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on December 2, 2008
After reading the various reviews on this item, I was on the fence about applying this to my shiny new iPod Touch (2G) 32GB. After all, it's an expensive gadget! Needless to say, I am very pleased with the outcome.

I ordered my 3-pack through Bargaincell and they do indeed cover the entire face with an upside-down "U" cut out in the bottom to make space for the tactile "Home" button. They are also crystal clear and do not impact the visual appearance of the LCD screen nor do they impact touchscreen sensitivity in any way (that I could notice, and I'm quite nit-picky).

I methodically install screen protectors on all of my gadgets the day I get them. So here are some tips I've come up with while applying this particular protector:

1. Try to do this under very bright lighting (such as under a desk lamp) so it's easier to see any stray dust.

2. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling. Blow on your hands and rub them briskly together to remove any towel lint.

3. Use the included cleaning cloth with a drop or two of water to remove all existing residue and finger smudges.

4. One you remove the thin backing to expose the light adhesive, only handle the protector by the long edges. Making the letter "C", you should hold it in your hand as if holding a playing card (palm facing down).

5. Since the protector is very difficult to remove without damaging it, take the included smoothing card (or the edge of the backing you just removed) and place it under one corner because chances are, it WILL take several attempts to align the protector perfectly.

6. If you are correctly holding it at the long edges, the protector will bow downwards. Just before you apply it to the center of the iPod, gently blow across the iPod's screen to remove any dust particles that have landed over the past few seconds.

7. Slowly place the protector on the iPod's screen and allow to slowly flatten from the inside to the outer edges. Do not let go until the last possible moment. Fortunately, this protector is stiff enough to eliminate most (if not all) bubbles along the way.

8. If it is aligned to your satisfaction, gently remove the smoothing card from the corner. If not, use the card to gently peel up the protector and try again.

9. Once aligned, use the smoothing card to smooth out any stray bubbles near the edges.

10. Enjoy your protected iPod!
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on June 26, 2009
I initially got this for my iPod Touch 2g. It does what it says it will do, BUT it attracts fingerprints and smears like crazy! I thought this was simply the price to be paid for protecting the screen.

However I was in a coffee shop the other day and this guy saw me cleaning my screen. He asked me if I had a screen protector on it and I said yes.

He pulled out his iPhone and handed it to me and said "Go ahead swipe, touch and tap it."

I did and much to my surprise THERE WERE NO SMUDGES OR FINGERPRINTS! I noticed that when tilted a little it had a slight non reflective satin sheen to it rather than a glossy reflection like mine did.

I asked him where he got his screen protector and he told me at the online apple store.

I did some research and found out the company that makes it is called "Power Support".

You don't have to get it at the apple store tho, you can get it here at Amazon or other places. Just search for "Power Support Anti Glare Film".

It IS around $15.00 for a set of 2 screen protectors.

HOWEVER, for the ability to have a smudge and fingerprint free iPod Touch and to reduce the glare on the screen, I was more than willing to pay the price.

Hope this helps!
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on November 16, 2008
I received the iKross screen protectors from the seller in only a few days. The price is very cheap in comparison to other screen protectors out there. In all, including shipping, you get 3 quality protectors for a really good price. I find the screen protector solution in general a pain to apply because I've got clumsy fingers and I wound up wasting one of my three on the first try. But this would be the same issue no matter what brand. Luckily you get three in one package. I was able to apply the second one easily enough after the lessons I learned from the first one. My iTouch is now protected and I have a spare protector left. They cover the full face of the ipod. I'm satisfied with the purchase.

I wanted to add to this review because I've been using the iKross screen protector for about 3 months now. It's proven to be a really good product. I now understand why there are three screen protectors included. It's not because you will need extras but because it will probably take at least one or two to practice getting the screen protector on properly. But once on it stays put and is so indiscreet you forget it's there. I originally gave this 4 stars but have since bumped it up to 5.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2011
My husband and I both have iPod Touches, and I got these covers to protect their screens.

Over a year in, I'm still using the first cover that I put on when I took my iPod out of the box, but my husband has long since abandoned even TRYING to keep a screen cover on his. They kept peeling off.

The difference between us is that I have one of those hard plastic slide-on cases, and he prefers the sleek 'naked iPod' look. The edges of the case on my iPod overlap the edges of the screen cover, so it can't peel away. For me, it's been a pretty good value. My iPod goes with me everywhere, and over the year+ that I've had it, I'll admit it's been abused, thrown in my purse with my keys, etc. But the screen cover has protected it.

The only other thing I can say is that mine was pretty hard to put on. Although I'm really bad at getting these clear film things onto glass, so your results may vary.
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VINE VOICEon April 26, 2010
I use this in conjunction with a hard-shell case for my iTouch 3rd Gen, and it works perfectly! It went on extremely easy, and is really easy to clean. I have dropped my iPod several times and not only did this protect my screen, it didn't even get scratched itself. It comes with 3 screens and I don't see ever even needing the other 2 it is holding up that well!
The one downside is that it does not cover the entire screen, it leaves a tiny bit around the sides uncovered. Nothing to worry about if you use a cover, either hard or soft, however with no cover, I'm not sure if use would cause it to start to peel. I would highly recommend this in conjunction with a case - the perfect iPhone/Touch protection combo. Heck for the price, and getting 3 of them I'd still recommend this!
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on April 18, 2011
Let me start by saying I received a credit to my account for the purchase price for this. The first set that arrived must have been the wrong product, because it did not have the same stickers as the directions said and there was suppose to be 3 layers (the middle being the one for the ipod, the other two to be discarded). I could only peel away one side. and the stickers on both sides said remove before applying. After two sets of communications with Importer 520, they sent a second set of three protectors. I managed to get the second one on, but there was what looked like dust particles on the protector and it was not removable. I complained again, and then received notice of the credit. Ended up buying one from Walmart that worked well the first time.
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on September 22, 2009
The concept for this protective layer is good and does work for some other products. However, the application ruins the end product. There is a sticky tape attached to the protector so that it can easily be applied. And there is the difficulty...the sticky tape does NOT come off smoothly. One is left with either an unsightly tape on the surface of the iphone OR the residue from the sticky tape after scraping it off with fingernails.
Awful to take a beautiful and functional $300.00 bit of technology and tacky it up with sticky tape that can't be removed. The problem is in the application...
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on April 3, 2010
This item is perfect. It protects, it's easy to put it, no bubbles, scratch free, inexpensive, and as long as its been there, I cannot even tell it has been there. It's doing its job perfectly. The ONLY complaint I would have, and I would hardly say it's a complaint, is if you're a perfectionist like I can tend to be, perfectly lining up and placing of this on the screen before it sticks and is forever where you dropped it can be soooo irrationally difficult. I got it though! No worries if you're not a perfectionist, and that's why I'd otherwise (and did) give it five stars all the way though.
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on May 8, 2009
As mentioned in a previous review, the photographs for this product clearly show an iTouch 2G, with the hole for the home button rather than an inverted "U" that would work with the 1G.

Nowhere in the product description does it state the product is for 1G only. Yet the package clearly states "Suitable for Touch 1G [sic] Full front."

I wrote BargainCell requesting an exchange. They told me to give them a CC number for reshipping charges. Reshippping charges?!? The cost of the product was 1 cent and the shipping was $2.98 (while another vendor had the price as $2.99 with free shipping). I told them I would not pay any more shipping for their inaccurate description. They responded that their description clearly said the protectors were for the iTouch and not for the 2G. What, in heavens name, do they think the 2G is?

This 1G product might work, but it is not designed specifically for the iTouch 2G - their deceptive pictures of the 2G notwithstanding. It is unethical and dishonest to use a bait-and-switch with your customers and then refuse to make it right. Thank goodness for Amazon's "A-to-Z Guarantee" for third-party sellers.

If you're thinking of buying anything from BargainCell - Caveat emptor!

UPDATE - 2 June 2009: After posting this negative review and filing an A-to-Z claim with Amazon, I got an email from BargainCell promising to send the correct product at no additional charge. So, I canceled the claim and waited ... and waited. After almost four weeks - and nothing from BargainCell - I realized they were not going to make it right, so I re-instated my claim. When I did so, I copied BargainCell on the email to Amazon, to which they said ... nothing. Today the refund came through and still no word from them.

I've gotten stuff from BargainCell before and it has been pretty good. This was a real surprise for me ... but educational. I don't care if they're selling iMacs for a nickel, I'm not buying. And neither should you.
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on April 15, 2010
I wanted some good protection for my iTouch screen and decided to go with this three piece set at the very low price. (The description for this product states it is for an iKross product, however when my screen protectors arrived, they were produced by a company named "Blue Harbor.")

The concept is simplicity itself--the thin film attaches to the front of your iTouch screen with a non-sticky adhesive. This screen protector prevents scratches and accidental mars from showing up on your screen.

The big problem with this screen protector is that you'll most likely have to use all three before you get an acceptable application of the film. Unless you live in a dust-free clean room, your chances of a successful application of this screen protector is virtually zero. Tiny specks of dust that fall on your iTouch screen will prevent a completely bubble free installation. In addition, the edges of this screen protector do not adhere. You'll find that no matter how much you press on these areas, they will not completely stick to the screen.

Your best hope is to have a few bubbles show up underneath the film. The product even admits to this fact that over time "bubbles will appear."

If you are obsessive compulsive to any degree, (not me ;) ) this screen protect will drive you crazy because it is virtually impossible to install without bubbles in addition to the edges not completely sticking to the screen surface.

For less than a buck and a one out of three chance of getting a semi-good install of this screen protector on your iTouch/iPhone, you may or may not want to take a chance on it. It's a good thing it was so inexpensive as I would have given it a one-star review if it cost more.
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