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on August 25, 2015
I was in the market for a new feeder after washing my old one (not this model), filling it with nectar and when I went to move it from one hand to the other to get a better grip (ironically) it slip and broke at the neck...sweet nectar on the carpet :( Didn't want the little birds to be without for too long so started the search for a new feeder.
The copper clad and glass feeder really caught my, it is quite pretty. There are 2 main reasons why I am only giving it 3 stars. First, when I originally got the feeder, I was cleaning it well (but carefully) in the sink and noticed at one point there was a gap between the copper wire and glass...one of the "welds" broke and the copper wire and leaf decoration was not sitting correctly against the glass. I was able to use a pair of pliers to wrap the broken piece around another portion...easy acceptable fix.The second reason, this thing seems like it will be a bit difficult to clean due to the size of the bottles' opening, it is smaller then a dime. I only just received it, but might be able to improve my cleaning technique...maybe swirling the water around to create a mini whirlpool to increase the emptying of the bottle. If you are cleaning it out and hold the bottle upright, you will be standing at the sink for 10 minutes for it to drain. I was going to return, but as I read it, Amazon return for damaged/defective items is it can ONLY be exchanged for another item...and who is to say that one won't break in a similar fashion.

On a positive note: once it was cleaned,repaired and filled with nectar hung it outside. The hummingbirds (think we have a total of 4...hard to tell..have seen 3 at one time) were still feeding from the salvia and other plants...one seemed interested in, but did not feed at the time. I am very happy to say that 5 minutes before starting this review I saw the little guy drinking from it :) and as long as they drink from it and it looks good, it will have a place on the deck.
UPDATE: so I have owned this feeder less than a month and having buyers remorse. I went outside today and saw one of those flowers laying on the railing , it must of just fell off!!! Also unless you tighten the feeder quite a bit and a certain way this thing leaks like crazy!!!!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 1, 2015
I ordered this because the picture was beautiful--I couldn't resist the bling of the brilliant orb. I was initially disappointed with the appearance (the thin metal) after receiving it and didn't put it out until midway through summer, after my more expensive glass feeder sprung a leak. It turned out to be my favorite hummingbird feeder, and I can't wait until spring to welcome the hummers back with it!

The feeder is easy to disassemble, clean, reassemble, fill (with a funnel) and hang. It's all metal and glass--no plastic. The style allows the hummers to either perch on the side or hover while feeding. I mix a 1-to-4 sugar-to-water ratio (heat 1 cup of water to more easily dissolve a half cup of sugar, then add ice to top off at 2 cups of nectar). I only put about a cup of nectar in the feeder at a time, so I can clean it at least once per week and not waste nectar (I freeze or refrigerate the extra nectar).

I hung the feeder from a shepherds hook 25 feet from the breakfast nook window, and ruby throated hummingbirds visited throughout the day until dusk; the last visit was in late September (I'm in central Iowa). The hummers frequently perched on the rose and black raspberry canes near the feeder before and after feeding--often flying away in pairs, so one apparently perched while the other continued to feed either at the feeder or in the nearby flower bed. This feeder was about 10 feet from a seed feeder and birdbath, as well as some sunflowers visited by goldfinches; the other birds proximity didn't seem to bother the hummingbirds.

I put Vaseline on the shepherds hook to prevent ants from getting into the feeder, but in the summer heat it didn't stick very well, so I used an ant guard which worked fairly well, but it's red and plastic and detracts from the beauty of the feeder. I would like the vendor or manufacturer to offer an ant guard that matches the style of this feeder.
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on April 14, 2012
I've had this feeder for over a year now and recently ordered a few more to give as gifts. I wanted something more 'stylish' than the usual and this fits the bill for that. My intent was to have this feeder be the closest one to the outdoor patio and wanted it to blend in a bit with that area and not stand out so much like some of the other styles available but also not be too over the top. The proof is in the attendance of the hummies that find their way to it day after day for 15 months now.

It has a large capacity but I generally only fill it with 8 ounces at a time. Depending on the time of year and the population of birds and their feeding frequency, those 8 ounces can be gone in less than a day. I change my food every 3 days no matter what and am not a big proponent of filling a feeder much beyond a cup at a time, 2 cups at the max during peak feeding season. If you live in a warm area or put the feeder in direct sunlight, be aware that there is a lot of exposed, clear glass on this - that can lead to things heating up quickly and significantly which can speed deterioration of the food and also pushes the food out of the feeding holes if it gets too warm. Then the feeding ports get plugged with crystalized sugar really fast.

There's no actual 'perch' on this feeder but I notice the birds will settle in on the edge of the base for some nice long feeding sessions.

A few things to be aware of: 1) The neck is quite narrow which can make doing a good clean with a flexible bottle brush time consuming, especially if you have mold or gunk near the curved area closest to the neck. 2) The feeder tray bottom is plastic and if you tighten it too much it will crack. Tighten it just until snug. 3) The feeder port tray takes a little getting used to when lining it up so it doesn't leak when you invert it for hanging. I recommend doing a couple of "get used to it" runs with just plain water so you don't get aggravated if it is slightly out of line and you lose a whole batch of food. 4) Check the feeder port holes after cleaning to make sure there is no sugar crystal build up. That part is metal and holds on to sugar crystals a lot 'tighter' than plastic.
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on August 19, 2017
Great little bird feeder. Beautiful brass with copper tinted glass. Commenting on the lower rated reviews I can understand why some people have trouble as it's a little difficult to hold it upside down to fill. I take the drain plug out of the sink and stand the feeder upside down to fill. The glass seems thick enough. I think probably people are tightening it down two hard. There is no seal between the tray and the glass bulb, the liquid only stops when the tray is full and blocks the flow. You only need to tighten just enough to align the two base pieces. If lightly tightened it does not leak. It might leak is if tightened down until the base cracked or when overnight the liquid cools then if it's in direct sunlight the liquid would heat up and expand and leak a few drops. You only need to screw it together, do not tighten it down. Mine has been in use for about two months, doesn't leak just hangs there looking great and feeding my little buddies.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 21, 2017
The bottle end opening is FAR too small. I thought as many feeders as Perky Pet makes, they wouldn't make a feeder with an opening so small (3/8" !). Also there's no alignment for the two lower halves, so it's possible to screw the halves on, nice and snug, turn it all over, " then" discover they didn't mate properly. While I'm grumbling, I had to bend the hanger housing, considerably, just to get it to hang level.

btw, you'll need to add to your order, a small funnel (it’s too small for even a qt measuring cup !), and a very long & narrow cleaning brush.

I've been feeding hummers for 10+ years, and have used many different style feeders. This is the worst! If my wife wasn't absolutely ecstatic with the decor, I'd have sent it back.
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on July 2, 2015
I've only had this about 1 week, but so far the Hummingbirds appear to like it a lot. It ook a couple of hours for them to find it and now it has fairly constant use throughout the day. This morning when changing the sugar water, I was holding and shaking it to make sure the feed had filled the bottom container and a small Hummingbird flew up and started feeding while I stood there holding the feeder. I and everyone who's seen it like the looks of this feeder - it's more like a piece of art for the garden than a cheap plastic tube, as a lot of the feeders are. The birds haven't shown any issues in using the fake flowers around the bottom of the base to drink and the outer edge of the base is well positioned so the birds can grab on and drink without having to fly the whole time.The glass container is heavy glass so with care should last a lifetime, while the bottom of the base is a heavy plastic. No reason I can see that this shouldn't last several years, so for the money and the esthetics of it's design I believe it's a great choice for a Hummingbird feeder. The Hummingbirds seem to think so too.
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on December 6, 2016
Classy looking. You will need a funnel to fill it, and the bottom cover
takes a little manipulating to stay straight as you screw it down.
Other than that, it works and looks cool.
Update: I have used this feeder for many months in all kinds of weather and am still very happy with it, BUT
there are things you should know before buying. Besides needing a funnel to fill it, you will need a flexible
bottle brush to keep the glass bottle clean from the inevitable mold and gunk from the sugar water being
exposed to light. Also, one of the little red "flowers" came lose from the feeding holes, and required a tiny
dab of super glue to repair. So I still like the way it looks and the birds have no problem draining it every day,
but it requires a little TLC to keep it going.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 21, 2017
Looks nice, easy to hang but leaks and does not actually hang straight and vertical. Leaking maybe due to not being able to screw in the base properly.
Unfortunately bought this as a Mother's Day present and by the time it was opened, setup and hanging for a week, it was outside the return window.
So a complete waste of money.
We bought this to replace an older one bought at Xmas which was awkward to hang but at least did not leak. Wish we had just kept the previous one to that, which we enjoyed for several years and was just getting a bit old.
Net result is that we will only be buying from stores where we can actually see, touch and evaluate.
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on April 6, 2016
Beautiful feeder but impossible to fill. The metal is not attached to the glass so when you take the bottom off to fill it the glass slides around in the metal. I broke the first feeder within the first minute of having it. I turned it over to fill it, there's no flat spot to lay it down so you have to hold it like a foot ball while trying to pour stuff into the small opening, and the glass slid from the metal housing and almost broke my foot as it shattered on the ground. This takes two people to do or a lot of practice. Amazon nicely sent me a replacement but I won't buy another one of these.
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on May 23, 2015
This humming bird feeder is so beautiful and the quality is on base for the price. I got it for my mom as a little just because present and she just loves it. We hung it up as soon as we filled it up. We decided to leave her other feeder up which is the traditional clear plastic bottle with the red base and flowers, with small red perches for them to rest on while they eat. We have noticed that they will occasionally go to this one but they seem to prefer eating out of the cheaper plastic one. So if this is going to be your only feeder the birds may not linger as much as you might like. Then again if it's the only feeder out they may just learn to like it. Even if they didn't eat out of it, it's still beautiful to look at. So I would recommend getting it.
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