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Size: 2.5cm Screen|Color: Black/Red|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
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on October 10, 2015
I am very impressed with this running watch. The GPS connects in seconds and seems to be very accurate.

The battery life is great. In normal mode, GPS is not on, I have let it go several days without charging it and the battery meter still showed greater than half remaining. I went for a 8 mile run today, GPS on, and the battery barely went down any at all.

The everyday, always on, fitness tracking is much like a Fitbit. It resets it's count every day at midnight and then displays the days current total steps taken, the distance you have walked, current progress towards your goal, and calories burned. I really like the way it shows your current calories burned, it is figured from your base metabolism plus the amount burned from your activities. I also like the way it keeps track of your record times, fastest 5k, longest run, etc.

I have a Wahoo chest strap heart rate monitor that this watch automatically connects with via ANT, for heart rate display. It also does heart rate zone alerts. The Garmin Connect web site does a great job of tracking and displaying all of you stats.

It also does smart phone notifications, which is nice so you don't need to get you phone out of your pocket to read a new text, or to see who is calling. Also the display is bright, clear, and easy to read.

One of my main concerns about getting a sports watch was how big they are. I'm 5'6”, 140 lbs, and don't want a watch that is too big for every day use. This watch fits me perfect and looks like a normal watch size-wise.

The main thing missing from this watch is vibration alerts. Without a vibration alert you probably will not notice a heart rate zone change while running, or the smart phone notifications, unless you just happen to be looking at the watch when the alert comes in.
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on October 23, 2016
I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 10 on Amazon for $102.71 on April 1, 2015. Although this watch was purchased last April, I have only recently begun using it for long distances and marathon training, and about 3 months ago during my 20 mile training runs it became apparent the battery would not stay charged and the watch would die during my run. The battery will not last longer than 3 hours on my recent long runs and did not last through my first marathon last weekend. This is unacceptable- the watch shut off at mile 18 during the Chicago Marathon.

My other watch is a Garmin 310 and it lasts weeks before needing a charge. I spoke with a technician in the Chicago Garmin store about this battery issue and he said I was sold an outdated model by Amazon and most likely the battery was defective from the beginning due to sitting in a warehouse for years before being sold to me- I just didn't notice until i most recently started running long. The technician said he hasn't sold this model in over 3 years and it has been updated by 2 newer versions in that time. I was basically sold a VERY old model that had been out of production for some time.The Garmin tech told me to write Garmin to have this watch repaired or replaced, but with only a 1 year warranty, I might be out of luck since I didn't discover the battery issue until recently. The watch is clearly defective and I would definitely NOT buy this model again as it is worthless for long runs. I spoke with a runner who also had this exact model and his lasts for 2-3 weeks before needing a battery charge.
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on April 16, 2014
I've had this watch for a little over a week and am very pleased with it so far. I do notice it takes a few minutes to acquire a signal when it's cloudy out, but it's pretty quick if the sky is clear. The distance tracking is accurate, and the screen is easy to read. I would like the "beep" for each mile to be a little louder, but that's not a huge issue for me. The watch is comfortable & doesn't slip around. It was easy to set up (didn't need the instruction manual) and took a couple hours to fully charge right out of the box. After the initial charge, it only takes about a half hour to an hour to fully charge when it's low. Garmin Connect was very easy to set up as well - just download the program, plug in the watch to the USB, & it will register easily. After every couple runs, just plug the watch in & hit the upload button - maps, times, distances, etc... all there in an easy format. I run about 20 to 30 miles per week on average, and this is a great, simple gadget to help with training.
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on July 15, 2016
This watch has been great. The first time using GPS it took forever (30 min) to find my location, so I was worried, but every time after that it has located my position in maybe 30 seconds. My main gripes are that it takes ~3 hours to fully charge, and that the buttons stick out from the bezel so far that I'm constantly hitting them (especially the GPS tracking button) throughout the day by doing things like bending my wrist far, putting on a jacket... The biggest downside of that is that the GPS is a battery glutton, so on bad days you can kill a ton of battery. Typically get about 1.5-2 weeks of usage before it needs to be recharged. Only other issue is that it doesn't know the difference between running, mountain biking and other activities.
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on June 4, 2016
This arrived and works as expected. The watch itself is very easy to use and just what I need and want. It calculates current pace, distance, time, calories at the end of the run it gives you a summary and average pace. You can also set it to keep a certain pace and it'll beep if you go too fast or too slow. I haven't tried the interval walk/run feature yet. You can download all your runs to the website online. I love this because it tells you in detail about your run even the temperature and weather for the day. It shows more information about your run too in detail. I only knew that this connected online from reading reviews and it was not user friendly to get it connected. I had to make sure my software was all up to date and download 3 different things that I just stumbled on. Then to upload your runs it took some playing around with. However, after playing and getting familiar with it I love it. I wanted it mainly to see my pace in live time because it's hard to see it on the phone when it's on your arm. This is a great watch I'm glad I got it.
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on March 12, 2017
I've wanted to like this watch. I still want to like it. And in the beginning I did.

But then the time to connect to a satellite starting taking longer. Eventually, I'd be into my run before it would finally connect. After a while, I'd be finished with a run and still not have a connection. A friend bought bought his 25 within a couple of weeks of me (back when I still liked it), and he saw the same progression of lag to connect.

The Garmin Connect software is simply awful. That someone would write such a clunky, non-intuitive interface in this day is astounding. Something as simple as entering a run (and the milage manually, since it won't connect) is difficult. And to assign a pre-existing course to that run (recorded back when it would connect), well... I just finally gave up.

I gave it two stars only because the interface on the watch itself is simple and easy to use. I wouldn't buy it again, and I'd advise against buying it.
Update (7/11/2017). I'm now running with version 3.4 of the software (latest update). I can no longer get the watch to Bluetooth sync with my phone. It's always had a problem of losing the connection every couple of weeks, and having to then be re-synched; now doesn't work at all. Moving my rating from two to one stars.
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on February 3, 2015
It stopped charging after the batter died. While it's charging it always appears as if it is fully charged but once unplugged the battery goes back to zero.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 1, 2016
After receiving this with high expectations we were disappointed that the GPS on the Garmin won't connect quickly and once it did while running the unit simply stopped running and didn't record the run. I had read several reviews about this where other people experienced problems with these and maybe the firmware needs to be replaced/updated. We will be returning the unit for exchange but want the replacement to work correctly.
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on December 4, 2013
I bought this to replace a lost (oops!!) Garmin 610 that my wife had given me. The 610 is quite expensive, and I determined my preferences pointed me toward the 10: I prefer buttons to a touchscreen, don't use a heart rate monitor, and don't need any fancy features. The 10 seemed like a good option.

As it turns out, the 10 is everything I expected, with one point of dissatisfaction.

Happy: Pace, distance, time & average vs. instant pace
I knew I wouldn't be able to see distance, pace, and time, but I just calculate time in my head given the distance and instant pace. Yup, I use instant pace--it seems accurate, doesn't jump around much, and is more useful to me than the average pace that may include a much faster or slower prior section of running.

Happy: GPS signal
The GPS acquires a signal acceptably quickly, which is more than I could say about my 610. though by all accounts signal acquisition seems to vary widely among users, conditions, and even among watches of the same model.

Happy: form factor
The 610 is undoubtedly sleeker, but the 10 works for me. In a running watch, I prefer function over form, and the 10 delivers. Buttons are very usable and the screen is easy to see and understand at a glance. I have small wrists and the larger (men's) version is a good size, with ~1/3 of the band remaining. I would caution men to steer clear of the smaller version because you may find the band too small.

Was nice about 610 vs. 10:
Turns out the wireless data upload the 610 offered was something I took for granted. It still required the little USB interface, though, and I prefer only having one accessory for the 10--the power cord that also uploads. But wireless is always better.

Not happy: watch storage space
My 10 tells me that it doesn't have enough memory/storage space to accept the two updates that the Garmin software update tool says are available for the watch. That's poor form on Garmin's part, especially when I have no runs saved, so the watch is as empty as I can make it. This knocks off a star.
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on February 16, 2017
I have nothing but problems with this watch. It is constantly either not working or being completely off with my pace and distance. I wore it to a couple races in bigger cities and between taller buildings it wouldnt work at all. Also, in those bigger cities with a lot of people using the GPS it wont connect at all. Even at home it takes me at least 5 minutes standing outside my house waiting for it to connect. Sometimes I even had to turn it in and set it out side while I get ready in the morning to give it a head start to connect to the GPS. I live on the outside of town with very little folage and houses so there should be no excuse.
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