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on October 31, 2014
I'm giving it only one star because I used it to swim today and it flooded! Yeah, that is what you read "flooded"as you can see in the pics below. I'm not angry but very sad with it. Frustrated also, because I live in Brazil and was waiting for it for a while and then when I get it, first time in the water, and I have water inside my watch. Very disappointing. All my friends use Garmin and I only heard good things about it so I changed from Timex to the 310XT. So sad. Let's see what I can do with it.
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I go to great lengths researching anything fitness related before buying it, be it a small item like a $7 pair of compression arm sleeves or a $6k full-on triathlon bike. The Garmin 310XT was one product I particularly researched thoroughly partly because of the list of features I wanted it to have, and partly because there were just so many choices, it was hard to decide on one watch. I debated between this and the 910XT and finally chose the 310XT mainly because this was $200 cheaper.

I wanted a watch that could of course chart maps, distance, speed, pace, approx calories, but also have small features like notification of laps during a run, strong GPS, user friendly software, and allow copious statistics of my workouts so that I can compare my workouts over time (I am an avid runner and biker, and swim about once a week). I found the most packed features in this watch.

COMFORT - the watch seems to be huge initially. I was prepared for this thanks to the fellow reviewer who has posted images of himself wearing the watch. The watch was exactly what I expected after seeing those pictures. That being said, it is comfortable to wear and does not look or feel awkward at all. It has two pins on the rubber strap that lock into the strap, keeping the watch securely in place. Given the heaviness of the watch, there is no need to tie it tight on the wrist. I keep it a notch loose and it stays perfectly in place, doesn't rub against the skin yet is not so tight that it would leave its imprint on my wrist either.

SCREEN - The benefit of the bigger screen is that it can display more information. You can customize up to 4 items to be visible on each screen. This feature was one of the main reasons I bought this watch. I want to see distance, speed, current pace, and average pace. It is very useful now that I have this information available so readily on one screen.

GPS STRENGTH - I switched to this model after having used the Garmin ForeRunner 110 for a year, primarily because I wanted more features which the 310XT had. Compared to the 110, the 310XT's speed of acquiring satellites is remarkably fast. It has probably never taken more than 10-15 seconds, even if I am indoors. The 110 on the other hand almost never picked up signal indoors and took much longer when outdoors. This is very helpful particularly in the winter months when I won't have to stand outside my house in the cold waiting for the watch to acquire satellites.

GPS ACCURACY - Compared to the ForeRunner 110 and my iPhone (with MapMyRun software), this watch is very close in terms of distance, speed, and other such parameters. I know a lot of people want this data to be accurate to a tee, but I've realized that most devices tend to fall within a narrow range and that tiny difference in distance can be due to a number of factors. For example, I typically run a 6.1m route - sometimes I'll see that as 6.08 and sometimes as 6.13. This small a difference in distance can be due to just the side of the road I was running on. Honestly, too small a difference to be of significance.

DURING A WORKOUT - During a bike ride or a run, the watch can be set to give notifications at the end of each lap, you can choose what you want that lap to be, be it 1 mile or 5 miles. The type of notification can also be modified between beeps, vibration, or both. If you have to stop say at a traffic light, the watch automatically pauses recording and resumes within about 2-3 seconds once you resume the activity. You can view Average Pace and Current Pace as one of the many metrics viewable on the watch, in my experience the current pace in reality is your average pace for approximately the last 5-7 seconds so don't let current pace throw you off if it seems too fast or too slow at any point of time.

CADENCE - The watch does not come with a cadence sensor of its own. I had really hoped that this would come with its own metronome and cadence feature, but unfirtunately it doesn't. The 910XT comes with all these fancy accessories, but the cost adds up to around an extra $300! As for the 310XT, it needs to be connected to a bike sensor separately. Yes, this was a significant lacking feature for me, but I have no choice but to wait till one becomes available at a more reasonable price (hope the Garmin folks are reading this!).

ANT - The watch comes a bluetooth dongle (ANT). This can be inserted into the USB hub of your Mac/PC and it will automatically fire up the Garmin ANT Agent software and transfer all data from the 310XT. You can choose which workouts you want to transfer. It also lets you delete data on the watch once you've transferred. You can do this if you want to free up memory space, but after 2 months of heavy use, I still haven't had the need to delete any data. The bluetooth dongle is one of the very few things about the 310XT that I didn't quite like - it is way too tiny and needs to be stored carefully so that it doesn't get lost (black color doesn't really help either). I have kept it in my drawer in the original clear plastic packet that it came in. This packet has a large yellow color sticker on it, so it's easy to find in the drawer. I am still nervous about losing this tiny dongle.

SOFTWARE - The ANT bluetooth dongle transfers data to your Garmin account which can be accessed on the Garmin Connect website. The data is copious and broken down in pretty much every way you could want, particularly if you're a statistics junkie. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of detail this software has compared to MapMyRun (I used to think that was pretty good too, but Garmin's data is better and more detailed). Btw, you can transfer all data from your Garmin Connect account to MapMyRun or MapMyRide accounts as well (you can login to your account there and choose the "Import Workout" option, and then select Garmin from the menu).

PERFORMANCE IN WATER - This was another important feature that steered me to this watch. The watch holds up great under water, I've used this both in open water and in a pool. I agree with other reviewers that the route mapped under water is far from accurate, but I really don't care about the map as much as I do about speed and distance. And on these two parameters, the watch performs great.

BATTERY - I believe the advertised battery life is 20 hours, I haven't had the need to keep the watch on for this long just yet. The longest I have used this at a stretch is 4.5 hours and it worked just fine. One feature that I find strange is that the watch automatically turns on when charging, and stays on. So every time you remove the watch from the charging cable, remember to turn it off if you won't be using it for some time. Strange feature, but just takes getting used to.

CHARGING - The watch has the standard Garmin connectors in their chargers that connect 2-4 points to the watch. The ForeRunner 110 had 4 connecting points which made it difficult to connect. The 310XT has two connectors which are slightly easier to connect. That said, I would still have liked to see a standard Micro-USB or a different type of connector that would have been easier to connect, but I understand the need for a proprietary charging cable that ties us to Garmin's charging cables only.

All in all, the 310XT is a phenomenal watch for triathletes or runners or cyclists looking for all the features that are packed in this device.
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on September 8, 2016
I have been using the Garmin 310XT for around 6 years now. I ordered one while stationed in Iraq and amazon quickly delivered using my APO box. This is a simple device to use and I have never had any trouble using it. It locates the satellites quickly and I never lose reception. I had purchased the Garmin 405 first but hated the touch screen bezel because I sweat alot and the display was small. This does not have all the bells and whistles the newer models now have but from a pure running aspect it works great. It connects up quick in Garmin Connect to track my data using the data USB stick. My only fear is they will eventually stop supporting this watch because of its age. The battery life is great on this watch but I have not tested the swimming and biking feature so I cannot talk about those features. The reason I am writing this is because the prices have dropped dramatically on this watch so I bought one for my daughter the other day. I want to upgrade but I don't want to take the leap because there are so many conflicting reviews. Not to mention to get the same features I would have to pay close to $350.00. Why do that when this one is still working great. So if you are looking for reliable running watch and want to save a buck I would purchase this watch. You will not be disappointed.
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on November 23, 2014
I bought the 310 replace my Forerunner 305. I only use it for running, not cycling or swimming. If you are used to the last generation forerunner watches then you will find the 310 very similar in operation.
They did change with the way the watch fits on your wrist, not for the better. The 305 was shaped to go around the wrist, the 310 just sits on top of the wrist and never feels as solid as the 305 does.
The 305 came with 2 wrist straps, long and short. The 310 just has the short version. I contacted Garmin about getting a longer version and they don't make one for it. So if you have large wrists you are out of luck. I can only get 3 sets of holes past the buckle, meaning that you struggle to get the strap locked in to the sliding catch. If you wear it over your shirt sleeve during cold runs it is barely long enough to fit, let alone get the catch on the strap.
The satellite acquisition is no faster or slower than the 305.
The buttons on the sides of the body are easier to push in then the 305,the only improvement that I have found so far.
I think that I will replace the battery in my 305 and use this as a secondary unit.
For me this is horrible update replacing a better product.
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on November 27, 2016
I bought my 310xt in 2013 and it's still going strong. It doesn't sync anymore to my aging iMac, but the software works well on my fiance's older PC. The battery life was the major selling point as I am working towards running a marathon or even an ultra in the future. Of course, with a battery life like that the trade off is that it's not as accurate as other Forerunners.

It works well with a heart rate monitor and if it's not reading properly, I switch out the battery in the heart rate monitor and it's fine. Occasionally, I've had it freeze on the start screen, but a soft reset will usually fix it. I've only had to do a hard reset twice with this watch.

Anyway, when you start it up the software says the year is 2008, so the fact that this watch still works as well as it does is wonderful. Plus, the older a model, the cheaper it is. I bought it for $220 in 2013. It's now so much less. I'm not someone who needs the latest of anything. I will buy the older watches, the older shoe models, last year's running clothes... until all of the discontinues are sold out. That's just how I roll. This watch has plenty of data and accuracy isn't 100%, but it's probably 96%. If I'm running 800s, I use a screen I set up on my watch to run by time. Do some math and then you'll know how fast your watch needs to say you're running to break two hours in a half marathon. Maybe the newer XT models are better, but they cost more and I'm on a budget. I just appreciate even having a watch at all.

I really don't care how this watch looks. Is it big and bulky? Well, I don't even notice it and I have petite wrists. If this watch is too heavy, you should consider weight lifting. How about some push ups, so you can handle this watch. Maybe this watch is too much of a bad ass for you. What color? What style? Who cares? Does it help me become more awesome? Yes!
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on November 15, 2014
I was honestly really excited to buy this watch. I was watching a running lecture on youtube by Micheal Arnstein (elite ultra marathon runner) and he recommended this watch. Now, I've been doing my research on gps watches so I didn't just go out and buy this blindly. It seemed to have amazing battery life, accurate gps, and features that were just great.
To give you an idea of where I stand, I'm a running specialist at a running store and a competitve marathon runner. I believe that my opinion on this product is valuable and accurate.
When I first got it, it was great. I went for a run, and to my joy was able to track it on the computer. The ability to see my pacing on my run far outweighed my minimalistic technology approach to running that I had been going by.
Garmin express is pretty nice, it's great to be able to keep track of all your runs. The program is actually really great; I'm able to see where I slowed down versus the elevation that I was running through. Definitely a valuable tool.
Finally, the problems.
The battery life is god awful. well, sorta. When fully charged, it will last the advertised marketing time while on a run. The issue is this.
Say I fully charge it (leave it on the charger friday night and pull it off saturday morning) and go for a run immediately after. I can do a 10 mile run, no issues. The battery life isn't even scratched. But say I turn the watch off, and don't charge it all of saturday. Sunday morning I get up to grab the watch, and it will be dead. The watch uses an ENORMOUS amount of energy while being idle. And by idle, I mean completely off. What would you think of your cell phone if you shut it off for less than 24 hours when it was fully charged and turn it back on to find it's almost dead? It takes 6 hours for this watch to fully charge. It shouldn't die when idle.
Another major issue I've been noticing is garmin connect. The problem is, it never works. In the month that I have had this watch, I have had to contact customer service twice. The program is a fantastic idea, but there are many bugs that need to be worked out.
I hope garmin get's its gig together for the online account. Besides the battery life issue, the watch is great.

After a few more months of having this watch, every time there has been an update I have been required to go through a master reset and jump through hoops installing and uninstalling software. I have spent hours trying to get this thing to work only to have to go through it all over again every time it has been updated.
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on June 15, 2016
Perfect for Windsurfing. Replaced my 205 which died when I changed the battery and water seeped in.Uncertain what exactly needed to be changed from the old x05 series. The best way to describe it is it's different yet the same. To Garmins credit they didn't tamper with the essentials. This device retains all the flexibility and configurability of the earlier series. It pays to lag purchasing certain technology. This is certainly the case with the 310xt. Training Center has been supplanted entirely with Garmin Connect. It took a while to see the benefits of the new upload method. While it performs admirable and reliably What's wrong with having the old method? Did they need to abandon Training Center for cloud interoperability? I could go on and on. As I am writing this, this item is already discontinued.
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on October 21, 2016
Works very well for tracking distance, time, and elevation, and battery lasts a long time. I had a TomTom watch before this and this one seems better and longer-lasting (although much bigger). The only complaint (apart from the size) is that measuring pace/speed solely by GPS doesn't work very well with this or any device right now, and so you'll notice your supposed speed jumping around quite a bit. One second you're doing a 9:30 pace, the next second you're doing an 11:15 pace, when your pace really hasn't changed. Sometimes you'll notice that if you go under some trees, your recorded pace suddenly slows dramatically, and then speeds up when you come back out into a clearing where the satellites can find you better. The pace readings are okay for checking your average pace over the past mile or for your entire run, but if you want to get really accurate pace readings of how fast you're going at a precise moment, you need to get the extra Garmin foot pod, pair it with the watch, and then go into settings and specify that you want the foot pod to measure your speed. That works much better.
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on July 5, 2015
I hate this thing more than words can describe, but I'll try. I don't know if it's the device itself, the software on the device, or the Garmin Express software, but the effort it takes to get your workouts downloaded into Garmin Connect is absolutely monumental. Typically, I spend more time syncing my Garmin than actually working out. For example, I had a 3:45 hour bike ride today. I started syncing my Garmin as soon as I got home at 2 PM. It's now after midnight, and the sync is still unsuccessful. It says "transferring data," then it just stops. Or, it says, re-authentication required. Or it does nothing, and I have to "transfer all" to force it to try again. Over and over and over again.

Further, I'm a techie. More specifically, I do prod support for a living. I know how to troubleshoot and problem solve. I've moved the Ant stick to a different USB, I've uninstalled, re-installed Garmin Express multiple times. I've deleted my Garmin Connect Account, and created a new one. I've done countless hard resets on the device. I've tried clearing all the history, and wiping the device clean and starting over from the initial setup. Nothing improves the data sync. I'm at my wit's end with this thing. How can such a simple thing be so incredibly, ridiculously difficult? I love the data once I actually get to view it. But I'm so SICK of fighting with this thing every time I sync a workout, that I'm ready to go back to using my phone. If I hadn't forked over all that cash to buy one, I'd probably take a hammer to it just for the satisfaction of getting even. Do yourself a favor and stay FAR FAR away from Garmin until they fix the bugs in their software/devices/syncing.
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on April 25, 2014
Before I got this, I was relying on my iPhone's Endomondo or Runkeeper app to keep track of my workouts. This proved to be inaccurate at times. And because I carry my phone in a waist pouch, I couldn't check my pace or distance covered as and when I liked as it would mean having to pull out the phone. I read good reviews about this and decided to get it at a discounted price as Garmin had come out with a newer model, 910XT.

Another reason I got this over the other Forerunners was the multi-sport mode. Besides running, I cycle a lot. And I used this to keep track of that as well. You can use it for other sports like hiking and skiing. When wearing, the watch doesn't look big or bulky. It's so light that I don't feel the weight as well. The straps are well-made and feel secure. Hopefully, they will last for years. Buttons are firm.

It is easy to navigate the menus. GPS takes time to locate the satellites when switched on. Best is to switch on when you're facing the open skies and keeping still. To conserve battery, switch off GPS when indoors or using it as a normal watch. The data fields can be customised for each sport and you can specify how many you want to see on 1 screen. Battery life is quite good. I can use it continuously for 8-10 hours and charging it back to full takes around an hour. Memory space is excellent.

After exercising, you can transfer the data via Ant+ and your laptop to your online account at Garmin Connect. The route, elevation, splits and heart-rate can all be analysed. This is helpful for those who want to monitor and improve their training.

The heart-rate strap that came with it was a soft and comfortable when wearing. Just wash with water after every exercise to keep it in good condition.

Highly recommend this for those who exercise a lot, specifically running and cycling (and even swimming) so you can put in a hard day's training and view your progress at the end of it.
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