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on August 9, 2016
Don't buy this grinder. I received this grinder end June 2015. Over the year I used it twice, both times it worked perfectly. On the 3rd use, 13 months later, it failed completely: the motor runs, but the blade does not turn at all. A KRUPS product should not fail on the 3rd use.Further, Amazon said it is no longer standing behind the product as it is too old. I only grind spices, a few times per year. This Mill should have lasted me a life time. Krups does not stand behind it's product. THAT'S BAD.
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on May 18, 2015
It is constructed well, looks good, and works well.

Please see photos for 70 grams of coffee in the lid, and then in the body.

There is not an inner container that is removable. Therefore, to dump the ground contents out, you will have to invert the entire unit upside down with the lid still on, thereby placing all ground materials into the lid, separate the body from the lid, and dump the lid. You can also remove the lid, then dump the ground contents. I think a coffee grinder of this size would benefit from a removable inner tray.

The Amazon description states "Oval design and stainless steel blades ensure uniform grinding and chopping," but it is not oval. I think that was a mistake made by copying from the KRUPS F203 ( www.amazon.com/dp/B00004SPEU ) description, which indeed is oval.

The lid is round and locks by aligning it first, then turning it clockwise a very small amount. There are two plastic catches with corresponding notches on the lid that I think will break before long. After less than 5 uses, it's already showing signs of wear. Once these two break, it will be difficult to operate the grinder, because aligning the lid also aligns the upper portion of the push button switch on the lid to the switch mechanism that is flush on the body. Please see attached photos on these.

Also, how they designed the lid near the upper portion of the push button switch will be problematic in cleaning. I already have grounds I cannot reach in the nooks of the lid. As you can see in the photo with the lid upside-down, the black button part is removable with a small flat-head screw driver, but doing so will probably weaken the prongs which will eventually break.

How the F203's oval deep lid just slid in without any complicated mechanism is simple and great. Had they done a similar design with this GX4100, I would have given it a 5 star.
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on July 13, 2016
Good solid unit, quality construction. Been using this for a couple months now, does what it's supposed to do admirably well. I'm of two minds about the safety feature of the lid though... most times when I'm grinding my coffee I'm half asleep... in which state I'm more apt to chop off my fingers, so I appreciate the feature that requires the lid to be "locked" into place before it will activate. However, the placement of the lid onto the body slightly off center so that I can then rotate it into place and lock it requires a small bit of dexterity that I have struggled with slightly in such a state. It's not difficult by any means, just kinda precise. I like the clear lid which allows you to view the grind, but also find that the lid is smaller than my previous unit... I was used to turning the whole thing upside down and using the lid to transfer the ground beans to my french press.... on this unit the bowl in the unit is larger than the lid, so my first attempt at doing it that way ended up with quite a mess. I have to pour directly from the grinder into my press,... a slight hassle as I leave the unit plugged in and the cord is a hindrance to movement.
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VINE VOICEon February 23, 2016
The motor and blade function as they should but the aerodynamics inside are all wrong for small amounts. When I tried to “grind” a teaspoon of coriander seeds, the machine almost instantly did 80% of the cracking, but then the rapidly spinning blade formed an air barrier that pushed the seeds and particles up and floated them above the blade rather than allowing the blade to continue to “grind” it. From that point forward, even pulsing was not very effective since the blade quickly spun up and floated the particles above it. Maybe if I was grinding more at one time it would be more effective, but spices are usually ground as needed and not much is needed each time.

As a coffee grinder I might be able to recommend it, but I don’t drink coffee so I haven’t tried it. Sorry. I tried grinding coffee with my old, small KRUPS years ago and it was quite effective, but I discovered that the oils in the coffee beans are difficult to completely remove so it’s best to have separate grinders for coffee and spice. For the spice grinder, I highly recommend going with the smaller KRUPS. I will be getting rid of this one in favor of the small version of this grinder.
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on February 27, 2015
I had one of these back in 2004 that we used for coffee, back when these were made for Krups by Moulinex. It was a real workhorse. We then bought a burr grinder for coffee, but I wanted another blade grander to use for spices and nuts, so recently bought a new one. I can see where Krups has cut a few corners, particularly in the thickness of the lid and the weight of the stainless, but it still appears to be better built that most other brands. So, I take one star off because it's good, but not as good as it used to be.

The first one I purchased did arrive with the lid broken even thought he box did not show signs of damage. Kurps pretty much jams these into the lieast amount of box they can, with not protective padding, so I can only assume it was dropped prior to shipping. Amazon immediately issued a UPS call tag (it was picked up the next morning) and shipped me a replacement unit. Really can't ask for much more than that given the situation.
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on July 15, 2017
This model grinds perfectly fine. HOWEVER, the lid does not extend very far into the grinder. Consequently, when you open it to remove the coffee the grounds spill onto the counter. It is also difficult to grind a second batch because the grounds that got into the crevices around the top of the grinder make it difficult to re -seat the lid. The large round shape also makes it somewhat difficult to poor the grounds into a container without spilling them.
I've owned several of the Krups F203 blade grinders and recommend you buy that model instead as it eliminates all the design issues mentioned above. The lid extends deeply into the grinder which eliminates spillover and the oval shape lets you pour the coffee out without spilling. We've owned several different Krups products that I would generally rate as 5 Star, but I'm very disappointed the GX4100 model.
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on March 27, 2017
I purchased this grinder in 2012 after an older Braun snapped a blade, and I've had no problems with it in that time, with almost-daily use. I align the lid, grind my coffee (rarely more than a quarter cup), turn it over and give it a solid whack on the counter to dislodge anything loose, then unseat the lid and use it as a cup to deposit the grounds in to my coffee filter. I've seriously done this over a thousand times with this grinder, and while I can't vouch for it's reliability in to the next 4 years, it's been a pretty solid unit for the last 4, and I have no hesitation recommending it.
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on May 7, 2015
I don't understand all the reviews. As a coffee grinder goes, this thing is terrible. The grounds are completely irregular and are more or less useless for getting any decent kind of coffee to brew.

But why stop there, right? Maybe it's good for something other than coffee? Nope. Tried it with herbs and all it does is fling the herbs about. No cutting, no chopping, no grinding. Just centrifuge. I put some tarragon leaves in here and pulsed it several times, and when I was done, the tarragon may have had a concussion, but it was definitely still whole.

It might be a decent tool for beating the s*** out of a large quantity of peppercorns if you happen to be someone who cooks for 100s of people at a time, but if you're using this in your home, it's best function is that of a paperweight. I did give it a second star because it's at least pleasant to look at.
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on December 21, 2014
I love love love this grinder. But you'll never guess why? Ok, here's why....I don't use it to grind coffee but I do grind sugar to make powdered sugar and it works great. Absolutely flawless and fabulous grinder. I also use it to grind things like dried chili peppers or grinding up tapioca (which can be used as a thickener in soups and works better than cornstarch or flour). I own several of these (have extra ones tucked away just in case) and I'm giving one to a daughter-in-law for Christmas too. Love it! Price is fabulous.
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on April 27, 2017
I bought this coffee grinder a few years back and it worked well, a solid 4 star. However, recently I decided to get a new one and I went with the same model. To my surprise the quality is much poorer, and the level of noise is very hard to withstand. I had to go back to the old one until I find a better quality grinder. For this reason I changed my rating to 2 stars.
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