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on June 9, 2016
Why do so many people have a problem with Gamera: The Super Monster?! That movie is awesome. It's got a really catchy opening theme along with a great soundtrack, The space girls are cute. Even the evil one. The kid is rational. Not like that kid in Gamera 1965 who was more than borderline retarded. I got a happy lump in my throat every time Gamera showed up to save the day. I love the sexy way the space girls twirled around to transform. You get to see all the major monsters, even if most of it's only stock footage. I mean what's not to like about this movie? Recommendation: Watch it in Japanese audio and read the subtitles. The American dub ruins it.
I wonder how many kids at the movie theaters in Japan cried at the end. I do when I watch it. Yeah I'm a big pile of emotional gush (as in rhymes with bush).
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on December 10, 2013
Gamera The Super Monster is just fantastically bad, with a trio of not very attractive female superheroes who transform into their costumed counterparts via a little dance move and some bad special effects. The special effects are dismal, really awful. Very bad cheap video effects. The combination of live action and puppets with bad 2D animation makes me want to barf. This is the bottom of the barrel. Only masochistic completists would want to own this DVD. It's excruciating. It's like a foreign language version of the worst 1970s kid's shows, put together on a way-too-low budget. By comparison, "Gamera vs. Zigra" is like "Gone With the Wind". That is how bad "The Super Monster" is. The GOOD news is, no matter how awful these movies are, SHOUT has done another outstanding job of presenting them: letterboxed and in the original Japanese. "Zigra" has some nice model-based SFX at the beginning, a space ship destroying a space base on the moon. It soon collapses into the Gamera-friend-of-children plot with weird aliens and absurd set designs. Ah well.
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on August 5, 2011
Nostalgia is the main driving force with the Gamera series; they reach people on an emotional level. They were never meant to be anything more than entertainment for children (and adults who remember the series fondly). Allowances will always be made for things with sentimental value. I do not fault these movies for serving their purpose. I know there are plenty of things to pick apart, from production values to acting and more, but quality has different meanings in different circumstances.

I was greatly amused by both films and even though Gamera: the Super Monster was basically just Gamera's greatest hits, the interlocking story accommodated them quite well. I liked the 3 space women with their ear tugs and snazzy uniforms and magical calisthenics. Why they were living here wasn't exactly clear but they were a great source of aid to the little boy with a turtle fascination. And yes, they kept playing the Gamera theme song throughout (admittedly, it isn't the greatest song ever....that would be Mothra's theme). This is good harmless fun (name one thing better than gigantic rubbery monsters beating the crap out of each other).
As for Gamera Vs. Zigra, it costarred a uniquely designed monster that conveniently grew due to our water pressure. Zigra went from one of Carmen Miranda's daintier hats to a huge shark-thing. He/It also had a woman to do its evil bidding. While most of the adults were incapacitated, this evil woman was out to kill 2 witnesses/kids. Yes, death threats were leveled repeatedly at the 2 kids who had no trouble evading the assassin's grasp (slapstick solutions to soften the idea of a homicidal maniac terrorizing 2 kids). They even managed to throw in a lecture on pollution! This movie has it all, including Gamera tap dancing (or at least it looked liked that after he played Zigra like a musical instrument). What's not to love?

I enjoyed both films and I'm more than happy to include them in my collection: a must for any fan of Gamera.
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on February 19, 2012
Any Gamera Sci-fi fan would enjoy this set. The films are old & the photography is not perfect but I think it's Very good! My only complaint is that I can put it on English but it still displays the English subtitles while the movie is running. If I go to the Bonus features & click on to remove the English subtitles, it will play the movie in Japanese. It is actually very interesting to have the dubbed English running along with the English subtitles because they do not match exactly so the different interpretations of what is being said is actually an interesting side light. I would recommend this to all Gamera, Godzilla & general Sci-Fi fans.
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on December 25, 2011
I've been working on my kaiju collection for some time now and have started rounding out the Gamera series. It's great that Shout Factory has brought these out for region 1 and most of the DVD's they have done have been of very good quality and used the production company originals for their DVD's (a caveat, the Daiei Motion Picture Studio did not have the budgets that Toho Studios did for the Godzilla there is some replication of scenes between the various Gamera movies; this is not something that Shout Factory did). Sadly, for this double feature "Gamera: The Super Monster" needed help with the dubbing; all of the sound is muffled for the English audio and quite distorted. I would recommend watching this movie using the Japanese audio with the English subtitles so you can enjoy the full sound quality.
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on December 15, 2013
Even tho I enjoy watching Zigra you can feel that the series was in a fast decline by the time you watch Super Monster you will understand exactly what i mean. Video quality in Zigra is very good where as Super Monster seems like a copy of a VHS tape. Still your set won't be complete without it and should be watched at least once by Kaiju fans!
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on June 22, 2011
I'm a Kaiju fan. That means these films (and the 3 stars I've given them) are taken with a grain of salt. That said, as a fan, Gamera vs. Zigra covers all the fan base requirements: Good shots of Gamera and foe, liberal use of Gamera roar, and thorough coverage of the cutesy GAM-uh-RAHHHHHHH, GAM-uh-RAHHHH theme song. I prefer vs. Guiron or Jiger better, but nonetheless.

As for Gamera: The Super Monster: I wasn't aware of how the GAM-uh-RAHHHHH theme song got under my skin enough so as to like it until I saw this film. The song is noticeably absent, and replaced by something yet more lame. If that was possible. As I said, plenty of action, but the annoying music got to me after a while.

Note, if you aren't a Gamera or Kaiju fan, then the following review applies to you:

vs. Zigra and Super Monster are atrocious. Bad acting made worse by dubbing, silly plot lines, awful music, and plot holes that an elephant could fit into. Unlike the famous Godzilla original or King Kong, Gamera monster movies do not transcend the genre, so don't expect them to. If you want to see just how good the Godzilla SFX crew was, then watch a Gamera film to note the differences. The only thing Gamera's crew did better was match the nearly 2-dozen Gamera suits better so that you didn't notice. The original Godzilla, by comparison, was visibly different in certain shots since the hand puppet and full suit didn't perfectly match.

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on May 16, 2018
If you're an old giant monster movie buff like me, Gamera is soemthing to put in your collection. They only made 12 Gamera movies, this dvd has the first 6 movies.
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on December 20, 2010
The last of the Shout Factory Gamera films are now available - and the price is inexpensive - as was the budget for the 2 Gamera films
Gamera vs Zigra - has Gamera fighting a giant ship that turns into a large sea fish monster which talks. Really hammy stuff with children starring again..The Sandy Frank version wound up as an MST3K experiement .That being said..the English dubbing is the same found from the MST3K version, minus the water credit sequence but with the original Sea World intro..
So hold on to your Neptune Video VHS tapes still :)
Gamera SuperMonster - on an even lower budget - is about 95% stock footage of Gamera fighting all his foes from Barugon to Gyaos to Zigra..the new footage has him flying around ready to attack an evil spaceship. There are some superheroes in this. The dubbing in this is awful too mispronouncing Gamera (Guh-Meera) all the way through..
This was released from Shout as an Elvira DVD.This time both Super Monster and Zigra are widescreen with very good - fantastic transfers...
Not a great pair in terms of film quality , but its the last Gamera movies and it's not expensive..Id like to think there will be some good bonus materials on this..Die-hard Gamera lovers like me will get it anyway for collections' sake; fence sitters may find this a little more difficult to decide to get it.
Supplements for both films are basically sill photos and some behind the scenes photos of Zigra
Shout has released some great stuff over the past year and being a monster movie fan I hope to see more from them in the future
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on March 24, 2011
I enjoyed these amusing kaiju movies for all the effort and small amounts of production financing that went into them. Supermonster somehow got a headlock on my heart and has never let go. Of course all of the monster battles are from the earlier Gamera movies but the earnest efforts by the actors won we over. Of special note is the lead heroic Spacewoman played by former Japanese women's wrestling champion Maach Fumiake. Ms Fumiake also had a career as a pop singer and sings the opening credits song. She also had supporting roles in the popular Taxing Woman and Taxing Woman 2 movies. Its just fun to watch old shellback knock the stuffing out of all his weird foes. Just watch out for the evil Imperial Battle Cruiser.
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