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on March 21, 2014
I first saw "Galaxina" on cable way back in 1980. I was just 13 at the time when she was killed by her insanely jealous husband. From the time I saw her, I have always liked her. To me, she is THE most beautiful playmate that ever graced the centerfold of Playboy. Here in this set, you get the "International" version of the movie. There are more scenes than the US Theatrical version. More of Dorothy is ok by me anyday. Although I thought the quality of the bluray could have been better, it is better than the dvd copy I had for a few years put out by Rhino. The US version with "deleted scenes" you could select to watch from the menu was the Rhino edition. I liked the movie, for Dorothy, of course, but for the Sci-Fi satire it included in it. The movie itself finds Galaxina and her ship crewmembers searching for a mysterious "Blue Star" (I hear the aah ahhh!) in my head right now! The crew get injured in a space battle with Mordrak and then it is up to Galaxina to find it. She does find it on the planet after a brief skirmish with Mordrak and the Harley Davidson gang. Two of the crewmembers venture out to search for Galaxina as she is captured by the Harley Davidson motorbike gang. They free Galaxina and ride out to the ship with the Blue Star in hand. Galaxina and the Sergeant get together and find out that they CAN indeed have kids as they are in the catalog, too. lol All is not well though as the Rockmonster slowly eats the Blue Star and then they are forced to return to get more "where that came from".

As far as the Crater Lake Monster, forget it. It thought it was boring. At least whenever I look back on Galaxina, I will be thinking of a time in my life when I didn't have any bills to pay or major responsibilities, just 3 month long summers to look forward to!
This edition is presented in Widescreen and it is the International version with some added scenes to the overall running time of the movie.
It's a campy Sci-Fi adventure with the lovely Dorothy Stratten!
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on June 30, 2017
Dorothy Stratten was wonderful.
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on January 30, 2013
The quality is not much better than the DVD versions, but the sound was definitely an improvement. The movies were both cult classics so I am glad to add them to my collection at a very reasonable price.
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on April 9, 2011
The first time many of us watched GALAXINA was on "Showtime" in the early 1980's, and for many years after, my taped VHS copy was the only way to see it, a treasured rarity indeed. The pan & scan laserdisc (another rarity) improved the picture quality somewhat, as did the first edition pan & scan dvd. The 2005 "25th Anniversary Special Edition" widescreen dvd was a real revelation, loaded with special features and finally affording a full widescreen look at this long-lost gem of a movie (even if the "5.1 audio mix" was frustratingly botched). GALAXINA even appeared on the now-defunct HD-DVD format awhile back.

With big-screen high definition blu-ray home theaters now commonplace, it's about time GALAXINA has finally arrived on blu-ray disc. On the down side, this blu-ray edition contains none of the many "Special Features" included in the 25th Anniversary dvd package. The plus side, however, more than makes up for it: the version of GALAXINA on this blu-ray is the longer "International Cut", previously unseen in the U.S.! The picture quality looks (obviously) better than ever, and the original sound mix (no 5.1 here) does just fine.

The 2nd feature, "Crater Lake Monster", is not worth reviewing; it will only appeal to fans of "really bad monster movies", although I imagine there are quite a few of those out there. (A much better double-feature would have included VAN NUYS BLVD., the 1979 comedy by Galaxina's director.)

When this blu-ray was first released, GALAXINA itself, as a movie, took quite a beating from internet critics, the so-called experts from various "official" blu-ray disc reviews sites. I have read two "bad reviews" so far, and I have two comments for them, and my comments come straight from Avery Schreiber's immortal "Captain Butt":

-"You got a bad habit, kid: you breathe..."
-"If a jackass had both your brains, he would be a very dumb jackass!"

Bottom line: GALAXINA, the best, funniest science fiction parody of them all, has finally arrived in high definition on blu-ray disc, featuring the longer "International Cut". Get it while you can.
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on August 10, 2014
good quality on bluray!
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on November 9, 2011
I won't comment on Galaxina since I haven't watched it.

After watching "The Crater Lake Monster" on Blu-ray I was actually impressed how good it actually looked. This is a budget blu-ray and if you can get it for a good price go for it. A previous reviewer complained about the compression artifacts but it didn't bother me much at all. Maybe some of the artifacts are due to the stop motion photography but I didn't notice.

You can find screen shots at blu-ray.com to see for yourself.
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on October 1, 2016
Let me start out by stating that judging by the definition of what makes a good film, both "Galaxina" (1980) and "The Crater Lake Monster" (1977) are pretty bad. But judged as cheesy popcorn flicks they each have their own merits. You do have to have both an appreciation & tolerance for so bad it's great cinema to get any enjoyment out of this budget bluray double feature.

"Galaxina" was intended to be a sexy send up of most sci-fi tropes up to that point including "Star Wars", "Star Trek", & even "Alien" while also mixing in some western elements too. It is most notable for starring gorgeous Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten who was tragically murdered by her husband just a little over a month after the film's release in 1980. The humor is too obvious and it tries too hard to be edgy in terms of some of the sexual content as the film did have the luxury of being R rated. Scenes drag on for interminable lengths. However the cast does their best and it does feature some impressive at times model work. Most will check this movie out though to see Dorothy Stratten strut her stuff and in that respect it delivers. She looks amazing throughout in her skin tight and revealing outfits. I should also mention that this bluray release features the longer 95 minute international cut.

"The Crater Lake Monster" is only remembered for featuring some impressive stop motion animation from David W. Allen. Outside of that it is pretty bad. However with the right frame of mind it can also be a lot of fun if you enjoy making fun of bad movies like Mystery Science Theater 3000.

As for the visual quality of this bluray, surprisingly there are no visible compression artifacts despite both films sharing a 25gb single layer bluray. "Galaxina" is presented in its original 2.35:1 aspect ratio at 1080p while "The Crater Lake Monster" is at 1.78:1 but at 1080i. Both look good though "Galaxina" features some itermittent print damage throughout along with some slightly washed out black levels and colors here and there.The print used for "The Crater Lake Monster" was in better shape surprisingly. Detail is solid and skin tones look natural. For some reason each film gets 3 audio option with one being lossy and the other two being lossless 2 channel options. A bit too thin sounding but serviceable.

No extras are included for either film. There also are no English subtitles for the hearing impaired.

For a budget title from Mill Creek Entertainment, this is indeed a fun one. While both films are definitely subpar, they are still a lot of fun despite their many flaws. Video quality is surprisingly solid and the price is right.
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