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on September 17, 2015
worked well for about 25 times. now the watch band broke and it cannot be replaced. pass on this one everyone.
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on August 31, 2015
I have now had this forerunner unit for just under 2 years. Overall it is a nice product. The size is not overly large on smaller wrists and it provides the key functions that I needed for running (Pace, Heart rate, Distance). I have found the GPS to be very good with the initial signal grab taking around 1 minute. It is also a good looking watch (which is good for at least 20/sec per mile!). The light is very bright and makes it very visible in low light conditions

Now for the not as good. (1) The alligator clips used to charge the unit are very finicky and have to be attached "just so" or it will not charge or synch. The charging platform for the Forerunner 10 is much better and easier to connect (I also have a Forerunner 10). (2) The unit often freezes and needs to be rebooted. This does not happen during runs but happens generally when you are trying to synch data or just charging (and then it will not charge which you find out right before you want to head out on a run.......) (3) The unit does not have an auto pause feature which would be handy running in a metro environment where streetlights are a constant stop/go driver. I did contact Garmin regarding the units frequency of freezing and they halfheartedly gave me some things to try but seemed to indicate that was part of normal operation and instructed me on the reboot process..... (4) While this does have the ability to be used for riding, it is cumbersome at best.

As I said, overall it is a nice product however I think the competition (including internal competition) has overtaken this unit. The Forerunner 15 seems to be replacing this unit at a better price point and has all the same features. I would look to that before purchasing this unit again.
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on December 29, 2013
I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting myself into with this watch--I knew what I wanted, but based on the reviews of several different makes/models of your GPS sport watch, I wasn't sure which to make a hefty purchase on, so buying the Garmin felt sort of like a shot in the dark. "I can always return in," I said to myself, pressing the "confirm check-out" button.

This watch tracks distance, speed/pace, total time, heart rate (with the heart rate monitor), and also displays the standard "date & time" as a typical watch would.

The buttons/controls for moving through the watch's features are practically flawless! Usually, I have problems trying to find things and get lost in those pesky watch menus, the directions are typically unclear, and usually nothing ever works the way it's supposed to. But the Garmin 110 is seamless, even while running I was pleased to realize that it was easy to switch between the time I had spent running and my heart rate.

I like the idea of being able to upload the info to a website for storage; with that in mind, only having ~180 hours of storage space on the watch itself isn't a huge deal to me. I tend to look at overall trends, anyway, so having a website that neatly compiles almost every bit of data for you to look at is really amazing. It also lets you make courses and whatnot straight from the website.

My only worry about this watch is the way it tracks calories; according to MyRunKeeper, I burn almost 150+ more calories than what the watch says. I've also used several online calorie-burn calculators to see what I might burn, and their results are closer to what MyRunKeeper suggests. I know that machines tend to be a little careless when it comes to giving calorie expenditure, and incorporating heart rate into the equation might give a more accurate result, but I'm not sure. I'd LIKE to believe I'm burning more calories, but I suppose I should instead focus my attention to my actual runs. Because, at the end of the day, as long as I'm eating healthy and fueling myself properly, calories aren't as big of a concern as most people make them out to be.

Also, my chest isn't all that big, so I had to make the heart rate monitor strap as small as it could go and it was still a bit insecure, so I pulled my sports bra and under cami (that has another built-in sports bra) over it to keep it secure. But the end of my run, I had forgotten it was even there! Although, I did find breathing a bit more challenging, simply because I tended to want to breath with my upper lungs in order to not let the HRM slip (even though it couldn't really, since my shirts/bras are keeping it in place), so I had to pay a bit more attention to using my lower lungs. BUT, I soon adjusted to it and it wasn't a source of irritation for very long.

ANYWAY, I only gave this 4 stars simply because I believe there's ALWAYS room for improvement; I could have a $600 Suunto watch and still find some sort of flaw/distraction with it. But for all intents and purposes, this watch is really worth the comparatively small amount of money it's valued at and is very reliable!
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on May 14, 2014
I absolutely love this watch and it has held up so far (I have had it about one month). I'm not much of a "pace as you go" runner right now, as I've been recovering from leg surgery. However, this helps me to know when to push and when to pull back and I don't think my recovery would be going nearly this well without the watch. It shows distance, current pace, and time, but you can change time to reflect heart rate instead. It is SUPER easy to use and does not take long for set-up at all.

This has also come in handy because I have had to do a LOT of cross-training to keep my legs working all around, not just using my runner's muscles (I noticed not many reviewers use it for stuff other than running). I lift weights and do the Beachbody Insanity and P90X programs (lots of HIIT), and the heart rate monitor is great for these. You set the watch to 'indoor mode' so it just is using the timer and heart rate monitor. Once you plug it into the website, you can see your heart rate throughout and it gives a really accurate calorie count (as long as you put your true information in during setup). We live in the foothills of Colorado and have used it hiking as well, and I've never had problems with the watch finding satellites. I also swim, but I've read earlier reviews saying it has ruined watches, so I won't be trying that.

My husband has the Garmin 210 and is what many refer to as a 'data junkie'. He is always checking his pace, elevation gained, whether or not he beat his last time on the route, etc. He has even said he is jealous because the 110 seems to do everything his watch can do, was cheaper, and it came with the heart rate monitor. I would definitely recommend this watch to anybody who has been considering it....it's great!

Also of note on longevity: one of our other friends has the 110 and wore his constantly (used it as a regular watch and for training). His strap on it broke almost a year to the day from when he bought it. My husband and I use ours for basically just workouts and my husband's has lasted for a year and a half now. For this reason, I did buy the two year warranty just to be safe.
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on March 3, 2014
I did a lot of research before purchasing this expensive piece of equipment. I also purchased the accompanying heart rate monitor (more on that item below).

First up, the watch itself:

1. The watch does not hold it's charge as long as promised. It's constantly telling me it's about to die during a run. It SHOULD hold its charge for up to 8 hours according to the instructions but this has not been true in my experience. I've ran scared several times, hoping that my watch doesn't die (because I depend on it to tell me when I need to turn around based on mileage on several of my training runs in unfamiliar areas).

2. The watch turns itself back on anywhere from 1-3 times after being turned off. I have to check it twice after finishing a run to make sure it's turned off. Turning the unit completely off saves battery life and this is why I'm so concerned with this problem. Typically, when I press the button to turn it off, it acts like it senses the heart rate monitor right before turning off (even though I'm not wearing the monitor and it's not active). I then KNOW that it's going to turn itself back on within the next few minutes because it thinks the heart rate monitor is active. The reason why this is SO annoying is because sometimes I don't notice that the watch has turned itself back on until it's too late. I'm leaving for a run and I grab my Garmin and it has a 1/4 battery because it's been on for 20 hours without being used. This issue needs addressed. I believe it mostly has to do with the heart rate monitor function.

3. I've had to uninstall and reinstall the Garmin Connect software 3 times on my computer to get it to pair with my device. Every other time I connect the device, the software and computer do not recognize the device and I cannot download my runs. This feature is one of the reasons I purchased this watch in the first place. I like to be able to analyze the data from my runs online. It's free and it's a great service. I finally got it to work a 3rd time recently (I had my husband do it this time...I was too frustrated with it)...and now I'm nervous about the next time I plug it in...will my computer recognize it or not? I had to download 25 runs at one time because of this. The watch also pushes old data off of it when new data is recorded...so I'm sure I lost some runs as well.

4. The charging points on the back of the watch are finicky. They are difficult to pair with the charger correctly. This is another thing that has to be checked once or twice after plugging the watch in. Make sure to double check that the 4 metal dots are aligned correctly with the charging clip or you'll have a dead watch when it's time for your run (b/c you thought it was charging all along)! Do you see a theme here yet?!

5. I do like the strap on the watch. It has tons of adjustment holes and works well for my small wrists. I can wear it snug or a little loose if desired. Typically I cannot wear most watches and bracelets because they slide up to my elbow...this one is great! My wrists are about 6 inches around.

6. It is durable and comfortable. I've been using it consistently for 8 months and I haven't had any issues with the band cracking.

7. I love all the features. It's simple to use and it records what I want it to record. I cannot speak to it's water resistant capabilities because I've never put them to the test. The most I've ran in is a light mist.

8. The heart rate monitor...it works fine and it works correctly. It basically does its job. I'm not sure that I would buy one again. Here are the reasons why...

a. I bought it so I would know how many calories I was burning. Now that I've got a sense of how much I burn in 1 hour running, I don't need it anymore. I know about how many I burn because it's always around the same number based on the minutes I've ran. My heart rate is always around 160. The monitor adds $30 to your purchase.

b. My ribcage measures 34 inches. The monitor has fallen down at least 5 times during a run. Once was during a race and I had to finish the race with the monitor around my waist. Talk about useless. It doesn't seem to matter how much I tighten it or even if I secure it under my bra...it always kinda feels like it's going to fall down...and sometimes it does. I cannot wash it to shrink it up again due to the hard plastic piece on the front that holds the electrodes.

c. The hard plastic piece on the front is typically not uncomfortable during a SHORT run...for longer runs it has actually bruised my rib cage (5 or more miles). It also causes me to sweat more there (it's worn in the center, over your sternum, right under your breasts). Any woman knows that sweating any more than necessary in between your breasts or near them is just plain uncomfortable.

Overall, I've liked the product and I still use it and as of now, I'm not going to return it. I was really excited to purchase it and have been disappointed in the performance of it. If I continue to have issues, I may ask for a refund. Please note, this is my SECOND watch. The first one refused to charge the first time it died and I had to exchange it. Customer service was great and I didn't have any issues with the exchange

I would recommend purchasing a different, more expensive Garmin (as if this one isn't already expensive enough), or going with another brand.

(I paid $194.99 for this product with the heart rate monitor in July 2013 with free shipping)

***UPDATE 4/20/14: I just tried to return the Garmin on Amazon due to the above issues finally getting on my last nerve. I tried again yesterday to download data from the watch (for the first time since I wrote this review at the beginning of March) and the computer software didn't recognize the watch AGAIN. I am going to have to undownload and redownload the software for a FOURTH time. I am so irritated and overall pissed about this watch. DO NOT BUY IT. Amazon will not let me return it because I am outside of the 30 day return window...which I didn't know about...otherwise I wouldn't have asked to return it. I don't want to exchange it again because this is my 2nd try with this model of watch. Amazon referred me to the Garmin website and told me to deal directly with them. The watch is still under warranty but I do not see how they could "repair" it since the problems it has aren't necessarily repairable...they all have to do with the basic design and function of the watch. So I am once again unable to analyze my data with my $200 watch. Unbelievable. Again, let me repeat, DO NOT BUY THIS WATCH. Thanks for reading!
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on September 10, 2014
Okay, as much as I hate being wrong, I've got to come clean when I've screwed up. I always tell my wife, if I'm going to complain about poor customer service (hotel, airlines, etc), then I should also make it a point to praise exceptional customer support. I do this regularly when dealing with phone support, bank folks, waiters, etc.

About three weeks ago, I blew up on Garmin because I thought my wife's watch had crapped out after a little over a year. I went ballistic. My old review is below. When Garmin told me that I could get a watch replacement for $59.99 (since the product was just over the one year warranty), I decided that I'd try to reach my arm through the internet cable connecting my computer to the wall in an attempt to strangle someone over at Garmin. It didn't work. When I finally bit the bullet and called in, which some of my friends had recommended that I do, the fitness support specialist (a guy named Brooks) gingerly advised me that he might be able to fix the issue from his end. Skeptical and frustrated and impatient, I didn't want to walk through the steps to try and fix the issue. I just wanted the damn address to send the watch and payment in. But since it had the potential of saving me over $60, I thought, "what the Hell?" I gave Brooks a shot. He got my wife's watch up and running in under 3 minutes. It turns out that my wife's watch's internal computer had shorted after it was not properly connected to the recharging USB cable. The watch apparently would cycle from "charging" to "not charging" every couple of seconds and eventually it crashed. Bottom line: user error. While I fully admit that this issue was caused by my wife not properly connecting the watch to the charger, and while I fully admit that I probably should have waited to post until after I had talked to Garmin, I will say that I wish the watch wouldn't short when improperly connected. As others have noted, the clamp does not always stay in place when you try to charge the watch. Maintaining the connection does not always occur. Still, Garmin fixed the problem and the device is working just fine. So .... my bad, thanks Garmin.

Wow, SHAME ON ME for "risking it" and buying yet another Garmin product after having had issues in the past. BEWARE OF GARMIN PRODUCTS AND THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Despite having read review after review off the web regarding problems with their products, I went out on a limb and bought my wife a pink Forerunner 110 last April to help her train for the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Our friends know that she wound up pregnant and didn't end up training and running the race in November. However, about three months ago she began training for the upcoming Houston Marathon in January. She just started using the watch and the thing completely died (just like other people had experienced). Garmin's response? Pay $60 plus tax and shipping and we'll get you a replacement watch. There was no "hey, send it back to us and let us try and figure out why your watch stopped working after 1 year and 4 months." Just "too bad, you must have gotten a crappy watch, we'll replace it for $60 bucks." How does a watch that is a little over a year old and barely have any mileage on it stop working?!?! The sad this is that you find reviews like this all over the internet. If you think it won't happen to you, think again... Here is their response:

Dear NAME,
Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I'd be glad to assist with your inquiry.
Your Garmin device includes a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase to be free from defects of materials or workmanship. If your device is still within the 1 year warranty period, please email us a copy of the sales receipt from the original retailer with the date of purchase along with your mailing address and your phone number. We will set up the exchange and provide you the next steps in the process.
If your device is outside the 1 year warranty, it would be $59.00(plus applicable tax)to exchange your device for a replacement device. For security purposes, we do not process payments via email. Payments need to be processed over the phone. Thank you.
We're available Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6pm CST and Friday 8:00am-5:00pmCST. Closed holidays.
Garmin Product Support (800)800-1020
With Best Regards,
Customer Care - Fitness Team
Garmin International
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on August 29, 2014
I have had this Garmin for about a year. I run about 3 or 4 times a week. This watch was great in the beginning, simple and easy. After a few months I noticed that connecting to the GPS satellites took longer and longer to connect up. To get around that I would turn on the watch stick it outside while I was getting ready to run and by the time I was going out the door it was ready. I could deal with that but worse is the connection to the computer to download the information. This connection is very very spotty. I had to contact Garmin support for help. Apparently sweat builds up on the leads that are on the bottom of the watch which creates connection issue. These leads need to be cleaned with alcohol regularly for me now and it takes some work to get the Garmin to connect to the computer even after cleaning. If the connection is not right the Garmin watch will complete shut down and not turn on until you get the connection right. Also the buttons seem to be going. I will push to start the timer and hear a beep. A mile down the road I noticed it did not start. I am very disappointed in this watch over all. If you are willing to put up with connection issues then go ahead but I would recommend spending more and getting a model up that has a better computer connection and better GPS connection.
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on October 28, 2014
This watch is junk.

Here are the major problems:

1. Terrible battery life. I mean terrible. I get three or four runs per full charge. That's maybe four hours. And it takes forever to charge. Like overnight.
2. Takes forever to locate satellite. Currently taking an average of three to five minutes before every run. Standing on the beach in Waikiki recently, nothing but open sky, it took over ten minutes.
3. Semi-regular fails. Google "dead Garmin 110" and you'll see what I mean. It just dies sometimes. Total dead blank. There are various methods of doing a reset, one of them will *probably* work for you. Note this inevitably happens while recharging. And cuts of the recharge. So not only is the thing dead, when you bring it back to life, it still hasn't recharged.
4. Minimal functionality. The marketing touts "Garmin Connect." What they don't tell you is that this watch isn't supported (or at least it wasn't last time I checked).

I guess you get what you pay for and I probably should have known better.
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on April 16, 2014
This watch works very well. Picks up signal fairly quickly out here in Afghanistan. By the time I finish my usual warming up routine, GPS is already located and I'm ready to run. There's also an option to not use the GPS signal, so in between my run days, I can use the watch as a calorie counter with the heart rate monitor.
The monitor is like all other monitors. Just wrap it around the breast plate, and go work out. The watch automatically picks up the signal, and you can see your heart rate within seconds. No need to press on top of the watch and wait for it to read my heart rate like my old watch, which works 50 percent of the time.
Only drawback is the calorie counter. My previous heart rate monitor-watch had the calorie count on the display in a separate menu, along with the timer. This one, it only tracks the heart rate, time and pace (or speed, depending on the setting). Only way to actually find out how many calories you burned, you have to hold the Menu button for 3 seconds, then press History. From there it displays the time, distance, avg heart rate and total calorie count. It's just a slight inconvenience, but I can get over it quickly.
The recharge is kinda odd, though. You don't just plug in the USB power plug from the outlet to the watch like you would with every other USB device. This one uses a clip, which has four gold plated tips. You have to align the tips to the four plated contacts on the watch. Would have been easier if they had a micro slot between the Mode and Light buttons.
Haven't connected to the computer yet, so not sure about the software part.
Besides those two minor inconveniences, this is a great device.
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on December 24, 2011
I consider myself a recreational runner working towards my first 10 miler in April, having done several 5ks and 8.4 miles of a 1/2 marathon relay. I purchased this watch to reward myself for the past year as well as a motivator for the upcoming year! I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. I love this watch. Very easy to use out of the box. Really enjoy the garmin software to track my runs. I can attest that the satellite hookup can take a little long but that is so minor it doesn't bother me - I just walk around and prep my mind for the upcoming run. Just make sure before your race that you have located the satelittes prior to the start of the race. My first few runs, as soon as the watch indicated I found the satellites I started running immediately but found it was a little off on the map, so now I wait a few more seconds after locating the satellites and it works perfectly. This is a simple watch with all the basics a new runner would need w/o being confusing. I have a rather small female wrist and don't find the size overbearing.
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