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on November 8, 2015
I've had it about a month. I live in an apartment with a decent size patio. My seedlings have been doing very well. Upon setting the greenhouse up my husband zip tied the shelves to the frame for extra security and also zip tied to our patio railing as well. I've enhanced it since then with heating mats for seedlings, a couple battery operated fans and a hanging led grow light and grow bulb put into a simple desk lamp. First photo is me tending to my seedlings at 6am..I'm more interested in my greenhouse that having a cup of coffee these days. A very great buy!
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on March 22, 2015
I'm giving this 4 stars only because it needed some tweaking to make it perfect. Buy zip ties to secure the racks to the rods, because chances are the racks were distorted in delivery--making the shelves uneven and unstable. But once you zip-tie them down, they're great.

I outfitted my greenhouse with a combination thermometer/hygrometer to keep an eye on temperature and humidity. You can easily control humidity by opening/closing the zippered front flap.

I recommend you place it on something you have laying around to help stabilize it on the floor. It's not very wobbly, but you can never be too safe. I used an area rug with several layers of old newspapers to catch drips.

I used the aforementioned zip ties to secure fluorescent grow lights to the rods on the inside of the greenhouse and ran the cords through the bottom to a timer. I attached a picture for reference. Honestly, attaching my own grow lights made me love this greenhouse.

As a final note, check your local hardware store or garden store to see if they sell these greenhouses there. I found one locally for $20 a few days after I had received mine through Amazon.
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on April 27, 2009
This is our second of these mini greenhouses. The first one was smaller (3 shelves, purchased locally from our local nursery)... we used the first one for about 7 or 8 years, and it produced so many wonderful veggies and flowers for our garden year after year which we started in pots from seed. We simply loved it, but the plastic cover bit the dust, and we had taped it in several places with clear packaging tape to squeeze the last couple of years use from it, so it was looking ratty after 4 or 5 years of use. We could have purchased a new cover for it, but decided if we tossed the cover, the wire shelves would be helpful in our tool shed for storage, so opted for this new taller unit on Amazon (4 shelves) to use for starting our seeds again each spring. It is exactly the same as the first one we bought, except 4 shelves (taller) than the first 3 shelf model. We anchored it with a couple of bricks on the bottom shelf, so it doesn't tip over in high winds. We planted our seeds a couple of weeks ago, and every one of the 40 small pots of plants inside have sprouted and are already about 2-3 inches high (8 varieties of tomatoes, acorn squash, zucchini, cukes, and lots more, already looking great and should be ready to plant in the garden by the time the weather warms up enough.) The only thing that is a must, besides watering when needed... during warm days, open the front zipper, and roll up the front flap during the day, or your plants on the top shelf can literally 'cook'. We made that mistake with the first unit, and found if we just unzip it in the daytime for air circulation, and zip it up at dusk to keep the warmth in, it works perfectly. And, again, put something heavy on the bottom rack (bricks, or coffee cans filled with sand, or heavy plants, etc.) or the unit can blow over in a windstorm. Very easy to assemble. Very easy to use. We love it, and have/and would purchase this product again! p.s... final note: when our seed pots are ready to plant, and the little green house is empty, we use wide/low terra cotta bowls, add a few rocks in the bottom for drainage, add soil, and add romaine lettuce seeds. Water, place on the racks, and you'll have nice romaine lettuce for salads/sandwiches in no time. The bonus of growing the lettuce in the greenhouse is this: it is raised off the ground so you don't get garden critters/snails/slugs munching on the leaves. They are totally clean when you're ready to use the lettuce leaves!!! As soon as I use the lettuce in one bowl, I refill it with new soil and seeds, and keep rotating the lettuce to use as it's ready from one bowl to the next, and it keeps me going with lettuce clear through the fall til cold weather hits.
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on March 3, 2009
Greenhouse Four-Tier Mini / B000NCTGQE

I bought this greenhouse to start seedlings in the house before transplanting them outside for spring, and also to host a little herb garden in the kitchen area.

Firstly, the measurements listed here are accurate. This is a very large unit, of respectable quality, and very affordable. I have yet to find another unit this size and quality online or in catalogs that doesn't cost twice this much. In fact, this same greenhouse is selling in some places for double this price, plus shipping, so Amazon has quite the bargain here.

Secondly, the greenhouse is incredibly easy to put together. We had it out of the box and set up in less than half an hour, with no onerous tools required. The shelves are a thin metal lattice, to let sunlight filter down to the bottom levels, but the metal is strong and feels very sturdy. The cover has enough lee-way to slip on and off easily, as well as ties to hold it in place, and extends well to the ground, to act as a barrier to curious house cats and naughty puppies.

However, and here's where I docked a star, some extra assembly is really required here. The shelves don't attach into place - they lay on top of the shelving bars, and it is absurdly easy to unbalance a shelf such that the shelf tips over and drops all your plants on the ground, spilling dirt and seeds everywhere. I had this happen and was not too amused. Don't let this put you off your purchase, though, as there is a simple solution: Buy some cheap cable ties (for example, Belkin 7.5IN Multicolored Cable Ties 52 Pieces) and use them to cinch the shelves in place. I used 6 ties per shelf (one in each corner and two in the middle) and the shelves are now completely sturdy and will never shift or move on me. And the cable ties are easy to cut, if you ever need to disassemble your greenhouse during a move.

So, bottom line, definitely buy this greenhouse for the bargain that it is and enjoy it immensely, as I am mine, but do remember to buy the cable ties (or something similar) to ensure that your pots won't fall and break.

~ Ana Mardoll
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on March 22, 2016
I really like this, it is exactly as pictured. I have it against the south wall of my brick house and it gets quite toasty. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it really needs a vent in the top. I am going to try to put one in the top this winter, I'll update this if I'm successful. I will say that it has tabs on the back to fasten it to a wall. I HIGHLY recommend that they be utilized. I set this up on a windy day and when I went in the garage to get my plants, it had fallen over! It may be more stable with plants, but it would have been horrible to lose them. I picture the hooks we used. We've had some more windy days and it has held fast. On a sunny day there can be a 30F difference between inside and out.
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on August 16, 2015
I don't know why I didn't get this sooner! And I'm not sure why people said it was hard to read the instructions. It was easy to assemble, and took no time at all. I only wish the shelves were able to be secured, but nothing a few zip ties didn't fix! I don't have that much patio space so this works great as it doesn't take up that much room. The cover works amazing for protecting my plants from the harsh weather. You'll want to put some bricks on the bottom shelf to weigh it down as the whole thing is fairly light. Right now I have a jiffy planter on the top shelf, herbs in the colored containers (basil, parsley, and thyme), aloe plants on the third shelf, and peppers, chamomile, and echinacea in grey planters on the bottom. Easy access to the sun too and when zipped shut, it holds in heat and moisture really well. Obviously keep the heaviest stuff on the bottom shelf. If this keeps up I might need to buy another one for more plants and herbs! Definitely recommend this!! :)
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on June 30, 2016
The shelf was easy to assemble. My 4-yr-old helped me, and enjoyed the project. I like the small footprint. My deck is about 25' x 25' and this barely takes up any room.

Two reasons I didn't give 5 stars:
- The plastic sheeting is kind of worthless because it makes the area TOO enclosed. The unit is too small to need a thick plastic cover, and the plants started to wilt and mold. I wish it were made of something else, or had some perforations, or something. It's kind of all or nothing with this plastic sheet. I wanted to use the cover to keep pets and toddlers out of the plants, but the plants suffered with the cover on, so... back to square 1.
- The lower shelves don't get any sun. Basically only the top shelf gets any sun. I tried using this shelf for my seed starter trays. But only the seeds on the top shelf germinated. I had to take all the others out and place them on the patio table until they germinated. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Other than that, it's a nice and sturdy shelf. But perhaps it's for a different application than what I had in mind.
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on January 16, 2017
The Good: The product is easy to assemble. Looks like it will meet the need for starting seeds. The negative: The flimsy shelving would be improved and made more rigid with a middle tube for each shelf. Unit costs are likely to increase by a small margin of $.50 to $1.00 . Customer satisfaction would increase significantly, at least from this buyer. Second, the instructions reference a web site called The product cannot be found on the website. I wanted to purchase additional parts to make the product more rigid and for the shelving mentioned earlier. Simple fixes would make this product a 5. Perhaps marketing should stress.... only for seed starting.
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on April 25, 2016
I am SUPER satisfied with this product. It's lightweight, yet stable, easy to assemble yet doesn't look cheap looking. It's certainly worth the money. I have included two photos, one with cat for scale.
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on August 10, 2015
I use it indoors for growing cacti and bonsai and it works perfectly. I have three LED lights hung and a small fan and this provides the perfect climate for them. I will probably purchase another because I'm now growing tomato and pepper seedlings as well. Thank you for a great product.
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