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on November 15, 2015
Overall this is a very solid dash cam. As background, I've had a Garmin Dash Cam 20 for about a year. I'm putting that camera in my wife's car and I bought the 35 for mine. I'm a big fan of Garmin products. The build quality is very good, the unit is compact and lightweight and setup is quick and easy. Video quality at 1080P is excellent and the camera adjusts to changes in light conditions smoothly and well. Night videos are clear and usable. This is a good, reliable choice if you want a no hassle dash cam.

So why just three stars? Garmin did some fairly boneheaded things with this unit. As many others have noted, the US version of this product has no audio recording capability. My Dash Cam 20, which Garmin still sells, can record audio and it can be turned on and off in the setup software. If you live in Europe it comes with a microphone. Why on earth Garmin would remove the feature is beyond me. Perhaps someone from Garmin's Automotive Marketing team, who are surely not liking the ratings this product is getting here, will comment and enlighten us.

Another design flaw with this camera is the mount. On my Dash Cam 20, the ball mount socket is on the top of the unit. On the 35, they put it right next to the lens. The ball on the suction mount that Garmin sells snaps into the socket just fine (both are 17mm) but because of the placement of the socket, the suction mount itself partially blocks the lens. This isn't a problem with the included adhesive mount, but if you want a Garmin suction mount you're out of luck. I actually called Garmin customer service to ask about this before I bought the unit and was told it would work just fine. And it does, if you don't mind losing about 40% of the field of view of the camera.

I liked the idea of having the red light camera and speed camera notification. It's not a big deal for my commute, but it's a nice feature. I assumed it would work out of the box. Fortunately, I read the product FAQ on Garmin's website and found out that it's a subscription service that has to be activated and paid for separately, at $29.95 per year. The sales copy doesn't explicitly say it's included (like the free map updates that have been included on Garmin GPS's for years) but it also doesn't let you know that it's extra. That's not the kind of honest marketing I expect from Garmin.

These are all unforced errors on Garmin's part. This is a good product from an engineering standpoint but it does not live up to the high design standards I expect from Garmin. And the head fake on the camera notification is really inexcusable for a reputable company like Garmin
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on October 29, 2015
(Updated 30 Aug, 2016: added a picture of what the suction cup mount looks like when used with this product; upper left corner)

I just got this camera and I must say I'm much pleased with it, though it does have a few minor problems. I got this to replace my GoPro4 Silver. I have the DashCam 35. A few things about this camera.

It has adjustable resolution of 720p and 1080p. It has a wide screen lens that puts your peripheral vision to shame. It does not have internal memory. It comes with a 4gb microSD card. You can use a microSD card up to 64gb. You can format the microSD card from the command screen. It runs in a loop. It is not touch screen. The screen is 3" across. There is a crosshair in the middle so that you can center it. You can choose kph or mph. Mine has twelve possible languages on it. English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian (for all of those crazy videos!), Finnish, Afrikaans, and Ukrainian (I'm guessing on that one). It starts recording as soon as you turn it on. It has a rear placed LED that clearly shows it's recording. There is a button you can press to "Save video clip".

It mounts to the front by using the socket located next to the lens (more on that later). It is compatible with Garmin Express. From Garmin Express you can download the Garmin DashCam Player video software, and any other updates. You can load Garmin Safety Camera data to it.

Your GPS data is displayed in small font across the bottom of the screen. You'll need to have about 20/10 vision to read it from back in your seat. It tracks your GPS location and speed.

Power cord. Same style and length as your standard Garmin GPS cable.

USB 2.0 cable. Comes with one, about 15", to attach your camera to your computer.

Mount. Garmin screwed up here. The mount adheres to your windshield like a GoPro camera would--adhesive. This means you cannot move it from one car to another. The good thing is that this mount WILL NOT come lose! However, the other Garmin suction mount works just fine. It may obscure part of your view depending on the angle of your windshield. So if you get this dashcam, and want to move it from car to car, get that Garmin suction mount. Overall though, the included mount is not obtrusive. I had to use a RAM mount for my GoPros, and that thing was an eye sore.

USB input. Those bastards screwed this up. The female input slot should be turned in the other direction! The charger cable attaches via an L-shaped male USB input. Unfortunately, the way it plugs in has the cable protruding towards your windshield instead of coming out towards you and easily hanging down towards your 12V DC socket--if the female input was facing the other way. The manual states it can run for 30 minutes on its own power.

Record after power loss. When you turn off your vehicle, you can set this device to turn off in 1 second, 5 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute.

Night driving. The camera has pretty good light gathering capability. So driving at night, the image in your camera is actually brighter than what you see with the naked eye. I was pretty impressed. Much better than my GoPro4 Silver. I've also noticed that it has an auto-dim feature that darkens the screen while driving. I, at first, thought this annoying, but came to accept it as it has the benefit of looking as if it is off by those looking into your car, but you can clearly see that it's on.

Playback. You can playback from the camera. However, you can only view those videos [UPDATE 3 May 16] that it automatically saves (ie: notifies you on the screen that it just saved the clip) and those you manually SAVED by pressing the bottom button to save that clip. That is to say, you finish driving and press the bottom button, now you can view THAT clip from when it turned on, until you pressed the button. All other recordings--UNSAVED-- you can only access through the computer (Garmin software viewer). So if you do not press the bottom (save video clip) button, then the recording is still there, but you need to go through the program to view it. Files are saved in the MP4 format in 60mb clips. The Garmin software merges those clips together in larger segments that begin from when it turns on, until it turns off.

Overheating. This is a major problem with my GoPro4 Silver as it was with my GoPro3 Silver. Those cameras were always overheating and then shutting off. I have a Garmin Nuvi 56 which is rated at 140°F. It has never overheated on me. This camera is rated 131°F.

Proximity Warning. This feature warns you if you are too close to a car based upon your speed. I had mine set to medium. I was doing about 60mph and about four cars back from a car in front of me. The entire screen would turn red with a car and radar icon (you can see no recording), and stay that way until it deemed I was far enough back. I got home and turned this feature off!

Audio. No audio! Needs to record audio. Recommend some of the other Garmin items if you want audio.

Good camera over all. Garmin needs to fix the USB input (rotate it counter-clockwise, down 90°), include a suction mount, and add audio.


I just got the UK version and it does record audio (you can turn this feature on or off). It's in one of the drop down lists. It also came built in with the traffic camera subscription for Western Europe. I do not recommend getting this feature with either dashcam. When you hit a safety/radar camera zone, just like the collision warning, it beeps, the entire screen goes red and fills with "Fixed Camera Zone", etc. It does not tell you where it is at, but just that one is in the vicinity. I turned it off. It still films, but I did not like my screen going solid red, or grey, or whatever. The video captures this. The cameras are at the 20 second mark on the left and right sides of the road.

I've uploaded a video of the UK version. It's the UK version--with audio. I give the UK version 5 stars. I found the sound quality to be outstanding.
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VINE VOICEon January 11, 2016
Finally installed the Dash Cam 35 in my 2016 Honda Pilot and I love it. The video is clear and I have no issues with it. I love the high quality nature of the product and I'm glad I got this over some no-name alternative that seem to be full of fake reviews.

As others have mentioned, there is no audio in dash cam. Before you dismiss this Dash Cam, ask yourself if you really need audio recording. If your dash cam also records audio in your car (or has a second lens recording the inside of your car), you need to inform the people you’re driving with about the recording or it can be considered wiretapping. I don't understand why anyone would want audio in their recordings, especially if you're using this camera to protect yourself against other drivers (in an accident). The audio can only hurt your ability to use the video you've recorded. Say someone crashed into you and it looks like it's their fault but on the recording it sounds like you were distracted with something something else at the time of the accident. You probably won't be able to show that video to the police officer at the scene of the accident since it might partially implicate you for contributing to the accident. You could edit the audio out later on but by that time the officer will have finished his police report. As far as I know, you cannot appeal what the police report says and in this scenario you might end up paying for your own car damages rather than having the other driver pay for your damages since it was his fault.

One note: the charger that comes with the Dash Cam is pretty short (around 5 or 6 feet long). I purchased a EDO Tech® 10 Feet Long, 5v 2a Mini USB Car Charger Vehicle Power Adapter for Garmin Dash Cam 10 20, Mobius Action Cam, G1w, G1w-c, Novatek Nt96650 A118, Mio Mivue 338 350 358 388 538 528 568, Cobra Cdr810 Cdr820 Cdr830, E-prance Gs608, Mini 0801, Ojocam, Hp F200, Samoon Gs6000 Gs8000l, Itracker Gt550ws, Black Box for DVR Dash Cam Vehicle Camera Recorder and routed the cables above the windshild and in the side of the door. It works perfectly with the Dash Cam 35. The dash cam automatically starts when I turn on the car. If you need help on how to hide the charging cable, watch this youtube video [...]
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on January 20, 2017
This dash camera has been great. It's easy to setup and use. Right out of the box when it's plugged in it starts recording. I don't like that you have to subscribe to receive the full database for the speed camera alerts, so I just have that feature shut off. I mounted it at the top of my windshield on the drivers side, to the left of my rear view mirror. I had a shop wire an additional 12v power outlet on my drivers side foot area so the power cord from the dash camera would be hidden in the panels, and so it didn't permanently take up a factory power outlet from my car. I had them install the outlet to the 'accessory' wire to the car so it will shut off when I turn the car off and vise-versa.
Right after I had that installed, I found a direct power cord that I could have bought also and just had it directly wired to the car instead of adding additional 12v power outlets. I'm still wanting to switch it though, it'll give it a more professional look.
Here's the link to it:
I wish Garmin would offer a power cord like that themselves.
The dash camera has been great though. The video show crystal clear. It allows you to review recorded videos right from the device. You can take pictures with it as well. You can save the current recording at anytime by pressing the save button. It's just great. I did weeks of research and comparisons on dash cameras before I chose this one. The design, look, cost, size, shape, quality & brand all factored into making my decision. The dash camera does not record audio though, which I wouldn't have the audio recording on anyway but some people prefer to have it. I wish they will come out with one that has a separate camera to mount to the rear window or rear license plate that will either appear just as a nice looking license plate frame or a small camera to stick to the inside of the rear window with adhesive (which by the way is very strong and will not fall down like suction cups). There was one time that when it powered up, it started recording upside down, at least that's what the screen was showing. I didn't look back on the video to see if it actually recorded that way, I just simply turned it off and back on and it was back to normal. Keep in mind that this is an electronic and it might have a glitch from time to time. Not a big deal or even a problem at all, just restart it.
I do roadside assistance so I drive a lot. It makes me a lot more at ease when I'm driving now. In the past, two different people hit my car and told their insurance company that I hit their car, so due to conflicting stories and no supporting evidence, their insurance company denied my claim. Just this past week the same situation happened. When her insurance company was about to deny my claim for the same reasons, I informed them of my dash camera, uploaded the video to YouTube, and sent them a link. They accepted liability hours later. Note that my car has a little over $3k in damage. So this investment has already paid for itself.
So I'm still waiting on them to come out with one that records the rear view as well. As soon as they do I will be buying it immediately.
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on March 3, 2016
Have been using the Garmin Dash Cam 35 a couple of months now and it works great. Can not say that for the previous dash cam(Blackview BL950) I purchased from Amazon, but was able to return it and eventually get this Dash Cam 35. The only issue with the Garmin Dash Cam 35 is the power cord is to short to allow placing the camera at the top of the windshield and run the cord around the outside edge of the windshield to the power outlet. The cord that comes with the camera is only 5 ft. long. I contacted Garmin support which provided me a part number for a longer power cord which was $24.99 plus shipping of $10.00 to resolve my issue. In the daytime the camera captures excellent video, but at night it does not capture as good details. This camera does not record audio, which was one of the reasons I purchased this model.
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on February 11, 2018
I have two of these. One works well and the other one fails to hold after 5 months. The problem started when it fell off in cold weather. I noticed this jelly-like material left on the glass, but I didn't think anything of it and just cleaned the glass and reattached the mount. It hasn't held on since. I ended up using the original Garmin mount but used Velcro instead of the permanent glue strip so it's still removable. I believe the suction cup on this Arkon unit somehow had a separation of materials due to sun and/or several heat/cold weather cycles which trashed it. It was good while it lasted, but 5 months is way too short of a life.
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on April 26, 2017
inexplicably the mount provided is a permanent adhesive mount with no apparent option for a removeable mount to move to different vehicles and because the mount ball itself curves around it's not like other mounts so you can't use other GPS mounts with the dash cam. Garmin went to some effort to produce this cam but they had the "B" team working on that mount...concept if anyone knows a 3rd party removeable mount.. please share.
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on March 21, 2017
So far so good. 1,500 miles in 3 days. I'll update if issues develop.
NOTE: The supplied mount is adhesive and requires 70 degree F. to adhere. I used an older Suction cup from a prior Garmin GPS since we had winter temperatures. It is very difficult to mount so that the mount doesn't partly block the view.
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on December 18, 2017
I purchased 3 Garmin dash cameras for my business. One of this model and 2 of a different model. All 3 eventually failed. This one did last the longest, 13 months. Over the last few weeks it started shutting down and re-starting. It has since become so bad that it just goes in a circle of shutting down and re-starting over and over. Power connections are good, it has been in a place out of the sun and away from any sorts of impact or movement. The Garmin cameras just do not last from my experience.
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on April 26, 2017
It's comforting having a dashcam on the Semi again after our other one, not a Garmin, crapped out after 5yrs.
This one does not record sound, so, you can Cuss all you want about the Idiot drivers around you.
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