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Color: Black/Red|Style: Without Heart Rate Monitor|Change
Price:$244.59 - $297.00

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on October 23, 2014
Love this watch. My old Garmin died and I am loving this one even more. Picks up satellites super fast. Love the live tracking feature when I have my iPhone. Hubby can see where I am along my route. Also like that when in vicinity of phone, automatically uploads to Garmin Connect. After completing a run, tells you what "records" you just beat. (Longest run, fastest mile, fastest 5k) Easy to use and navigate the screens. My photo shows the summary screen at end of run.
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on November 22, 2013
- Thinner and lighter than the FR210
- Color display with better resolution
- GPS signal works well, even in midtown Manhattan, where it's densely populated and loaded with skyscrapers (average satellite lock time: 5-6 seconds for me)
- GPS is accurate and reliable. I have yet to experience problems. Will update if this changes.
- Heart rate monitor (bought as a package) and Bluetooth to iPhone work well
- Waterproof so I don't have problems with sweat or wearing it when I shower
- Variety of screens you can choose from to display data during your run
- Can transfer data via Bluetooth to my iPhone app (which is linked to Garmin Connect) or through the cable provided
- Garmin Connect is actually quite useful in detecting patterns in your training, monitoring the physiological responses you have during various types of workouts, and sending training plans to your watch
- Functions and buttons are very intuitive; I spent less than 3 minutes looking at the manual before mastering the watch

- Wish there were more color combos (like all black)
- GPS takes forever to establish connection with the satellite for the first time (but it is very quick after)
- The Garmin Connect app on the iPhone is a bit glitchy, but tech support said they are already working on updates
- Battery life was very average in this day and age

This watch is probably one of the best I've seen in the market for a while. The $250 (or $300 if you get the heart rate monitor with it) is well worth it if you actually use it/serious about running. This little device will tell you everything you need and want to know about your body and your training. If running is a hobby, then I suggest just using mapmyrun.com and/or just getting a simple wrist watch. The value lies in being able to train on heart rate and logging decently accurate mileage (not accurate enough for tracks) without having to map it out beforehand.

As a competitive runner logging 60 to 80 miles per week, I would recommend this watch to runners who are serious and want to be scientific with their training.
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on April 30, 2015
The main thing I get out of the 220 that I don't get from the free Android apps I already have, is the pace alarm and the ability to look at it (instead of pulling out a phone) for instantaneous pace. When it works. Form-factor wise, it's nice as long as it's on my left arm. I kept the watch, but also bought a Fitbit HR so that I can get accurate step count.

The things that drive me crazy about this watch:
1. You can't enter the menu to tell it that you need to set the time manually or turn the GPS off, unless it gets a GPS fix. Getting a GPS fix after the battery runs low or you get off a plane can take a while. In an outdoor run last week, it took a half-hour. Given that one of the selling points of the new version of this watch is that you can use it on a treadmill, it's frustrating to me that I can't use it on a treadmill unless I go outside first.
2. The Garmin Connected app crashes often. When it crashes, or loses Bluetooth, or loses a mobile wireless connection, it stops tracking you and won't start automatically. My wife was using it to follow me during a marathon - until Mile 4, when it died.
3. The treadmill tracking has significant errors - +/-50% in my opinion, and doesn't provide a way to override its results. Which means, if you've connected Garmin Connect with other apps (EveryMove or Facebook), that you're transmitting garbage.
4. The pace alarm is based on instantaneous pace, as measured by a GPS. Run under a bridge? You'll probably start vibrating from low pace. Come out of a tunnel? It'll update, and you'll be at high pace. If I have to think about whether or not the alert is real, it's a pain. What I would have liked: A Kalman filtered position using the built in accelerometer along with some history.
5. If something bumps a button during a pre-programmed interval workout, there's no way to back up once it decided you're done with an interval. Would like to be able to lock the device out while running.
6. It has an accelerometer, but doesn't do step counting. Why?
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on April 9, 2016
Does not pick up a gps signal even among 4-5 story buildings in the outskirts of Boston. Then, within two weeks, it stopped charging. Did everything customer service instructed. Device won't turn on, turn off, won't charge, won't connect to computer via USB. Nothing. Wish I had read some of the (non Amazon) message boards prior to purchase because apparently many, many people have problems with faulty devices. Paid a lot of money for a piece of crap.
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on June 12, 2015
Perfect GPS running watch.

Size: I have very small wrists for a guy, but this watch fits perfectly. Not bulky at all.

Weight: I can barely feel it on my wrist when I'm running.

Function: GPS works great, as is to be expected with a Garmin product. The customizable data screens are very easy to read when running. The pace measurements are very accurate and adjust surprisingly well during your run. The ability to create workouts on the Garmin Connect app and upload them to the watch is very user-friendly. Setting tempo ranges is a great way to keep yourself on pace during speed workouts.

Battery: Battery life is incredible. I ran a barely-sub 4 marathon and still had well over 50% battery life left. I'd imagine the battery would last you for anything short of some ultra marathons.

Overall: I've had this watch for over 3 months now, and I'd recommend it to any runner. While Garmin has released a lot of new watches recently that are likely great, the 220 is exactly what a runner needs.
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on July 12, 2015
Connects to satellites quickly, usually within thirty seconds for me, most of the time much shorter.
Tracks distance accurately, allows me to customize displays so I can always see my heart rate.
Gives an accurate estimate of calories burned when paired with a heart rate monitor.
Small and light enough to be used as a day to day timepiece, while not looking all that bad as one.
Screen is easy to read in broad daylight, and the backlight is bright enough to make the screen readable in the dark.

None which I can think of.

I have had this watch for two weeks now, and I am primarily a cyclist, though I run as well. I bought it primarily so I could take it on my bike rides and have it display my heart rate and elevation continuously, two things which are rather significant in my rides and cannot be shown on my basic Cateye bicycle computer. When it saves the rides and syncs to my phone, it always displays them as runs, clearly, though the Garmin Connect app makes it infinitely easy to modify that to a ride with only a few clicks. So for my purposes, it works perfectly well as a cycling computer, minus the cadence data. Out of the box experience was superb. Unlike many smartwatches and the like, you can use this out of the box before ever connecting it to your phone. The interface is simple and intuitive enough that you can modify almost any setting to your liking with only a few clicks, really easy to use, without even reading the instructions. You can adjust the auto-lap distance very easily, which is helpful for me, since I like a one mile lap distance while running but prefer a five mile lap distance while cycling. The pace alerts can be easily turned on and off, again helpful since I don't care about pace alerts while I am cycling. The battery lasts as expected, which is to say right aronud the expected ten hours with GPS on. Although I have not drained it dead yet while using it only as a watch, I would expect it would last about two or three weeks on battery alone under that kind of usage. It's solid, to say the least, especially when you compare it against the likes of a modern smartwatch, which is lucky if it makes fifteen hours on a charge. I cannot recommend this product enough if you are a runner or cyclist, if you are in the market for a mid-range GPS enabled watch, which can do running natively but also easily enough track your rides, get it! You will not be disappointed.
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on August 24, 2014
I really wanted to give this thing 5 stars, but I can't.

After a few weeks living with the Garmin Forerunner 220, I have a pretty good idea of what it's all about. It's a larger face than what you might see on a dress watch, but that's to be expected. People with smaller wrists might think it's a bit too big. It has a long battery life, especially in non-GPS mode. I would say I can get a good 2 weeks out of this, running 4x a week and leaving it in non-GPS mode for the rest of the time. It also has quick charging times...about 90 minutes will bring it from 30% to full. It's readable through polarized running glasses in full sunlight, and that's a HUGE plus.

Those are the good points. Now for the bad:

I don't feel that the GPS is particularly accurate. One time, the GPS recorded me as running through a very solid building. While this resulted in a PR for my first mile, it was not accurate. I did not, in fact, run straight through a solid building.

It has overestimated some of my courses and underestimated others. I don't run in built-up areas...it doesn't lose signal, so I'm a bit concerned by these inconsistent measures. I've noticed these results in multiple locations, so it's not peculiar to just one place.

I still recommend it, but I caution you to pay attention to the GPS results. Comparison between this device and other GPS units can be telling...
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on December 20, 2015
Although I am an older model walker rather than a runner, this runner’s watch works well for my needs. I like being aware of my heart rate and heart zone and getting a little buzz from the watch when my zone is exceeded. This watch does that! I like accuracy in the time peace along with a posting of the day and date. This watch does that too. This watch has solid GPS connectivity and reliably informs me of my distance and pace. And it does all this with programmable screen displays that I control and cycles through them as I tell it to. Frankly, the Forerunner 220 and its companion HR monitor do an excellent job tracking my walking metrics. For some reason, Garmin has decided this watch is for runners not walkers. All their marketing and support info, from what I can tell, suggests this watch is only for runners. I think that is unfortunate and may be holding down sales of this great watch for walkers.
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on December 19, 2015
Update, 29.January 2016: Still will not connect with my iMac running OS 10.8.5 -- despite this being listed as compatible. Garmin customer support has twice copied and pasted suggestions from their Web site, despite my having told them in my initial contact that I had tried these things. If you own a Windows box, it would probably be fine -- connects with my wife's computer -- but I should not have to hope from computer to computer to satisfy an inadequately designed GPS watch.
Update, 25.January 2016: Connection to computer has gone from flaky to not working at all. Bluetooth interface does not work either.
I'm giving it a generous 3-star review, because it shows hope of working out. It also was on sale at what seems a pretty good price, and my old Forerunner 110 was on its last legs -- battery doesn't hold a charge well.

The biggest negative so far is the computer interface -- the latest version of Garmin Express is flaky at best on my Mac (despite meeting Garmin's specs). After it craps out on the initial program startup, I have to reboot for the computer to recognize the device via USB.

So ... I've found some stability in simply using the no-longer-supported Garmin Training Center, their ancient program that still resides on my computer, and all looks good. It's not modern or anything, but it downloads my journeys into a usable interface.

As for the watch itself, the 220 feels a little large and clunky compared to the Forerunner 110, despite weighing 20 percent less. I think this has something to do with the 1970s style wrist strap. Connecting with a satellite is at least as slow as the 110, and there is no longer a progress indicator for the gps connection; you get a pale little green arrow that says it's good to go. (Does Garmin think all of their customers have perfect eyesight?)

In hindsight, I should have looked more closely at other gps watches instead of going with the familiar. Maybe next time.
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on November 22, 2015
I had a decade-old Garmin 205, and while I read up on the newer products, I figured as long as the old brick kept working, why get something different? Finally it stopped holding a charge, so after consulting with some running friends, I picked up the 220. Of course after only 2 runs I wondered why it took me so long, as it's so much better than the 205 that it's hardly worth comparing. It's much faster to pick up the signal, has a ton of cool functionality, has Bluetooth connection to my iPhone, weighs about 1/10 as much, etc. etc. I've now had it for a few months and continue to love it. The only issue I have is user error, as I sometimes hit the wrong button(s) after a hard run and haven't figured out how to clear a "run" after I just start it by mistake. But when I actually use it right, it's a terrific training tool and motivator.
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