Customer Reviews: Rory's Story Cubes - Voyages
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on December 10, 2012
We own the other versions of Rory's Cubes, so I hesitated at purchasing yet another set. However, now that we have them, I'm glad that I did. This set of cubes can be used alone or with the other sets. The box is about as big as your palm, so it's extremely portable. My daughters (11.5 and 7.5) keep them in their dance bag and pull them out to use with their friends between dance classes. There's always a crowd of kids around the cubes, and they range in age from 6-18. I love that my 7.5 year old will pull these out and play with them by herself.

We homeschool so I had originally purchased the other sets as creative writing prompts. However, while they certainly work that way, my girls have used them much more just to make up stories on their own. We have other Gamewright games, and I really appreciate that their toys combine so much fun with learning. As homeschoolers, I look to pack eduction into all that we do.

While some of the pictures on the dice are very straight-forward in their interpretation, it's been interesting to see how different kids interpret other pictures. While our girls don't play lots of computer/video games, I've still been very pleasantly surprised at just how much of a hit such a simple game has been. You won't regret this purchase!
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I have been Big Sister, though Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, to a 9-year-old girl for two years. Having retired from my career, I now call myself a "recovering perfectionist." Because of my life-long issues with perfectionism, I was able to easily identify them in my Little Sister at her young age. She is a great kid, and smart, but she feels everything has to come easily to her on the first try. If it doesn't, she can become very frustrated, pouty and want to stop trying whatever it is we are trying to learn or achieve.

Because I am a writer and love being creative, creativity, writing and story-telling are skills that I want to foster in my Sis. As a result, after finding Rory's Story Cubes on Amazon, I decided to buy the set called "Voyages." I found the price very reasonable, especially for something so well made! These are nice, SOLID dice that roll well in the hand. Substantial...and made to last. I can't tell yet if the printing of the various pictures on the dice will stay around for long, but the construction appears to be top notch.

Usually, when Little Sis and I go out to eat, we play games on my tablet while we wait for our food. Last weekend, I decided to introduce the Story Cubes as an alternative. I explained to her what they were and their purpose, and we began discussing what each image on each side of the die represented (I highly recommend doing this step first, because while many of the pictures are obvious, some are not).

Soon, we were each taking turns rolling out the set of dice and making up stories around whatever the dice showed. At first, she wanted to manipulate the dice to give her the options she wanted, but I discouraged this. Before you know it, we were making up stories left and right and laughing out loud! Off to a good start, I'd say! I've already recommended these to a neighbor who often hosts her large family, including children around (and younger than) my Little Sister's age.

Rory's Story Cubes come in individual sets and also in multiple sets, depending on how many kids you may be dealing with. I could definitely see investing in another set at some point down the line if my Little Sis continues to enjoy and be inspired by story-telling time!

UPDATE 6/29/15: I had to edit my review to note that my Little Sister now ASKS to bring the story cubes along when we go out to a restaurant for lunch, so that we can use them while waiting for our food. This is a kid who is deeply tied to electronic devices, and who usually wants to play on my Kindle Fire while waiting for this is a HUGE development that I am VERY happy about! :)
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on January 9, 2013
My nephew plays with electronic toys entirely too much in my opinion. Mom's iphone is the toy he prefers the most. So I thought I'd get him something simple. He has a great imagination and he loves to tell stories so I figured this is right up his alley. It's one of the smallest presents he got for Christmas (amongst large lego sets, Star Wars toys, etc) And this game was the one he was the most excited to play with. That's saying a lot. I told my BIL and Sister that it'd be great for them when they travel by car long distances because it doesn't require batteries and they can all play it together. I'm not sure how much he's playing with it now, when I see him, he still talks about it. Good purchase ^_^
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on November 29, 2013
Uhhhh I don't understand the high ratings... it's a great game for ten year olds, but the most fun I had with these was strategizing how to make them more fun for adults. We settled on this procedure:

(instructions for a group of 4 players)
1. One person rolls the dice.
2. This person, and the person to their left, both close their eyes while the other two players arrange the dice in whatever order they like, in a linear way. (One after another after another.)
3. The team opens their eyes and has to come up with a story collaboratively, the roller of the dice beginning, each person tag-teaming to construct a story based on each die. Example, if the first three dice are a flower, a screwdriver, and a clock, "Once upon a time, there was a flower growing in a vast desert." (push the flower die forward to indicate you've integrated it into the story, and to signal it's the next person's turn.) then the next person constructs the next part, "It was a flower that was pretty handy with tools, and it was often hired by other flora and fauna to put together Ikea furniture." (then push the screwdriver die forward, and so on).
4. While step 3 takes place, the non-team players set a timer for 1 minute. When the timer goes off, the storytellers have to stop.
5. The number of dice that the storytellers successfully integrated compromises part of their score. The other part of their score is determined by the non-storytellers based on quality & cohesiveness, they each assign a number 1 - 10 to indicate their impression of the overall quality.
6. Record the score on paper, with each person's name separately.
7. Then the 2nd person from the storytelling team becomes the dice-roller, and the person to their left assumes the storytelling role in combination with them. Repeat the above steps.

A full "round" means that each person at the table has been part of the storytelling team 2 times, once as the roller, and once as the supportive person. Determine how many rounds you want to play beforehand, and then total up the individual scores of each player to determine the winner.
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on December 6, 2012
Received my cubes. These are better than the other two sets! The symbols etched on the dice are more imaginative than before and they will spark your imagination more as well. I paid premium for the dice...the recent price drop is nice and wish I had known it would drop 30% over a couple days. Get them at the current price. Keep one thing in mind: these dice work best as a language learning tool or in creative writing classes. There are a lot of toys online that are a lot more fun that will still spark the imaginations of children. For the cost, however, these are worth purchasing! The other two sets are not really needed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 14, 2014
I got these (and a few other similar, boggle, scrabble, etc) for my wife--I married her in June of 2013. She came from the Southern Border of Mexico and spoke ZERO english. IN just over a year, with my help, with the help of these kinds of activities, she is now at probably high school level English. I am very proud of that--and really these are excellent because they do many unique things. This applies to anyone--children, teens, adults, or people like my wife learning English as second language.

1- Teach new words
2- Challenge memory to remember previously learned words
3- As opposed to just repeating a word, or trying to read it, this actually forces you to KNOW what the word means.
4--Doing/sorting the various problems helps you think in english vs thinking in (spanish) native language because its explained in english. (my theory).

It seems like the biggest challenge is to think in English. Other languages use different sentence construction and layout, and its very difficult to think in one way and talk in another. I liken it to the old HP calculators that used RPN to enter #'s, vs a regular calculator that is more direct. This seems to help with that.

it might not help with pronunciation and grammar, but I not only never claimed, but wouldn't begin to suggest that this is the sole source to learn English as 2nd language. You still need to read, and need to practice talking to someone who can correct you and so on. This is a very good tool however, to apply things that you either are learning or already learned. I appreciate that they have these ranked by level of difficulty. That makes it easy for children or adults to use the one appropriate for their level.


Its a great product.
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on December 18, 2012
These are great, small compact great for travel, and a good way to kids to use there brains and story telling skills, They were on sale and I purchased 3 of them for the grand kids as Christmas stocking stuffers
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on June 21, 2016
We bought these to go with the other two Story Cubes sets that we own. This "Voyages" set is a nice addition to "Actions" and the "Original" of 9-dice sets. While we do not use them all that frequently, I like that they are contained in a box, which is small. I've been known to put one or two of these in my bag to take with me if I think I'll be waiting with my kids somewhere, where we would have an opportunity for some play. My kids did NOT enjoy these as 4,5,6 year olds...rather, they are enjoying them as 8 year olds through teens.

This set "Voyages" contains a variety of pictures - most of which are clearly around travel of one form or another. Some of the pictures are head-scratchers regarding travel: dried beans, puzzle piece, eyeglasses, pill, amoeba, mushroom, sheriff star. But then again, that is the idea - creativity! These dice are etched then painted with a dark green paint. Combining them with other sets isn't a problem, as the other sets are etched and painted with other colors, so easy to regroup the sets later.

We go over the pictures briefly so they can start getting ideas and so that they are not confused about a picture. The pictures can be a bit generic, which is good - a musical note? - well, that can depict music, an instrument playing, a boombox, whatever... When we play, we either quietly pick out a dice without looking and place it down, or we roll the dice (if we are somewhere the noise of dice rolling is OK). It doesn't take too long to play - unless you have a very imaginative storyteller in your group. Easy to pick up and go.
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on September 19, 2013
I saw a photo of the orange set. I got 2 sets. One for home. One for van. Then oh my gosh. I saw more sets!!!!!!! Hello!!!! I got them both!! Christmas baby!!! My son has Autism. This is so so so great. But for any kid. We did a 9 shirt bedtime story's the other night!! It was a hoot!!! Love them!!!!!!
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on August 2, 2015
Very clever product. We got Voyages instead of the base set because it has some more obvious elements-pirates are pirates, etc. I'd almost call it Rory Junior because it's very directed.

Our 4-year-old loves it. We give her about 4-6 dice instead of all 9 to use at once.

Our 1-year-old can play with the remaining dice. In fact, one of his first twenty words was "dice" - these are very fun and attractive, and not so small that a kid can eat it without the parent noticing.

And it certainly goes a long way to improve verbal skills and vocabulary.
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