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on November 21, 2015
I can see why this was discontinued. It has pretty much been a pain since the beginning.

Problem 1: Syncing
In order to sync the 210 to your computer & Garmin Connect, you must use the clamp charger which has to line up perfectly. If the prongs are ever so slightly off, this refuses to be acknowledged. Even when you do have it on there perfectly there are issues with it connecting. I stopped uploading to Garmin Connect every day and started doing it once a week because it's not worth the headache every day.

Problem 2: Rust
The sensors on the back of the watch (where the prongs for the clamp charger line up) are made of metal. When you run, you sweat. Inevitably, there will be rust on those metal pieces that are small and near impossible to clean. Maybe for the occasional runner this would not be a problem, but when you pretty much run daily it's an issue because eventually you know those corroded pieces are going to ruin the watch.

Problem 3: Screen of death
Just before my 210 turned a year old, I experienced the screen of death. The watch had been on the charger for 2 days after I ran a marathon. It was clamped correctly (as I had learned my lesson before). When I came to use it for a shake out run, surprise surprise, it was dead. I googled for ways to reset (which I've tried before and have worked) and this time nothing worked. It was dead at only 10.5 months old. I expect my electronics to last longer than that. I called Garmin and then had me send it back. They mailed me a refurbished replacement and I used it for the first time today. So far, so good. But their refurbished exchange warranty is pretty lackluster. Basically, if it dies again I'm upgrading to something better.

Problem 4: Heart rate monitor woes
My 210 used to sync up perfectly with the heart rate monitor. Then it started going through cycles of not syncing. I ran my most recent marathon and according to my Garmin data I apparently died around mile 1. I've decided to not to worry about my heart rate anymore as I'm an experienced runner and can pretty much gauge it myself. I did like using this feature when I was actively trying to lose weight as it gave me a good calorie count. It would be nice if the heart rate monitor feature was consistent. If you're looking for a heart rate monitor for calorie counting, I would look far from this.

I have recommended this watch several times after I first got it and am kicking myself now. I hope no one listened to me and purchased one of these because I said it was good. Time proved me wrong.
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on December 16, 2016
If Amazon allowed me to give this POJ (piece of junk) a rating of a quarter of a star, I would have been easily able to justify it. I am on, as of today (12/16/2016) my 3rd Forerunner 210. I am a competitive endurance athlete on a budget and I chose this item for value reasons. I guess the old idiom that you only get what you pay for is accurate, though on many levels this item is not inexpensive, just cheap!

Historically, I have always used Polar brand, but switched to Garmin three years ago. All three of my watches have had a complete systems failure. The added fun with the most recent t failure is that a broken watch band (see pictures) arrived just prior to the electronics completely failing.

Let this be a warning to all of you; DO NOT BUY THE GARMIN FORERUNNER 210. I would advise not buying any Garmin products based upon how I have been treated by them. They blamed me right out of the gate, then told me they would charge me to replace, then told me they wouldn't replace it at all. Now, I have to go through the same mess I went through a little over a year ago.
You've been duly warned!
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on September 2, 2013
I struggled for a few weeks on what gps watch to get finally opting for the 210, other watches seemed like they had 1001 options I would have to set up, while others only showed distance. The 210 has a great balance of ease of use and needed features.

>> Stupid simple to turn on and go run. One button press and it is looking for satellites and is ready to start the timer.
>> Wearable style/good size. I would not feel odd wearing the watch while not running, nor is it uncomfortable.
>> Garmin Connect web site tracking. Uploading a run to Garmins site easy and fast, site has many great tools too.
>> Heart rate monitor picks me up real fast and gives a consistent signal.
>> Works well in wooded areas and around the neighborhood. No loss of signals seen yet.
>> Four physical buttons. No stupid touch screen or swivel dial, just four large buttons around the outside I can press without looking at the watch.

>> By default it only shows lap pace and total distance not current pace and lap distance. 20min playing with settings while on the couch change this but still would be nice if it defaulted differently.
>> The prepackaged workouts on the Connect site are a little limited, but I did not buy the gps watch for the canned workouts.
>> On the Connect sites plots of speed and heart rate do not line up vertically making comparisons a little harder. But is still clear enough to see what is going on.
>> The watch does not support user created workouts made on the web that the watch will tell you to follow while running. I assume this is a price point thing.

Other reviewers complained about how it connects to the computer, I have found this to be simple and easy. There are four contacts on the back of the watch that you clamp the included alligator clip to and thats it-then it's just like a normal usb device on the computer. Aligning the four contact might take a second of jiggling but is quite easy.

About a week after I stated using mine my girlfriend bought an identical 210, I had no reservations about recommending it to her.
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on June 11, 2017
This watch was a replacement for a birthday present from one year earlier (which was also a Garmin). The original watch had a strap that broke. After a lengthy process of trying to get the watch replaced (which I'm still not certain I was ever refunded for), my husband has worn the watch for 6 months and now it is malfunctioning again. It is meant to be water resistant and after a weekend trip to Hawaii, it is now filled with bubbles and "steam" on the underside of the face. So far my feedback on the Garmin line of sports watches is that they don't last and they aren't very durable. I have no idea how to start a return/replacement order for this new watch due to the difficulty of the last replacement. So, I'll likely just try to find a new brand and buy that with hopes it has better return for the money.
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on January 9, 2017
Watch was great until band broke and realized its not replaceable. Tried to superglue where it broke, but would not hold. Just kept breaking. So now its basicly usless on my wrist. Could put in my pocket when running but that sucks. Why would they not make the band replaceable? Makes no sence to make it part of the watch permanently.
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on August 23, 2013
I bought this for my son to train for X-Country, but have used it off and on myself. It worked great for about 2 months, although twice the location was way off (by about a mile), and once the altitude indicated a 35,000 foot climb. Could be due to the satellite locations on those days, or cloud cover or something, I suppose. Anyway, the majority of the time it works great and tracks location within a few feet.

The only major problem is that after about 2 months the display started fogging, presumably from sweat, since we never got it wet. Then this past week my son was out running and got caught in a rain storm. The display fogged over completely and went blank. I was able to resuscitate it by taking the back cover off and drying it out carefully with a hair dryer. Everything works again now, except for the light. While I had the cover off I noticed that the seal is poorly designed. The back cover and seal extend partially down the strap on one side of the watch, to cover the GPS antenna. When the strap is flexed, it pulls the body of the watch away from the cover and seal, opening a path to the inside. Garmin advertises that this watch is good to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, which is probably true as long as you don't flex the strap. Of course that's hard to do if you are going to wear it on your wrist.

I gave it 3 stars only because of the water issues. Functionally the 210 works nicely. The button interface is good and it displays all of the information that most runners would want. It's a shame that Garmin hasn't fixed the seal problem. I've read a number of reviews from other users with similar water issues.
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on March 20, 2016
This is actually a replacement watch -- the first Garmin 210 that I ordered died within a month but Amazon was great about sending me another. I had hoped that that was just a bad watch.

That brings us to this watch which seems to have given up the ghost after my 6K yesterday. I've had this Garmin 210 for about six months and in that time I've done two half marathons and several other shorter races; that's really not much wear and tear for it to be malfunctioning. Unfortunately, the screen has gone blank on me before and there are online fixes (e.g. pressing light, lap/reset for several seconds) that worked the first time but this time it is totally unresponsive.

Also, I live downtown and had to figure out exactly the right spot around my house for the gps to pick up (three blocks from my front door). It's been more trouble than it has been worth and I'm pretty annoyed to have to buy another watch, but so it goes...
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on November 30, 2013
Bought this watch in Aug 2012. In the beginning it was a great help keeping track of my runs, distance, speed, and splits. Always connected to my computer after each outdoor run and uploaded the information.
Then, I purchased an apple laptop and found the Garmin connect software wouldn't load to my new computer. Ok fine, I'll continue to use my old HP computer. Then occasionally the connection to my watch took a long while to register and find my watch. Ok fine, I'll just disconnect and reconnect until it works. Now recently the watch required a full charge so I attempted to charge by using the wall outlet. It took approx 1 hour before the watch by connecting and disconnecting many times before the watch displayed it was charging.
This happened to a friend's Garmin also before she took it back before the year was over and bought another one. Regarding the Apple computer issue, I attempted a few times by email to contact Garmin of the issue with no reply. The charging issue is new as of Nov 2013 and I'm sure will continue to be an issue. Having owned it for just over 1 year now, I'm sure there is no recourse to fix or replace my watch. It's a shame because I like the functionality and reputation of Garmin but have to say I am disappointed with this watch. For the money I paid you would think you should receive more than a year of trouble free use.
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on June 29, 2017
did not worked for me, batteries only last for 3 days, and after only 60 days my watch stopped reading the heart monitor so it is far cry of what I was expecting. Also I made the mistake of buying it refurbished to save 50 bucks, I guess sometimes you have to bite the bullet and go for the professional ones, this is not one of them. Good luck, I won't recommended it though.
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on April 14, 2012
I've had a Garmin on my bike for years and finally got around to getting one for running, and I have been very pleased with the Forerunner 210. It does everything you need and it is no bigger than a basic sports watch. I didn't get the heart rate monitor because I am cheap, but that seems to be the component that causes the most problems. And don't be put off by all the complaints about the 4-prong charging mount - it's not nearly as hard to connect as some reviewers have said. If you can floss your teeth you can do this. I have had no problems with charging/downloading from the 210. It is kind of a shame that the strap is part of the watch, but at least it seems like a pretty tough strap. The Garmin Edge 500 on my mountain bike has withstood some serious abuse with no problems whatsoever, so I expect the Forerunner will last a while too. If you are considering buying it, I advise you to go ahead. It's fun to tinker with and it will motivate you to get off the sofa and go for a run. It's worth $200.
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