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I bought this mainly for the collectible steelbook and magnet.

You get three different copies of the series:
1) Blu-ray (physical discs)
2) UltraViolet 1080p HD version (digital copy, HD only available on some devices)
3) iTunes 1080p HD version (digital copy)

The digital code gives you two digital versions (which is rare and appreciated).

This steelbook has artwork designed by Elastic, the agency that created the Emmy Award-winning opening credits, and has a magnet on the cover that can be removed and used as a regular magnet, or left on to show off as a collector's piece. Each season represents one of the major houses of the series, and this season three steelbook represents House Frey with The Twins bridge as its sigil on the magnet. The steelbook is in a matching decorative plastic outer case that holds the magnet in place so it doesn't scratch the steelbook. Depending on how this was shipped, this plastic may or may not be cracked as I've seen a lot of cracked plastic cases with the steelbook intact.

The show is great—in acting, in storytelling, in visuals, in music, and in writing. I've watched everything at least three times, and there are so many new things you see when re-watching, and with the knowledge of future episodes. The third season has a lot of incredible shocks you won't see coming, and some that are very much foreshadowed to those that pay attention. It will certainly be one of the most memorable seasons you will ever watch on television.

I have converted many friends who previously used to think this was about "dungeons and dragons and lord of the rings," (like I did) who are now *all* addicted to the show. If you don't already know, this show isn't about what you think it may be about.

This is currently THE only good show on television, and if you don't like it, you probably don't understand good television (sorry, not sorry). It has been the number one torrented show in every single year since it came out for a reason (which is a blessing and curse for the producers). After watching this, everything else on TV becomes: "why I am watching all these other crappy shows?"

This is one of those series that I will buy the individual season sets, and whatever big box set comes out in the future. GAME OF THRONES! Recommended.
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on April 13, 2014
if by now you aren't on board the GoT train, then you have a lot of catching up to do. But a thirty hour marathon of watching this show now is really a bit much.... I advise a season a day with a nice break in between. However, it's terribly addictive, and the onslaught continues in terms of sex, violence, power struggles and so on. Hell, even the costumes rock.

HBO never backs down from portraying borderline questionable themes and scenes with a gritty reality that will make you sit up and gasp at a few of the scenes. It's got its hooks in me like crystal meth.... can't stop this thing we've started....

Deviation from the books continues but is always done both with GRRM's awareness and involvement. He's got a close relationship with the writers and they are keeping true to the TONE and FLAVOUR of the books even where they make changes to the action or timeline. Ultimately the result still serves to bring you forward right where you're supposed to be.

At this point I've stopped reading the books looking for explanations of things and I am taking the series at face value. It's that good. When I go back to the books again later they will dovetail with the show much more logically I am sure.

There is a new packaging design for the third season, it still matches but it's got this translucent plastic slipcase instead of the cardboard one. My OCD wishes it matched identically, but hey.... as long as it's not a big difference I'll be ok.

Same 5 discs with 10 episodes as prior seasons. Still putting fun features on each disc instead of a features disc separately.

If you're reading my review, you want to be convinced to buy it. So go buy it already. You won't be sorry. The only reason not to get DVD is if you get Blu-Ray. Otherwise it's a gem. I just wish I could buy season four already.... the wait is gonna kill me.....
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on February 22, 2014
I bought this for my partner for Valentines Day, even though it wasn't released until the 18th of February. I was really surprised at the size of this and the lifelike stone look to the case. This edition includes the complete 3rd season in incredible Blu-Ray and has a digital copy for your mobile devices or for Ultra Violet storage. It also has a special disc with an in-depth look at Episode 9 , "The Rains of Castamere" and a lot of other special features that we have not even explored yet. If you are a fan of this series, this is the edition to buy. It's worth every extra dollar that it cost compared to the regular 3rd season and I think it has way more special features and content.

It is an incredible looking statue and we get a lot of complements on it from our friends. They really like the case and we do as well. It's very sturdy and stable and it set on the top of our Sanus entertainment center near our other special editions of other series. This is one of the few disc sets and disc that we do not hide in our entertainment center. This actually reminds me very much of the promo copies of stuff our good friend who worked for HBO use to give use for Christmas presents.
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on March 18, 2014
I don't have HBO so I waited anxiously for Season 3 to finally be released on DVD. There is nothing like GAME OF THRONES on TV or in the theaters. In fact, GAME OF THRONES surpassing just about any theatrical movie for quality and visual effects. A TV version of GAME OF THRONES allows for deeper character and story details. Sadly, there are only 10 episodes in the Season 3 but they are 10 seriously powerly episodes. GAME OF THRONES is addictive and can't be missed. It is set in a mythical land that looks and feels like medieval Europe. The costumes and settings are lavish. It feels not expense was spared in the filming of this remarkable show. It is an actor and Casting Director's dream with parts for actors of all ages, sizes and looks.

I could spend pages extolling the virtues of the cast of Season 3 but I feel there are two amazing standouts. Maisie Williams plays young Arya Stark trying to avenge her father's murder and reunite with her family. Dressed as a boy she exudes anger and determination in her face. We feel her anger and pain and determination. This fine young actress has a bright future. Another remarkable actor is Alfie Allen as Theon Greyjoy. This season he is a prisoner being tortured by a mysterious person. Allen is so believable in his pain and misery. We see it in his eyes and actions. Here is another actor to watch.
It is great to see lovely Diana Rigg as Olenna Tyrell. We rarely see this fine British actress and it's a joy to see her as the aging Tyrell Matriach in a role she obviously loves. Add in beloved character actor Charles Dance and the gorgeous Natalie Dormier and we have quite the cast and again, I could go on for pages just discussing the actors.

There is a "look" to GAME OF THRONES that deserves praise for the production team. The lavish locales are awesome. We are taken from dark and forbodding locations to lush and lovely settings. It's hard to imagine all the work involved in filming this series.

A word of caution. GAME OF THRONES is not for the squeamish. Season 3 brings us to new heights of gore and violence. This season maiming and loss of body parts are on the agenda. No one is safe and no one is spared as the innocent kill the innocent. It's war afterall we hear over and over.

GAME OF THRONES is am amazing show to delight the senses and unnerve the weak-hearted.
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on March 22, 2014
Game of Thrones Season 3 continues with the brilliant adaptation of George R.R. Martin's books. This is one of televisions most impressive accomplishments to date. The set designs, costuming, etc are absolutely brilliant. The acting is superb.

I am simultaneously reading Martin's books and I will say that the Game of Thrones series does vary considerably in many respects to the books. That is understandable. The books are long and incredibly complex from just about every standpoint. The books can, in fact, become quite tedious in an over-abundance of detail. The series cuts off a lot of that fat and does make many substantial changes.

This review, however, is primarily about the Game of Thrones: Season 3 Blu-ray/DVD disc set. As usual, I went on a Game of Thrones viewing binge as soon as I got my set delivered. My experience with this disc set is that it has worked flawlessly and the quality of the video is first rate. The set contains 5 Blu-ray discs containing ten episodes. Disc #5 contains only the final episode of Season 3: "Mhysa". Unlike some reviews I have read, I have had no playback issues whatsoever with my Sony Blu-ray player and it is a relatively inexpensive 2 1/2 year-old model. I did not have to perform any updates or other nonsense that some reviewers talk about. That may be because the Sony performs automatic updates; I don't really know. Some reviewers have complained that they were unable to watch any of their older Blu-ray discs or DVDs after performing an update to their player. Fortunately, I have had no such issues. My player still plays any of the older DVDs and Blu-ray discs without any problems.

I am not going to further review the Game of Thrones Season 3 series itself other than to say that if you are averse to (1) nudity (2) "colorful" language (3) copious amounts of blood (4)violence then you'd best stay away. Far away. Game of Thrones is set in a fantasy Middle Ages type world somewhat similar to but also vastly different from the world of Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings". It is not nearly as "gentle" as Tolkien's great work, however. Just a word of advice for anyone who has not yet seen Game of Thrones: don't get too deeply emotionally attached or invested in ANY character. You'll be sorry you did. ; )

The Game of Throne: Season 3 Blu-ray disc set is another total winner. Highly recommended to any Game of Thrones fan.
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on May 10, 2015
Season 3 develops and expands themes and plots. I was disappointed in season 2 as it seemed too complex, with too many short-scripted plots. At least in season 3, some of those plots are more comprehensible. The power of Kalisi is expanding as well as her humanity. I fear for Sansa, who doesn't seem to have the hutzpa to protect herself...hopefully she will "get smart". Jon Snow's part seems to be fading in the early episodes of season 3, wonder what will become of him? Movement and consolidation of kingdoms towards a common enemy seems to be moving in that direction. Still, there is quite a lot of confusion with so many kingdoms. Love the locations, scenery, costumes and cinematography. The programs appear to have cost a lot to set up. In the long run, I think this program (Seasons 1,2,3 will be among my classic collection). I have season 4 but have not watched it yet. May go back to season 2 for clarification before advancing. Still, I remain disappointed in the porno as it does not advance the stories and seems unnecessarily distracting to the progress of themes and plots. (Not in the books as my grand child has told me.)
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on February 25, 2014
I watched this entire season already before the Blu-Ray came out, but I still pre-ordered this immediately for a few reasons

1.) I like buying and promoting things that I love. (Money goes toward the company to keep them making these things, as well as adds to the numbers for the success rating, la la la)

2.) I like to re-watch, obviously, and blu-ray is beautiful

3.) The extra features. They are amazing. More on that right now:

The extra features, so far the only one I have watched was the one on the Red Wedding episode, where they pretty much go through the entire episode scene by scene and talk about it: The production, the reasoning behind things, and even the difference between the book and the show. The author of the books (and creator of this universe as a whole) is also there and is interviewed, as well as the shows producers, set designers, and of course, actors.

Additionally, every episode features commentary, but who is the commentary by? Different people every time! And no, not the producers, but the actors! It's MULTIPLE different actors for different episodes. Some episodes have Sam and Gilly, some have Jon Snow, Ygritte. Some have Daenerys, etc etc. Even Theon's torturer is there.

With amazon (currently) selling this set for only 29.99, there's absolutely no reason to buy this; this bundle is a steal of a deal at 29.99

Buy, Support, Enjoy.
The world goes 'round and everybody is smiley. :)
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on March 19, 2014
While still unquestionably the best fantasy show in the history of television, this season saw both some soaring highs as well as a few dips. What has been great about the show from the start remains great, and some characters who've stumbled before get fantastic moments and development in this season.

However some cracks are showing in the armor of this show, and most of them are romantic. While love has played into aspects of the show before it's never been sappy. At least not before this season. There are multiple romantic pairings, and while some work better than others none of them really bring anything new or interesting to the table. In fact they feel like they diminish some of these complex characters by reducing them to the cliché of "doing it all for love."

Despite the stumbles this is undoubtedly a game changing season, as events in the last two episodes completely reshape the future of the Westeros. In many ways this feels like a season that's largely about setting the stage for what is to come: making sure that the proper players are in place while removing those who don't really matter in the grand scheme. That makes it essential, though perhaps not quite as inherently enjoyable as the first two seasons.
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on May 20, 2015
What can I say? It's Game of Thrones. The set has fancy layers of plastic and cardboard to get through before you get to the dvds which are nearly impossible to pull out of the fancy layers of plastic and cardboard! The set has a few extra features which will take up some of your time when you're not busy. There is a small poster of the throne room and the throne of knives. There is a insert mentioning the HBO shop were you can buy all manner of expensive GoT dust collectors...I mean "collectibles". (Thanks to this T.V. series I will have to break down some day and buy George R.R. Martin’s "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series). Barring the nonsense that went into The Making of the Third Season of Game of Thrones Boxed Set, GoT is one of my top four favorite T.V. series.

I absolutely need to mention the other three in order of perfectness: Gotham, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. (An also mention is most of the Syfy series. That channel seems to have a knack to pile up one good sci-fi series after another. You go Syfy!)
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on October 27, 2017
I find I'm watching just for Peter Dinklage. I don't think I ever appreciated him as an actor quite so much as I do in this series. Awesome actor! He should be cast for more roles!!

The story is somewhat hard to follow but even a complete novice (like myself) can pick it up in time. It helps to watch the commentary episodes whenever possible because they sometimes give you a better idea about the story progression. I love the series and, like Downton Abbey, each episode just zooms by -- a sign of good storytelling. And also like Downton Abby, the season is too short in episodes and too long until the next one comes along.
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