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on November 25, 2013
Upgraded from my old Nuvi and this is a huge improvement. The display is really clear but there can be an issue with fingerprints and screen glare. I clean it regularly and adjust the position of the screen to avoid the sun's reflection. Not a big deal for me. Voice activation works ok, I speak clearly and slowly and it seems to pick up most of the commands without a problem. The only glitch I found was adding a POI with voice command to my current route. It didn't pick up the fact that I wanted to stop for lunch at a restaurant as a waypoint and not a new destination. Again not that big of a deal. I would also make sure that HOV lanes aren't selected as an avoidance, I forgot to check this setting and luckily I stayed in the HOV lanes and breezed through traffic when the HD traffic system wanted to re route me. If it was just me in the car I would have taken the re route option. So Hd traffic has worked really well for me so far. The speaker could be a little better for hands free calling but you could route it through your car stereo if you are worried about it. I like the ability to add apps and icons for your favourite places. Also the free weather forecast works really well so I felt I didn't need to subscribe to the service. 3D maps works really well although some cities don't have this feature. Real directions is a great feature and I also love the split screen mode as it makes it really easy to not miss your freeway exit.
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on October 2, 2015
Compared to my old nuvi 1490T which recently died and was very often problematic, this unit restores my faith in Garmin automotive GPS devices. Here are my right out of the box observations:
Pros: Fast! Instantly on when powered up and bluetooth connection established in about 5 seconds.
Free lifetime map updates available anytime and no longer restricted to 4 per year.
Magnetic mount makes it quick and easy to mount and dismount without the hassle of a wire and bracket.
Voice command works flawlessly without "training" and allows for routing with both hands on the wheel.
Lane assist guidance now shows real time location and directions.
Cons: No choice of voice for navigation commands. Everyone's hearing is different and a choice would be nice to optimize clarity.
Inability to display latitude and longitude. In an emergency situation this could mean the difference between life and death.
No case provided without additional purchase to protect this expensive device from scratches, dust, dirt, and moisture while it is out of our
vehicles to prevent would be theft or break-ins.
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on October 17, 2013
I have an old Garmin Nuvi 205W that still works okay, the maps have been outdated for years, but this model is by far better. It has unlimited lifetime map updates, maybe because the map is from the satellite, similar to what you can pick up from an iPhone when using Google Maps. I'm not that tech-savvy, so my review will cover exactly what I like and dislike about Garmin Nuvi 3597 GPS.

First, the screen is bigger, the maps are clearer, and it allows you to move around the map with your finger. On my old Nuvi, whenever I accidentally touched the screen, the directions and map size would suddenly change and I was turned around and confused. This new model allows you to move around the map with your finger, similar to Google Maps on the iPhone or web. You can increase or decrease the area of the map, scroll ahead to see upcoming streets, or scroll ahead to follow the laid-out directions prior to actually driving it.

Second, it shows the posted speed limit as well as the speed you are travelling. The speed indicator turns RED if you are travelling over the speed limit.

Third, it beeps and alerts you to school zones. Fourth, when you ask it for directions to a particular location, for example, nearby pharmacies, it will bring up every pharmacy within a 10-mile radius. You simply select the one you want and press "Go." You can also type in the address.

Finally, it has extra features like traffic (if you are in an area with a traffic monitor) and weather. You can press "Up ahead" to see upcoming gas stations, ATM/banks or restaurants. When you ask for directions to a particular location, it will also give you an estimated time of arrival.

Cons: I used it locally around my home prior to taking it on a long business trip to a large, unfamiliar city. The directions to a particular location, while displaying correctly on the map, were sometimes inaccurate when the step-by-step directions were displayed and spoken aloud in a the woman's voice. I cancelled the trip, entered the desired location again, and it finally gave me the correct directions. It also gave me directions that went several miles out of the way, finally making a large loop to eventually reach my destination. My advice would be to look at the laid-out map of directions, scroll ahead to make sure you know where you are going, then carefully watch the map while driving. If the voice/step-by-step directions don't make sense, then don't follow it, go by the map instead. This has always been a problem with my old Garmin, as well.

Recommendations: I advise purchasing the Garmin Portable Friction Mount to be able to take it anywhere, including rental cars. It's easy to simply pick everything up and put it on the floorboard under the seat to deter car thieves who might break your window to steal the GPS. I also have the Amazon Basics Hard Carrying Case for the 5-inch GPS since I take mine with me on business trips to use in rental cars. Everything breaks down and can be stored in a 9x7x5inch eBag (including the hard carrying case) to take in your carry-on luggage. I have found that the included suction cup has never worked on the car windshield for my car or any rental car. The friction mount, on the other hand, stays in place and can be used on a variety of dashboards. You can download a free Garmin Smart Link app for the iPhone, it has optional features that cost extra (Live Traffic $19.99), Photo Live Cameras ($4.99), Weather Alerts ($4.99), as well as other free features like a local map, weather, etc., but I haven't yet found a need for using it.

All in all, I highly recommend this Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD 5-inch GPS. My husband likes it so much, I bought him the same set up to replace his Garmin Nuvi 350.
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on October 15, 2016
The only problem that I have with this is that it keeps falling off the windshield. Wish it had a bigger suction-cup. Other than that, its great. I'm glad that I finally got one with lifetime updates. I'm too cheap to keep paying for updates! As for the voice recognition and cell-phone connectivity stuff - give it a miss. I was excited that - maybe I had found a reasonable hands-free solution for my 2005 Prius - since there really aren't many other hands-free options for it. This will not do it. Talking on the phone with it is hopeless, and the voice recognition isn't very good either. Could be that the microphone isn't that great - or it doesn't have good background noise reduction.
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on March 28, 2014
This is my third Garmin GPS and the best so far. I just bought a new 2014 Subaru Forester. Even though I wanted the "Touring" features, I purposely avoided the top-of-line model because it only came with built-in navigation. I learned from my last car purchase that GPS navigation technology improves at a much faster rate than the auto dashboard technology. So if you get the built-in nav function you are stuck with that function until you sell the car. And the new maps are $180 a year.

I decided this time to not pay the $2500 option price for built-in nav and instead to purchase a high end Garmin unit for less than $300 that has more function today than the nav built-in unit offered by the car manufacturer.

The Nuvi 3597 LMTHD is a very high quality GPS with really excellent navigation, voice commands, voice advice in conversational English and traffic. It also adds the really crisp and bright display that has two finger touch just like your smartphone and tablet.
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on March 17, 2014
I have returned this item for the second time. I got one this summer and loved it. Then it started freezing on me. Screen would be delayed in redrawing. The voice guidance would keep stopping and starting. I returned it and felt I would wait until there were some software updates. I bought a second one in February. The same thing started happening. I sent it back and will not order another one.

I would give this model 5 stars when it works. The mount is terrific and I love the unit. I have to give it 1 star because both units were unsatisfactory so quickly.
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on March 23, 2014
Okay - so I know my Toyota has metal in the windshield glass do a lot of other cars these days. However, this unit in particular seems to have a lot of trouble finding satellites when heading south or east - especially east. It will show 5 bars, turn a corner and it will suddenly drop to 0 and then it says "trouble finding satellites"....gets stuck in that mode - you have to unplug and plug it back it and *if* you are lucky, suddenly it will remember what it was doing and pick up 4-5 bars again. Otherwise, it can't find satellites until the next day. Go through a drive through and it promptly goes blank on satellites...park in strip mall parking lot with clear view of the sky and it will NOT come back. Also lacks an external antenna port - my old one had one and I used an external antenna with it - and it helped. Contacted Garmin - they said to do a reset (did) update device (did) - nada. Strike 3 - 5"??? Were they measuring the image size or the unit size?? If you look at the picture, you can tell there is at least 0.5" on each side of the screen that isn't usable. Sometimes the traffic symbols stick for a few days - had one "accident" on a highway on ramp that was on my screen for ~1 week. Pretty entertaining as I go by there all the time - no way to clear it. Getting pretty discouraged with Garmin's - seem to work best when mounted OUTSIDE your vehicle and only operated on clear, cloudless days.
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on March 7, 2015
This is my first GPS unit, although I have used others in the past that were not mine. As far a GPS goes, I hate this one LESS than the others. I generally dislike GPS units because they always seem to take you on routes that defy logic, regardless of how you program the settings. This one has infuriated me a few times by insisting on needlessly taking a route right through the middle of a city - the exact sort of thing I want to AVOID at all cost! It is, however, invaluable in navigating the hellacious streets that are northeastern cities. If you follow it blindly, it's not good for your blood pressure. I typically plan my route out ahead of time using Mapquest, then use this unit as a guide.

If your are in unknown territory, the features on this thing are GREAT. Like finding fast food joints, or gas stations. In the Northeast in particular, you have to take the gas station locations with a grain of salt, as some locations are just convenience stores with no gasoline or diesel pumps at all. If you drive a diesel, it's going to be hit or miss if the place even sells it - best to carry a can in the back just in case.

Now that I've owned this thing over a year now, I have found it impossible to update the unit. Every time I turn it on now it tells me I need to update it ... but for some reason my desktop will not allow the update to go through. Very annoying. I really don't see the need for such frequent updates, but I have noticed it's navigation has got quirky since that message popped up - almost as if it's trying to piss you off to FORCE you to update it. One of the quirks of the electronic age, I suppose.

Speaking of diesel, if you drive heavy trucks I wouldn't recommend this one, especially in the Northeast. It doesn't show low bridges, wires, or restricted weight roads ... of which there are many up here. Can get yourself into trouble relying on this thing, if you've never slung a 53' around these paved cowpaths before.

As long as I know exactly where I'm going this thing is great. I love seeing the elevation displayed. It's interesting the changes in just a short drive down the street - something I never paid much attention to before. On a cross-country trip we saw a high of 8800 feet, and a low of -10 in a CA basin. Interesting.

The mileage, average speed, & top speed displays are also interesting. When I got back to MA from my cross-country trip, I enjoyed showing everyone the 114 MPH top speed I hit on a private road in my 6k lb. pickup, loaded with gear. :D These can all be toggled as to which on you want displayed, otherwise you have to navigate through the menu ... which sucks while driving. The 'Voice Command" feature is awesome ... as long as it works. Sometimes it's tough trying to figure out what to say in order for it to do what you want, while your trying to concentrate on staying on the road. Typical of electronic devices these days. I certainly would rather have it than not, given a choice though.

The best feature of all is the magnetic quick-attach feature of the window mount. You can quickly grab the unit and stuff it in your back pocket when parking in a bad neighborhood. The best part is reattaching it is super easy. The magnet guides it right in place, although it seems to take a bit longer now a year later - might be wearing out a bit ... or might just be me.

All in all I love the thing, quirks and all. Pretty high tech unit! Great resolution and features. Highly recommend it.

**UPDATE** 4/29/2015: After a computer meltdown & reboot, I was finally able to update the unit - turns out I had issues with Windows that were preventing the update. Took FIVE HOURS - seriously! In this day and age, that's just plain ridiculous. The updates included updates to "Farsi" - I only speak English, so it would have been nice to delete all that unnecessary extra baggage.

Used it a couple times last week. Along the way discussing the unit with a buddy of mine, I realized that the perfect GPS unit would be one that was EXACTLY like Mapquest - I would LOVE to be able to modify my own route by dragging the highlighted roads to where I want them, taking certain backroads, avoiding some highways, etc. - just set it and forget it. Would also love to be able to check out a town anywhere in the country without having to input an address! Why this isn't standard GPS function I cannot understand. It's nice to dream I guess ...

While my buddy & I were talking, the unit went into voice command mode twice, thinking I said "Voice Command". Tried using that feature last month to direct me to a gas station that sold ethanol-free gasoline after getting the address online - voice command was USELESS - no matter how many times I said the address, it would send me to number 100 instead of number 1 on whatever road I was trying to get to. Ended up having to manually input the address, which really ticked me off. Time is money!!

Also, inputting addresses is MUCH more difficult than it should be. Every time I enter an address, it searches the entire country for the address! Even if I change the search location to the town & state I'm heading to, it still throws out a gigantic list I have to scroll through to find the town! Infuriating! If I abbreviate the state, like NH for New Hampshire, it cannot find anything. C'mon Garmin - in 2015 in a $300++ unit, at least entering an address should be easy!!! Also some addresses cannot be found no matter what you do. Electronics for ya. Some day maybe they'll build a Mapquest-like GPS unit. Until then, this will be my last.

**UPDATE #2** 9/14/15:
I ALMOST tossed this thing out the window during a recent trip from MA to FL. Before I even left my home state, the damn thing looped me in a circle, taking me down one of THE WORST roads in Massachusetts - a dirt road would have been smoother! Seriously! I was pulling a 18' flatbed car hauler with my buddy's '85 Trans Am on the back - the road beat the trailer so bad the tailpipe busted off and was hanging. I could have just taken a left, and been at the gas station saving over 2 miles of needless driving I later found, but nope - the brilliant GPS unit decided to take me the OPPOSITE way, down that God-forsaken road, and back on the main road over a mile from where we SHOULD have come out. WTF Garmin!?!

Then to make matters even worse, I had planned a route completely avoiding miserable Rt.95 in the northeast - there was no way to input this route. The GPS insisted on taking us back to 95 to sit in Labor Day traffic for 7 hours, and pay outrageous tolls to boot! Even though my route was an additional 110 miles, it saves time spent sitting in traffic in every northeastern coastal city along 95, and toll booths, and the inevitable accident that everyone needs to slow down and gawk at. I had to stop the route - it was to infuriating. If I heard "When possible, make a u-turn ..." one more time, I swear I was going to launch that thing out the window!! While listening to the stupid thing unconsciously, I ended up taking 64 through VA, when I should have just stayed on 81, taking me many needless miles out of the way. GRRR!!

As fate would have it, the unit croaked once in FL. Every time I powered it up on the trip, I kept getting a message saying, "This cord cannot charge your battery - please use a Garmin approved cord" , or something to that effect. Surprisingly it made it the whole way down, and the next day driving around FL before the battery finally died. Of course, nobody carries the OEM cord with the traffic antenna, so basically I had a $300+ paperweight in my truck at that point. Was just as well - using my old school maps, I made it home without a single wrong turn. Sometimes I wonder why I even bought this stupid thing ..

As far as the cord, when I got home and played around with it, it suddenly worked again! Go figure. This was after updating the unit a second time. Hmmm ... makes you wonder if these things are programmed to do that, so you needlessly spend money on parts? Seems awfully fishy to me. But then again, this is the age of chinese parts & manufacturing cheapouts, so it could just be a crap quality cord.

If I had to do it again, $300 would have bought me a lot of nice paper maps!
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on February 4, 2016
I've only had this unit for a short time but I took the time to personalize my preferences. I was really liking it the few times I'd used it, until I tried to enter a voice command to "find place". I got an error saying "This feature is not available for United States in American English." So I tried some other commands like "find intersection" which gave me the same error. The next feature that gave me the same error was "find city", but the one that really upset me was "find address". I mean, that's what GPS's are supposed to do. Sure, you can enter it manually, but I just don't understand why it won't accept a voice command instead. Maybe I need to read the instructions more thoroughly, but as it is now, it is disappointing. I will still enjoy it as a manually operated GPS, and the "Go Home" function and a few of the other voice commands do work. I've even linked it up with my phone, haven't tried that function just yet though. It's still an upgrade for me, and I like it. Free lifetime maps are nice too!
After weeks of back & forth with Garmin Help Desk, I've come to find out that the units don't have enough memory in them, so once you upgrade the maps, you lose voice commands for the most part. You need to purchase at least a 3GB Micro SD card (up to 32GB) in order to load the correct map with the voice commands. The part that was a shame was that I went through 3 or 4 techs before I found the information that led me to installing the memory stick. Now everything works as advertised. It still has an issue with understanding my commands unless I give it the city and state too, but I can live with that. I'm sure I'll be more happy with this unit now that everything is functioning properly.
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on April 28, 2014
The technology is highly advanced but it lacks in detail direction. Traveling to D.C it tells me to turn left on to 6th street but before i can get there comes a split. Right side is going to downtown D.C and the left side is going to 295 south. If i was born and raise in D.C i would know where to go but i have to take a 50/50 chance guess. On the way out of D.C same problem but this time i was on the freeway going about 60-70 MPH. The right saids Annapolis and something else and the left side said some state route and Virginia. The GPS said "stay on New York AVE" and i look frantically for "New York AVE" and none of the two sign said New York Ave. So in conclusion i am not very happy with this one i want to return it but is pass the return date.
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