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on August 17, 2010
Ok, I'm just like you... I want to know the good the bad and the ugly before I spend my hard earned (yet limited) cash on anything I buy online. Like me, you do the homework and read all the reviews and wish some people would be more specific. I'm going to do that for you. I've had the Garmin Nuvi 265WT since Mid-July 2010 (Several months now) and I used it to travel over 3000 miles from the Pacific Northwest to the Mid-west and back.

How's it work? It works great! This is my first GPS and I can't believe how I've managed to live without one. I'll get into the specifics in a few moments but first, I got this because my girlfriend is "Directionally Challenged" and since she can't drive, she's the one I depend on to tell me where to turn, etc. before I got my GPS. Needless to say, we fought like cats & dogs because we would miss a turn or get lost and end up being late for an appointment, even when we left early enough for it. (It happens).

So we decided to get a GPS... but which one? There's a whole bunch of them out there! Well, I've learned through my research that Garmin is the leader in quality and reliability so that helped me narrow down the search as far as which brand. Now, which one is for me? Well, based on price, age of technology, etc.

I was able to narrow it down further between the Garmin Nuvi 255W and the 265WT. (Don't let the "T" throw you. It stands for Traffic. If you see the letter T behind any of the brands, it means it comes with a traffic antenna that's built into the cord.) I'm happy to find out that you get FREE lifetime traffic reports and you don't have to sign up for anything fancy. If you have the traffic antenna built into the cord, you have this feature! I'll talk more on the traffic later.

Okay, Garmin 255 vs 265 ~ What's the difference? I was able to compare mine to the 255 and there's a big difference in the quality of the sound. The Garmin Nuvi 255W sounds like someone's hand is over their mouth (Muffled) and only one voice on the many voices you get to choose from is actually clear enough to understand.

If you didn't know, your Garmin has male & female voices, I counted 66 different ones on mine. So if your native language is not English, they have every other language - you name it, it's in here! Pick that language and the GPS will talk in that language with very nice accuracy!

The Garmin nuvi 265W has better clarity than the 255. It doesn't sound muffled and is pretty clear. (It can always be better as some people would argue with this point)... but comparing the two GPS, 265W sounds better! Other than the sound, the 255 & the 265 are nearly identical, except the 265 has bluetooth built in for those who want to be hands free on the road. I didn't use this feature so I can't comment on it. I don't remember if the 255 has the Traffic antenna built into the power cord but remember, if it says WT, it has it.

(Please Note: Amazon is selling the 265W and is leaving off the "T" but they are including it when you buy it. I know it's confusing but in the fine print, it does say this comes with the traffic cord.) Since I'm back to the traffic feature, might as well get it out of the way...

The traffic feature picks up the local (city) traffic-monitoring signal of what ever city your in (If that city is broadcasting it). It will be on the left side of the screen and have two little cars in a circle. If you click that it will give you several options. You can check to see if you have traffic on route to where your going (which I found was a nice feature) and if you're not going anywhere but just have it on, it's nice to see the birds eye view of the main highways and where there's red, there's congestion. Please keep in mind, people blame the GPS for being wrong if there's no traffic where they said there should be and vice versa. It's not the GPS fault... it's the traffic monitoring system which maybe slow to update.

If there is traffic along the route your taking, it will give you a button to "divert" around the traffic which is nice. I didn't try it but it's nice to have if I'm running late.

The ADVERTISEMENTS (*Cue Dramatic Music*)- I've read so many reviews of people whining and complaining about the advertisements. WHAT ADVERTISEMENTS? You mean the little tiny one that pops up when ever I'm stopped at a red light that says "Crabfest at Red Lobster". So what? It's half an inch top to bottom and maybe two inches side to side that disappears once I start moving. Give me a Break! I barely notice them and 98% of the time forget they even exist. Don't let this bother you... they don't get in the way.

So driving from Portland, Oregon to Grand Junction, Colorado was a breeze with my Garmin 265W(T) - Before I left, I typed in the address and hit save and it saved it so when I was ready to leave, it told me where to go, step by step. I love that I don't have to look at it when I'm driving because it will give me a heads up that I'll be turning left or right up ahead and it will even say the name of the street.

The first heads up will say "In one mile, turn right on baker street" Then when I get close by, "Turn right" literally before I have to turn for a flawless turn... no sudden last minute lane changes. If I look at the GPS, it will show the arrow of where I am now and where I will be turning and will put the little icon right on top of the street/location you're at, so you can't go wrong. Same thing if you're taking an On Ramp to a highway you've never been on, it will stretch out the pointy line so you will stay right on track.

Another neat feature I like is the speed limit indicator. When you're in route somewhere, it will show the speed limit of the road your on (95% of the time). I saw the speed limit sign up ahead change and I watched my GPS which said 55mph change to 65mph within a foot of the speed limit sign! (Very Impressive Garmin!). Naturally, driving several thousand miles, I was able to stay in the speed limit and passed through several speed traps with no problems because while I couldn't see the speed sign (say it's night time), I just looked at my GPS and it said the speed limit AND the speed I'm going! Using the satellites, it was accurately clocking my speed! I thought that was sooo cool. :-)

It's got a ECO-Button that uses the above technology to help you better learn how to save gas by measuring your acceleration, deceleration and speed consistency to give you a score of up to 100. (100 is perfect). It averages everything and let's you know what kind of eco-friendly driver you are. That works sometimes, but I couldn't be eco-friendly when I was in stop and go/rush hour traffic where we're speeding up and slowing down but when I was out and about, I got the general idea and it helped me save on gas. (Another nice feature).

If you don't go the route you want (Say you turn off the road to stretch or take pictures, etc.) It will automatically recalculate your position and tell you where you need to go to get back on track! (VERY NICE!)

If you've got FAMILY or a significant other who has to go to the bathroom, one of the nice things you can do is click on "Points of Interest" and click on "Fuel" to find the nearest gas station so they can go relieve themselves and you can get some coffee to stay awake... All this while in the middle of driving from point A to point B. I found myself having to divert course in a city I've never been in and the GPS took me there like I lived there all my life... it was nice.

The Points of Interest (POI) - It's got a whole bunch of POI's pre-programmed in, to look for restaurants, fuel, shopping, repair, you name it! Even in a different city, it can tell you where's the nearest .... based on where you are at the time. If there's a certain POI that you don't see or want to find, you can type it in. I found myself typing "Walmart" and it showed me where all the walmarts were and what ever one I wanted, I just clicked on and hit "GO" and it took me there! (Replace Walmart with the name of your favorite store, etc.)

Along the way, if there wasn't a POI, I made one. Example... As I was driving and found a rest stop, once I drove in, I clicked on my car icon on my GPS and it will show my current location, the nearest address, nearest intersection and there's a great big button that says "SAVE LOCATION" - I used that a lot, especially for the rest stops. So once I clicked it, a keyboard came up and I typed in what I wanted to call the spot I'm at, and it saved it under my favorites folder!

So on the way back, I could see far down the road the rest stops I stopped at before so I can decide if I wanted to pull over or not. I also made my POI for places that have free wi-fi so once I needed to go to a wi-fi hotspot, I went under my favorites folder, clicked on the name "Free Internet Wifi" (I made that up) and from where I was, the GPS took me right back to that spot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you click on your car/icon, it will also have 3 major buttons next to the Save Location. These are nice to have... they are Hospital, Police Station and Fuel. So knock on wood, you're driving down the road and someone gets sick, you click on the hospital button on your GPS and it will show you ALL the hospitals near you, tell you how many miles away, point you in what direction and even give you the address & phone number in case you need to call ahead!

The Garmin Nuvi 265WT is loaded with a lot of very nice and useful features. It's got a big screen, great battery life, and will take you where you need to go. When we were in Grand Junction, we made the place we were staying our POI (Point of Interest) so when ever we drove away from the house and explored the city, at anytime, we just clicked on the POI that we made and it took us right back to where we were staying! We didn't have to worry about getting lost.

Any Errors? In all fairness, yes, it had 1 minor error - it took us to a store that no longer was there. Was that the fault of the GPS? No. The software does have to be upgraded and you're given ONE free update within the 60 days you have it. If you don't upgrade it, you will have the option of paying for any future updates. You can pay $100 something and get free updates for life (which I don't agree with but that's business for you) but if you use it constantly, it maybe the right choice for you.

Is it perfect? No. There's lots of things that can be improved but people... come on... it wasn't that long ago we had this technology! We've come a long way and all of this is constantly being improved on. The one "Flaw" if you can call it that is lack of instructions. You just have to play with it and figure it out. That's the only thing they dropped the ball on. Everything else is wonderful!

I LOVE my new Garmin Nuvi 265WT. Are there better ones? For the great price I paid, IMO... No, this is the sweet spot on getting quality, size and reliability for this GPS. Yes, there are fancier screens, yes you can get fancier graphics. From doing all my homework, research and reading TONS of reviews of MANY GPS's... The Garmin 265WT is a no brainer. Stop Reading and Just Buy the damn thing already. IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!

Oh- One last thing... If you go to Navtones dot com you can download the voice of K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider and have it be the voice of your GPS! When you download it, it will ask you for your name, so now when I'm using my GPS, it address me "Steven, I'm Knight Industries Two Thousand. Where would you like to go?" And if I'm not going the way KITT/GPS routed for me, KITT would mouth off saying "Steven if you don't want to listen to me, I'm going to turn myself off. I'm recalculating..."

There's other celebrity voices and things to customize your Garmin 265WT... Just do a google search and look for them. They made my trip a very enjoyable one. :-)

Hope this review helped. Sorry it was long winded but I give credit where it's due!
Trust your gut and hopefully trust this review.

I'm very happy with my GPS and it's very reliable. I recommend it and LOVE IT.

You can't go wrong with the Garmin Nuvi 265W(T).

Stop Reading and Buy it! (Thank me later)

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on September 30, 2016
Garmin nüvi 265W/265WT 4.3-Inch Widescreen Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Traffic (Discontinued by Manufacturer)I gave this as a bday gift to my niece It is user friendly,can be used for geo-cacheing,gives plenty of notice for turns,etc.It is all set up and so easy to use.She is crazy over it.All instructions are given in such a clear and precise voice,that she doesn't have to look at the screen.
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Spent a weekend reviewing various GPS devices to replace my less than 1 year old Mio C320 (avoid these like the plague) that had its battery die about 4 months after purchase. Went back and forth along the entire line of Garmin devices, and finally settled on this one for the blue tooth and traffic, neither of which I'll probably hardly ever use, but nice to have when I want them.

I was disappointed with the map, the "new" 2009 one, because I have some streets in my neighborhood that have been around for over four years and they're not to be found on this unit. Even the piece of junk cheap Mio had these streets.

But that's about the only downside there is to it, the only reason I haven't given it 5 stars.

Having been used to the MIO, and the horrible refresh rate, it is a pleasant change to see smooth scrolling as my vehicle moves. The ability to change the car icon is nice, especially with the plethora of icons available on the garmin website.

Accuracy is very good as well, and even in turns the unit isn't so laggy that it becomes annoying. And also unlike what I was used to with the MIO, when I come to a stop at the intersection, the map doesn't start rotating randomly on me.

Speaker is about as I expected, won't hear much over a loud stereo but crank it up enough you can at least hear it if you keep the music down a bit.

The option to easily download voices is also appreciated.

It did well with my testing of going point to point, following the instructions, and for the most part you're given the instructions in plenty of time. only once or twice did it not tell me "turn right on such and such" until I was about 20 feet from the street, but that was when I was coming up on stop signs and had slowed down, so it may be compensating for the speed factor.

Recalculation notice is a bit annoying, my MIO would say it once, sometimes this says it three times before it starts to display the alternate route.

Still has about 900MB free on the internal memory for additional voices, icons, maps, and such, and with the SD slot there's plenty of room to grow.

I have a Verizon XV6900 phone with Windows Mobile 6.1, and while the bluetooth paired well and it can see the phone status, battery power, signal, even dialed and missed call lists, it never does get the phonebook. it gets a random entry and that's it - so whenever I turn it on, I have just one user to select from, and it's different each time. Still haven't tracked that one down yet. But every other bluetooth option worked just fine.

I'm not a fan of the very thick double power cable for it though, and it would be doubly annoying (no pun intended) if I were mounting this somewhere higher up on the window to have that double cable dangling down.

I can see how the ads would get annoying sometimes (the free traffic is because it is advertising driven) but you don't get them at all if you turn off the traffic feature, and since most of my driving isn't around times that traffic is a concern, i can just leave it for when I really have a use for it.

Good response to finger input, and while the unit is overall much better quality than the MIO, I really do miss the MIO's ability to have an info pane down the last third of the screen and the map on the first two thirds of it when desired. But there's some of that info available in the data bubbles on the bottom and top so I'll survive.

Overall happy with the unit, it works well and was worth the cost.
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on September 9, 2016
Writing this review a bit later than ideally should have, but here it goes. I will list the pros and cons based on my experience with this product:
It’s windshield mount - works great. The suction cup is very high quality and I have no concerns that it will accidentally detach from the wind sheild. And it allows you a perfect view no matter where it is attached.
It satellite reception time is also great; it does not take more than a few seconds to set this up which is a great tome saver.

The screen is correct size and makes the directions show up properly. the re-route capability works flawlessly. The screen is clear, bright and it is really easy to navigate.

The traffic alert feature works fine and as described to.
Only drawback I see is that the speaker size/quality could and probably should be improved. Though you can hear the directions properly, it could be better quality.

Overall happy with the unit, it works well and was worth the cost.

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Enthusiast: Woodworkingon January 3, 2011
I bought the Nuvi 265WT to replace my old Nuvi 360. There wasn't anything wrong with the old one but it had a smaller screen and an antenna that is supposed to be flipped up for the GPS receiver to turn on. I've also heard that the GPS receivers have improved since then. In those respects, the 265WT seems better so far.

However, I've found the Nuvi 265WT to be worse in nearly every other way. My biggest complaint is that the routes it chooses are horrible. I've tried every option it has for determining the best route. Driving to Denver from the east, the 265WT wanted me to get off the highway and cut through Commerce City. That route is maybe a couple miles shorter but it's definitely slower because there are traffic lights and lower speed limits. I ignored its suggestion and instead of continuing on the highway like my last Nuvi did, the 265WT routed me through Denver's city streets with 25-40 mph speed limits and stop lights at every intersection. Horrible! And just last weekend, it tried to lead me through residential areas in Madison, WI. I ended up using Google Navigation on my phone instead!

In my opinion, the navigation problems prevent this unit from being reliable when you need it most. However, I have some more trivial complaints as well...

- The traffic updates are ridiculous. I'm glad it doesn't wait until it's too late to notify you of an upcoming delay, but on the other hand, it actually warns you about one minute "delays" that are 40 minutes ahead.
- When there's a delay ahead, you can view a map of where the delay is, relative to your current location, but that map doesn't update as you're traveling.
- You can copy your custom POI's (points of interest) from another Garmin but the .GPX file format it uses has changed a bit. The Nuvi 265WT imported the POI's from my Nuvi 360 but it doesn't show the addresses or phone numbers that were entered for them.
- Using the traffic receiver causes the unit to show you ads in the top right hand corner of the map.
- The GPS shows alert messages for trivial things like not being able to connect to your Bluetooth phone when the GPS is turned on. My last Nuvi wasn't as intrusive about stuff like that.
- The 265WT didn't include a carrying case like my last one.
- This is a minor annoyance but the old Nuvi's had quick-release "dock/cradle"-style window mounts. On the 265WT, you plug the power/traffic cable directly into the unit and then attach it to the mount. I like the old quick-release design where you didn't have to fool around with the cable.

Overall, I have to say that the 265WT is a huge step back from my old 360. If Garmin's products aren't what they used to be, I figure I might as well give TomTom a try next time. Unless another software update fixes these problems soon, it might not be long before I ditch the Nuvi.
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This is my 4th Garmin Nuvi, I have used several in the last few years. This unit offers you a nice balance between features and price.

Some of the great things are:
- Screen size of 4.3 inches, a must to be able to see your route clearly

- Size of unit, slim easy to mount and carry with you in your pocket

- Routing, having used Magellan and Tom Tom in addition to Garmin I prefer Garmin routing the most followed by Magellan and Tom Tom. However, each one has its quirks. Garmin says "recalculating" if you take a wrong turn while Magellan just reroutes without even telling you that you missed the original route. Also Magellan tends to warn you to take an exit sooner than Garmin in some cases which can be nice. Overall, with each map update, I find Garmin giving me some funny routes, like it will tell you to take an exit off the highway and then bring you back to the same highway. So using common sense always helps when going to a new place. It can also get confused sometimes in down town areas where many roads are often one way so keeping eyes and ears open is helpful. However it's no worse than any other GPS system out there. The turn by turn voice directions with street names are nice as you never have to look at the screen if you don't want to.

- Bluetooth - Very user friendly, loads your complete phonebook and shows you all missed calls etc. just like your phone screen. Taking a call is easy and audio quality is fair

- You can upload Custom POIs/ way points using POI Loader software. A lot of POIs are also available free on the web on different sites. I keep updating the addresses of Starbucks, Walmart, Traffic cam intersections etc through these free databases.

- Use SD card to expand memory

- More user friendly interface than previous Garmin Nuvi's. FINALLY a QWERTY keyboard from Garmin(yay!)

- Where am I feature? which tells you the closest gas station, hospital etc, I end up using this a lot when travel

- Speed limit indicator - Tells you the speed limit for major roads and warns you if you're going too fast, although sometimes it can be funky and tell you to go slower than the speed limit indicated

- Eco-route - Gives you a more fuel efficient route - to be honest I haven't used it much, I prefer the options shortest route, shortest time

- Garmin anti theft lock - Allows you to set a passcode, so if your GPS gets stolen it can't be unlocked or if your car gets stolen the person won't be able to use the GPS to get all your info like home address etc.

- Photo Viewer - I don't find this very useful, but some may appreciate it.

- Garmin Customer Service - I have used them several times in the last 5 years, although you have to call in day time hours, you get a real live person from their US office and they are always polite and helpful. They have often gone beyond what I would expect - like replacing an old mount although it was out of warranty, replacing my charger when I lost it by mistake etc., even sending me an international charger (for free) when I was traveling which has won them my loyalty.

- Traffic feature has helped once in a while to avoid major jams but usually it seems to be 1 hour behind in its updates and may tell you to watch out for traffic where there is none any more. It's best to use your knowledge for your local city routes and work commute and use this feature mainly in unfamiliar cities. Also the "free" lifetime traffic feature comes with ads - so every now and then an ad or a coupon will pop up which can be annoying.

Other features not available on this Nuvi, which can be found on other models:
-Lane Assist that guides you to the right lane to take that exit etc.
- FM transmitter - So you can't use your car audio, however, it was never a very usable feature in other Nuvis due to the static I experienced
- MP3 and Audiobook player - I don't miss it as I never used it anyway, my phone is enough!
- Traffic trends - gives you route based on most common traffic patterns
-My Trends - Gives you new routes based on past behavior

Why buy a GPS? Although I have a GPS on my phone, I like having a dedicated system as the routing is often better and more intuitive. Also, when traveling often there may be no 3G coverage but the satellite navigation system still works. Once when I had car trouble in a remote location where I had no wireless coverage my Nuvi was able to guide me to the closest repair shop through its database. A life saver!

Overall this is a nice system, there are more full featured ones available but this one offers you the most for the best price. A great buy.
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on April 30, 2012
I actually have an older Garmin Street Pilot (c340) GPS. It is bulkier but the speaker in it is much better. The Gamin Nuvi 265WT could use a much better speaker. I had to put the volume to 70% not to hear the speaker distort too much. 80% had distortion where any higher was not worth listening when directions spoken. Besides this, the GPS works great and definitely a steal if you buy used. I love the Blu-tooth feature. Someone said it wouldn't display the number so must be a phone - GPS compatibility issue. I have a Samsung phone and all numbers listed correctly including multiple numbers listed under the same name. The same name just shows up again with each number listed. Not sure that the traffic feature will really be worth it but nice the battery lasts 4 hours and not 2 like some. The text to speech feature is great as well. Definitely a very good GPS. All my research seemed to point to this being one that was highly ranked and not that old for the price. Really how often do maps change to need updated via the Garmin fee. I guess I don't drive that much but still available if needed later. Highly recommend!
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on April 19, 2009
This is our first GPS unit and we have used it for 2 months now in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I did a lot of research about different units and functions before buying one and this one has been a great value.

The 265WT is one of the newest Garmin units and it performs well. It does not have some functions that other units does, like MP3, Audio book or FM radio but I don't need that extra crap. It does have FREE Traffic Alert for Life and I like that.

The Windsheild mount I use in my pickup and it works great. The suction cup is very high quality and I have no concerns that it will accidentally detach from the windsheild. I love the swivel capabilites and it allows you a perfect view no matter where you put it. My wife used velcro to stick it where she wanted it so there's never the suction cup on the windshied as evidence of a GPS unit in the car for thief deterent.

My wife uses the Bluetooth with her phone, first a Razr and now a Samsung 777 and loves it. I have no problem hearing her and she me while she's driving down the road.

The Map directions and screen have been great. The GPS unit so far has given me perfect directions and the re-route capability works flawlessly. The screen is clear, bright and easy to navigate.

Turn by Turn
You have two options here. You can use one of the Text to Speech voices or one of natural voices. The text to speech voices will give you more information such as street names. This is great and a function I looked for. It will say the street name to turn on instead of just turn right in a half mile, the 265wt says in half mile turn right on the street name. This is what I use and even though you can tell it's a computer generated voice its quality is superb. The 265WT does a good job at keeping you updated. Also at any time you can hit the turn Icon and it will speak the distance to the next turn, giving you street name as well as direction.

Overall the 265WT has been a great value and one that I would recommend. I'm going to buy my own as this one seems to always be in her car.
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on March 12, 2009
I spent about a month researching Garmin Nuvis before I settled on the 265WT. I knew I wanted a Nuvi, but wasn't sure of the features I'd want or need. All of the features on this unit are great. I don't use the Bluetooth, but do use everything else. I like the new firmware - the Eco Route is very useful for gas mileage purposes. There really isn't anything negative I can say about it. I got it for a great price (around $240 when I bought it and it's worth every penny). If you can get it for a lower price, that's great, but to me, $240 was worth it for the features it has.

NOW, in order take advantage of all of the features, you need to really know what the unit can do and the user manual just doesn't cover it all. You need to search online for uses (there are a ton that I'd never even have thought of, like GeoTagging photographs)! Luckily, a guy named Gary Hayman had put together an excellent tutorial. Without him, I'd simply have used my Nuvi to get from point A to point B, but he has taught me that it can be used for SO MUCH MORE! Check his site out. I'll post the link, but if it doesn't come through, just do an online search for his name and GPS (or Nuvi). Or seach his name and 'garmin GPS Tricks, Tips, Work Arounds, Hint, Secrets and Ideas'. AND, no, I'm in no way compensated to give him props, but after you see his site, you'll see why he deserves mention. Like I said, I wouldn't know all of the wonders of my Nuvi if not for his site. He definitely deserves credit for taking this from a good GPS system to an excellent gadget capable of so much more than I ever though. [...]

Now, more specifics:

The screen size is great (one of the features I insisted I get was widescreen)/

The Traffic feature is good. I had read some bad reviews of it, so I guess I wasn't expecting much, but I've had good luck with - it's gotten me around a couple of traffic tie-ups (I live in Atlanta, so traffic is a big deal here). The 'free' traffic feature is ad supported. But, honestly, the ads aren't a bother at all - they're very small and aren't constant - they appear every so often.

The new EcoRoute feature rocks. You simply plug in your gas price (and a couple more specific items about your vehicle) and it keeps track of how much you spend per tank and per trip! So, if you want to know how much it costs you to drive to work, it keeps a list of every trip you make and show your the cost of fuel. Just be sure to enter the new gas price each time you fill up for accurate results.

That's about all I can think of right now. I'd highly recommned this Nuvi. Lots of advanced features for a reasonable price.
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on December 31, 2010
This is a very good GPS if all you want is basic navigation, but the audio quality makes it completely unacceptable for BlueTooth usage which is one of its features. That may or may not be important to many people, but my wife uses it heavily as a hands-free bluetooth device with her phone.

We love Garmin and had a StreetPilot c550 for many years and it had excellent audio quality (it even had an MP3 player built in so the audio had to be good). It looks to me that over the years since then Garmin has decided that audio quality wasn't that important and put in a very cheap ineffective speaker in all the new 4.3 inch screen models in order to reduce cost.

When the unit reads directions to you, the voice is understandable although it is muffled and very "tinny". When you attempt to make a bluetooth call through the unit with a phone, the voices are unintelligible. I returned this unit to Amazon and got a 1390 instead and it was a little better but had the same basic problem so it seems to be common to all the 4.3 inch Garmins. I'm now going to try a 1490 which comes in a 5 inch case and presumably has a different speaker system to see if it's better. I tried one in a Best Buy store and it seems to be much better.
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