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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 29, 2012
I briefly owned a Nuvi 3490LMT and found it to be a great GPS. Shortly after I purchased the 3490LMT this 5" model was announced. I returned the 3490LMT and ordered the 3590LMT that very day. I am pleased to report that the Nuvi 3590LMT is also a great GPS navigator.

+ Screen is very easy to see, even in bright daylight
+ Thin for a 5" unit
+ No issues with polarized sun-glasses
+ Snappy user interface; every touch is immediately registered
+ Drag gestures work on most screens
+ Intuitive design, easy to use
+ Removable window mount has a built-in speaker
+ Map and software updates are easy; no registration required
+ Very fast acquisition of GPS satellites
+ Very fast routing and rerouting

- Pricey
- The 5" screen makes this too bulky to fit in your pocket or carry around (compromises!)
- Windshield mount falls on occasion

The first thing I noticed about this GPS is the big bright screen. From past experience, I knew that 5" was the right size for me. With a 5" screen, I don't have to focus as hard on the GPS when I take my eyes off the road. This allows me to get my eyes back ON the road as fast as possible which makes the GPS safer for me.

The screen on this unit is among best I've ever seen on a GPS (almost equal to the 3490LMT) and is clearly visible in the bright Texas sun. Even my polarized sun glasses do not interfere with the screen. The screen is really something to behold and is clearly where a lot of the cost of this unit stems from. The reason I say this display is not quite equal to the 3490LMT is because it has the same pixel count but spread over a larger surface. This means the display is not quite as crisp as the 3490LMT. But you'll have to look really really hard to notice the difference!

The unit has an auto-night feature that reacts quickly to changing light conditions so that the GPS is never too bright when driving at night or in a dark area.

The LCD viewing angle seems decent. There is definitely some darkening of the display as you move off to the side. For the primary viewer (the driver), the display will be easy to see even as you move your head around. The passenger may have difficulty viewing what's on screen if the unit is pointed at the driver.

Much less important but still nice is how crisp the screen is. It is a high resolution screen that renders maps faithfully with great detail, even when held close to your face. This makes everything smooth and pretty. Again, this is of questionable value when mounted in your windshield but it does look really nice.

I haven't had much time to test the included HD traffic feature. It seems like traffic information is only given to you if you're driving on a route. It would be nice if it actually showed you traffic in the area, even if you're just driving without any route set. Surely it could at least figure out that I'd be interested in traffic information on the very road I'm driving on! After I've had more time with the unit I'll update my review with more information on the traffic feature.

From my experience with the 3490LMT, I expect it will tell me when traffic is ahead on a selected route. One thing I wished the 3490LMT would do was tell me about traffic on the road ahead, even if it doesn't know my destination. It does not do that (though neither does the competition as best I can tell).

I love how quickly this unit acquires my location from the satellites. Within a few seconds after turning on, it knows where I am. My old TomTom often didn't know where I was until I was well outside of my neighborhood.

As with every other GPS I've ever owned, the default navigation view shows the current speed limits. The bad news is the speed limits are sometimes wrong by 5 to 10mph. This seems to be more common in neighborhoods and on lesser traveled roads but I've also encountered this on major freeways. The good news is that you can tap on any bad speed limit shown on screen and a "+/-" button shows up that quickly lets you edit the speed limit. I found myself doing this often after first but eventually the streets I drive most often were all corrected. I wish they could get this stuff right without me making changes but it seems to be a universal problem.

A nice visual cue to help you see your route is that after each turn, the graphical display zooms out to show you more of the upcoming route. After a few seconds, it zooms back in to the previous zoom level. This is subtle but effective in helping you see the details of your route while getting an occasional glimpse of the big picture.

Something that I really like is that you can drag the map around with your finger while navigating: just like you would do in Google Maps on your cell phone. This gives you the opportunity to see what else is around while sitting at a traffic light.

Routing and rerouting has been very fast in my experience. If I miss a turn, the GPS usually has the new route figured out in just a few seconds. Much appreciated during those high anxiety goof-ups I sometimes make!

Another nifty feature is that the 3590LMT learns your habits. If you prefer a particular route home because you know more than the GPS, eventually it starts routing you via the route automatically.

In my experience, the voice command feature is so-so. It hasn't yet been able to find an address for me but it does seem to work pretty well when navigating to my saved shortcuts. I say the command "voice command, go home" and it works fine every time. This could get better with firmware updates. It does seem to be important to be in a quiet environment (radio turned off, windows rolled up) when issuing voice commands. No surprise there. This feature may improve with firmware updates.

The Garmin update software is very easy to use and works fine. I was pleased that I didn't have to create an account or register with Garmin. I just plugged in my navigator and it downloaded the latest maps and firmware.

Bluetooth works well with my iPhone 5. The sound quality and volume isn't stellar, but people can hear me and I can hear them and it always works, so I am pleased.

So far the firmware has proven reliable. I've never had it crash or hang on me.

The mount to my windshield is fairly secure and stable. It seems quite well made and the screen never sags under its own weight. Unfortunately, the mount has fallen from my windshield twice in 3 months of usage. Nothing has been damaged in the falls, but I find this annoying. This caused me to drop this to a 4-star review.

This unit seems to be a couple of millimeters thicker than the ultra-thin 3490LMT. I'm not complaining about this, but I do wish it was as thing as the smaller unit. Still, it's not thick at all: barely thicker than my iPhone 4.

So far this GPS is shaping up as the best I've ever used. I'm very happy with this purchase. I will continue to update my review as I spend more time with the unit.

About 6 months after purchase, the GPS stopped working right in the middle of a 2000 mile road trip. The touchscreen became inoperable and the unit would crash after a few minutes of use. Of course, this was highly frustrating. Garmin support was easy to deal with. Garmin immediately sent me an RMA form and after I sent it back to them, they sent me a brand new 3590LMT. All told, this cost me just under $20 in shipping and a few weeks without the GPS. Probably about as best as one can hope for in such a situation. Hopefully the replacement will last longer!

A year after my original unit was replaced under warranty, the replacement unit is still going strong. I think this is a great product.
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on December 3, 2013
I wasn't sure whether to bother writing this review, since it seems like smart phones are destined to replace purpose-built GPS units.

This Garmin was bought to replace a Tom-Tom that was stolen from my car; consequently this review will compare and contrast the features of those two competitors.

+Fast; it acquires satellites quickly, and calculates routes quickly.
+Micro SD slot for adding extra maps or other content.
+Voice Command works ok in non-noisy environments (windows up, radio off) and when asking for common destinations (e.g.: "gas station," not "Moby Dick's House of Kabob.")
+Large screen is easy to see and read.

-The suction cup that comes with this unit is terrible. It falls off, all the time. Cleaning it and the windshield helps; moistening the suction cup helps, but it is still a constant problem. I have been almost cracked the screen several times when it had fallen off the windshield and then fell out the door onto the asphalt as I opened the car door. I never had problems with the Tom-Tom's (larger) suction cup to this degree.
-The mounting bracket on the suction cup is too bulky. It takes up too much room in my luggage when traveling. The Tom-Tom mounting bracket folded flat (thinner than 1 cm) against the back of the old unit.
-It is hard to "shop" between multiple routes.
-The traffic alert function is too subtle: sometimes i don't notice it until I've already hit the traffic. The old Tom-Tom did a better job of generating an audible alert when traffic jams were ahead, telling me the alternate routes it had in mind, and estimating how much time I would save.
-As other reviewers have commented, it is too quiet. Even at maximum volume, when I am driving with the top down at highway speeds, it is inaudible. Less of a problem at low speed or with the car closed up.
-Sometimes chops routes up into idiot-sized bites. e.g.: you're on I-5 at mile marker 50, it tells you your next turn will be onto I-5 at mile-marker 52. It would be more useful for it to tell me the next road that had a DIFFERENT name.
-Power cable plugs into cradle, which then connects to GPS unit. It would be nicer if it plugged directly into the unit itself (like the Tom-Tom did).
-Screen is too shiny; glare is often a problem, but can be remedied by 1) adjusting the unit's position, or 2) putting on an anti-glare screen protector.
-Database is missing a lot of places - mostly businesses. Sometimes I have to manually input the address.
-Too large to be comfortable as a hand-held unit.
-Hard to tell it that there are detours or road-blocks.

a good unit; a bit overpriced for what you get.
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on January 22, 2015
I will preface my review by saying that I haven't actually used it to direct me anywhere yet. The source of my burning hatred for this product is the difficulty in adding favorites. I'm planning a road trip and it would be beneficial if I could save all the hotels and POIs in advance. Apparently, at one point, there was support by online GIS services (Google Maps, MapQuest) to send locations directly from the web interface to your device via a Send to GPS button and the Garmin Communicator browser plug-in. I guess Garmin decided to stop paying for this, so now the buttons are gone (it may still be there on MapQuest, but I live outside the US and MapQuest basically has no data for other countries (or at least not for India).

To find a location, you go to the Where To? screen and enter your search parameters, for example "Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport". This produces several results with useful distinctions such as ... Domestic Arrivals, or ... International Departures. Unfortunately, they all start with the search parameter which runs the useful info off the screen. So you click the little "i" for information. Not the right one, so you hit the back arrow. This runs the search again instead of just taking you back to your search results you already had. Did I mention it takes 2-5 minutes to complete the search? At least it does on the India map I paid $$$ for. Perhaps it has faster search results in the US base map.

So now I've finally found my location. Is there a save to favorites button? Of course not. Instead I have to "set as current location", go to the favorites menu, select my undefined Home location, tell it to set current location as home, then go in and edit the Home favorite with the new name I want for the location.

Now, if you already know where exactly your location is, you can manually scroll through the painfully slow map using the View Map screen and keep zooming until you find it, place a marker on it, and save it as a favorite. If you already know exactly where it is. Of course, when you open the View Map screen, you have to wait several minutes while the device searches for satellites before you can put it into simulator mode for use indoors.

So, if I use it side by side with Google Maps, I can find locations on my desktop and then tediously scroll around on the GPS until I find them and save them, thus making the device not completely useless. It is NOT user friendly in the least and I would not recommend anyone buy it unless they are a masochist or the engineer that designed it.
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on September 15, 2013
I enjoyed a solid 5 months of constant use out of this GPS unit until it broke. I used it just about every day for work and rely on it heavily. So when the satellite signal started degrading and dropping out, I wanted to get to the bottom of it immediately. I started by making sure it wasn't a satellite problem (I hear those sunspots can be a menace), but my other old Garmin and TomTom GPS units worked fine in the same areas, so I called customer support hoping they'd be able to help.

I called on a weekday and was greeted to a hold time of 35 minutes! Determined to get to the bottom of the problem, I settled in for a long wait. An hour and 10 minutes later, I finally talked to an actual person, only to have them tell me to do the same thing I did before getting on the phone: update the GPS unit software/firmware and do a factory reset if that doesn't work. I told the guy if that's all they could offer, I wanted to have it sent in for repairs, so he agreed to start the repair process by sending me an email with a printable RMA label and instructions. I never got that email. A few days later, I tried going through the automated process on Garmin's website to get my GPS unit repaired, but the only email I got was one stating that I'd "receive a follow-up email in a few days with instructions on how to proceed". Lot of help that was.

So, the Garmin nuvi 3590 is a great little GPS unit, just hope you don't have any technical problems. Good luck if you do!
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on August 26, 2012
I had never owned a GPS device prior to recently purchasing the Nuvi 3590LMT. My wife was especially skeptical about the necessity for such a device. Well, we just took our first trip with the Nuvi and she and I are both sold on the device. It was fantastic! My wife and I go to a camp out in the woods near Plymouth, MA each year. The 3590 found the address in seconds and guided us right to the camp despite that it was off many small back roads. In addition, my wife was the Camp Nurse for the week and we had an older woman fall and hurt herself. The 3590 found the nearest hospital and guided us right there and back to the camp in the middle of the night. This was a much-needed benefit in the emergency situation. The 3590 also reduced the typical friction between my wife during a road trip.I like to get somewhere and don't like to wander where I don't know where I am going. She, on the other hand, likes to explore new places along the route. With the Nuvi, I did not mind exploring as we always could find the place we were looking for and find our way back to our established route. It really made the trip so much more enjoyable for both of us.

There were a a couple of "dings" that made the device not perfect. As others have written, it does not do a great job recognizing spoken addresses. It does much better with place names. I also could have used a little more warning as to when to turn or exit a highway. But, that was not a deal buster.The screen is large and bright. It can be somewhat too reflective..especially if you are wearing a light-colored shirt during the daytime. But, again, it was something I got used to quickly.

In all, this is a fantastic device that worked wonderfully right out of the box and I would recommend it to anyone.
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on January 25, 2016
Visually this GPS works great. I use it every weekend traveling to various locations (which are always new to me) up and down the east coast. However, I question it's decision making sometimes. When I'm in an area that I KNOW, the gps sometimes makes decisions to take me a way that I know is not faster, nor is it less miles. And it has nothing to do with the traffic updates. It doesn't happen often, but when that occurs in places I'm familiar with, it makes me question how often it happens on the road when I am completely oblivious. The traffic update module on it can be handy, but is usually so far behind I don't follow it. i.e. If it says there's bad traffic ahead, it's probably already gone, or worse, we are Go for GREEN, no traffic whatsoever, and I'm at a stand still.

Still, most of these points are things I've experience with any and all GPS's I've used. And with the great GUI of this device. It's still my favorite.
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on July 14, 2013
Had a NUVI 350 for the past 5 years and bought this one last month as an upgrade. The updates from the 350 to this model makes the old one look stone-aged. The screen looks good and the glass touch screen is much nicer than the older one that was plastic. It claims to be accurate within 10 ft, and is definitely more accurate than the older GPS. I live on the East Coast and used it last month on a trip to Texas. We flew in and the devise found its new location just as quickly as if I was still in my driveway. The older unit would take 5 to 10 minutes or more to find a new location after changing locations that far apart. I gave it a good, thorough test and it worked beyond my expectations.

The search feature is more intuitve and is fast. The bluetooth works okay, not the best quality, but I wasn't buying the devise for that anyway. I have a bluetooth earpiece that works very well, only tested it to see how well it worked - adequately. If you don't have bluetooth enabled car (my wife's 2012 Accord is) or a bluetooth earpiece, it seems good enough.

One of the best new features is that it never states, "Recalculating, recalculating", it just finds the new route. That used to really annoy my wife about the old devise.

The trends feature is also interesting and you can look back at where you drove to, especially nice with my teenage daughter. Now I know where she actually went when going to her friends' houses - usually involves trips to the mall. :)

The lane assist works well and the split screen with the natural view is a nice new feature. Also, the speed limit at the bottom of the screen, along with your speed, is also convenient, occasionally it's wrong, but easily to correct the speed limit.

I haven't had a good test of the traffic system, but it does work. I did see a few times where it had warnings and listed how long the delay was, typically, less than 3 minutes, so it wasn't relevant to me.

The exit services icon is a nice feature for my wife that always likes to stop to eat, etc., on long trips. Click it and it lets you know what's available at the exits that are on route, gas, restaurants, etc.

I would definitely recommend this devise as both an upgrade and a first-time GPS.
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on July 15, 2014
I have found this unit to be the best GPS I've used. This includes a couple of previous Garmins and a TomTom. Key likes:
• Updates are no extra charge. I've updated mine twice now without a glitch. (Why it needed an update when I first received it is a minor frustration.)
•Route selection is very good. I live in Central Texas and route selection depends greatly on direction I am traveling. Go west and there is no need to go out of my way to travel by interstate. Rural state and US highways go through few towns so I can make good time on them. This unit does a nice job of choosing good routes even those not primarily Interstates.
•Estimated travel time is accurate.
•Unit can display altitude. Keeps the boredom down when traveling and helps explain auto MPG variations.
•Searching for businesses by name is pretty good. This helps when looking for some place to eat. Chick Fil A even.

•Voice command is about as good (or bad) as other voice applications.
•Traffic coverage is very spotty. Unless traffic coverage improves I will not buy a traffic capable GPS again. Even urban areas are frequently not covered.
•Unit slips out of cradle too easily.
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on March 7, 2014
I love my Garmin 1690. Yup. You read that right. I'd love to keep it. But Garmin is forcing me to upgrade because they won't sell me a new traffic service - on the feeble grounds that AT&T will turn off the 2G network in 2017. And somebody disabled Google Search on it - who cares about loyal customers? Anyway, I tried out the 3597, that ought to be the best, right? Nope. It doesn't have the dashboard/enhanced data display that previous Nuvis have. I agree it's pretty, but it isn't functional (try getting the unit off the magnetic mount and you'll see what I mean). So then the slightly older 3590 should do the trick... at least they've had enough time to get the bugs out. Errm. No. It's a nice unit but the Bluetooth / Smartlink capability plain doesn't work, at least not with a Galaxy S4 (on two different, brand new, Garmins). And the HD traffic service seems somewhat inferior to the 1690 - it has less geographic coverage, more latency, and the green icon that indicates you have traffic information is a deliberate lie. Seems like an interesting business plan: let's retain customers by making our product worse over time, removing features that they love, but turn off the units that work better, thus forcing them to upgrade anyway. Good job, Garmin. [Update] A couple of Smartlink and Garmin updates later, it seems the Bluetooth feature is working better, so I've added a couple of stars. Tech support remains poor.
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on November 27, 2012
I purchased this to replace a Nuvi 265 and have been using it for over a year. This is an edited review.
Things I like:
1) The screen
It's big, gives a big picture of what's around the area, touch-sensitive and easy to input data. It's easy to get overall view of things without being greatly distracted from driving.
2) Voice Command
I've had no problems with it, however I've had limited use. It has, however, been accurate when I've requested a particular store, needed to adjust volume, answer the phone via the bluetooth.
3. Bluetooth connection to phone
I'm an iPhone user (I'm sure it would be as easy on an Android), found the setup to be painless, and the phone conversations have been of good quality. Only with the windows down and high ambient noise do people notice any problems
I've found that this Nuvi is much more accurate that my previous model was. To be sure, my 265 was 2 years old and there have been some map updates since then, but the new maps are great.
Things I don't like:
1) The screen has the tendency to show fingerprints like there's no tomorrow! I worry that any drop might destroy the screen.
2) Some of the menu entries are non-intuative. I think, for example, avoidances could be a little better defined and easier to input.
3) Expensive. I guess you get what you pay for, but I think the price is a little high....
4) Lack of a comprehensive manual. You Tube has some good walkthroughs, but Garmin should have helped the purchaser here. After all, a premium price should bring some benefits.
5) Lack of support for the iPhone. I'd like to see Garmin include an app for the iPhone as well as the Android for the extra weather and traffic cam features.
6) Horrible software. I can't begin to describe how many times the mapping software has lead me wrong. I want the software to keep me on major interstates and highways, but instead, no matter how I change the settings, it wants to take me through residential areas, off the main (and logical) paths. I wrote Garmin and received no help at all. It seems to me it would be a simple thing to edit the software to allow the user to keep on main interstates and highways, but the option simply isn't there.

Final 'edited' review: the actual physical GPS is great; big screen, easy to see, but it's difficult to recommend based on the software. My iPhone maps are more accurate and easier to manage. If Garmin can fix this glaring error I'd change my review, but until I'm able to have the GPS keep me on main interstates and highways instead of leading me on some awful 2-lane country road (which it frequently does) I can't trust it. If I can't trust it then its usefulness is greatly minimized.
Sorry, Garmin, you can do better...
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