the shipping price covered more than one, I would have ordered a couple more colors to try at these prices. They weigh next to nothing and you could fit a handfull in the envelope it arrived in.

Don't forget to Rockbox your player and load the "Lebellium Samsung-Like" theme! Sandisk original firmware is terrible.
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on March 15, 2016
The case I received actually ended up being the one displayed in the picture, with the microSD slot unprotected (I bought from iShoppingdeals). I gotta say, it makes the mp3 player look ugly, but there's at least a reason to keep it on. It helps to give my big fingers a better grip to hold the player and press the buttons, I found the buttons to be pretty slippery without the case on. It also helps to keep the grease and fingermarks off the player, except for the screen of course. I haven't tested it for drops yet because the Clip+ is too expensive to break, but it probably wouldn't do too great of a job of cushioning the blow.
I just wished that it took a bit less effort to press buttons with the case on, I feel like I might wear them out quicker because it feels a bit harder to press them while the case is covering them.
Other than that, I'm pretty happy with it, just because it takes that slipperiness away.
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on December 27, 2012
The GTMax Black Rubber Soft Silicone Skin Cover Case slipped easily over my Sansa Clip+ in seconds. The cutouts were perfectly centered and the openings completely cleared the audio jack and USB port. The buttons are still easy to use on the face and top of the player because there are raised areas that correspond to the buttons. The volume is even easier for me to adjust on the side as the raised silicone area over the button helps me hit that narrow button easier.

The cover is soft and cushioned and it appears it would protect the player from a fall on a hard surface unless it landed clip side down. The cover fits across the face, around the sides and just over the back edge leaving the clip exposed so it functions properly. The silicone wrapped over the back edges of the player helps the clip stay put better on thin and/or slick materials.

If you have one of the colorful players, like ours, and you'd like it to be a little less noticeable at times, the black cover helps.
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on January 14, 2014
This case does its job well, it fits snugly to your Clip+ (And has an SD card slot, hooray, so you won't have to spend 5 seconds taking this cover off for the once in a blue moon you're going to take your SD card out) it has protected my favorite Mp3 player from harm for quite a bit of time now.

Two issues...

-I think it's gotten slightly looser over time, and if it hasn't, it was never tight around the clip area to begin with. I mean it is, like it stays where it's supposed to, but if you play with it, it's very loose.
-It's so hard to tell what you're hitting. I use my player while driving a lot, I put it on shuffle and clip it to my seatbelt. While I know the way the player is oriented by feeling the screen, it's hard to do it with the buttons, as this covers them up nearly completely. There are little raised bumps for each button and feature on the surface of the stock player, but they're very subdued and hard to tell what's what without looking (which I can't do, because I'm driving, duh) so there's that.

All in all it's okay, the two above things have taken off stars for me, but it will protect your player, as much as I don't care for the looks, the utility of keeping it safe outweighs that.
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on January 17, 2014
As a walker, I often walk 3 or more hours a day. With my Clip, I listen to books on tape. Prior to getting the "Skin Cover", the Clip was difficult to manage, as it was very slick and slippery, with nothing to allow a good grip on it while walking and trying to change selections, especially in colder weather and with gloves on.
With the Skin, it has a good surface to be able to do whatever I want, even while maintaining a full walking speed. I've gotten a Skin for all 3 of my Clips -- I won't go anywhere with my Clip without a Skin on it! I haven't dropped my Clip in over a year now!
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on February 22, 2013
Solves the problem of the Micro SD Memory card that keep popping out of my Sansa Zip+ (The card sits slightly proud of the case, so if you press it in slightly (easy to do) it will click out)

This case stops that happening (and even if it did, the card isn't going anywhere). Note that there is no access hole for the card in the case, so if you really want to take it out, you'll have to take the player out the case (but that's easy, and not a problem)

Other than that this is a very basic mat rubber case. It has access holes for the Sansa display, USB and ear phone connectors, and fits perfectly. All the buttons have recessed markings molded into the case, but it's so black they difficult to see. This is not really a problem once you remember what the controls are, but if you can't you might want to use some whiteout or similar to fill in the markings so you can read them. Fairly thick (I'm guessing about 1.5mm); this provides substantial protection.

I'd strongly recommend to anyone who had a Sansa Clip+ with a memory card, or any other Sansa Clip users who are prone to dropping their player or throwing it in a bag with a bunch of other stuff.
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on November 23, 2013
Works great, long battery life although I have not really used it more than a few times so far. I thought I got a defective one at first because the headphone jack didn't connect well. Audio went in and out and the end of the headphone plug would push out. It didn't have a good snap to the connection until I got frustrated and really gave it a hard Hard push and then I felt the snap connection. PRESTO!! I was so happy to know I was just a very tight, stiff connection and you have to push very hard to get that connection which means there is no chance of the cord pulling out of the player accidentally.
I have not tried to fill a 16 or 32mb card yet but it seems to me it might be extremely tiresome and tedious to scroll through my list of audio on this small screen because I only listen to audio sermons lectures and blog radio shows that I download and they have Very Long Titles and file names! I can't seem to avoid that. That's why I also have a player that has a larger fast scrolling screen like the fuze player. If you just use music then browsing shouldn't be an issue. My Sony Walkman 16gb just crapped out on me which I hardly used but was always finiky with connecting, transferring files and then finally charging.
I own the old fuze player which is why I ordered this. While the quality of this feels OK it's hard to get used to the light cheap plastic feel compared to the old Fuze and Walkman construction. Then again it's the electronics quality that really matters and that's what usually fails on all players. I think the fuze player was the best player made, for someone like me and my needs. I just wish it had a removable battery. I recently purchased a used ipod nano 5th gen for my first apple experience. We will see if that sways to more apple products. Baby Steps!
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on May 23, 2016
I recently acquired a refurbished SanDisk 8gb Clip+, and wanted a silicon case to protect it. This case fits the device perfectly, and did not have the access slot for the Micro SD card, which is good for me; the card won't slip out. Operation of the controls is not hindered by the case. I only wish that other colors were still available with no Micro SD slot access.
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