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on January 23, 2015
The FR 610 has more accurate GPS tracking than the newer model, the FR 620. Attached is a photo showing results for a short run. The FR 620 has a tendency to wander off course while the FR 610 has sections on the return which overlay the outbound track. I did some research and all newer GPS watches from Garmin switched to a cheaper and less accurate GPS chipset than what was used on all previous products. This means all Garmin watches from henceforth will never be as accurate as the older generation Garmin watches, like the FR 610. To put it another way, if you have some loyalty to Garmin products, like maybe you have an account on Garmin Connect, and you want an accurate GPS watch, you must get the FR 610 before they are all gone.
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on January 26, 2012
This is my first GPS watch, HR monitor & footpod. It is everything I was hoping it would be & more.
Slimmer profile, think larger man's sportswatch(like an ironman triathlon) so you can wear it as a daily timepiece if you chose to. I'm a lady(and a smaller one at that), I think it might be slightly outside my "comfort zone" size wise to wear with short sleeves casually. But right now, with long sleeves or sweatshirts it is fine & unobtrusive. After about a day of wearing, I hardly notice it is on. Who knows? The size might grow on me & I might find it fine for casual short sleeve wear. I've only had it a few days so far.
The touch screen works well, it is more pressure based as opposed to electrical based like smartphones/tablets. This took a bit to figure out but once I got it, I totally got it & it was easy. Works with gloves on & in various temperatures & moisture levels.
You can customize what fields you see as you workout, along with how much info is on each screen & if it auto scrolls or you choose to manually tap to change info screens. There are up to 4 fields per screen. You have a timer screen, a heart rate screen, & 2 custom whatever you want screens. You can choose to disable the time of day screen in auto scroll thru the newest update Garmin has when you register your device. So you have a possible info stream of 16 data fields PLUS time of day, all on your wrist!
Data transfer via wireless USB dongle was easy & fast. Charging via wall charger was quick & effective, the points contact areas countersunk in the underside of the watch & magnets hold onto the back securely.
The stock band is beefy & well designed with a retention slider that clips into the band slots(no extra band flop!). The watch is contoured a bit towards your wrist on the bottom & top, so it wears alot smaller & closer than you might think it would.
The illumination is excellent at night & the screen is very clear & crisp even with all 4 data fields active on a screen. I had no issues glancing down and seeing all my info without changing my stride or moving my wrist up from a normal running position(90 degrees slightly above my waist).
The HR monitor is excellent & fits very well & reads accurately. I had no issues with abrasion or dropouts & the fit was adjustable & comfy. The monitor itself removes via denim jeans type pressure snaps so the strap can be easily washed & the batteries changed on the monitor itself without issue.
Accessories I recommend:
I bought the Wahoo ANT+ dongle & can't recommend it enough if you own an i-device. I use my iPad for most everything anymore & the thought of turning on our ancient desktop or using my hubbs beloved gaming laptop just wasn't my cup of tea. The dongle does EVERYTHING the wireless USB sensor does via the Wahoo fitness app(use with the dongle & share to Garmin Connect!). Easy peasy!
I also bought a footpod. If you EVER wanna use your garmin inside doing anything fitness related(p90x, boxing, treadmill, weights, jump rope, etc) this is a must have. And using it outside in conjunction with your GPS enabled only gives you more specific info such as cadence & smoother pacing.
ZAGG screen protector(39mm plain watch face) With everything this watch will be exposed to & frequency of use & initial cost of purchase....seriously, how can you not protect your gadget's main interface??? No brainier!

Honestly, this device is pricey but worth it. Not only is it incredibly useful but super fun! My kids like to see my forth screen in the car as I have it set to show our elevation, speed, heading, and grade. They can't wait to see what it shows on an airplane! I must admit that I find my forth screen info entertaining too:) Then when you get home(assuming you recorded this trip as an "event"), you can see where you went & the stats of said trip.
Errands have never been so much fun!

I wish it was fully waterproof. Knowing I can't swim with it is a bummer.

UPDATE: after 10 months, Garmin came out with this watch in white! My black one worked flawlessly so I sold it to buy the white. I never had strap issues. I never had reverse charging issues. The touchscreen is pressure sensitive and NOT resistive like an iPod/iPad/iPhone, changing screens WILL take a bit of pressure to do. This isn't a flaw, it just is how the screen works! If you know this, you'll expect what you get and like it. If you think it works like a resistive touch screen, you will be disappointed. FYI. The black got worn daily as a wristwatch and used to run nearly 1000 miles in 2012 with accurate and reliable recording/sensor pairing/data uploads. I never contemplated getting another watch brand or model. Six stars all over!
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on June 12, 2013
If you are a casual to semi-serious athlete, this watch is all you need. It has all the features will use and it works well. Instead of re-affirming all its positive virtues that others here have done so well, I'll just let you know of a couple of the things you should know before buying from my experience:

1) It does take a while for the watch to sync up with the Sats
2) it can vary in accuracy. (I run the same route, and I get variances)
3) The interface is a bit clumsy
4) Battery life is fine as long as you are not looking to use it for Ironman training.
5) My biggest grip is the Strap. Its the most poorly designed/executed piece on the watch. Its cumbersome to put on/take off. The little loop that secures the tail end of the strap takes effort to get into the right place. But most of all, one of the strap, i believe its the male end (not the one with the clasp) is built so poorly on the end that connects to the watch itself that i have to be careful while wearing it. I've had it replaced already and my replacement is starting to loose its ability to stay mounted to the watch. It has to do with the plastic they use and the design of the housing that attaches the watch to the strap. Its extremely weak and it doesn't take much force or pull to pull the strap right out of the housing. I even find myself being careful putting the watch on because if I pull too hard on the one end before clasping it in, i can pull the strap right out of the housing.

I know number 5 is difficult to visualize, but trust me, its an issue and Customer Service doesn't even need you to explain it to them. I remember calling them thinking what a PITA it will be trying to explain it to them, but they all but admitted a design problem and I was off the phone under 5 minutes with a new strap on the way (Guess thats a positive endorsement for Garmin CSR!)
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on July 29, 2013
I love this watch!

I've been training for a 5k for the last two months. I've use it almost every day to track my runs and my workouts. It can keep track of where you've run and can also point you in the direction of a run you've created yourself using the Garmin Connect website. It syncs wirelessly using Ant+. All I have to do is set my watch down in front of my PC after my run and it automatically sends it's data to my profile.

Now that I can run 3.1 miles without stopping, I will be using the website's pre-defined routines that you can download into the watch to help me with my speed and run times. There are interval programs that require you to be in specific heart-rate zones (using the heart-rate monitor) at certain times, and the watch will either beep, vibrate, or both when you've gotten into or fallen out of those zones. It can also allow me to race myself by using one of my previous runs.

I also bought the foot pod to let me use the treadmills at the gym when it rains. It works great and lets you calibrate it outside using the GPS so it's extremely accurate.

This watch has been a valuable tool in my training.
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on August 15, 2012
I love Garmin, I have two Sat-Navs, a GPS and now the Garmin Forerunner 610. It picks up satellites quickly, it is extremely accurate, it tells you how many calories you have burnt, it tells you your speed and distance, it buzzes at you every mile (or whichever system of measurement you choose) and it has an animated pace marker which makes you want to beat your last time.

In addition it has a wireless connection to your laptop which then shows you your route on google earth. You press play and it shows you where you slowed down and sped up, it shows you elevation and is generally well worth the money and more......

....However....the watch strap came off after six months and replacement ones cost £20. I emailed Garmin three times to ask for a new one on my 12 month warranty, they eventually got back in touch with me via email and asked me for the serial number (fair enough) even though I had sent all details of my watch serial number, name and address. But my favorite question was when they asked me my email address....via email....

I am hoping that I get my new watch strap soon as I am now running without anything which, for the price, is more than inconvenient.

Looking on Amazon and google I see that this is a really common problem and a friend of mine told me that he had the same problem and had to superglue it together rather than miss his training.

I'm still giving this four stars though because I cannot fault their technology...just their customer care and general workmanship. Hopefully they will address this issue very soon.
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on November 4, 2012
I have to admit that I was pretty nervous about purchasing this watch because the negative reviews of this product were PRETTY bad - the few issues it had seemed to, according to other reviewers, be unfixable - that Garmin had not created an update for it yet (such as the backwards charging issue).

With this in mind, I cautiously purchased the watch hoping for the best. After a few weeks using it, I can say that I personally find this watch wonderful, and a much better improvement to previous models. I used to have the Forerunner 405 but had to return it after using it for a couple weeks. I ran in the rain, and then it began to "charge backwards" - a problem Garmin seems to continue having. I had assumed that as a runner's watch, it would be waterproof enough for the rain - but it wasn't so.

So, the first thing I can say with a smile is that the 610 can be trusted to work in the rain. I went running (without the intentions of having it get wet), but near the end of my run it started POURING. I got nervous remembering what had happened to the 405, but it kept working perfectly fine, and still had its normal touch responses, which was also good to know.

Additionally, people complain that its size is too big. I am a woman, but I don't mind the size. I like the fact that I can easily see the numbers on the screen when I am running. I also LOVE that you can leave the backlight on when you change the settings - SO nice for night runs. Don't have to keep pushing the button.

Overall, I love this watch. I didn't give it a 5/5, because I also haven't updated it yet (connected it to my computer/internet), or looked at any of my runs on the software that comes with it. I was waiting until I felt like I actually had something worth looking at (faster and longer distances, I've just been running 30 - 40 minutes lately, recovering from a foot injury). I will update after I do that, because I do know that some of the 610's issues began for some people after they updated some stuff - which seems ridiculous. Hoping that doesn't happen to me.
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on December 18, 2016
Bought this watch 3 years ago for $200 with the heart rate monitor. Thought it was worth it then so at it's current price of $85 it's a great deal. My wife has the same watch, we both barely even use all the features this watch has to offer. I use it to track pace, distance and time on my daily runs and then I upload everything to the garmin express site wirelessly using the stick that plugs into a USB port on your computer. It's been three years and I have no plans or reason to get another watch.
There are two issues that my wife and I both have had with our 610's. The first is that the charging connectors on the watch itself get yucky and need to be cleaned in order to get a good charge. The second issue is that we both had the pin fall out of the band so we're both using electrical tape to hold it together. I think the hole just got too big to hold the pin.
I know those two issues don't do the watch justice. Keep in mind that these issues occurred after a few thousand miles and we both do push-ups and other exercise with our watches on. Although there are newer, fancier watches out there, this is a great watch that will last you a long time and is a tremendous value for what it's going for now.
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on October 1, 2013
Between my wife and I, this is my third Garmin Forerunner (205, 305, 610). I got the Forerunner 610 when it first came out to replace the Forerunner 205 that would no longer charge because of the charging contact on the back of the watch corroded. With a couple of weeks of having the 610, I encounted the dreaded "reverse charging" issue. This is where the "smart" charger essentially discharges the watch instead of charging the watch. I noticed the problem and contacted Garmin, and they sent me a new 610.

I used the new 610 for some time and did not encounter the reverse charging issue (whew!). When the watch is working, it is a fine running watch. GPS works well, the screen is good, easy to upload data to the internet, etc.

However, sometime later, the reverse charging issue reared its ugly head yet again. At first it was very intermittent, so I just grumbled and dealt with it. Of course, the warranty period was now passed, and Garmin is not very helpful once you are out of warranty. It seems that when you have a very big issue like the reverse charging, you should issue a recall and fix the problem. But no, Garmin wants me to pay for service. Thus, I just bought a TomTom Runner.

Note, the reverse charging issue basically turns the watch into a paperweight 90% of the time. You can take the watch off the charger in the morning and it is just dead. Sometimes it tries to reboot, but ends up in an endless rebooting loop, beeping all the time (which will drive you crazy).

Garmin has very below average customer service, and EVERY Garmin Forerunner product I have ever owned has had charging issues (reverse charging, not making good contact between the watch and charger, etc). Between biking and running computers, I have owned 6 Garmin products. When they work, they are among the best out there. But the reliabilty issues coupled with the terrible service has convinced me not to buy another Garmin product.
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on May 9, 2014
My Garmin 610 is about 18 months old. I loved it while it worked, but various functions stopped working one by one, to the point where the watch has become almost unusable now. Very poor form for a $400 product (that was the price then).

To start with, the poorly designed watch strap broke at one of its hinges within three of months of normal use. I've been running since then with this vague fear lurking at the back of my mind that one day the watch may fall off my wrist while running and I may not notice! Everything else (charging, uploading to Garmin Connect, touch screen, interval workouts, HR readings etc) worked beautifully for the first 6 to 8 months. But all these functions started behaving erratically after that. The watch doesn't pick up HR signals anymore (yes, I did replace the battery in the HR Unit). Charging from a power socket doesn't work at times (the Garmin provided plug has some issues). On some days it takes the ANT stick forever to pick up data from the watch. Most annoyingly, the touch screen doesn't respond to touch quite often these days (I then have to shut down and restart my watch). And I am no longer able to access the menu options even if I am lucky enough to get the touch function to work - can use the touch screen only for scrolling now. This last problem makes the watch almost useless if you are training to a plan and you want to monitor your parameters.

Looks like I've got a really bad piece, but I see from other reviews that folks have been experiencing many of these issues with their Garmins too. I sweat a lot, not sure if that has resulted in rapid degradation of the watch. But I am sure there are many folk out there who sweat bucket loads. That is no excuse for shoddy product quality. Is there no option for zero stars?
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on January 22, 2015
After a lot of research I bought this watch from Amazon only to be disappointed that I got a lemon. To start, the box came with a sticker that says "To Noah From Santa" I thought I was getting a new watch, not one that someone returned. I was still optimistic and wanted to give it a chance, but like other reviews about the charging, the watch charged backwards! It started at 41% and went down to 31% in five minutes. Not only that but the cradle is really sensitive; I had to gently adjust the position of the watch on the cradle in order for it to hold the charge. Needless to say, I'm going to do what "Noah" did and return this.
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