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on April 12, 2014
So far, the unit gets five stars and Amazon customer service gets 5-plus stars!

I bought this unit to replace my Garmin nuvi 205W. The Garmin 25555LMT arrived in good order a day sooner than Amazon had originally said it would. After updating the maps I took the unit out for a drive and discovered that traffic wasn't available on the unit as advertised because I didn't have the proper receiver cable (the unit told me so). The unit had the standard power cable (TA20) included in the box. I was dismayed because both the Garmin and Amazon sites stated that the necessary receiver cable was "in the box." I checked online and discovered the correct cable ( Garmin GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver) would cost me an additional $63.99!

I contacted Amazon and a very friendly and helpful customer service representative worked through the situation with me. After looking into it she refunded $63.99 to me. I was able to use the refund to purchase the correct cable which will arrive early next week.

As for the unit itself, so far, it works as advertised. It will take a little time for me to get used to the different interface, but it isn't too steep of a learning curve. I will report back in a few weeks to update this review.

Update April 23, 2014: The replacement cable arrived in good order on yesterday, April 22nd. I connected the GTM60 to the unit and took a test drive. The traffic feature works like advertised. I suspect they got confused at the factory and packed the wrong cable. Amazon made good by refunding to me the $63.99 the cable cost so I could order the right one. Bravo.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 30, 2014
This replaced my older Garmin and do I ever love it! I took 8 months to review it because accuracy is very important to the directionally challenged like me. For me, the single best thing about it is the lanes display at the upper left. I took I-94 from Milwaukee to Fargo and it was smooth sailing except for 2 bypasses and some lane-switching from construction. I could see from the lanes and from the top saying how long I stayed on the road I'm on when I started to have to pay attention to which lane. If you're approaching an on- or off-ramp or switching directions on the same highway, it's excellent to tell you you can be in any of the first left 3 lanes out of 5. Or, if you're starting in the far right-hand lane and you need to scoot over 3 lanes to the left w/in a mile. If I have 100 miles to go before I have to change at all, it's just so pleasant not to have to keep on the look-out for signs for an hour.

The flipping on of the exact photograph of the upcoming highway intersections is a marvel. It turns on at exactly the right time and is very reassuring to know you're not swinging off into the wrong direction. I rely solely on its speedometer rather than the car's because it's more precise and tells you the correct speed limit (if you're speeding, the numbers turn from black to red). With a number of choices for the display, I usually have the distance to "via" (destination), time to via, and arrival time at via. But for me, the direction I'm going is sometimes essential. And when we drive out West, it's fun to know the elevation.

My only hesitation in saying this suits me perfectly is that the updates aren't 100% up-to-date. We have a lot of construction going on and it's unsettling to see it indicated that I'm not on a road at all when I'm on a high bridge. The search element is a little cumbersome at times. I hate it when it tells me a familiar site is not there.

It's FABULOUS that there is a thin turquoise line that tells you if you've driven on this rood recently. So our driveway is a maze of turquoise and I know I'm going wrong if, when I'm returning home, it doesn't show that line.

Finally, while my other garmin had a battery life of 15 minutes, this one lasts much longer; so instead of walking up and down the street trying to find where I parked by clicking my car's lights on and off, this tells me right away. (I actually look like I remembered on my own.)

This little gem is in my purse at all times and plugged in every single time I drive, even if it's 10 minutes away. And I even ask people who are giving me a ride if I can plug it in and just for the See Map feature. I need all the help I can get.
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on April 3, 2014
I purchased a Garmin nuvi 2555LMT in 2013, and it shipped with a “traffic receiver accessory” (i.e., a power cord with a very obvious in-line traffic receiver module). The included “lifetime traffic” worked as advertised, although the “lifetime” of the unit turned out to be barely over one year. I was always careful with the unit, using a friction mount and always moving the unit to the floor of my car (covered with a white towel) when parked, in order to minimize the possibility of heat damage. But one day it just turned into a brick that would not power on.

Still, because I feel it offers just the right mix of features and price, I decided to take a chance and order another 2555LMT in 2014. Although the item still says “lifetime traffic” on Amazon, this time the included vehicle power cord did not have the obvious in-line traffic module. Traffic did not work, and attempts to activate it resulted in the message, “a traffic receiver accessory is required…” So I attached the power cord from my previous 2555LMT (with traffic receiver), and I still got the same error message. I have installed all of the latest updates, and I have performed the full shutdown and bootup from scratch, but my “lifetime traffic” is still DOA. Very disappointing.
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on November 30, 2014
Just back after a long road trip.
I have used Garmin earlier and had a pretty nice exp with earlier 3.5 inch gps - always wanted to come back to it all the time.. this is where I got an opportunity when this gps was on sale. However my woes started just after that. I will start with cons as there are only few pros

While traffic receiver is inside the unit - it still needs power adapter for antenna?? Why can antenna reside inside unit - so that I have no dependency on using Garmin power adapter and using it only in car?

Map upload by Garmin Express is buggy. It is clear - Garmin Express is not properly tested before being rolled out to users.. Multiple times it was not able to update my maps. It took almost 1 day for me to figure out a way around to do an update (minus map download time). Incidentally software says that it is not able to download the maps - but in background it does download it (strange!). I am scared to update my map again.

While for first time address input to me looked intuitive (google like search) - very soon it was clear it was no google interface. Pretty text matching software in background - so now it is a pain to get the actual address on gps as there is no other way around it. Garmin removed entering street --> house no. for this model. What was more frustrating.. for some address, as an example: type 4500 W Pier st ( it wont come up) - type Domino's (i.e. at 4500 W Pier St) - exact address noting that 4500 W Pier St is destination comes up. Somehow even when exact address was inside system it won't display it.

I bought this unit as well because it has traffic - but seems garmin has done nothing for intelligent routing except adding this capability. So you know there is a heavy traffic but you can't detour before it because most of the time unit will tell you there is a heavy traffic only when you are in it. In comparison my mobile maps where able to do a better job. GPS got me stuck in a heavy Hwy 101 traffic in LA for hrs while my mobile gps mentioned there is another way around it.
Further there is no additional traffic information that is displayed on screen unless you play with garmin screen you seldom do while driving.

Maps are incomplete. Two times it drove me to a dead end searching for gas pump. There was no road! I was in middle of LA.

One recommendation pls: I took a route on 101 to San Louis Osbo from LA. Ideally it should have simply driven me on Hwy 101. Seems to save just 6 miles - it drove me to another highway - just 2 lane road traffic in high mountains in middle of night. Took additional 1 hr for me and risk of putting us at danger for driving in mountains on a thin road in night. Can't garmin add a simple algorithm to display most logical route first. There wasn't any traffic on 101 and later I checked with Google maps it showed me just route 101.

Garmin Mount - fell many times from wind shield.

Even the latest 2015 maps doesn't have changes that is showing up in google maps from last 6 months at least.

Pros or what worked:
Finding satellite was quick- as with older models and this seems to be a reliable feature.
For major highways maps were fine.
Traffic information seemed to work but issues as noted above which renders it useless.
Traffic limit indicator was good.
Fast boot up and recalculation of route.

Final judgement:

This model has good hardware - Garmin needs to address the software issues.
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on August 22, 2017
I bought this GPS about 3 years ago, so this review is a bit late and possibly out of date. It worked amazing, and it did what it was designed to do. We updated it a few times shortly after buying it with no problems. We also downloaded the Homer Simpson and Darth Vader add-ons, which we loved.

However, looking at the other reviews, it seems like this GPS may not be able to get updated. We haven't tried updating in at least a year and a half, so I can't comment if this is actually true. But if that is the case and it cannot get updated, we'll probably continue to use it anyway and supplement with the GPS on our phones. We would probably just use our phones entirely if our data plans were unlimited.
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on July 19, 2016
I WILL NEVER, EVER BUY ANOTHER GARMIN PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! After my first Garmin unit (about 2 years old at the time) failed on a trip to Florida, I tried to repair it by buying a new battery for it.....new battery did not fix it as many of the blogs suggest. No big deal, things fail....I get it. I then replaced it with the 2555LMT. After 14 months of use (about 5 times a year), I was on a 3 hour trip to the beach....in the middle of the trip----black screen. When trying to reboot it, I would get the Garmin logo and it would shut off again. Luckily, had a smartphone to switch to complete the trip. Upon returning home, not even the splash screen anymore.....a complete brick. WHAT A PIECE OF TRASH!!!!!! I also bought a Garmin for my son for Christmas--when I told him I was having problems which my 2555LMT, he told me his was also not working.....LESS THAN 7 MONTHS OLD!!!!!! Luckily, we were able to get new firmware installed on his. My advice----stay away from Garmin products---they will fail when you need it the most. AND don't believe the 4+ star rating----I did (three times), and have been burned on 2 out of 3 of them.....just waiting for 3 out of 3. If you are considering a Garmin product, do a quick search on "Garmin Nuvi will not boot"----there are a ton of people complaining about the same thing. DID I MENTION THIS PRODUCT IS TRASH?????????? Yes, I feel better now....and my TomTom 1505M was just delivered today, so things are looking up.
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on November 20, 2014
In my opinion the best thing you can say about a GPS is that it's dependable and has never let you down, and I can honestly say that about our Garmin 2555LMT. Last year when we spent two days towing our travel trailer and following our old Garmin nuvi 750 to a campground that when we arrived, we discovered it had closed five years before, we knew it was time to pay for an update of the maps or get a new Garmin. The 2555LMT was a great improvement with the larger screen and the free updates. Like anything else, GPS's can break or just stop working, and when that happens it's usually at the most inopportune time possible, so I like backup. Bought our first 2555LMT last year and have been keeping an eye on the prices here on Amazon for the right time to pick up a second one. The last few days the prices have dropped enough so that I didn't want to wait any longer to get that security blanket. The 2555LMT is certainly not the cheapest model nor is it the most expensive model, but it does everything that we would expect from a GPS and we are very satisfied with our Garmins.
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on September 15, 2012
This is one of the best gadgets I own. It is VERY helpful when traveling and useful around town when finding new addresses. The lifetime traffic and maps provided with the purchase are great.

Pros: great image, very readable, choice of voices but only some of them pronounce street names; on most large highways, there is a photograph of the exit ramp - very helpful, and a key depicting your next turn in the upper left corner. The 'dashboard' is somewhat configurable but also a bit frustrating to select the data that you personally find useful. There are some handy things like a calculator built in. A really nice feature is being able to see the posted speed limit right above your actual speed - helps keep you honest.

The interface is relatively intuitive but it can be hard to find some things the first time around and you DO NOT WANT TO BE DOING THAT WHILE DRIVING! It is best if you have a passenger do it or pull over and park.

Cons: It is a bit pricey. It takes a LOOONG time to download and update maps - even with a fast connection. The interface can be a bit frustrating in spots. It is not password protectable - a significant detraction in my view. It does not come with a manual. This is a pet peeve. What kind of a company (besides Microsoft) sells you a product and doesn't tell you how to use it? Of course, you can download the manual and print it out yourself - LOTS of pages. Once you print the manual, you will find the index is not too helpful.

Would I buy it again or recommend it? Yes, subject to the caveats above. I feel it is almost indispensable.
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on March 10, 2016
I bought this GPS because I had purchased a Garmin for my parents a few years earlier and that one was always reliable. I really liked it and it did a really good job of guiding me around traffic jams. However, after about 15 months, this model randomly shut down while calculating directions one day. I thought it just needed to be charged so I plugged it into my car charger...nope. I tried charging it through my computer....nope. I contacted support and they gave me a solution. I turned on the GPS and started up properly. The next time I went to use it, it would start but it didn't calculate any directions. Now it won't even start up and my computer won't recognize it when it is plugged in. I just contacted customer support and was told that if it is stuck loading maps and your computer won't recognize it, then you need to exchange it. The representative said the cost is $110 or they could offer me 20% off on a new model. Seriously? For that amount, I can purchase a brand new one, so I'm definitely not exchanging it. So, after less than two years, I have to purchase a new GPS? I guess I shouldn't have bought the lifetime maps and traffic model, since the GPS unit didn't last anywhere near a lifetime. I'm really disappointed. My parents' GPS that is now about 6 years old is still working fine, so this is incredibly frustrating.
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on May 8, 2015
I purchased the nuvi 2555 as my old garmin lacked the newer technology. I especially wanted the traffic update function. Today I registered and set up the garmin and that's where the problems began. First the garmin web site told me it would take 2 hours to update the software and maps. After an hour it had loaded about 1 % of the software and then froze. I restarted the update only to have the garmin device state that all maps, etc had been uploaded, thus wasting an hour of my time. The worst was yet to come. When I tried to use the traffic function I got a message on the garmin stating that a traffic receiver was required to receive live traffic updates. There was no mention of this in the product description other than a reference to such a device but no statement that it was a separate piece of hardware that had to be purchased. I just checked Amazon and those devices run another $50-60!!! This is a very deceptive practice on the part of garmin and they are guilty of inadequately describing what is needed for the traffic function. I am very disgusted and angry for this unethical practice on the part of garmin. Needless to sat I will NOT be paying them any more money for what they have done.
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