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on December 16, 2013
When this watch works, it is a fantastic device that provides accurate pacing and logging of run splits. However, the reliability apparently is extremely poor. My first watch lasted about 4 months before I started having problems. One of the contacts corroded and the unit would not hold a charge. It would indicate full charge when I disconnected from the charger, but would only last 30 minutes to an hour on a run.

My second unit lasted about 30 days before total failure. That unit now displays a blank screen and does not appear to power on. I suspect the problem is the unit has very poor water resistance, and inevitable as a runner you will sweat or take this out in the rain. Perhaps enclosing the unit it a plastic zipper bag will increase the lifespan of the unit, but that just seems silly.
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on December 8, 2013
I bought this watch in mid-August 2013 to complement the Garmin Edge 810 that I use for road cycling, and specifically so that I could upload data on my daily walks and thrice-weekly indoor workouts to the Garmin Connect website -- where I'd been uploading data from my bike rides for several months. I've used the Forerunner 110 daily since then.

This product almost certainly should never have been released to the general public.

I don't mind having to use a physical cable to connect the watch to my desktop computer, or to charge it. I didn't want to spend several hundred more dollars to get a Forerunner model that would upload wirelessly.

But the product-unique connection cable is an irretrievably flawed design: To make the connection, one must VERY, VERY carefully position four tiny contact pins in the alligator-clip at one end of the cable so that they'll make contact with four tiny, almost-smooth spots on the back of the watch case. It's almost impossible to tell when those four contact-points are correctly seated -- no audible or tactile click. It's been a matter of guesswork every single time I've used it, which is to say, daily.

Once connected, one must then VERY, VERY carefully set the watch down so that none of the four connection points are accidentally dislodged. A tiny slip of the insecurely fastened clip -- a movement measured in MILLIMETERS, almost too small to be perceptible -- will break the connection, without giving any clear warning that's happened.

Consequently, several times I thought I'd left the watch to recharge overnight, it didn't recharge at all -- meaning I had an inadequate charge to last through my next day's workout. Yes, there is a small icon on the watch's face to indicate that the watch is charging. But checking that closely, typically with the watch face in an inconvenient position as the watch is laid down on its side (to keep from dislodging the contact points), is another part of the careful daily routine that one must follow simply to use this product for its intended purpose.

Moreover, one must carefully follow the exact sequence Garmin prescribes, which is to first connect the clip to the watch, and ONLY THEN to plug the other end of the cable into a computer USB port. Otherwise Windows won't recognize the device properly (meaning the watch can't upload data or even recharge itself). Since my only free USB port is on the back of my desktop computer, this means I have to do an acrobatics routine, working by feel, on the back panel of my computer every single day.

These unfixable design flaws alone would cause me not to recommend this model. But there are other flaws.

The software is buggy -- fit, maybe, for beta testing, but not adequate for a watch that I paid $155 for. Garmin's software updates are infrequent enough, even on my very-much-more expensive Edge 810 cycling computer/GPS. But the Forerunner 110 seems to be an orphaned product. Garmin's only had one software update to it in the four months I've owned mine.

Satellite acquisition is maddeningly slow, even when outside and away from trees or other obstructions. Frequently -- but seemingly at random -- after I "wake up" the watch from its power-saving mode and press the button that signals it to try to get a satellite fix, the watch will stop trying to get a fix. Instead it asks me if I want to use it indoors. Well, sometimes I do use it for indoor workouts, and on those occasions I don't need the GPS function. But several times I've been miles into an outdoor walk before realizing that the darned thing has never completed the satellite acquisition process, and therefore never even started keeping a record of my data.

Unlike the cheap (but no GPS, no website-connectivity) Timex heart monitor watch I used before, the Forerunner 110 won't automatically track one- or two-minute heart recovery rates (the rate at which one's heartbeat drops during the one- or two-minute period after stopping a workout). That's a fairly key measure of cardio health, but the Forerunner won't even let me manually calculate that: As soon as I stop recording data, the watch becomes incapable of displaying my heart-rate. This is the kind of basic feature that could, and should, have been added by a software upgrade. I've made that suggestion, and many other suggestions, via the Garmin website. If they give a flying hoot about consumer input, though, I've yet to see any evidence of that.

When I'm very, very careful, and somewhat lucky, the watch works as intended. For that, and for the very modest but slow improvements to the Garmin Connect website in the last four months, I'll give this product two stars.

But I'm sorry I bought it.


UPDATE November 16, 2014: I've used this watch almost daily for a year. Almost every damn day it makes me angry, even on the days when it's not run to flat battery by the awful, awful charging system.

Today I couldn't take it any more. I smashed the watch to 1000 smithereens. That gave me more pleasure than anything else this watch has ever done for me, and I only wish I'd ceremonially burned and pulverized it on video that I could post here and send to Garmin.

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on January 6, 2015
I have used this Garmin 110 for 8 months now. I use it for running in the northwest United States, which is very wet and overcast. This is a good product for your average runner, not your hyper competitive runner. If you are a collegiate athlete or professional runner this is not the watch for you. I would advise getting a higher model with a heart monitor. The watch is a very good tool to help moderate to veteran runners and walkers reach their goals. It gives a good ballpark pace for what you are running.

Like other reviewers have mentioned it is not accurate up to the second for your running pace. It takes about 10 to 15 seconds before your pace is updated and accurate. But for your weekend warrior or beginning half marathoner or marathoner it works very well. I think the product is excellent for your long slow runs and roadwork. For speedwork and speed play/fartlick workouts I would just use a cheap Timex Ironman stopwatch or something similar.

The GPS watch is easy to use. I typically do not like over complicated items. The simpler something is the better. A watch with too many options just confuses me and wastes time and leads to frustration. This 110 Garman is easy to setup and get on your way. The watch has a loud beep that goes off every mile you have completed. The computer link to the website is decent.

The only thing I do not like about the product is the charging rate. The GPS only holds a charge for 4 to 5 days before the battery runs out of juice and needs to recharge. For a $400 product I was hoping that it would last a little longer before needing a recharge.


Easy to use
Accurate distance tracking
Signal beeps on every mile


Not accurate up to the second on speed pacing
Battery charge does not last long enough
Price tag of the product is high

Overall I would recommend the product it is helping me with training.
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on January 20, 2014
I bought this to replace a larger, bulkier Garmin watch that had lots of features I didn't use, and was too big and heavy for my wrist.

I don't mind the average pace display and basic nature of the watch. I researched the watch and knew its features before I bought it. It works as advertised and finds a signal, though this can take up to several minutes. The weight is fine... it's a lot lighter than the previous model, which I like.

What really irritates me is the design of the alligator clip that attaches the watch to a power supply, or to your computer. It has four little connection pins that have to line up *exactly* with four teeny metal spots on the back of the watch. If it isn't lined up *exactly*, it won't charge. And you have to keep an eye on the watch face to know if it's aligned--there is no other indication (no magnetic click or beep)

If it *is* lined up, but you move it, it will lose the connection and no longer charge itself (even if you keep the pins and connectors clean). This has happened many times when I left it connected to my laptop in order to use it the next morning for a run. Dead battery in the morning because somehow the pins had become unconnected due to a minute position change. So frustrating.

I miss the previous design, where the cable just plugged into a small hole in the side of the watch. That always worked. This design is weird and bad and unreliable. Wish they'd change it back.
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on May 16, 2011
A perfectly-priced, highly-addictive, motivating toy for a beginning or intermediate runner (or even a speed-walker). This running watch has changed my life--without a doubt.

The watch is simple to use: turn it on, wait about 30 to 60 seconds for the GPS to locate your position, hit the start/stop button and start running. The watch tells you your current pace, how far you've gone down to 1/100th of a mile, and how much time has ellapsed since you started the run. It beeps and gives you a split when you reach a mile. If you need to pause to tie your shoes, stretch, or whatever, you just hit the start/stop button and then push it again when you resume the run.

When you finish running, hold the reset button for three seconds to save the run. The watch links to your computer via a special USB cord that comes with the watch. You clip the cord to the watch, plug it in, and upload your run to the Garminconnect.com website (it only takes a few seconds). You can save all of your runs on the the website (which is free to use) under a username. For each run, you get data on the distance of your run, your average pace, and even split times for each mile. The site also gives you a map of where you ran, elevation and pace graphs, and other cool stuff.

When I bought this watch, I was averaging anywhere from 35 to 50 miles a month and running the same few boring routes simply because I knew how long they were. I'm now running about 80 miles a month, I've increased my pace significantly, and I run a different route almost every time I strap on my shoes.

I've used this watch out in the sticks, in the suburbs, and in downtown New York and Washington, DC--it worked perfectly in every location. I've also used it in light rain and didn't have any problems.
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on March 16, 2014
To give you an idea of my expectations I'll also describe my running patterns. I started running only 2 years ago with couch to 5K and after the first race buzz I was hooked. In the same year I started to increase my distance in races and in 2013 ran two half marathons. By then I was using Runtastic app on my iPhone to track my distance and pace. The reason I began investigating the watch was because Runtastic began to be inconsistent with what I knew to be true. It would lose GPS signal mid-run and screw up my pace and total distance run. It was frustrating to deal with this mid-race or in long-distance training.

I ordered the watch in December after TONS of research. I didn't need it to do a lot. Overall I'm happy with the performance of the watch.
- Simple interface making it quick to understand and easy to use
- Easy backlight for night running
- It has an "indoor" setting but I've never used it
- The information it collects and aggregates on the website is great. Runtastic does most of everything the watch does but the information and way to organize it is better on the Garmin
- In comparison to using my phone, it's nice to have my information handy at any time during my run and I trust 100% that it's accurate -- unlike my phone app.
- Battery lasts quite a while

- In comparison to using my phone -- I often forget to take my watch in my gym bag when I'm running after work. That's a personal thing and not something that is fault of manufacturer but it's something I would want other buyers to consider when they are new to the accessory
- To save the run, you technically "reset" it and every time I'm afraid I'm going to lose the information. I wish Garmin made me feel like I was "saving" my run -- not "reseting" my run.
- To view the run summary, I have to upload to the website and it's cumbersome to do. The connector seems easy enough but the website always has trouble "finding my device" even though my watch indicates it's connected. I struggle with several attempts before being successful.
- Before the run, you have to put it in run mode which takes a few seconds to several minutes to find satellites. Before a race this makes me nervous because if I do it too early it seems to notice idle action and will revert back starting the process over again. I just haven't figured it out and it makes me a bit uncomfortable.
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on October 14, 2014
sometimes takes a few mins to find the sattelites, but once it does- works great. pretty good lasting charge too

update: this watch has a battery save feature where it automatically turns off. at first i thought this was a good thing, but i realized today it is not. it should automatically turn off when it is stagnant. it beeps to warn you it is turning the gps off, but if you are running with headphones on and listening to music you will not notice it. so if you are not consistently looking down at your watch you may not notice the shut down. today around mile 8 or 9 when i stopped paying attention to my pace, i looked down and noticed it had shut off and stopped tracking my distance.
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on May 21, 2014
I chose five stars because this watch does everything I wanted. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for multiple workouts. It has a simple screen with a low profile (it isn't terribly bulky on the wrist).

I've read several complaints about instantaneous pace, which this watch won't show. This watch shows the average pace for your current split. I use auto-split for mile markers. I enjoy seeing my average pace for that lap. When you upload your data to Garmin's website (free service) it will show you your "fastest instantaneous pace" which is interesting, I suppose, but I generally don't care because average pace is more useful for me. Your mileage may vary. Considering I generally have a goal, it is more interesting to me to see a third of the way through that mile that I'm going to be 10 seconds late. I can speed up for the next 3rd mile to try to get that down.

By default, this watch shows your "average pace for the split", your overall time, and total distance when you are running. The menu system is pretty easy (I never read the manual).

I also like the strap. There are a plethora of wrist size settings, so it should easily adjust to any number of wrist sizes.

It connects to charger or computer via a special USB cable with a clip. The clip has 4 points that match 4 receivers on the back of the watch. I don't always get a snug fit on the first clip. It is easy enough to adjust and that is my only "could be better" feedback for an otherwise great solution for the problem I was trying to solve.


Updating to 4 stars (from 5) after using this for 6 months. I still really love this device and everything above still applies. The udpdate is due to a quirk in how it connects to my Mac Book Air. I've found if I activate the watch BEFORE connecting it, everything is generally okay. If I fail to do that or have not saved most recent workout prior to connection, the device "goes dead". I must then make sure it is connected and hold the light button for 20 seconds before it revives itself. Sometimes I have to disconnect it first. I sometimes have to disconnect and connect it a few times before the computer / browser plug-in recognizes the device too. The good news is, I've never lost a workout! So it's more a tiny headache than a real problem and now that I understand the nuances better, I've minimized the time associated with these hiccups, but it isn't always 100% automatic, thus the 4 stars vs. 5. Otherwise, no complaints. Really enjoy the device. My batter life is still good for days on standby and have never had it run out (or threaten to) during extended runs of several hours.
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on June 16, 2016
I run three to four times a week - varying distances depending on the time I have. On my weekend longer runs when I would use a phone app to track, the battery would die around mile 10, so I bought this Garmin. So far, so good. The battery life is much better than my phone, and the overall tracking seems to be accurate. Where I think it may lack accuracy is in the real pace (as mentioned in earlier reviews), and it seems to me that the distance of a mile can change depending on your pace. For example, I have done many runs in my neighborhood over the years. When I was tracking on my phone, it would call off the mile in the same spot, every time, for YEARS. The Garmin doesn't mark the mile until .1 miles after the tree). Also, if I run a 9 min/mile pace, it marks the mile at a different spot than if I run a 10 min/mile pace. That said, at the end of the run it marks the same distance at any pace. I am concerned that the splits may be inaccurate, though.
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on August 6, 2014
I am an runner and previously had a Garmin Forerunner 405 but it was more that I needed to just go out for a run. After having a baby and just trying to get back out there, this watch has been perfect. The start and stop is exactly what I need. It is not fancy and doesn't have any bells and whistles like some of the other Garmin watches, I would classify this as a base model. If you are looking for timers, and trainers and other stuff, this is not the watch for you. This watch accurately and consistently tracks my mileage, give average pace and time. I also have the heart rate monitor, so it tracks that and calories burned. This is also not a watch to use indoors on a treadmill. Its a gps tracker and it does just that.

I love this watch even more than my old forerunner - I get up and go. If I had any negatives to say, which to me are not enough to reduce its rating, it does sometimes take a little bit to locate the satelite, especially if it is over cast. But I usually use that time to stretch and warm up.

The battery life is great - I can usually go a few days without charging it.

Another cautionary thing that apparently is common to this watch... after about a year, it randomly died.. it was crushed and thought it was gone for good. However, after doing a google search, I found a quick easy solution that brought it right back to life and it has worked fine ever since.
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