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on November 18, 2015
I absolutely love this album, the band, and their willingness to not only remaster it, but includ in the process the B-Sides, Demos, & Remixes for it's 20th Anniversary!

Then you ask, Why did you give it 4 stars if the album is worth 5?
- The answer comes down to 2 parts; 1 being the lack of an option for a 4 disk CD set, and 2 being the Quality of the mp3's.

I will admit I'm an audiofile and a snob when it comes to mp3 verses WAV verses FLAC and compression. (I am because I can hear a quality difference.) With the understanding that it costs more than will be earned to press a CD these days, I can respect the lack of a 4 disk CD set. HOWEVER, I am really surprised and disheartened that there wasn't a download option for something other than an mp3.

The mp3s range from about 292kbps down to 250kbps... Not Even 320, which is standard for mp3's today.
Although, I have purchased and heard WAY Worse mp3's, when it's this low, it doesn't do the music justice.

Everything is well remastered restoring a new clarity to tracks previously unheard. Unfortunately the mp3 quality leaves more to be desired.
I will be buying the 2 CD set as well, but as long as the mp3 Super Deluxe Edition is under $12 it is totally worth the purchase!

buy Buy BUY! The Album itself is Worth It! Don't worry about the mp3's if you just want the Album and/or B-Sides, Buy the CD's!
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on November 11, 2015
Must have for any Garbage fan. I got a kick out of the liner notes as well as the G-Sides that were included. Sonically I think the deluxe remaster is on point. With my desktop heapdhone system consisting of a Bellari HA540 Class A Headphone Amp and MrSpeakers Alpha Dog headphones I could hear some of the effects vocals on Not My Idea and Driving Lesson.
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on February 11, 2014
Right out of the gates with Supervixen, a great Garbage song. Sets the tone for their sound. A band that sounds like no other band, I really like that. Stupid Girl is somehow a staple in my life. I'm only Happy When It Rains remains strong. I have nothing negative to say about this band. I'm glad that now, in 2014, almost 20 years later, they are working on a new album and am anticipating it highly. They proved they still have that undefinable "it" last year with Not Your Kind Of People. So there will be a new album, a new tour, and they will still do several songs from this debut and it will sound fresh and strong if the last tour is any indication.
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on August 17, 2007
When I first heard this band, I was 15. I am now 26, soon to be 27, and have recently rediscovered what used to be my favorite band and album back in 1995. The first album does not hold as well to the test of time as the second one did, some of the songs have lost the synthetic polish they once had due to changing and improved technology, but the beats are still there, the Lyrics are still strong and Mansons vocals and moxy are timeless.

"Queer" has a british trip-hop sound to it and is my favorite track on this CD and one of my favorite Garbage tracks of all time. The beat and melody are simple and do not rely on whatever protools technology were available at the time to be good. "Only Happy when it Rains" is a genre (alternative) defining song and though it was never one of my favorites as far as the beat is concerned, the lyrics are at times poetic in that twisted ironic Garbade sort of way. "Vow", "As Heaven is Wide" and especially "Stroke of Luck" have surprised me with how well they have held up. I still like these songs so many years and life experiences later. and "Milk" is a quaint little song I always find myself skipping to while driving late at night.

Surprisingly, one of my favorite songs at the time has lost alot of its luster today. Perhaps I overplayed "Stupid Girl" at the time, or perhaps the song just had a unique sound which has since faded, or maybe the message about the "stupid girl" she is referencing just doesn't resonate with me the way it once did with a somewhat jaded 15 year old who moved around alot as a kid. Whatever the reason the song, though still good, does not stand out like it once did. "Not my Idea" is another song I once really liked but has fallen abit as far as my preferences go. It actually sounds very similar to modern top 40 pop and I am surprised I liked it so much when Grunge was still big.

anyways, This is a great band and this is a great Album. Dark, Brooding and Mysterious but not just made for teen angst. There is a real maturity to this band I am just noticing now, having revisited them and their second album, Version 2.0, is incredible. I am upset with myself for skipping that second album when I was 17, but then again, that is when Grunge and alternative was dead or dying and I had just discovered Hendrix, Morrison, Zeppelin, Santana and some other great classic artists. But the band Garbage will always be something special to me.
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on January 8, 2016
I love this album and have for years. This 20th anniversary release is great because even though the songs are remastered, the difference is subtle with the emphasis seeming to be more on the rhythm instruments. Another great thing is the "g" side disc which has some hidden gems, songs I've never heard. For fans of Garbage, or even those new to them, this CD set is fantastic. I couldn't recommend it more.
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on December 12, 2005
If you're looking for room thumping, full frontal rock n' roll, listen up. This is a club band but also more. Beyond the pounding, full-bodied sound is the writing, and it is good, very good. Together, the music and the lyrics in GARBAGE "G" give a spectrum portrait of raw emotion.

G begins with the dominatrix in SUPERVIXEN, "I will be your religion". We have her erotic promise, "I'll feed your obsessions". The audio dropouts are the tease and denial. If vocalist Shirley Manson doesn't own you on this first track then try to resist her in QUEER with its sensual invitation to "...take a look at me, let me dirty-up your mind". There are surprises throughout this CD. ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS is a signature song. It is ironically upbeat. Manson is "riding high upon a deep depression". And we love her enthusiasm!

AS HEAVEN IS WIDE is an extended curse and very scary. The venom from betrayal is undiluted, "Choke on guilt that's far too good for you". In NOT MY IDEA her patience - "I bit my tongue and stood in line" - turns to bitterness. She is vengeful in VOW, "You burned me but I'm back at your door. Like Joan of Arc coming back for more". The anger may be self-directed in STUPID GIRL, "A million lies to sell yourself is all you ever had". It's another signature track. Regret surfaces in DOG NEW TRICKS, "Sometimes didn't say what I meant to say". And desperation in MY LOVER'S BOX, "Send me an angel to love...I'm afraid I'll never get to heaven". FIX ME NOW is an urgent plea. The tone has certainly changed from the early tracks. Again in A STROKE OF LUCK and the plaintive final track, MILK, we see her vulnerability and longing, "I am lost...but I'd be love and sweetness if I had you".

The CD jacket has a sampling of the lyrics. I'd like to have seen them printed in their entirety. As it is now you will need to mine the gems with the replay button. On reflection...not a bad thing.
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on January 1, 2016
I've been an avid Garbage fan for years, but have only gotten on the vinyl resurgence in the last 10 years or so - so I missed a lot of the original pressings of the albums that I love. Super happy that the band re-released this one on vinyl - and it's a nifty clear pink vinyl at that. It sounds amazing, and will probably spin quite a bit on the old turn table :-) Very, very pleased with this!
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on October 2, 2015
1995: I remember grabbing the CD of this on the spot, as soon as the pink feathers and the word "garbage" on the cover caught my eye at a local record store in the UK, and could not believe my ears as I realized I had just discovered my new favourite super-band! Few months later they were all over the place, and by next year they had hit it really big. 2015: Digital copy preordered. Maybe not quite as desirable as the physical release, but loyalty to the music nonetheless. Frustrated that the super deluxe edition of this is only available as a download, I would rather have all tracks in digital copies, than not at all. Ironic that I should pay for music in a format that is slowly killing off CDs and vinyl. Plus, how weird to obtain music that, as a music collector, cannot actually "collect", since it is stored on a hard drive instead of a shelf.

At 62 tracks, the running time would make this a 4-disc set, which would have made an excellent deluxe CD set, but one that may have been a little pricier than all but the most die-hard fans would like to pay. I suspect Garbage would not sell thousands of 4-disc packages at this point, so keeping it digital-only for the fans makes some sense. With 6 options to choose from (see below), one would have thought that at least one of these would include both physical and digital material in one package, but no. Annoying as this already was, it actually became even more for buyers of the digital super deluxe edition. Available originally at only £7.99 from most EU retailers (well, e-tailers in this case), just 2 days before release amazon e-mailed customers, apologizing for not being able to deliver the pre-ordered MP3 album.

The result was them cancelling preorders or redirecting to a link, which took you to a copy of the standard 21-track digital download, and for double the price. Customer service can issue a refund, as it turns out, so the price for the 62-track bundle is actually £7.99 and not the inflated £15.98, but why all this hassle? Even the physical copy of this anniversary edition is causing frustration. With regard to the 2LP vinyl, it is still not clear at present whether the pink-coloured vinyl is limited or exclusive to one region. In my country (Greece), we get the standard black vinyl (I checked with 3 different retailers). I would love to get my hands on those pinkies, they look fantastic on the promo photos! Please, feel free to post any info as to where one can get this set.

Listening to the digital version of the album that made me a fan 20 years ago, makes me realize how dramatically things have changed since Garbage introduced themselves with this flashy self-titled debut. What remains the same, though, is the impact of this genre-defying set, which feels just as instrumental for post-grunge, as it does for trip-hop music. Younger audiences are probably unaware of this band's contribution to alternative rock, but it was this very record that bridged different worlds, and drew different audiences together under Garbage's unique banner. Calling them the forbears of alternative rock is only fitting. All it takes is a random listen to any of the songs on this, from the opening "Supervixen" to the closing "Milk". As for the G-Sides, they are only indicative of the band's legacy. Garbage rule!

List of 20th anniversary releases (all remastered):

- deluxe CD edition (CD 1: original 12 tracks / CD 2: 9 G-Sides)
- standard vinyl edition [2LP: original 12 tracks (pink-coloured vinyl not confirmed for all regions)]
* includes download card
- deluxe vinyl edition bos xet [3LP: original 12 tracks / G-Sides / fan zine (3LP 180gram vinyl)]
* includes download card and autographed photo of band

- standard edition (original 12 tracks)
- deluxe edition (original 12 tracks + 9 G-Sides)
- super deluxe edition (original 12 tracks + 9 G-Sides + 29 remixes + 12 alternate versions)
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on November 22, 2015
a great remastered edition for one of my best cd of the 90's...the sound is great and the second cd is complete with the bsides of the singles extract from this powerful cd!...i recommend this!
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on December 27, 2008
I lovelovelove this album. I only recently got into Garbage, but I'm a hardcore fan now. I bought this album because the song "Stroke of Luck" caught my attention on a tv show, and I fell in love with all the songs. Every song on this album is raw, melodic, and intense. The opener, "Supervixen" is a tease to the rest of the album. This song is my absolute favorite, with Shirley telling the world that she will be their religion. Next up is "Queer," which has a video that is to die for. Coming in third, still sure to please, is "Only Happy When It Rains," which I'm sure every person who was at least 10 years old in 1995 has heard. The rest of the album has standouts like "My Lover's Box," "Not My Idea," "Dog New Tricks," "Vow," and "Stroke of Luck." Seriously, pick this up. You WON'T be disappointed.
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