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Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

by  Ganesh Arunachalam
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  • Explore our Self...

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About Me (Us)...

A soul in the search of eternal peace…

About This Blog...

In our young age many beliefs, habits, do’s and don’ts were taught/forced on to us by our Parents/Elders in the name of Wise things to do, Religion and GOD. We used to follow some of them blindly or forced to follow them because of peer pressure or we used to ignore some of them in the name of ignorance or superstition.

Personally I think there should be some reasoning behind each one of them. At the same time whatever said to us may not be true completely as it were passed on to us after many generations in form of saying/writing which has many chances to get misinterpreted or exaggerated or twisted or even being false or not applicable now.

We can’t question our Parents/Elders always as they don’t know the real reasoning behind it. It’s our duty to use our sixth sense and differentiate the right and wrong and choose the correct one after analysis from the true source. In that way we might be to answer our-self and our coming generations with true knowledge. The purpose of this blog is learning and sharing the true knowledge in our inner journey towards the higher Self.

As a human we are born in the world to learn and correct ourselves from our past mistakes and realize the true reality (Inner Self). My humble thought is that Spirituality is the true source of Ultimate Reality; Science is the Reasoning behind it and Religion is the Path to achieve it for common man. In other words ‘Spirituality is the Soul, Science is the Mind and Religion is the Body’.

Suggestions/Feedback/Comments are always welcome to know our Self better! :)

“Be True, Love All, Help Others Selflessly,
Live in Harmony and Rest in Peace”

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Developed By: Ganesh Arunachalam
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