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Garfield's Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders

by Web Prancer
Rated: All Ages

Price: Free Download
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Latest Updates

What's new in version 1.4.1
  • **Buy 1 Get 1 free on any Cookies package! Happy Halloween with Garfield!
  • Bug Fixes

Product Details

Product Features

  • The most popular lazy cat in the world in an epic, FREE new adventure
  • Fusion of tower defense and siege styles with non-stop action
  • Awesome Garfield art
  • Unique gameplay that captures the wackiness of the original Garfield series
  • Convince Garfield's friends to join your army by bribing them with popcorn
  • Upgrade your army and improve your defenses using cookies that you find around Jon's house
  • 60 challenging levels to conquer
  • Authorized by Garfield creator Jim Davis and Paws, Inc.!

Product Description

Web Prancer presents Garfield’s Defense, featuring the devourer of lasagna, mauler of mailmen, tormentor of Odie, and feline master of the Arbuckle residence. Ladies and germs please put your hands together for… Garfield! See the celebrated comic strip and TV series come to life in this action-packed free game authorized by Garfield creator Jim Davis!

“Take me to your freezer!”

The place: the residence of Jon Arbuckle and his overweight cat Garfield. The time: snack-time. Suddenly, uninvited guests burst into the Arbuckle home. They’re weird, they look like meatballs, and their target is Jon’s well-stocked fridge. They aren’t really guests at all, but invaders… from another planet!

The Alien Food Invaders are almost as dangerous as they are ridiculous. They want to capture all food to build lethal fighting vehicles which they’ll use to take over the Earth. Yes, they convert food into weapons and it’s no laughing matter, for when our food turns against us and bites… er… bites the hand that it would have fed, humanity must collapse.

Fear not! Garfield will not tolerate a dismal, lasagna-less future. It’s time for the lazy cat to stand tall, hold the line and defend Jon’s fridge against the crazy alien meatballs. Garfield is the Earth’s last hope!

Save the fridge, save the world

Garfield’s Defense combines siege and tower defense styles into an epic action strategy game in which you defend Jon’s fridge from waves of increasingly tough and zany attackers.

You control Garfield, Jon's overweight, lazy and generally mischievous cat. This normally un-heroic hero will fight tooth and claw to defend his food from the invading menace. Garfield has various weapons at his disposal, including forks hurled with meatball-skewering accuracy, rolled-up reinforced newspapers, and a launcher capable of firing a dozen cheap plastic toy cars at once. Talk about firepower!

Cats rule, dogs drool

Thankfully, Garfield is not alone during his finest hour. Various characters from the comic strip will also join the defense, including the slobbery Odie, who for once will not be kicked off a table. Also present are Nermal, Wade, Orson, Arlene, and of course Jon. These characters and others can be convinced to join Garfield by bribing them with popcorn, which is generated in Jon’s kitchen.

You can also find cookies to buy upgrades and power-ups for Garfield and his friends. Make sure to build up your army of food defenders, find more popcorn and cookies, and upgrade everyone’s abilities, because the invaders won’t be holding back!

Prepare for alien anarchy – FREE!

The Alien Food Invaders will become more ravenous as you progress – almost as bad as Garfield gnawing on lasagna! You'll need fast reflexes, quick strategy, and clever thinking to dodge the aliens, decide which friends to summon, and launch devastating counter-attacks. One wrong move and Garfield could end up in a world with no people - and no lasagna.

So get ready to lead Garfield and his friends in battle, defend Jon's fridge and save the food! Oh, and the planet too, of course.

Technical Details

Size: 35.3MB
Version: 1.4.1
Developed By: Web Prancer
Application Permissions: ( Help me understand what permissions mean )
  • Access coarse (e.g., Cell-ID, Wi-Fi) location
  • Open network sockets
  • Access information about networks
  • Access the vibration feature
  • Access information about Wi-Fi networks
  • Allows sending in-app billing requests and managing in-app billing transactions
  • Read only access to device state
  • Write to external storage
Minimum Operating System: Android 2.0.1
Approximate Download Time: Less than 5 minutes

Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase
[Strategy tips below and in comments]

As a life-long Garfield fan, and someone who enjoys tower defense games, I was excited to see this available in the Appstore, but apprehensive because Garfield games usually suck. So I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and level of polish shown in this game. It is addictive, especially since I want to earn my cookies and not buy them. The gameplay, animation, and sound are all solid.

I have the following complaints, in order of severity:
1. The game crashed one time during gameplay (when I plugged my phone into my computer) and got jacked up. The icon disappeared from my app drawer, and when I tried to open it via other means, the system told me it was not installed (even though the Appstore said otherwise). Fortunately, when I ran Titanium Backup (my phone is rooted) to try to backup the app's data before uninstalling, that process magically restored the app to working order.
2. The touchscreen occasionally "sticks" and causes Garfield to continue running long after taking my finger off the screen, as noted in other reviews.
3. There is very little instruction provided regarding the gameplay, powerups, friends, etc.
4. There is no way to downgrade after upgrading.
5. The audio gets repetitive.
6. Starting around level 19 (for me) the difficulty jumps, and the game's push to sell cookies for $$$ becomes apparent. Obviously (although many reviewers don't grasp this point), the game needs a revenue stream, so I'm fine with that. But the cookies are surprisingly expensive and I don't see myself purchasing them anytime soon.


Here are my strategy tips, which have allowed me to reach level 22 as I'm writing this review. Not sure if that's good or not.
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Verified Purchase
This game is very fun, and very addicting. Like many free apps it is supported by the ability to buy in-game currency with real money. Unlike most games of this nature, however, this game is not so stingy with said currency that you are FORCED to buy it to stand a chance. My only two problems with this app are that: 1) the desciptions for abilities, characters, etc are minimal so it can be confusing to decide what to upgrade; and 2) some upgrades scale poorly compared to others, so late in the game certain units are far more useful than others.
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Verified Purchase
This is an addicting little game. Working on level 47 currently without any in app purchases. A tip for others, moving garfield resets his attack, so tiny steps backward actually increase his attack speed. For this reason maxing out his level is critical (and frying pan). Orson is also a linchpin once you unlock him. I was big on nemal prior to unlocking him. Dino odie and arlene are also critical. On yeah upgrade your popcorn machine asap as well. Grinding out 5k for the 2nd upgrade to the popcorn machine was tedius but its the only way in later levels.

Honestly I've ignored garfields specials. Garfield's pause kills me when i try and use one (as noted earlier I'm usually moving constantly to reset the attack). I use the horn when im low health just following orson and dino odie hoping for it to heal them. I'm plannimg to use jon as my 2nd once its unlocked in 2 levels.

I've had to alter my strategy every couple levels, but in general orson first with a dino odie as close as possible has become the best option. Sometimes i try and get in the last popcorn upgrade before orson, sometimes after dino odie. Arlene hits the field after the popcorn upgrade and orson and dino odie.

In the later levels use garfield to stategically hit the ranged attackers. They are low hp high damage. Orson and dino odie can take on the tank types decently if you thin out the high dmg mobs. Oh and watch out for the spider... its evil.
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Verified Purchase
This is basically a side-scrolling attack/defend game (NOT TOWER DEFENSE STYLE!). Defend the fridge from enemy forces using various weapons and helpers. The graphics are some of the best I've seen on a cartoon based app like this. All in all, the app is a lot of fun. However, the weapons and helpers are upgraded using "cookies". You get cookies for playing each level, but can also buy extra cookies with real money. This is fine at first. But once you get to level ~25, it gets impossible without some serious upgrades. FAR more than you'll be able to do by playing and failing the level 200 times to collect cookies bit by bit. And quite honestly, once you hit that point, there's no real reason to keep playing. Consider this a trial app.

EDIT: Well I've been playing over a week now and have managed to make it all the way to level 49 without spending any real money. But now I think that's it. I think I've honed my strategy very well (Orson and friends as a wall to prevent further advance, but Garfield has to run forward and help slow the delay of additional troops as well. You can't just let them stack up.). In addition, I've played and failed levels hundreds of times to gather cookies 150-250 at a time to upgrade your arsenal. Now some items are maxed out and the others cost 3,4,5000 cookies per upgrade. And I can tell it's going to take several character upgrades PLUS many heath recovery items (1,000 a piece) to even have a remote chance at beating level 49. And if I still fail the first time, I have to start all over collecting enough cookies to purchase the health items again. That's way more than, even I'm, willing to collect piecemeal. So though I was able to slowly inch my way forward through the game without spending real money, I stand by my statement.
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