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on September 23, 2015
My experience with this 64MB Memory Card is with a Wii used to play GameCube games. There are lots of good reviews but when I used the card, the GameCube did not recognize the card at all. After reading the 3/2/1 star reviews, I saw that: (1) The card seems to perform much better with an actual GameCube (2) People were able to get the card working with the Wii by wiggling it around (not really a good sign) (3) People have had corruption issues with the card - usually with the Wii. After searching around, I found that even Nintendo larger capacity cards have this problem with the Wii. The recommendation is to use the low capacity Nintendo cards which are priced fairly low. After all of that, I tried this 64MB card again and it is working - which is why I am giving 3 stars. I also ordered the Nintendo lower capacity card and will switch over to it when it arrives (for reliability).
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on January 17, 2014
I am using this memory card for saving Gamecube games on my softmodded Wii. I am USB loading the games with Dios-Mios. That being said, I doubt that it is my application that is causing this card to fail because it has a very difficult time recognizing the card even in the Wii data options.

It gets two stars because it can save/load so it does work...but my Wii has a very difficult time recognizing the card and I have to pull it out of the slot and insert it back several times for it to read. For how often I am going to use it this is okay. It is frustrating and not what I want to do but it will work.

I highly spending the extra money and buying a brand name or at least better third party card. Again, this card does save/load but you really have to mess around with it to get it to work properly.
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on March 3, 2014
Bought this for me and my wife shortly after we bought a GameCube (to relive our childhood) a little less than 2 years ago. So far it has worked flawlessly with all games played, and is not even close to filling up. Item received was slightly different in shape than the picture advertised, but that is purely aesthetic.

+Cheaper than most GameCube cards. About 1/3 the price Nintendo charges for essentially the same thing.
+Best MB per $ ratio.
+Compatible with WII
+Works on all games tested so far (in excess of 20)
+Excessive amount of storage space
=Durable, although i really haven't put it through any abuse.
-Slightly different than pictured (not really a concern, just a point of note)

An essential for any GameCube owner. Excellent price, decent build (hard plastic, but it feels sturdy). 64 MB is plenty of storage (excessive, really), but it ensures that lack of memory will never be a problem you have to face.
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on May 25, 2015
Although the packaging was different than what was shown in the picture, I got what I expected: A Gamecube memory card. 64 Megabytes is plenty for any persons use. My old cards were missing and most likely broken, and I wanted to re-live some old memories. This card has more than enough space to store some of my old favorites. It gets the job done, and it was cheap, but I have experienced a few problems. Sometimes the Gamecube says that the memory card isn't placed in Slot A, despite having the memory card securely in Slot A for weeks and not even touching it. This happens rarely, but because I have been playing the Gamecube so much, it is quite annoying when I have to blow inside the card and keep plugging it back into the Gamecube, hitting "Try Again" when it says there's nothing in Slot A, then eventually turning the system off and on and hoping that it will work. Every time, it will eventually work. I just hope that it will keep working. Anyway, it is what it is. Its a cheap Gamecube Memory Card, and it does its job.
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on April 21, 2012
Pretty much sums it up. This memory card was super low in price and holds more than i could possibly use for my gamecube. All my game saves are stored, and i dont think I've even used 20% of the card. Also havent had any files corrupted. If you have a gamecube, you are better off buying this rather than an official Nintendo card. You'll save tons and wont notice any difference at all.

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on October 13, 2014
A large amount of memory, a cheap price, and mixed reviews. When I first considered buying this item I was surprised to see many 5 stars, some 1 stars, and not much in between. This item is either the greatest amount of memory per cent for a gamecube memory card, or it's a complete flop accompanied by formatting errors and corrupted save data.
I'd say the odds are heavily in your favor, but in my case my first card failed, while the replacement continues to work without issue. A really hit or miss item, make sure to pick a good seller!
One of these cards is about all you will need for most of your gamecube games though; as long as you get one working, no harm to you. But if you need multiple for some reason, the chances of getting an unreliable card will only stack.
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on July 8, 2013
It's been several years since I played my Gamecube or even had it set up, and I was horrified to find that I lost my memory card. I found myself with a lack of hidden Smash Bros. characters.

I bought this as a nice highly rated replacement with lots of open memory blocks. It does what I need it to. Done and done. =)
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on September 11, 2014
i got a game cube card it didnt say it was for the wii or anything. i tested it out on both wii and game cube and it seems to be working just fine on both. i did get it from amazon and not a 3rd party seller. if any problems arise i shall update
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on December 7, 2013
this card works perfectly fine and the only problem with it is that i thought it would be white as indicated by the picture but it came and it was black. i already have 2 other black memory cards in this style and i dont want to mix them up. but this card is a nice small size. so i liked it!
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on August 7, 2015
Works very well for a third party GC memory card. Used it for about a week and not a single game file has corrupted. If you're looking for a 1019 block GC memory card but don't want to shell out the $20, this is what you're looking for.
NOTE: As other buyers state, this item say's Wii memory card on the packaging it comes in. This memory card is actually for a system called Nintendo GameCube. It does work on the Wii but only to save Nintendo Gamecube Games. If you're looking for a Wii memory card for Wii games, that would an SD card you're looking for.
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