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on January 8, 2015
Quick Story recap: A good cop who wants to clean up the streets of LA is tasked with stopping a crime boss from taking over by any means necessary. He assembles a team of guys to help called the Gangster Squad.

It seemed like a bad mix of The Untouchables and Dick Tracy with more violence and at times cheesy dialogue. This movie is a bumpy ride starting with the acting. I think Josh Brolin and Giovanni Rabisi (Tech guy) being the only two who did a decent job. Ryan Gosling's character seemed to be ripped directly from a 50s Noir film, complete with that style of speech. This made many of his scenes and especially his romantic scenes to fall short. There are just two scenes where I felt he was portraying a real person instead of doing an impression. The movie never gives much time or importance to many of these characters so you don't really care for many of them or even remember their names. I don't understand the gunslinger cowboy cop. While his shooting was good, I liked him, his character stuck out as shouldn't really be in a mobster movie. Also, they barely used his special skill, only two times the entire film - when the guys are practicing and the very end. Wasted character. Wasted skill.

Overall though, the movie is just ok. It delivers well on action and that cool sense of the gangster mob movies that drove me to watch it in the first place. But it lacked in dialogue which was cheesy at times, plot holes, under developed characters, and it failed at the suspense and emotional points. SPOILERS FOLLOWING HERE: For example, the only moment in the movie the heroes were in real danger came in the form of the trap and it played out with Ryan Goslings character breaking up the trap well before it ever even became a viable suspense point. The other moment the suspense fell short was when Josh Brolin's character comes home thinking his wife may have been killed. It was so rushed, I didn't even know it was his house. Even in slow motion as they follow the blood trail it was resolved without the emotional impact it was trying to achieve. The boxing at the end could have also been taken out of the movie as it was stupid to think a cop with a gun would throw it down to duke it out hand to hand with a former boxing champ. There are a lot of things that didn't make sense, like how they traced the bug in Mickey Cohen's house directly to the location of Tech Guy. Why was absolutely no one at Mickey's house right after the Tech Guy's death? His house was guarded by tons of guys when Mickey wasn't home just 30 minutes earlier in the movie when they need to plant the bug. It's these moments that define the movie. Good action but there were boneheaded things - It had potential but didn't live up to it.
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on May 17, 2013
"The Gangster Squad" based on a TRUE story (the "Hat Squad"--see " Mullholland Falls" which also featured Nick Nolte, then as the leader of the group) taking place in post WWII Los Angeles when the Gangster/Racketeer Mickey Cohen climbed to the top of the heap in the early 50's. Corruption was not new to City Leaders, Policemen and Union men however to step outside the law to FIGHT it was.....enter Sgt John O'Mara (Josh Brolin)--former decorated war veteran, hardened by his years in the war and a no-nonsense ethic he applies to his detective position with the LAPD; Sgt Jerry Wooters (Ryan Gosling) content with getting along to insure a pension in 20 years, undergoing a slow realization that in order to enforce the law sometimes one must BREAK the law; Giovanni Ribisi (excellently cast) as the techno-geek officer who improvises listening devices to tap into Cohen's secret plans ; Michael Pena as a rookie cop eager to join up and be part of this team; and Robert Patrick the elder lawman who still holsters an old 6 shooter but with deadly accuracy (obviously not a fan of LAPD's snub .38 service weapon) We now have the ingredients of Superhero Crime Fighters without the necessity of Miranandizing suspects or calling for the paddy wagon to arrest lawbreakers! Just as violent and physically abusive as Cohen (darkly and visciously portrayed by Sean Penn) our ensemble of Cops fight ruthlessly to eradicate the grasp of Mickey Cohen and his henchmen in the most bold and intrusive means available. Add to the mix a young, sultry siren (Emma Stone) who, as Cohen's Moll-doll, secretly falls for the ever romantic rogue and member of O'Mara's Hat Squad, Jerry, and you have the classic Hollywood Love Triangle, acted with complete believability and vulnerability......Moral ambiguity, blazing tommyguns, knives, barefisted brawling are interspersed with a lively 40's soundtrack, lavish niteclubs, colorful suits, gowns and locales that capture the milieu of Los Angeles in the late 40' absolute visual spectacle from start to finish (and props to Nick Nolte as the legendary Bill Parker who sanctioned the formulation of the Gangster Squad) I found this endeavor to be sexy, violent and satisfying (appeasing the inner vigilante within ALL OF US)...
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LA in the time of Mickey Cohen, 1949. Cohen wants to take over LA and the entire West Coast. Chief Parker, the only cop in LA who seems to be straight wants to bring Cohen down. He brings on Sgt John O'Mara, played by Josh Brolin to head this secret squad. Sgt's wife played by Mirele Enos, (the US version of The Killing,star) helps him choose his squad. Ryan Gosling, is the most famous and difficult to get. Ryan is in love with Cohen's girlfriend, played by Emma Stone. That pretty much sums up the star power.

A lot of star power in ths film. A lot of guns, callous and brutal murder, violence and blood, so much blood. There is a semblance of a story, but not much of one. As I said, the best part of the film is the stars.

Not Recommended. prisrob 05-14-13
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on April 15, 2017
Bought this after seeing lala land and being in love with anything Ryan and Emma ... didn't expect much but wow I loved it .. now its definitely not hard core gritty gangster movie . So if that what u want than pass this up . But for me a bit of that world with the intertwined lives and romance .. loved it . Glad it's in my collection
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on March 15, 2017
Picture quality was great. I had already seen this film in theaters and was excited to watch at home.
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on July 19, 2016
Great Movie but read the book to, it is much better!
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on March 20, 2017
I literally remember nothing from this film
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on March 30, 2017
Okay movie.
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on April 13, 2017
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on April 14, 2013
This takes a bit to get rolling, but once it does (not too long, mind you), it doesn't stop. It has a similar feel to The Untouchables, but from a different angle. I don't do spoilers; look at some of my other reviews and you will get an idea of my tastes. I really can't imagine not enjoying this if you are even slightly interested in this type of movie. A great watch!
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