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on April 21, 2005
Other reviews have indicated that Gantz is merely a mindless vehicle for gratuitous violence & sexuality. I don't agree. The extreme violence and sexuality were clearly intended to set the tone and give insight into the characters.

It is an intriguing and original concept, but clearly not for the squeamish. Definitely only for people who like darker anime with Edge.

In this initial volume Gantz sets a group of random individuals into a bizarre and extreme situation. It is reminiscent of the concept of movies such as "The Cube" and "Battle Royale". This volume is not about plot.. it's about setting up a bizarre situation and introducing a group of characters trapped in it.

I was immensely impressed with the excellent characterization of the major characters. The internal monologues are very 'real-life' and the actions and dialogue of the characters give you insight into exactly who they are and where they are coming from. The extreme violence and sexuality are designed to provoke realistic reactions which give you insight into the characters. It doesn't mean that you'll like the reactions, but they are 'real'. Observation of character under extreme stress is inherently interesting.

Gratuitous nudity without purpose is watching some female anime character take a shower. The sexuality in Gantz cuts directly to the moral and ethical character (or lack thereof) of these people.

Overall, I think Gantz is intriguing and has great potential. Of course, they could easily blow it and descend into absolute pointlessness, but based on the first volume I would definitely recommend picking this up.

Yes. 2 epsisodes per DVD is legalized crime. But you gotta be willing to pay for a good story.
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on March 31, 2005
People who casually cross paths in the real world find themselves in a sick, twisted game for their new lives.

You hear their thoughts, you see their perversions, you see them die.

Gantz is unapologetic and doesn't hide the gruesome and frail nature of humanity. Throw in some aliens and guns and you get Gantz.

The premiss of the story is brilliant.

There are only two episodes per disc so I recommend getting it used.
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on March 1, 2012
Kei was your basic average teenager who is horny and always looking for danger but until one day at a subway station, he meets a familiar face as it's Kato who is a childhood pal of his as things get bad when they see a homless drunk man on the tracks, they decide to be heroes to save his life but they are nearly killed to pieces until they magically are vanished into an apartment where they meet other people who had near-death experiences which are brought by a mysterious sphere named Gantz. They all must do important missions of destroying aliens for the sphere but the people don't know if they are either alive or dead.

A good start to a fantastic Sci-fi fantasy action series! this series shocked audiences in Japan for it's graphic violence and gore abound but was a hit neverthless combined with complexity and action abound. It also questions what is life or death like plus it's got good character development to especially in part of being innovative with it's creative concepts. If you liked Fist of the North Star, Akira, Golgo 13 and Ninja Scroll then i suggest this mildly amusing anime series.

This DVD contains both English dub and Japanese language with english subs versions with extras like interview with director Ichiro Itano and clean opening with closing animation.
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We had the opportunity to preview the first two episodes of the unedited/uncut version of the animated TV series "Gantz".

The anime is based on the manga by Oku Hiroya and directed by Itano Ichiro ("Mega Zone 23", "Macross Plus").

The storyline begins with Kurono Kei. Kei, is a student who has an obsession with pornography, arrogant and has a low opinion of people around him.

Upon waiting for a subway train, he sees an old childhood friend, Kato Masaru.

Masaru is the total opposite of Kei in which he respects Kei because of his braveness but he's simple, kind and willing to help people.

When a homeless person falls down on the subway tracks, Masaru is their to help him. But to save him, he needsd help, thus he asks the help of Kei.
Both managed to save the homeless individual but in the process are ran over by the subway and decapitated.

While dead in reality, in another reality, both end up in an apartment room with other people and a dog (who have also died).

The apartment happens to be a self-contained small universe where chosen individuals are transporated to immediately after death.

No one can escape and no one understands why they are there until the black sphere in the middle of the room known as GANTZ gives them a mission. To kill a strange onion-headed boy.

Since, I haven't watched the original TV episodes that, what I can tell you is that this anime is definitely not for children.

It features graphic scenes, violence, nudity and adult situations that I'm curious what was exactly shown on television.

The animation is top notch work from GONZO and so far, the characters in the anime seem to be quite interesting.

Among the chosen individuals is the lone female of the group, Kishimoto Kei, a girl who attempted suicide but survived but for some reason the GANTZ created an exact digital copy of her and upon arrival to the apartment is nude and Kei is holding on to her.

While most of the chosen ones seem to be decent individuals, among them are two yakuza gangsters. One who tries to rape female Kei but fortunately Masaru is their to prevent it.

Thus Kei becomes smitten with Masaru, while Kei (male) takes a liking to her.

Also among the individuals is Nishi Joichiro, a mysterious person who has been in the GANTZ for one year and is fascinated by it.

For comedy relief is the dog, Butter who seems to have a taste for female Kei.

Although this anime may be a bit dark and graphic for some anime viewers, I actually found it quite intriguing because the storyline is very original and exciting.
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on February 28, 2005
What if when you die you are summoned to an apartment filled with a few select others (including a dog) where there is no escape and no possible contact with the outside world. It is here, in this apartment room, that you take orders from a black sphere known as Gantz. You are transported out of the apartment into the streets of Tokyo where you track down and kill your assigned alien target. If you do not comply, you will die again.

Reviewing Gantz was tricky for me given the release platform decided on by ADV Films. Here we are only given two uncut episodes making it very difficult to give an honest opinion on the show. But from the looks of it, this series does show some potential. Put together by the incredible talent at Gonzo, we are provided with something that truly pushes the boundaries of violence and sexuality in anime made for TV. And boy is it violent! Limbs ripped off, bodies disemboweled, and decapitation all done in substantial pools of blood. For those who haven't figured it out by now, this show is definitely not for kids!


While I find no problem with the character designs, I was a little distracted by their stiff movements. Not only that, but there are a lot of camera pans in the first few scenes that make the characters look flat and out of place (Episode one's subway scene in particular). But after the first 10 minutes or so the camera pans ceased to bother me.


This is where I really find Gantz hard to review. Having only viewed two episodes I'm a little unsure of what type of show this is going to turn out to be. In the first episode we watch two of our main characters get rundown by a train and then in the second, they are assigned their first alien to hunt. It's here in the second episode that the show gets weird. Their first target is "The Green onion Alien " and not only does he look like one, but he runs around and chews on them as well. While this all seems very silly, the violence keeps the show serious. And then it ends. Yep, that's the end of the volume! Based on what I've seen from this disc, Gantz looks to be a very interesting story to watch unfold. I'm intrigued and very much so awaiting the next release.


Gantz is looking to be a good show, although flawed, it's still something to be seen by those who aren't easily offended by violence and sexuality. And though I wish there were more episodes on this release, the quirks I found here were interesting enough to make me anticipate the next volume.
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on December 19, 2005
A world of ultra-violence, demonic aliens, mouths filthier than a Quentin Tarantino film, gratuitous nudity, and a sadistic black ball named Gantz who decides to bring back people from the dead (after experiancing horrific fatalities) to play a game for their lives. As it has been already stated this series is what you would get it Tarantino and Kubrick ever made an anime together. But fortunately the violence here is not to the extreme of other anime like MD Geist or Genocyber where the violence is used to cover a horrible story. Here the story holds up on its own. You cant help but continue to watch each new episode to find out who survives in the end. And surprisingly there is definately character developement amongst the barrage of violence and language and sex (in the form of nudity and language, there surprisingly is virtualy no sex in the whole series...at least not up to volume 5, havent seen anything after that).

Definately for mature audiances only! Get ready for the hardcore thriller that took Japan by storm. Will you survive the Gantz?
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on December 4, 2005
Gantz is about life, death, and the nature of reality. Let me start this review by saying that if you dislike R-rated content, and flinch at nudity this anime is not for you. It is graphic in the best sense of the word - violence and sex have a dark purpose in this anime, and they are omnipresent.

GANTZ is a looking-glass version of life itself. It is a game with obscure objectives and fatal consequences for failure. Information is pathetically limited, though the players have the tools they need. Those who can't adapt, die. Anyone who doesn't see a metaphor for the real world here is missing a large point.

Into this world come two unlikely heroes (unlikely in both background and temperment) - students who save a homeless man from a train at the cost of their lives. Throughout it we see their dark counterparts, two students who beat homeless people to death for fun. In the second season we see a twisted counterpart of the first, where the dark duo takes command of the group through intimidation and fear (as opposed to courage and charisma). The final evaluation on which version of life and leadership was superior? For those who have seen it, they know the fates of the group, and which fate was the better one.

For those who don't - watch GANTZ. Philosophy, action, suspense, interesting characters, and absolutely nothing resembling child-like morality and situations that make up the usual fare in TV. Nihilistic could be used to describe it, but the description does not give it justice. Worth watching, even if it won't cheer you up.
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on November 1, 2005
GANTZ. This Show is very real in a sense it shows how people think and the outcome certain types of thought yield. It isn't like any Anime I have seen or have owned. A friend of mine stated to me everytime I picked up a GANTZ DVD ,"That it isn't even close to what you like." I normally watch Habinea Renmie and as others put it; My Gold Standard. I do not own any Anime one must hide from children. That changed with GANTZ disk 1. Yes the first few disk only have a few shows on them but it is so original that the story pulls you in. I would not call it slow. The show is situational. What happens and how it is handled seems to spark the story line. If one does not put themselves in the place of the characters in the show, they miss out on some good inflection. The sex thing although it shocked me was easy to see why it was included. Just as important is the theme of love for your fellow man. This Anime is very good story telling with lifes lessons bundled in. Now did I say the ART is great? Well it is!! If you see the first show and wonder why the first character is so blahh... The point isn't his looks. It is what is really happening internally or all present during any situation a character encounters. P.S. Lots of Blood, Gore, and Violence. I avoid blood bath type shows and Pointless killing. This show is different.

My total collection when done will only have cost me $100.00 plus shipping fees.

Most are used DVDs. If that doesn't help. Wait for the thin pack. My favorite Animes are Habinea Renmie and Gantz. They are so different from each other. The Core of these stories, is something you have never seen it before!
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on November 22, 2007
Gantz is pretty much Battle Royale done right. And if you're not familiar with that movie, you may not be able to watch Gantz. If you're familiar with the survival horror, you're familiar with the themes of strangers not-quite-working together in terrible circumstances, and a horrible impersonal *mysterious* authority in the background. Gantz develops these themes, with a group of mismatched strangers being forced to hunt down odd aliens living in Japan, with neither explanation nor help from an odd 4' wide black ball. Like much of the survival horror genre, Gantz is uncompromisingly violent, and one of the main characters is a sex object, for further character development of another main character. But unlike the Battle Royale movie, Gantz takes time to show the lives of its characters, with some episodes devoid of the alien hunt. Indeed, the first arc, which is almost an introductory one, is eight episodes long.

Unfortunately, the 2-episodes per disk format is quite irritating, as I found myself watching the first eight episodes all in one sitting. The last arc is not based on the manga, and is a much weaker story than the first two. And, while the series ends at 26 episodes, the bizarre questions behind the black ball are not answered. Thankfully, Dark Horse comics will be publishing the manga, so we can continue to view this series.
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on June 24, 2008
I recently started watching this show, and although I admit in the beginning I was unsure if it was anything I would enjoy, I am so incredibly happy that I stuck with it!

After 2 days, I've finished watching the entire anime series, and although the ending left some things to be desired, it has created a need in my soul to begin reading the manga (I'm on chapter 240 and continuing onwards).

Yes, I agree that Gantz is very violent, there is sexually explicit material and it is most definitely not for younger audiences. However, if you are looking for an Anime that differs from the norm, one that gives you a story suitable for adults while twisting what you intially expect from just any old anime then this show is exactly what you need.

I can compare it in quality with the Hellsing OVA (not the 17-episode series, but the so far 4 episode series that follows the manga incredibly well).

This is definitely worth the time and money, it will leave you begging for more and the manga provides it once the anime is done!
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