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on June 9, 2016
I was super excited to find this was delivered a day early. That excitement was quickly erased when I opened the box to find a bent and dented unit, and NO CHARGER. I read the product description and the only thing that was stated was:

"May be missing one of the following: manual, cover art, or packaging. Bonus downloadable content may have already been redeemed."

When you buy a product, unless specified it doesn't, it's just a given that it's supposed to come with a cable to run it.

The bend and dents in the unit were over the cartridge port, so in order for me even insert a game I had to use foam and a knife to gently try to pry it open enough to get a game to slide in there. Not like it matters. Won't be able to play the game until I get a charger.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra $5-10 on a quality higher than "acceptable" that also comes with a charger. It's been a long time since I've had such a bad purchase on Amazon. I guess I'll stick to more trusted sellers in the future. The photo I took is after I bent it back up a bit. Should've taken a photo first.
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on June 13, 2011
In a world where handheld consoles keep getting more powerful, they sure don't keep getting smaller. The original Nintendo DS was pretty huge, hardly pocket sized. And even the DSi which I also own will fill a pocket and create a large, blocky outline. Sony's PSP offering is thinner but also longer and has that large, easily-scratched screen. When considering a handheld gaming device, one has to consider portability almost at the top of the list. The Micro was designed to perfectly fit that task. Sure, the Gameboy Advance is essentially a dead console considering companies no longer make new games for it, but there's still a trove of gems out there to be bought, and often very cheap on the used market. That leaves the machine itself. It's tiny, but still perfectly handy. Your thumbs might cramp up if you hold it a certain way, but if you keep them straight over the face of the machine it's not an issue. The screen is small, but the colors are so crisp and the screen so bright (adjustable to be dimmer if playing in a dark room) that you hardly notice unless you play it right next to someone playing a GBA game on a DS.

The modular faceplate design is especially smart, because if you get more scratches on the screen than you'd like, simply remove the faceplate and put on another one. With this ability, your screen can stay essentially perfect indefinitely. It also lets you change the look of your machine. Perhaps: silver for dressy occasions, camouflage for outdoor activities and sports, red for playing at home... or just whichever color you like most.

The Micro has a headphone jack for headphones (unlike the GBA SP), which is advisable because the tiny speaker holes can be easily covered with your thumb, and the speaker is honestly not very powerful. The on-off switch is recessed well into the bottom of the machine so as to not be hit accidentally unlike some GBA/DS iterations (I'm looking at you, original DS...) but the volume/brightness control is button-based, rather than operated with a slider, so volume/brightness can't be changed with the unit off. As for negative aspects of the Micro, the shoulder tabs are operated by buttons hidden underneath that are located closer to the middle of the unit than the corners, so one has to place their index fingers farther over the tops of the corners to reliably actuate them, unlike in units like the DSi where simply tapping on the very corners will suffice. This will often not be a problem, but it's worth noting.

Overall the Gameboy Micro is an excellent choice for a handheld console, even in an age of technically superior ones. Finally a portable unit that I can actually take everywhere. If you plan on buying a handheld to be used primarily on-the-go, this might be the best option. If you almost always play handhelds at home anyway, you may as well go for a DS Lite, DSi XL (and in a few months when mroe games come out, the 3DS) or PSP.
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on February 3, 2017
I just want to say, it says maybe one of some things wasn't coming, the box, manual, charger. This thing it's just the console! None of the other stuff included. Now i have to order a generic charger and wait x days just to try if it works! Beside, i pay for one day shipment and i had it in 2 days, it's not a big deal but, you know!
P.D.: the product is nice! I love it! Better condition that i was specting!
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on December 29, 2012
I know, I know. You probably heard that this game boy was a total fail when it came out, but it was just because the timing of the release was so weird. It was released after the Nintendo DS, that's why so many people weren't interested in this game boy. But nowadays, retro gaming is gradually getting popular and this piece is something that every retro gamer or collector should have.
This gameboy is small, but NOT super tiny!.Some people exaggerate. It's tiny enough that it's still comfortable to play with and has a good sized screen. The screens resolution is amazing, it's so colorful and crystal clear!
I really think any classic gamer that is interested in this gameboy should get it, Cause It will get rarer in the future, and the sales on these classic consoles will slowly go up.
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on August 5, 2014
I've always love the micro since I first saw it in a gaming magazine back in the good ol' days. I remember Walmart had these for sale during Black Friday for $30 each like 12 years ago. I was one of the lucky one to grab one of these. But due to the rising expense of college, I had to sell it along with the games and accessories. Now that I'm making some money and feeling nostalgic, I decided to buy one (despite the overpriced units). The only issue is there's a lack of options for faceplates from Nintendo but luckily Rose Colored Gaming offers custom gameboy micro faceplates so this is the best time to grab one!
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on November 25, 2012
When this device first came out, many claimed that it was overpriced and that the GBA SP was superior. However, in retrospect, it's now clear to see that the Micro truly stands the test of time. We're now in an era of the Nintendo 3DS and have moved past devices that are backwards compatibility with the GBA. So what is the best option to get your GBA fix with a stunning library of hundreds of great titles? In my opinion, there is no other option. It's tiny, highly portable, and has incredible battery life. The screen is ultra sharp and the button layout is simple and superb. Even better, due to this things relative unpopularity when it first came out, it's basically now a collector's item.

My recommendation - get one while you still can. When you go to break out your old library of games; nothing is more please to play them on than this system.
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on June 29, 2014
Now that I've invested a solid 51 hours in Pokemon Fire Red since I received my Micro, I'll share my thoughts of this product's design/quality.

-The Micro is gorgeous -- those were my thoughts as I removed the device from its packaging for the first time. The sharp silver faceplate complements the black body very well. Pictures don't capture the fullness of its beauty.

-Before my purchase, I was concerned with the device's size -- particularly its display and its ergonomics. The screen is small, but not enough such that text is difficult to read. As expected, the pixel density of this device truly shines. Graphics are exceptionally sharp -- more so than any other Nintendo product capable of playing GBA titles.

-As for the Micro's ergonomics... I haven't experienced any cramping or pains even during my lengthiest gaming sessions (4-5 hours) -- but do know that my hands are in the medium/small range. The buttons are similar to those found in the Gameboy Color/Pocket. They don't offer the "clickiness" of the buttons found on the GBA SP (this may be a pro for some, a con for others). Just know that the key registration isn't always going to be spot-on if you prefer to press buttons lightly. The left and right bumpers are awkwardly placed and could become problematic with some titles. The start/select buttons require some force to press down, but you'll probably adapt after some time, as I have.

-Cartridges are a pain to remove.

-You *can* use your headphones without additional accessories.

-For anyone interested in any form of multiplayer activities, such as trading and dueling -- you're going to have a hard time. You'll need to find/make a special adapter to connect with other Gameboy Advance models. The standard Micro link cable is incompatible with any model other than the Micro.

-The battery life is fair. I purchased a lightly used model. Playing at maximum brightness gives a lifetime of 4 hours and 20 minutes, sharp.

-The Micro is seemingly weightless, but overall it feels solid. No creaking/rattling whatsoever. Feels like it'll survive a good beating (which is to be expected from a member of the Gameboy family).

So is it the finest Gameboy ever made? Not in my eyes. If you already own a GBA SP and are satisfied, then I'm not sure I could recommend the Gameboy Micro to you. I prefer the ergonomics of the GBA SP and value its ability to play GB/GBC titles. While the Micro is the most stylish and the most portable Gameboy (it will become my new commuting partner), a GBA SP or a backlit original GBA would be best for those who dedicate a great amount of time into gaming at home. If you own a DS Lite and are only interested in playing GBA games, then there's no need to buy this device. The Micro trades functionality for style -- it's a novelty item.

These were some quick thoughts. If you have any questions about this Gameboy, feel free to comment on this review and I'll try my best to respond.
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on May 1, 2014
I had a GBA, but never even knew nintendo made these. Parts are extremely hard to find for this, be aware. You will need a special adapter in order to play with other GBA hardware, which is also extremely hard to find. If none of these things bother you, this is amazing. It's hard to understate how small this is. Take out your iphone, smaller. Did you ever have one of those old indestructible Nokia phones? smaller. I don't think that this adversely affects any game I have played. The text is all still very readible. Be aware if you are looking for replacement faceplates, you're going to have a hard time.
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on January 22, 2013
Man this thing is awesome. I never even knew it existed until i stumbled on one at a flea market (which was beat up) After seeing it I had to have one. Shipped very fast. Doesn't come with extra screen faceplates, just the black. Picture is sharp and bright, colors and brightness level are a bit less compared to the 2nd model GBA SP. It's cool, too cool possibly. If you're a collector or Nintendo fan or even if you have some GBA games you wanna play again, I suggest this. It's small, has an awesome battery life, head phone jack, adjustable brightness and sharp image with nice colors. Perhaps the best GBA model?
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on December 4, 2012
i ordered the gameboy micro new from GameHeadGames and it came with the camouflage, silver, and florescent orange faceplates in the original box with all the manuals and it was in new condition and i seriously play it all the time with emerald and my mario games. it is a black micro by the way. i thank GameHeadGames for the system :)i prefer the black system from the silver because scratches and dirt hide better. It doesn't only play gameboy advance games not gameboy color or the original gameboy games. Only the cartridges like emerald NOT like the pikachu yellow edition for color. hope you guys like you gameboy
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