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Style Name: Hand Therapy Balls|Change
Price:$7.89+ Free shipping (Addon item)

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on January 18, 2016
I’ve completely ruined my hands working as a data analyst at an old company that still has me input data manually from paper to my electronic file. Needless to say, that means I do a whole lot of typing. At the end of the work week, I find my hands are incredible sore, and that little bone at the end of my wrist is always out of alignment, which a massage therapist once told me means I’m out of alignment. At any rate, a friend of mine recommending getting something to exercise my hands with when I’m not furiously typing at work. She said that it would work out my muscles, making my hands stronger as well as stretching them out from their cramped typed in position. Okay. I found these balls on Amazon, and after reading the reviews, decided to give them a shot. They came in the mail rather quickly, and I started using them right away. At first, I wasn’t quite sure of what I was doing, and then I googled ‘exercise hand ball video’ and saw a video on youtube that showed me the proper way to do it. After about 30 minutes of this on my lunch break, I started working again and my hands felt so much better than they normally did. They worked like a charm, and as the weeks went on I saw that the strength in my hands maximized, while the soreness in my hands and wrists after working steadily decreased. When they are feeling sore though, I rub on this cream that I use after cross fit ThermaChill Pain Relief Roll On Cold Therapy, 3 fl oz. - Top Choice for Arthritis, Migraine Relief, Joint & Muscle Pain - Limited Time Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free! it works the same way as any topical ointment, cool and then warm and soothing, except it lasts for like, five hours at a time. At any rate, definitely get these little exercise balls, they completely changed everything for me at work.
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on September 1, 2013
Years ago I had to go through a lot of physical therapy after a car wreck. I had lost the use of my arm. After regaining the use of my arm, one of my first exercises I did was rolling a ball, like the ones in this kit, back and forth on a table & then on a wall. While going to therapy, the therapist was working with a lady that had carpal tunnel and rheumatoid arthritis. My therapist said if people would exercise with balls like these and stretch bands before they had carpal tunnel, they would not have carpal tunnel. He said it was better to prevent the injury than to treat it. I then bought a ball like these for my mother who has severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands & carpal tunnel.

I didn't know they came in soft, medium, and firm until I saw this kit on Amazon. I ordered a kit for my mother & myself. I like that it comes with an easy to read exercise guide also.

Thank you Amazon for having these for such a great price.
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on November 27, 2015
I bought these mostly as a fidget toy, to keep my free hand busy when I'm mousing around on the computer, but figured it'd be nice to work on my grip strength at the same time. The included sheet of exercises is kind of nice to guide you through some different ways to work out your hands with these balls, but the balls themselves are a bit disappointing. The material they're made from is pretty sticky; I have a dog, so I have to be extra careful not to drop these or put them down anywhere but in their plastic packaging tray (which I kept for just this reason) because dog hair sticks to them very easily. (You know those little tiny hand-shaped toys that you fling at a wall and they stick? It feels a lot like that.) They're made of a sort of translucent jelly-like material that's surprisingly hardy; I was afraid my fingernails might scratch or cut it but it's still in good shape. The three balls are different firmnesses so you can graduate to the firmer ones as your hands get stronger; I like the turquoise one best just because it's the least sticky. I tried giving them a wash and it didn't improve the stickiness; I'd hope it'll go away after enough use, but they're showing no signs of de-sticking yet, and I don't use them as much as I should because I find the texture of them kind of off-putting. (If you have sensory issues, these might not be the best choice.)
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on October 16, 2016
These are great. They're the right size for what they're designed for and the firmness options are appropriate for therapeutic use. When you have an injury, you typically don't want to be doing excessive strengthening exercises in the rehabilitation phase and the gentle resistance these offer reflects that fact. As for shape, some people seem to prefer an egg shape while for me, these smallish spheres are exactly what I was looking for. I imagine that someone with giant hands might want slightly larger versions, but for most of us these will do just fine. Most importantly, they're made of a single molded material so there's no cover that's going to delaminate and fall off after a week of use. I don't know what they're made of, but they're fairly resilient: I crushed the yellow (softest) one in a sliding car seat track and while a large chunk was torn from it, it remains perfectly usable and hasn't split.
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on August 7, 2015
These were purchased along with some stress balls from IsoFlex for my office. I pulled one of the Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy balls from the package and was immediately off-put by the tactile sensation. These are tacky and rubbery. My office can get dusty, and though some powdering might improve the overall sensation of these, I can already see them collecting all sorts of gunk in the spaces between the texturing. Requested to return them, and Amazon stated they would refund me without me needing to return the product. Yay? I've always wanted balls of my own... (I had to do i, it's hard to write a review about balls and keep it kosher.)
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on December 3, 2015
The Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Exercise Ball Kit arrived a couple days before the expected day. The packaging was secure and included a nice set of exercises. The hand balls were securely packaged in a plastic holder that is color coded so I don't have to remember which one is which strength. The balls are silicone sticky rubber type material which has good feel in the hand and should last a long time. I have a weaker left hand due to a child hood injury and these balls allow me to exercise individual fingers which I like. The balls are also good for comfortable total grip crush strengthen too. Overall a good product for hand therapy.
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on October 24, 2012
I cut my finger, severed nerves (not tendons) and needed several stitches. Once it was healed, it was apparent that I would need some sort of rehab for my finger: the hand was very weak and the finger very stiff.

I purchased these balls as a temporary and homemade remedy for the symptoms as I am unable to see a hand specialist for several weeks.

They are about 2 inches in diameter and made of a sticky kind of rubbery material (like sticky hammers, if you know what those are). I have found a great deal of relief using these. They come with instructions and I have been using those as well as simply squeezing the ball and releasing it for various periods of time.
I don't know how my Dr. will feel about me using this, but in the mean time, I am happy with the results.

It has helped to desensitize the area around the nerve damage (Which was super sensitive) as well as regain a little mobility and dexterity in that hand.

They attract dirt and hair like craaazy, but are easy to clean. I simply rinse them with water and pat dry with a paper towel. I don't think they will last very long, as they are that weird sticky rubbery kind of material, but for temporary use, they are fine.

I am glad I purchased them and would recommend them.
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on May 9, 2016
I purchased these for carpal tunnel surgery rehabilitation. They are strange. As other reviewers mentioned, they are a little sticky. I have to store them in the clamshell they were packaged in so they don't collect the dog hair in my house. There are 3 balls if different color. They are supposed to be different densities as well . One feels more dense than the other two, but they feel the same. The package does not indicate which is ehich. I took them to my physical therapists and they couldn't tell the difference between the two either. I don't really recommend this product to anyone who needs to exercise their hands.
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on April 2, 2017
Highly recommend these for hand strengthening. I am a therapy assistant and use them all the time with my patients who have arthritis as well as those who don't. Inexpensive and easy to do while watching tv or wherever. The balls are a little smaller than a racquetball and have different resistances.
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on March 4, 2016
I bought these after having carpal tunnel surgery and they've been wonderful for my hand rehab. I keep the medium firmness one at work and squeeze it through out the day when I'm not typing or using a mouse and it has been great for brining strength back to my hand and fingers. I keep the more firm ball in the bedroom and use it every morning when I wake up to get my blood flowing and start using my hand for the day.

Overall I would highly recommend these and will re-buy them if I ever lose them and I've already owned them for over a year. Great product and if used right will do what they are made for.
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