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on June 13, 2010
I can't believe no one has reviewed these yet. Rory's Story Cubes are a fantastic toy/educational activity. Roll the dice, and create a story on your own, inspired by the images. Or create a cooperative story, with everyone adding to it. Add competitive elements, time limits, or points for using the most dice in your story. There are no limits to using these dice. The more you use them, play with them, and learn from them, the more ideas you will have for their use. The dice are also very well crafted and are a good size. You can also go to storycubes dot com to read other ideas for how to use the cubes, and to read some stories others have come up with. Kids of all ages can play! Parents, too!
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VINE VOICEon December 23, 2012
My husband and I picked these out as a nice holiday gift for a couple of children we like to get a gift every year. We were hoping to find something that both an eight-year old girl and a four-year old boy could have a spot of fun with and settled on these and are delighted we found them.

I inspected this item before we shipped it off to the recipients and was particularly impressed with the packaging. These story cubes sit nicely inside the packaging in the photo above and are kept safe through the use of a magnetic closure that is unlikely to "break open" if the box takes a tumble. It also helps give the box a little meat which is nice considering its smaller size.

Because the imagination is what pushes this game along, I feel like these are a great gift, truly, for a child of any age who can understand A) how to make up a story and B) identify pictures. A younger child can enjoy the opportunity for undivided attention while telling a tall tale while older children can attempt to make their story more complex or add different rules to the "game" to make it more challenging.

I also get the feeling that these cubes would probably make a nice writing exercise game for those who sometimes suffer from writer's block since it forces you to make up a story within certain constraints and gets the mind moving again.

The base elements of this game are simple, but one can literally take it anywhere. For the price, I don't think the entertainment value can be beaten.
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on June 9, 2015
Sigh. I am in love. What is my favorite part about this game? The fact that the directions can be read in 3 sentences, on the inside cover of the tiny storage box it gives three suggestions for how to start the game. I hate reading game directions and the learning curve of new games. This one is easy to begin so it lends itself to a party setting PERFECTLY or for varying ages of kids - all can participate because no one needs to know how to read.

No batteries needed either :)

Box is super small, could fit in a cargo pant pocket :)

Box has a strong magnet built into the side to easily seal the box for storage or travel. :)

Game can travel in the car - just roll the die inside the box. :)

Perfect activity to haul in the diaper bag, take to grandmas, etc.
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on September 29, 2016
Fun time killer for long car drives. We have added this to our bundle of road trip games. The dice all have various pictures on them. each person takes turns coming up with a story using the face up sides of the dice that are rolled. We have heard some pretty rediculous and creative stories. Fun game to add to the road trip mix.
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on May 18, 2017
I bought two sets of these for my 5th grade classroom and am considering ordering another set. Sometimes I use these with the whole group and other times I will give a set to a small group and have them come up with their own story. There are enough cubes in the set to easily divide into 3 sets. These have been well used and look just as good as when I purchased them! Great creative writing starter or oral story work.
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on March 21, 2016
I gave these as a gift to a young relative who loved to tell "tall tales" but who was not quite grasping the difference between being untruthful and sharing a fanciful story. Playing with these story cubes with him gave me an opportunity to explain that it is okay to tell made up stories if you tell people you've made the story up, but not okay to trick people by telling them a story you've made up is true. He really enjoyed using these cubes to make up his own stories and I really enjoyed watching him be creative in a healthy/productive way. I had to add a few additional rules as we went along, such as no stories involving poop (not that I'm opposed to poop stories, but he wanted to make "and then he pooped!" the punch line of every single story). At the end of every story he came up with, I would ask him, "did that really happen?" and he would say something like, "only in my imagination."

Imagining stories is fun and healthy. Trying to pass untruthful stories off as truth is not. This is a very simple toy that helped convey that message and was also a lot of fun. The lesson I was trying to convey must not have come across as too heavy-handed since he has asked to play this game again several times since then.
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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2014
I read an interview with Stephen King once where he recounted his favorite game growing up. It was called "Finish the Story" and involved a group of children taking turns, incrementally inventing a story in short segments. I also enjoyed playing this game as a kid and with my own children, but it has occasionally fallen flat with larger groups unaccustomed to the game. This little bag of "story cubes" and a 60 second timer fixes all of that by providing a pictographic idea (and a time limit). These are always in the car for family reunions, or in my pack on group camping trips. I've yet to be disappointed in the progress of a game since discovering these magical cubes.
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on March 12, 2013
Last summer, I picked up a pack of Rory's Story Cubes (Original) on a whim. They looked interesting and I thought there ought to be something I could do with them in my elementary classes.

Six months later, they have become one of my favorite teaching tools and one of my students' favorite activities. They work very well as a way to let children apply what they have learned in a fun and, often, somewhat silly manner that they find both enjoyable and memorable.

As an example, recently I was working with my students on basic prepositions of location. I assigned one child the task of choosing the noun, while another child had the task of choosing the "location." They would each roll three of the cubes and work together to choose the best preposition.

In this case, the first child rolled and chose the bee, while the second rolled and chose the turtle. They had a lot of fun deciding if the bee was on the turtle or in the turtle or under the turtle. They eventually decided on the sentence, "The bee is on the turtle." When I asked them to expand on their sentence, they added, "because he is tired."

As a teacher, I was happy because the children were able to produce a pair of logical sentences with minimal help on my part. Further, both children completely understood what they were saying (as opposed to merely parroting what they had been taught) and were able to produce language consistent with the grammar and vocabulary I had been teaching.

For the children, this was a big improvement over both rote memorization and being put on the spot. They enjoyed the game aspect of the activity and enjoyed having the images there as prompts rather letting them concentrate on actually speaking instead of trying to remember vocabulary words.

We have since, as a class, added the Action cubes to our repetoir and consequently expanded the number of sentences (and stories and games) we can make. I'm very much looking forward to surprising the kids with the addition of the new Voyages set, just as soon as I can.
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on July 14, 2014
I bought these for my 6-year old. He had played with these at school, and was really excited that I bought them. They're great for encouraging funny story telling skills and teaching plot sequence and character creation. They're also fun for adults as well. The great thing is there are literally tens of thousands of die roll combinations, so every story will be unique. There are expansion packs you can buy inexpensively, but this starter pack is a great start. Each die has 6 images, so you can use them to interpret however you choose, whether it's a theme, a character or object in the story, or an action related to the image, or part of the plot. Great quick travel fun.
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on August 25, 2015
Once i'd read all the bedtime stories, and looked with dismay at the possibility of reading Alexander's Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for the 12th time (a great book, the first 10 times...), I broke these puppies out. A roll of the dice, a bit of ordering and a poll for theming, and off I went. My daughters (aged 7 and 11) were rapt with attention, looking down at the dice as the story I was telling revealed the secret behind each symbol. I usually spend 5 - 10 minutes reading, but spent 30 telling that story, and the time flew. My daughters loved it, and they still talk about that story, even though we've had several sessions since.

This is a magical item. It makes you a hero to your kids as you weave a tale crafted just for them. It helps them tell their own stories, adding just that little bit of inspiration to help them along.
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