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on July 24, 2015
This rifle is a dream. Unbelievable solid construction with a scope that's actually not that bad for a stock scope. I was expecting to throw out the scope and replace but considering this is just for plinking and small critters it does the job and it does it really well. It takes a little muscle to pump but when you shoot you'll understand that all that force is compressing a ridiculous amount of air into the shot. It actually has a little kick to it. I use with .177 Gamo Rocket 9.6 grain ballistic tip pellets and my shots stay true much further than you'd expect and crack like a .22 showing how much velocity this rifle can push out. I'd consider this a respectable gift to someone younger starting out learning to shoot or as a great addition to the collection for casual backyard practice or critter control.
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on December 9, 2014
Love It,I Love The Gun,LoveThe Scope As Well, Good Investment
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on January 16, 2015
I bought this rifle as a Christmas gift for my dad and I think he will love it. He wanted a newer .22 rifle but buying one of those right now is a waste because the ammunition is out of stock pretty much everywhere. My brothers sighted in the scope and it is very accurate from about 40-50 yds away (that's all we tested it at). Some people complain about the scope but for $70 for the whole package and assuming someone's not going to use this for competition shooting events, the scope seems pretty good to me. It amazes me how much power comes out of this thing from a simple spring mechanism. The first time I shot it was at night right after it got delivered, I took it outside and shot a pellet into the ground and fire came out of the muzzle! It will definitely satisfy his needs of defending his barn from pesky pooping birds defecating all over his vehicles!
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on May 21, 2016
Product is solid and performs well. Tremendous power from the well designed cocking mechanism which puts a ton of air pressure into the chamber.
Great for rodent control. Even the scope works adequately.

On the downside, it is VERY loud and pretty heavy. SO much so I am thinking of making a silencer from a youtube video. The trigger also has too much pull action on it so it affects maintaining and accurate sighting.

But I only paid 100 bucks for it and for that amount it's a good deal - especially with the muzzle velocity it generates on .177 10.5 grain pellets.
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on February 18, 2015
Good BANG for your buck. This is a fun air rifle for target shooting. I'm certainly not a gun expert... this is the only gun of any type that I actually own. But, I would definitely recommend it if you want to do some target shooting in your back yard or take care of some varmint problems. It packs a good punch and it is pretty quiet.

My only complaint is the scope... just like many others have commented on. It is cheap. It works reasonable well, but a higher quality scope should definitely be your first investment. I wish that there were iron sights also, to have that option.
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on June 17, 2014
We were looking for something that my son could take out and entertain himself with and didn't fully trust him with a .22 rifle by himself yet. Took him out with this air rifle and couldn't believe the power this had. One of the shots passed through a rabbit and hit the machine shed behind with quite a bit of force left. It has taken a lot of rabbits and if I recall all were one shot stops. Of course shot placement helps. At six pounds it is still a bit heavy so he can't really get a steady shot standing but does just fine kneeling. At 25 yds he can consistently hit a 3" spinner target. The 30 lbs cocking weight was an issue at first but after showing him how to use leverage and his weight it is no longer an issue. He gets a little upset that I take it out to "test" it out every once in a while. Scope isn't best quality but is just fine for what he is using it for. I have recommended this to a few of my co-workers that were looking for an air rifle.
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on July 25, 2013
I have a fairly large gunsmith shop in Montana and do a lot of guns including air rifles for the local 4H and for area families. Then I bought the first GAMO Hornet and set it up in the shop to add the included 4X scope then fired the gun in my test range. I was absolutely happy with the way the gun allows pellets to be inserted. There cannot possibly be a better or easier way. The cockling effort for this break barrel rifle is about 30 pounds but not difficult at all. The gun looks just like a firearm with the synthetic stock, sights, adjustable trigger and solid safety. The biggest surprise is how well the guns shoot. I have assembled 13 of them now for people who stop by for 'real' guns then shoot the demo I have set up and wind up buying one. The feel is just like any good rifle and the scopes turned out to be darn accurate! They are not high end scopes but they work. One good thing is the scope, mount and rings come with the gun and it is easy to assemble. Zeroing the gun takes minutes and accuracy is excellent. Local feral critters up to raccoons have met their match in test shots.. One annoying bird fell to a regular pellet at 153 feet. Regular inexpensive pellets are highly accurate and PBA pellets are downright awesome in accuracy and speed. For the money this rifle cannot be beat. I cannot get them fast enough after customers realize the quality and cost.
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on December 26, 2015
I loved this product as a first time buy of any air rifle. It's powerful and accurate if used correctly, so, subsequently, after a little practice i was picking off squirrels, birds, and rats around my barn in no time. This air rifle actually feels like it has more kick than a .22, but in a way that's satisfying and not overly annoying. I would love to give this product five stars but after only about a week the scope went to s*** and became completely useless aside from being a telescope. But if you're looking for an awesome first-timer air rifle that can actually be used practically, GET THIS (WITH A NEW SCOPE).
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on November 3, 2013
Nice rifle over all. For $100 you will be quite pleased but don't expect perfection. The trigger pull is not that smooth and is pretty high pressure. I haven't tried tweeking it as of yet. Could still be breaking in. I have about 150 rounds through the gamo. It has a nice feel in hand and is actually nicely balanced.

While sighting in the groups were getting worse and worse. After on shot I hear something fall on the deck. One of the scope mounting bolts came loose and fell out of the mount. Could use some lock tight to keep them tight. The scope itself seems fine for the price. Just keep the mounting bolts tight. I though it dialed in pretty well. Overall I would prefer fix sights but I don't see them as an option on this with out customization. IMO scopes are not needed on an air rifle due to the ranges you are dealing with, but that is just me. Scopes break easier as well.

In summary, this is a fun rifle and worth 100 dollars. If you are going to use it to educate kids on shooting safety you may want to cut off the stock a bit, it is build for avg. sized adults.
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on September 22, 2013
I read all the rave reviews with scepticism before I bought this rifle, and I must say, I have not been disappointed. It's much more powerful and more accurate than I expected. I zeroed in the factory sights at 30 feet mainly for the convenience, and I was actually hitting the sames holes several times. Shots were grouped in clusters smaller than 1/2" circles. I used the Umarex Superdome Field Line Pellets which had the highest customer rating for accuracy. I also found a YouTube video that compared accuracies of four top-rated .177 pellets. The rifle's trigger position, pressure and travel do take some practice getting used to, and it can greatly affect accuracy until you learn how to stabilize the weapon. For my needs - outlaw squirrels and plinking - it's a great choice. Kickback was a painful surprise, but the noise level is less than I expected, which is a plus for me. The gun feels heavier than the specified 6.1 pounds. Holding up and steadying that weight was more difficult than I expected. So I weighed it: about a gram or two less than 6.1 All in all, a great value. I just hope it holds up over the long term.
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