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on March 16, 2013
The following features were my main reasons for upgrading to this model from the 1390LMT:
1. Voice activated - It allows you operate the GPS, hands free. This is very useful to make quick changes while you are driving.
2. Auto Sorts multiple destinations - My previous unit did not have this feature and I tried to manually order the stops in LA based on distance but I was all over the place and noticed that I was going back to the same area multiple times. This should be a great time saver.
3. My Trends feature predicts your route. Normally, I would not use the unit in areas that I go to often but I always have it on for the Bluetooth feature to use my cell phone hands free. If the unit is on, it tries to predict where you are going based on your trends and this along with the Traffic update feature saved me a couple of times.
4. Exit Services - you can activate Exit services and select the type of service (gas station, hotel, restaurant, or restrooms).

Following are the features that I had and look for in GPS:
1. FREE Lifetime Map updates and Traffic (LMT). Just the cost of 1 map update makes spending a little more upfront worth it.
2. Bluetooth allows me take advantage of the hands free calling on my phone when driving. If you do not need this feature you can get the 2457LMT model and save about $30.
3. Garmin offers a good selection of Points of Interest (POI) but I have to be honest, it's good but it's not the best in the market.
4. Spoken street names, this avoids having to constantly be looking at the GPS for the next instruction.
5. Displays Junction signs, the signs on this device look realistic, it shows which way to go by fading out the signs where you should NOT go. It also shows some lanes with an arrow of which way to go.
6. Lane Assist, this really helps to be in the correct lane before it's too late, especially in rush hour when you may not be able to move over several lanes at the last minute; however, this is not available in ALL areas but it is better than prior models.
7. Speed Limit indicator, has successfully displayed the correct speed limit in the majority of the areas that I have been through. This is a feature that I've gotten on my last 2 GPS and it may have saved me a ticket or two, in a couple of areas where the speed limit dropped for no apparent reason and I've realized it because of the GPS and not because I noticed the speed sign.
8. The Traffic update, in my area, is pretty good. The first time it gave me the option to re-route, I ignored it and regretted it. It happened 2 more times and I listened to it and re-routed.

Other features:
1. You can use it vertical or horizontal.
2. It can link to your Android smartphone to share information such as where you are parked, POI, traffic conditions, etc...
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on August 5, 2013
I've been a Garmin user for some time now (nuvi 360), but took a long absence since I had the opportunity of using a late model 4.3" Magellan that was given to me for free. While the latter was good but it lacked functionality and user-friendliness big time compared to my old Garmin, so I decided to put the thing up on eBay for the hands of die-hard Magellan fans, and off it went. I then scoured the remaining funds and purchased this latest Garmin device and what a HUGE difference! But before this I did my fair share of researching on many various Garmin models and read just about all of their reviews. There seemed to be a good number of positives as well as negatives and according to the few, I'll admit that there were a few things that I did not like about the newer models. Read on...

The pros:
It boots up really fast and turns off just as quickly but with a cost (more on this later). It also talks less now, and most would agree! But voice prompts are still crystal-clear and very intelligible even when volume is turned down. Alas, the newer sleeker design matches easily with any dash and the 4.3" matte screen is perfect size, any bigger would (probably) be a nuisance for me. The non-glare panel is bright and clear enough to see even during daytime use thanks to its ambient sensor which adjusts very well to any light situation. Feature-wise it is very intuitive - a trademark of Garmin as always. Some features might appear to be buried compared to my old nuvi 360 but I assure you they are is still there. For instance: 'Detour' is nowhere to be found unless you add the icon from Map Tools, even then it wouldn't show unless you bring it up from a smaller sub-screen by tapping on the menu button. The 'recalculating' feature is silent now, which means she will not annoy you anymore by repeating it 25 times if you make the wrong turn or disagree with...but it will be displayed on the screen banner as usual. Most features and icons are assignable so this can either be a plus or minus for different users but so far I'm liking the slight change - so long as they are still there! Battery life is also very good. Since the FREE traffic feature requires the supplied car charger to be plugged in for proper functioning I couldn't really say how the battery performed during navigating, but it seems to hold up pretty well while I was inputting information at home. GPS signal also seemed to be stronger indoor as well. The biggest overall advantage would be for Free Lifetime Maps & Traffic. The only reason I got rid of my 360 was because I didn't want having to spend the money for newer maps every two years or so.

The Cons:
While the device is nice and sleek, ergonomically it is severely marred by the placement of the power button. Yes it powers on/off real quick but I tend to press on it 50% of the time while transporting it to and from the dash - thus accidentally triggering the device ON/OFF vice versa. This is a problem especially when another family member uses it when sliding the unit in/out of a protective pouch - unlike my older nuvi 360 where it requires you to press and 'hold' for the power to function. Also, once turned off, you'd have to wait 5 seconds before it can be turned on again (?) I don't know. The device can also be turned off completely by pressing and 'hold' until it goes off, BUT, turning the device back ON only requires a slight tap - meaning sliding the GPS back into its pouch with a slight chance of accidentally turning the device ON. One wouldn't noticed unless double-checked. Despite the flaw, thank goodness it has an 'auto power off' feature and the timeout can be set via menu page, but then I'd rather just have it OFF until I want it ON. Another slight minus would be the 'volume' setting while the device is navigating; on the old Garmins, all you have to do is tap on the power button real quick and the volume/brightness setting would pop up. On these newer ones you'd have to press the little menu button on the bottom right, then bring up the volume icon. If you want the same for 'brightness', the icon can also be added by using the map tools option. Some users say you can search by zip code, but I haven't been able to figure out a way to do so -- another negative in my book.

But overall I love this model and it is worth the purchase solely for its FREE lifetime updates alone, not to mention she doesn't talk as much compared to the older ones. But the idea of having free maps (up to four times per year) makes this the ultimate bargain, or it could very well be the last GPS device you'll ever need to buy! I am happy to be back again using Garmin!
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on May 11, 2014
Just acquired an additional car and went through the agony of deciding which Garmin GPS to purchase. The amount of negative write ups on all possibilities almost stopped this purchase. I finally decided on this unit due to the fact that the positives out weighed the negatives. It came yesterday and so far the negatives are just plain wrong! This unit works exactly as it should and has lots of incremental improvements over my old GPS. Further; the price is about half of what I paid 6 years ago. Caveat; YOU CAN'T BE IN A HURRY to use the GPS. You must download and install the Garmin package called Garmin Express, it is very simple to do. Then you need to follow the on screen instructions to update the firmware and the map database. The database is a lengthy process and took several hours but it can be left running unattended. This morning I took the GPS out on the front porch and it was ready to go almost the instant I turned it on; VERY VERY FAST. So far everything is operating just the way Garmin intended and I believe that this was an excellent choice on my part. No; I do NOT work for Garmin but do appreciate when things work properly.
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on September 10, 2014
I had an old Magellan. It was great. Now Magellan is no good so I bought this. I paid $160. I do not like it at all.
I could literally make a route at a traffic light with my Magellan. This I have to pull over and sit for 5 minutes to make it go anywhere.
I really hate this. I am an IT manager and have a lot of patience for tech. I have been using this for a year and a half.
The routes are bad. When you miss a turn it does not say anything it just adds miles and miles to your route. (There might be an option for this but I have not found it) The menus are terrible. The way it organizes the searches are terrible. The searches are slowwwww.
It can not find addresses even with the latest updates. It routes badly often and takes me on huge looping paths in the wrong direction sometimes putting me back on the same road in the opposite direction. The buttons are terrible and the wrong letters get clicked often.
My girlfriend has the same problem and she is tech oriented as well. Neither of us like the unit.
It also does not have camera alerts. (There is a pay option to add this later)
I used a friends Garmin 50LM and the screens make so much more sense. I did not test enough routes to say how that one compares for routing..
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on November 11, 2014
The Garmin Nuvi 2457LMT replaces an older model which ceased to work properly because it kept falling from the dash when I accelerated. This model has even more features than the one I replaced. For example, it gives street names for more voices.

I recommend that the user read the online manual to discover settings and features about which you may not be aware. For example touching the car to enter saved locations.

I believe I have solved my problem of the Garmin springing from the dash when I accelerate by using Velcro made specifically for the dashboard and placing the other side on he bottom of my friction Garmin holder.

The new model alerts me when I am in a school zone, alerts me to traffic problems, updates for free using my computer, has symbols for restaurants, parking etc., and I am sure will provide many more features as I read the manual. I think it is a great tool.
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on September 3, 2016
This is my second Garmin Nuvi. My first one I got in 2009 and worked wonderfully until the traffic receiving plug quit working and wouldn't work as a power source for the unit. I looked into buying a new cable, but found it was quite expensive so I opted to get a whole new Garmin.
I live north of Seattle, Wa and work south of Seattle...anyone in the area knows this is a horrible commute and I totally rely on the traffic updates on the Garmin to decide to take I-5, 405, or back roads. My original Garmin traffic alerts were spot on, and I was able to choose the best route. My new Garmin....IS HORRIBLE for traffic. It would say <5 min delay in 11 miles....when I was totally stopped in the parking lot like traffic on I-5. I put Google Maps navigator on at the same time as the Garmin with the same destination and the Google map showed red traffic warnings ahead with 44 minute delay, where the Garmin said No Traffic Alerts on route!
I will do a software update on the Garmin to see if that's the issue, but it's brand new so I'm not hopeful.
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on June 13, 2014
I have used various GPS devices over the years, including several software versions that ran on PDA's in the olden days as well as the modern Google Maps on a Nexus 5. However I still keep a Garmin in my vehicle, because sometimes you want to have the exact tool for the job instead of having to use a multi-tool that doesn't exactly fit that screw slot.

The Garmin is designed to provide you with what you need to get to the place you are going. It doesn't check your email or get that latest tweet. In fact the only truly non-guidance feature is the Bluetooth capability that lets it act as a (very good) speaker phone for that smart phone.

Just a quick summary - the display is sharp and bright. The menus are clear and easy to navigate. The directions it shows are clear, with graphic images of confusing interchanges that make sure you know which lane to get into BEFORE it's passed you by. The voice directions are very understandable and the voice command interface, while limited, worked very well for me with my definite Texan accent. The phone link to the Android app works well, although it is a basic functionality. Probably the two best features of it are the hands free phone (mentioned earlier) and the ability to simply send it a location from your address book and have it configure directions to that location. I have found the traffic reporting functionality somewhat erratic, depending on where you are and the broadcast availability in that area.

The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that I wish I had gotten the larger 5" model 2597. I have not tried the more expensive 35XX series, but for me the additional battery time did not justify the cost - it's almost always plugged in when I am using it.

Lastly - a great feature of the Garmins is the mobile mount adapter that they include. The mount that accommodates the new Garmin has the standard ball mount connector and is included with your purchase. It allows you to simply snap it onto the Garmin base you already own and voila! you are ready to go. That is just the icing on the cake.
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on July 27, 2015
if you think of getting this gps think twice this model does not have voice recalcauting like the old nuvi 255 has this could be a
safety problem because you would have to take your eyes off the road to see if you miss the turn or location. in turn that could cause a accident where as the voice lets you know when and where to turn by voice way before the destation and if you pass it it will tell you how to get there by voice I return mine do to the fact that its used on my motorcycle that eyes on the road
is even more important. if garmin puts the recalcation voice back in the softwere than my review would be higher. send garmin a email & complain to them like I did hope this helps the buyers of this product I hope that garmin takes care of this problem
thank all of you LET GARMIN KNOW. thank you again GARMIN PH. # IS 800-800-1020
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For my money, this is a perfect little GPS unit.

I am coming from an old Nuvi 360. I loved that thing and was a huge proponent of the Garmin GPS systems. I talked them up to anyone who would listen. The 360 served me well for many many years and was still in excellent working order when I decided to go for a new unit.

Why did I want to get a new one when the 360 was still working? I had a few criteria....
1) better satellite reception
2) slightly wider screen for my aging eyes
3) lifetime maps (my old nuvi was starting to get out of date and it didn't have free map updates)

Honestly, the voice activated feature was my most important consideration and I probably would not have upgraded if I couldn't have gotten voice activation at a reasonable price. I've been watching the prices come down over the years and when I purchased it a few months ago I thought the price was more than fair (about a hundred and fifty).

So, what do I like:
- the satellite is much stronger on this so I am no longer "awaiting satellite reception" forever during a rain storm or other inclement weather

- Real Directions and Active Lane Guidance are a huge help as well. Not something I would have thought I'd needed until now when I've gotten used to having it. I love that she tells me what lane to get into particularly when I am in very unfamiliar territory.

- The bluetooth works great. I typically have my phone bluetoothed to Nuvi rather than the phone system in the car

- VOICE ACTIVATION! Wow, I am all about the voice activation... so easy to just tell her where we want to go. She understands saved places very well. She also understands fairly large chain stores as well as things like "library" or "train station." See the con section of my review for the things she doesn't comprehend all that well. And she can insert a way point. Let's say you are on your way to aunt Mary's house but you remember that you need to pick up a pie to bring her.... You call out the pie store and she will insert that as a stop along the way.

- she tells you the speed limit and cautions you (with a red glow around your current speed) if you are going over that limit

What don't I like:
- She's not so good at understanding spoken street names (in fact, she's pretty horrible at this so you would be better off just typing in an address destination) and also not so good at comprehending other spoken words. You are generally better off typing in the names of many destinations. Some of the things she comes up with are amusing but a bit maddening if you are in a rush.

- When she is not giving directions she displays the current time on the map view. When she is in GPS direction mode the only time you will see is the ETA time. There might be a way to see both, but I haven't figured it out. I would love to see both clocks side by side in future incarnations of this device.

- It took me a while of poking around to figure out how to save a place to my saved places. It didn't seem intuitive. Now that I know how to do it, it seems totally intuitive. For those of you who don't know and are pulling your hair out (as I did) to try to figure it out, you simply tap on the car icon on the screen when you are at the location you want to save. Tapping on the car icon brings up the save screen where you can type in a name for your new saved place. TADA.

- My old Nuvi let me change the voice to a sexy british male voice. This nuvi has limited voice options. I miss my sexy guy pal.

None of the cons are enough for me to deduct a star or even a half a star. This thing is fantastic and makes for much safer driving. Tell her where you want to go and she gets right on it.

BOTTOM LINE: I recommend this GPS device HIGHLY.... I am a gadget freak and this is one of the best I've used
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on June 27, 2016
Garmin nüvi 2497LMT 4.3-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic

I bought this to use in an upcoming vacation. I have only used this around my own city where I live to get used to it. This was easy to update the maps and easy to program all of the addresses that I will need on my vacation. Once I get in to my rental car I will be ready to go. I love how the screen shows an actual looking street and arrows for exits and signs. I can see the screen just fine in the sun light and the volume was loud enough as well. I bought the dashboard stand for it.
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