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I bought this mainly for the collectible steelbook and magnet.

You get three different copies of the series:
1) Blu-ray (physical discs)
2) UltraViolet 1080p HD version (digital copy, HD only available on some devices)
3) iTunes 1080p HD version (digital copy)

The digital code gives you two digital versions (which is rare, and appreciated).

This steelbook has artwork designed by Elastic, the agency that created the Emmy Award-winning opening credits, and has a magnet on the cover that can be removed and used as a regular magnet, or left on to show off as a collector's piece. Each season represents one of the major houses of the series, and this season one steelbook represents House Stark of Winterfell with its Direwolf sigil on the magnet [see photos]. The steelbook is in a matching decorative plastic outer case that holds the magnet in place so it doesn't scratch the steelbook. Depending on how this was shipped, this plastic may or may not be cracked as I've seen a lot of cracked plastic cases with the steelbook intact.

The show is great—in acting, in storytelling, in visuals, in music, and in writing. I've watched everything at least three times, and there are so many new things you see when re-watching, and with the knowledge of future episodes. The first season is on a lower budget, but they definitely make up for it in story. Many characters are introduced and careful attention must be paid to initially tell them apart, This is a show where you *don't* text people in the middle of watching. This is a show that is sacred, that whenever you watch at home or as it's airing, you want to just be transported away from real life for each hour it's on. This show sets up many long games, so for those that pay attention to throwaway details, you will get immensely rewarded later on.

I have converted many friends who previously used to think this was about, "dungeons and dragons and lord of the rings," (like I did) who are now *all* addicted to the show. If you don't already know, this show isn't about what you think it may be about.

This is currently THE only good show on television, and if you don't like it, you probably don't understand good television (sorry, not sorry). It has been the number one torrented show in every single year since it came out for a reason (which is a blessing and curse for the producers). After watching this, everything else on TV becomes: "why I am watching all these other crappy shows?"

This is one of those series that I will buy the individual season sets, and whatever big box set comes out in the future. GAME OF THRONES! Recommended.
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on December 10, 2016
I just started Season 1. If you like fantastic medieval settings, beautiful women fully exposing their T's&A's for your viewing pleasure, extreme violence such as heads being chopped off and copious quantities of butt f'king. you will love this series. For me personally, I love it and can't get enough. Just keep the kids, grandma and your elderly Aunts out of the room when Game of Thrones is playing. There was a circumcised penis clearly and prominently displayed, but so far only brief p**** flashes.

The scenes are beautifully done, the camera work is perfect, the acting is great and the direction/production is right on. HBO has really hit a home run with this one. This series alone is well worth the cost of an HBO subscription and you'll also get Westworld, among others great HBO series.

Actually, it seems that Game of Thrones and Westworld are in competition to see who can shock us with the most nudity, humping and violence.

Disclaimer: I have no involvement with HBO or any of its affiliates and will not benefit financially in any way from this review. I signed up for my HBO subscription through Amazon and I'm paying the standard $14.99 per month, same as anyone else.
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on June 29, 2016

This review will only be for my opinion of the season overall, and the packaging, extras, and video/audio quality.

Let me start by saying that Game of Thones is one of my favorite shows of all-time. The story is brutal and tragic, yet engrossing and compelling. The characters are wonderfully written, and everything from character motivations to the dialogue and action sequences are superb. The show also has top notch production values, as the environment, props, and wardrobes look magnificent. GOT is a beauty.

The packaging is awesome, as it has been on all of the season blu rays. The discs are in flip book, which go into a sleeve, which has a paper sleeve over top of it all. This season has black and brown artwork, which looks lovely. Very happy with the packaging. The insert also has a complete character guide, breaking down the different families/houses, and a full map of Westeros. Very cool!

All 10 episodes this season are included on 5 blu rays. Extras include a complete guide to Westeros, making of featurette, in episode guides, histories and lore, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, and a plethora of behind the scenes featurettes.

The episodes look amazing on blu ray. The 1080p really shines on this series, and everything look breathtakingly beautiful. The characters, scenery, wardrobes, etc all look excellent. The 5.1 audio is great too. The score is brilliant and the metal swords and armor clanging sound great. Sound and Video are easy 10/10.

Overall this is an excellent 1st season in this great series. I enjoyed every episode, and always recommend this show to anyone I talk to about movies/tv. What else can I say? Game of Thrones gets my highest recommendation, and the blu ray sets are glorious. This is the best show on television, in my humble opinion.


*** If you like this review, please mark this review as helpful! Also, feel free to ask me questions about the season 1 blu ray set! ***
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on January 18, 2017
Good acting and storyline. I can see why some people complain about the sexual content. (I had my windows open when I watched this and wondered if my neighbors could hear it and might be wondering what I was watching.) There's one sexual scene in an episode somewhere in the middle of the season that gets a bit over the top, so much so that it detracts from scene and makes it difficult to follow what the character who is speaking during it is saying. (The sex scene is happening between two other characters in the background.) It's almost as if the director was trying too hard to be "cutting edge." The scene was so over the top and unnecessary that I had to take off one star for it because what the speaking character was saying during it was very important to the plot line, and the overly gratuitous sex was distracting in a bad way. Other than that the season is good. This is a very popular series, so I'm willing to give season 2 a chance before making a final decision on the series.

UPDATE: I changed my rating to 5 stars because season 2 has alot less nudity and sex scenes...only what you would normally expect from a series on cable. And after listening to the season 2 audio commentary from the creators of the show, it sounded like they intentionally toned it down because they prefer to showcase the great acting and great story line. I would also give season 2 a 5 star rating as well.
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on October 16, 2012
I'm not going to be able to say anything here that hasn't already been said about this amazing show. As I have not read the books yet I can really judge this show based on how it plays as a standalone piece as opposed to comparing it to the source. I think the acting is brilliant, the directing, the sets, sceneries (most of all of this show is shot on location) special effects and casting as well as pacing is stellar. I have absolutely no complaints about this show. It's the best show on tv right now (aside from Breaking Bad) and easily the best piece of fantasy ever shot for television. On Blu-Ray this show is immaculate, black levels are deep, colors are vibrant and lush, texture detail is sharp, and with certain scenes being shot on 35mm, actually have retained film grain. This show has everything that a fantasy fan could want, zombies, dragons, beheadings and tons of great female nudity. Since this show plays on HBO the standard running time per episode is about an hour since there are no commercial breaks. Special features are plentiful and the audio commentary is entertaining and informative as it should be. Any fan of Lord Of The Rings or Frank Frazetta art or Conan The Barbarian will like this show for the same reasons they like those fantasy pieces. This show doesn't cater to stupid people, if you aren't paying attention then you won't be able to keep track of people or place names. This show has magic and mysticism like you would want a fantasy show to have while grounding it in a very authentic Medieval setting with political intrigue. I highly recommend this show.
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on June 23, 2015
This show speaks for itself. Amazing. I loved that I could buy season one for $15. It didn't come with all the bells and whistles (map, picture cards, etc. ?) that the $38 set did, but I got the entire season & the extras on DVD. I was hoping to find more seasons at the cheaper price & am so disappointed that they've raised the price for this season, significantly! It's still the same materials, but the price is now an additional $17! I saw this exact copy at a local Albertsons grocery store for $18 last week. Why did they have to get greedy? Customers seemed so happy with the lower price & the dvd set without the map, etc. Now it seems, you can spend just $6 more and get all the extras that come with the much more expensive set. ***Recap... Was $15 for this set that had the entire season, extra commentaries, specials, etc. I saw many people who posted that they got the free HD digital diwnload on Amazon, as well. All for the $15 price that was so awesome in comparison to any other offers. NOW the same set is being offered, by the same seller for $32. Another offer is available for $38 that has all that I've mentioned but also includes other materials like a map or maps, picture cards, etc. I am unsure of all the extras, but you get my point. It's a shame that people who need or like to pay less, for the basics of the GoT first season, can no longer pay the reasonable price of $15. Not on Amazon, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still choose Amazon over MANY other retailers, but being a HUGE GoT fan, & wanting to share the love of this series, I am so disappointed that someone out there has decided to get greedy & charge so much more just two months (or less?!) later. Still giving it five stars cuz it is still the best show EVER made.
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on January 10, 2014
Normally, I hate buying DVD's because I watch them once and then they sit on a shelf until I have a garage sale. I bought this because my husband read the books but missed season one. I couldn't find it On Demand for free anymore, and with the price I paid I would be saving money by purchasing the discs instead of buying each episode. I was surprised to find that I got a lot more out of it watching a second time and might even watch it a third. My husband found that it is much easier to follow along than the book. Most people already know what the show is about, so I will just comment on the product itself. I think the picture looks even better than when I watch it on HD cable, the discs are relatively easy to remove, and the bonus features are pretty interesting. I think this is well worth what I paid for it.
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on March 7, 2017
What can I say? Game of Thrones is by far the best series I have watched. Characters, script and cinematography are all beautifully done. Attention to detail is awesome! This is definitely an adult fantasy series and it's about time something is done right with the genre. It's rated MATURE for a reason, don't watch it and complain that you don't like nudity, violence or language when the rating is there for a reason. Enjoy the BEST series, period, out there with Game of Thrones.
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on May 25, 2015
This adult (18+, plenty of nudity to go around) thriller/drama is an excellent rendition of the books. Season 1 primarily follows book 1 and stays pretty true to the books, compared to later seasons of the show. The show is brilliantly casted with true-to-story actors that will keep you on the edge of your seat through this cunning medieval drama. Truly one of a kind, George R.R's series finally punched a hole in the "nerdiness" that is medieval fantasy stories with his brutal, heart wrenching tales.

Of course, read the books. But if you don't have the time to read the books, the series should get you on the same page as your friends and co-workers.
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on August 12, 2013
The fact that something is bold and this ornate is on television is simply mind boggling. It's got production values to rival "The Lord of the Rings" and the world feels massive on a scale that is unprecedented on television.

The cast is spot on perfect, with Sean Bean providing the backbone and Peter Dinklage bringing some great lighter moments. The story and characters are sprawling and complex yet not all that difficult to follow. There might be a few too many young men with beards among the Winterfell clan but you'll get used to identifying them all with practice.

The Blu-Ray is well put together and looks fantastic with a great array of extras.
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